What is the ‘FSPRG.COM’ charge on my credit card statement?

January 25, 2017 - Tech

Did you find a suspicious looking ‘FSPRG.COM’ charge on your credit card statement recently? Me too. Not just me too, but join the club. Thousands have wondered where this charge originated.


It turns out that FSPRG.COM is short for a company called FastSpring based in Santa Barbara, CA. And it turns out they’re a legit vendor. I eventually found out that FastSpring provides service to thousands of *other* companies by processing their credit card charges for subscription services, usually for software or similar online products. In other words, though you may not have ordered anything from FastSpring, you likely did from one of their clients and that makes a legitimate charge.

In my case, I paid for a annual subscription to an SEO software company named Ahrefs. It obviously didn’t show up as Ahrefs on my credit card, but as the infamous, capitalized spammy-looking statement code: FSPRG.COM.

It’s not uncommon for me to make large purchases on my business card, so when it first showed up on my card, I couldn’t figure out where it came from. I was about to dispute the charge when I decided to look it up again. I came across this site with an explanation of the company’s services:

FSPRG is FastSpring’s charge code. FastSpring processes subscription services, software or product charges for many companies. If you do not recognize the charge, you may contact FastSpring and they explain the charge to you.


That made me a little more curious. So I did more searching, both on the search engines and the receipts in my email. From FastSprings site:

FastSpring is a trusted reseller of software products and services. We handle all aspects of purchasing and delivery, including licensing and activation. We also take care of all aspects of buyer satisfaction and payment-based customer support.

So why don’t they add come context to their charges? They try to, I think. In my email receipt from Ahrefs, there was this note: “Charges will appear on your bill as: FS *ahrefs.com” Although it didn’t — at least not where I saw it. It could have been truncated – not sure what happened, but all I saw was FastSpring’s charge code FSPRG.COM. So, if you do not recognize the charge, you may contact FastSpring and they’ll explain the charge to you.

A list of FastSpring’s vendors to jog your memory

Here’s a list of some of the companies that FastSpring (FSPRG.COM) helps with their payment processing and charges for software subscriptions and downloadable web products. For a longer, updated list of clients — that may have been the originating charge on your card, go here.

    • Ahrefs
    • Apparent Software
    • BOINX Software
    • Connectify
    • Coventry
    • CryptoSys
    • DaisyDisk
    • Devmate
    • DeepTrawl
    • Espresso
    • Fireshot
    • FirmaSAT


  • Flexibits
  • HDRsoft
  • IntelliAdmin
  • MACPhun
  • MAC Cleaner
  • PDFpen
  • PDF PRO 10
  • Pixate
  • Poker Copilot
  • RealMac Software
  • SecureMAC
  • Sketch
  • Styleworks
  • Text2Go
  • Things for MAC
  • Thoughts
  • Tumult

So if you see FSPRG.COM on your statement, take a little time to think about where this charge may have originated. If you can’t figure out it after some time, then you can contact FastSpring directly at 877 – 327 – 8914 or can quickly question the charge on Fastspring’s webform. They’ll get back to you within a few hours, usually sooner, to provide some description and details as to what you actually bought (or not!) 

Please Don’t Post Sensitive Information

UPDATE: We’ve had several users leave comments on this post about charges they don’t recognize or believe they are opening a ticket for FSPRG customer service or assistance. Here’s a couple examples we’ve received with sensitive info redacted:

I have a charge on visa I do not recognize.  It is for $29.95 with reference number [redacted], Account number [redacted] made on 3/30/17

And this person gave their credit card number!

I have received a charge in my VISA Card No [redacted] for a PC Cleaner of [redacted]. I do need a detailed invoice for this Charges.

Don’t do that! Please do not leave comments looking for FastSpring/FSPRG customer service or posting credit card accounts, reference numbers, or any sensitive personal information! To reach FastSpring about a charge you don’t recognize, call 877 – 327 – 8914 or fill out Fastspring’s webform to question your card charge.

Hope that helped/Good luck!

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  1. SERAMONDI says:

    je viens d’avoir 2 prélèvements sur ma carte bleue 47,94 euros et 11,51 euros au nom de FSPRG.COM. Je ne sais pas à quoi ces montants correspondent, pouvez vous me l’expliquez, je pense qu’il n’y a que vous qui avez ce libellé? j’aimerai une réponse rapide parce que j’ai fait opposition sur mon compte et le service juridique de ma banque va me rembourser. Je ne voudrai pas avoir fait une erreur. Merci

  2. John says:

    I have a charge on visa I do not recognize. It is for $29.95 with reference number [redacted], Account number [redacted] made on 3/30/17

  3. Danny says:

    I have received a charge in my VISA Card No [redacted] for a PC Cleaner of [redacted]. I do need a detailed invoice for this Charges.

  4. Gerald says:

    Noticed a charge on my credit card today for $79.99. Can you provide me more information about this charge?

  5. william k says:

    A few days ago i was charged 39.95 and 9.95. I do not recognize these charged and I want my money refunded.

  6. william kesten says:

    I was charged 39.95 and 9.95 a few days agol I dont know this charge and I want it reversed.

