With ZARA’s sale ending, you might be pleasantly surprised by what’s leftover

After six weeks of markdowns, ZARA’s 2015 summer sale is coming to an end.

The Spanish retailer’s summer sale started back on June 19th and is quickly winding down. Just as with previous sales, discounted items have been picked over so much that some locations no longer carry any sale inventory, instead sending their remaining sale items to larger, usually flagship, stores.


And even those ZARAs that have sale items remaining, the racks are looking like a mish mash of random styles, sizes and colors. Heck, what’s leftover on Zara.com isn’t looking pretty, either.

Though we’re sad saying “farewell” to another ZARA sale, there’s still some opportunity to be had in these last few days.


If your local ZARA location is still one that carries sale items, you can come out of it with some good deals. I’ve personally found some steals during the final week of a ZARA sale as those select stores are continually receiving sale items and returned merchandise from locations around the country.

And it’ll be cheap. At this point, any item with an orange sticker on it is at the bottom price. It’s either at the final markdown price or the final markdown is imminent. Not just that, but you’re not fighting against the crowds as you were three weeks ago — most shoppers have moved on; not thinking the final tables of sale items is worth checking.

That’s where you swoop in. With a little bit of work and a little bit of luck, you might be surprised by what’s hanging on those last couple of sales racks.

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