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Zara Sales: Zara unleashes bi-annual, month long sale

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I’m into fast fashions – clothing that is mass-produced and inexpensive, so I am excitedddddddd at the news that Zara kicked off its spring/summer sale. 

Zara doesn’t have sales often; just twice 3x a year; during Black Friday, Mid-Season, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. It’s the Zara seasonal sales when people, like me, go crazy. I’m sure the associates at the stores probably recognize me when these sales come around — even in New York where there’s 5-6 Zara stores within 2 miles of one another.

I’m. There. Everyday. Cereally.

Perhaps I should break it up and shop online.

Zara Sale Dates

People go nutty because Zara regularly boasts moderately-priced shirts, pants, jeans, sweaters, belts, shoes, bags and accessories. So when you can have those reasonably-priced items for up to 75% off you can imagine why fans go beast mode.

And if previous sales are any indication, their bi-annual blowout will last for 4-5 weeks. During these month-long sales, Zara has multiple markdowns that occur weekly over the period.

Year Promotion Sale Start Sale Ends
2018 Fall/Winter Dec 26
2018 Black Friday November 23
2018 Spring/Summer Jun 22
2017 Fall/Winter Dec 26
2017 Spring/Summer June 15-23
2017 Mid-Season March 15, 2017
2016 Fall/Winter Dec 26 (?)
2016 Spring/Summer June 17 23**
2015 Fall/Winter Dec 26
2015 Spring/Summer Jun 19
2015 Mid-Season Apr 18
2014 Fall/Winter (online) Dec 27
2014 Spring/Summer Jun 20 Aug 1
2013 Fall/Winter Dec 20
2013 Spring/Summer Jun 21
2012 Spring/Summer Jun 28

* Yes, Zara does have Black Friday sales!

** The above are approximate dates based off when I first noticed the sale in 2013, 2014 and 2015. The dates have allowed us to accurately predict the sales in the past but the date for the Summer sale changed in 2016, as the predicted June 17 came and went without the Zara sale commencing (Updated with June 23 sale date!)

From beginning to end, Zara sales last somewhere between five and six weeks. Basically it keeps going until their inventory is gone. As mentioned, Zara will mark down their sale items 3-4 times during the sale, so it’s the decision to buy a sale item you like now or wait 5 days to see if it’ll be marked down.

In any case, I’ll take note of this season’s sale and update this post when the blowout peters out.

[UPDATE] As of July 31st, the sale has essentially wound down to the point where only 3 of the 5 Manhattan stores even have sales items remaining, so this particular sale lasted 6 weeks from start to end.

How Does Zara Keep Prices So Low?

They can do so because of their “on-trend” fads and producing styles en masse. From Fast Company:

Zara has mastered this version of perishability, which creates a high turnover of unique and current offerings that, when sold out, are replaced by a new set of fashion looks or unique new offerings. The ensuing sense of urgency to impulse buy is stemmed by the fear that the item might be gone if you wait to reconsider.

I’ve found so many gems over the last four Zara sales. Ack. I’m way too excited about this.

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  1. avatar
    Mariam says:

    Just found your page while looking for info regarding the winter sale…
    Black friday sale this year was great, 30% off everything!
    And I was also checking out the NYC stores weekly on my days off!

    1. avatar
      stuarte says:

      I never went to their Black Friday sale — I know in the past, it was 30% off selected items so 1/3 off everything is a great sale. If I knew that, I would have gone (at 7PM)

  2. avatar
    bri says:

    Thank you so much for this info stuarte !! I’ve checked this page biannually for the past couple years, and it is a godsend! There are actual crazies like us out here who really appreciate this information & follow the sales religiously. Thank you so much for keeping this site active ! <3<3<3

    1. avatar
      stuarte says:

      I don’t have info on that but from what I remember it’s like every 8-10 days. The sale lasts 6-8 weeks from start to end, and there are appoximately four or five markdowns in that span.

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