When does Century 21 Department Store have sales?

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Five years ago, if someone said “Century 21” it was usually in reference to Century 21 the real estate company. When I arrived in New York City, “Century 21” took on a different meaning.

Century 21, in the New York area, usually refers to the department store that sells designer fashions at deep discounts. Though the perception that Century 21 is packed with tourists is true, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t good deals to be had.

When does Century 21 have in-store sales?

Technically, Century 21 is already discounted but I get what you’re asking, you want to double-dip on discounts and I love you for wanting more bang for your buck.

One can always shop Century 21’s clearance section online and the store randomly places items on clearance periodically, but that’s not the same. Does Century 21 have annual blowout sales like Zara does bi-annually?

Century 21 (or C21) has biannual clearance sales featuring many of the top designer brands up to 75% off.

Year Promotion Sale Details
2016 Summer Jun 23 Up to 75% Off
2016 Memorial Day May 28 $20 off $100
2015 Winter Dec 30 Up to 75% Off
2015 July 4th July 04 Up to 75% off
2015 Summer June 26 Up to 75% Off
2014 Winter Jan 03 Up to 75% Off
2012 July 4th July 04 Up to 75% Off
2012 Summer June 29 Up to 75% Off
2010 Summer July 01 Up to 75% Off

The above lists mostly contains the dates for their biannual clearance sales but includes a couple other sales I thought worth mentioning (like the amazing $20 off $100 coupon from Memorial Day). The list isn’t comprehensive as Century 21 has a the myriad of Sample Sales and other markdowns they have throughout the year.

Century 21 coupon

Though I am missing some of the clearance sale dates for 2010-2014, you can see from the info that Century 21’s two biggest sales usually start in late-June and after Christmas.

century 21 sale tweet

And they don’t end there, as the sale progresses, Century 21 does further markdowns past 75% off. From what I could find, the following weeks see savings go to 85% and 90% of Century 21 retail price. So if you’re able to find something during those further markdowns, you’ll be pennies on the dollar for some well-known fashion designers.

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