Here’s 75+ photos of Tom Holland shirtless and in his Spider Man costume

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Tom Holland’s name has been around for some time now. As one of the handful of actors that played Billy Elliot in the Musical, he started out his acting career with a physical and challenging role.

But how does one to prepare for the physical challenges of playing Spiderman; a superhuman hero that can lift trucks and is able to seamlessly swing from building from building? Yes, Holland will have a stunt double, so he won’t be jumping from rooftop to rooftop and somersaulting to avoid explosions himself, but he does have to get into superhero shape.

In order to prepare, Holland had to workout vigorously — he lifted weights, played basketball with BFF Harrison Osterfield, took up boxing so that when he took off his shirt or put on his Spiderman costume, the muscles made us believe he had superhuman strength.

Holland posted a lot on Instagram during his beef up process, so fans were able to follow his process. Here’s a couple dozen photos of a shirtless Tom Holland (or his showing some skin) from the last couple years:

If you haven’t noticed, Holland and Osterfield are really fond of shirtless basketball. Here’s three progressive photos of Holland dunking a basketball two-handed.

Can the 5-foot 8-inch Tom Holland actually dunk a basketball on a regulation basketball rim? A basketball hoop stands at ten feet and if this is really Tom dunking without a trampoline (or off Harrison’s back) that would be impressive.

A Shirtless Holland in Spiderman: Homecoming

We were all taken aback and surprised at the results when Holland’s shirt slid off in the first trailer for Spiderman: Homecoming. In that preview, Holland was no longer the skinny teen playing a wannabe ballet dancer in a small town in Ireland, he now had both the youthful teen look that was perfect for Peter Parker and the athletic physique needed for the role of Spiderman.  With the movie now available on Netflix, you can find even more Tom Holland with a US Netflix VPN.

If you followed his Instagram account after it was announced that Holland would take on the role, maybe you weren’t as surprised because he posted several visual updates.

Holland was also quite active in posting pictures of him on set dressed in his Spider-Man costume while shooting the upcoming Marvel Movie. If you’re familiar with the wall-crawling superhero in the comic books, the Spiderman costume in the books is skintight. And it’s no different in the moviet; the costume hugs Holland’s 5-8 body like a wet suit as it did with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Here’s a great transition from shirtless to spiderman suit (and vice versa).

Tom Holland in his Spiderman Suit

Here’s a couple dozen photos of Holland in his Spider-Man body suit.


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