  7. Kevin P says:

    I received a charge on my master card. For what ever reason this was done I wanted it canceled.

  8. Mario B. says:

    Received a charge of $19.80 on May 03,2016 and do not know what it is for. Could you please supply details.

  9. Sharon B. says:

    I have a charge on my credit card for $39.95 for pc cleaner that I did not order nor do I want to pay it.Please refund me immediately. It was dated May 26. 2017

  10. Debbie Hughes says:

    Please remove the $19.97 charge on my credit card for PC Cleaner. I did not authorize it.

    Debbie Hughes

  11. PR MANDEL says:


  12. saba says:

    you charged me 9.99 yesterday .i do not recognized these charged .i want my money refund.i want it canceled.

  13. saba says:

    please remove 9.99 charge on my credit card for PC cleaner.i did not authorize it.

  14. Billie Mccarter says:

    I have not ordered any product from you. You have charged my credit card for $ 1.99 each charge.
    Please creit my account or wailill file fraud charges
    on Sept 5th,2017.

  15. Larry F. says:

    So I call this phone # to ” HELP REPAIR MY LAPTOP ” I was on the phone with guy for over an hour and he could not FIX IT!!! So now he is going to get his ” BOSS ” to help him…right !!! Puts me on HOLD and the phone goes DEAD !!!! He hung up on me!!! I WANT MY $39.99 BACK ON MY CARD NOW !!!!!!!!!!!! I`m reporting this to BBB.

  16. Elisabetta says:

    Pls remove 361,79 on my credit card today at 14.23 hs

  17. Marguerite Moore says:

    I have a charge on my MasterCard and would like to know what product it is I purchased. Thank you

  18. MALAURIE says:


    Mon compte en banque a été debité de manière frauduleuse le 31/1/2017.
    FSPRG.com la somme de 59,95€ débitée le 1/1/17
    Il s’agit d’un compte professionnelle.Je garde tous les justificatifs.
    Je vous prie de me rembourser immédiatement cette somme.
    Dans le cas contraire je contact dans le courant de la semaine prochaine le service juridique d’une association de consommateur.
    Merci d’avance


    • WAUTELET says:

      J’ai été débité 3 fois de 6,04 € sur mon compte Visa, mais je ne sais pas pourquoi. Je vous demande de bien vouloir supprimer ces débits et bien vouloir me rembourser.

  19. iris says:

    In my case that was a charge for a Sketch licence (design software).
    Dans mon cas, il s’agissait de l’achat d’une licence Sketch (logiciel de design).

  20. Marilyn says:

    I have a charge of $39.95 on my bank acct for Mac-Cleaner made on 10/29/17.lease advise as to what this is. Thank you!

  21. Philippe Luquet says:

    In my case I order to Mac Cleaner a anti-virus for 39?95€ and I have been debited of 71,88€ without my authorization. I want my money back as soon as possible.

  22. Alastair Scott says:

    Please ignore last email from me. Realised it was payment for family tree maker

  23. Jean Rocca says:

    I have a charge on my Visa card for $214.85. Could you please let me know what this is for.

  24. Ivan Bradder says:

    I have NO requirement for your services/ I am retired 89 y.o DO NOT RUN A BUSINESS requiring your security Please REFUND your charge £198.99

  25. Tony Amor says:

    Bought a piece of software from Memento Database and was charged TWICE by Fastspring. Currently trying to get my money back. Apparently one charge was a “pre-authorisation” charge but there was no warning they were going to charge me this.

  26. Sebastien Vezina says:

    Vous avez prie 99.00$ sur ma carte de credit et ce paiement sera récurent! Je n’ai jamais acheté vos services, ceci est frauduleux. Si je ne suis pas remboursé dans les prochains 5 jours, je vais soumettre mon dossier au service de protection aux consomateurs.

  27. Karin says:

    Your business ethics are obviously suspect in reading all the above inquiries and complaints. If you are a legitimate business, you should refund any and all monies taken from these people who were, more than not, duped into buying something they did not want or need, as in the case of my sister’s charges, which I am actively trying to figure out and retrieve for her. Shame on you for your underhandedness in what looks like highway robbery at its best.

  28. Kimberley Whyte says:

    Today I had a charge of 1.76 for nothing I only use facebook to play one Game and have for years and have never seen your name or anything. I would like my money back i know it is not much but it is the point

  29. Donald Butler says:

    I did not authorize PC Mac Cleaner to charge anything to my credit card. This is a huge scam, I would not have caught it but this is my back up credit card, only gets used for special things, this was the only charge, was not authorized, someone should go to jail for doing this. These companies think that we will miss this charge, they are stealing from us thinking it will be OK, it is not OK, Lock them up.

  30. isela ward says:


  31. Tamara says:

    Wow people! Please pay attention. This is not the FSPRG company, this is just some random person that did a little research and found out some info and kindly shared his findings.
    Are these findings legitimate? who knows but Stuart.co is not here to provide you refunds!!

  32. Jean says:

    This is FRAUD…. I just got 5 charges in less then 2 weeks that I NEVER authorize…. you should be ashamed

  33. Arvo Saarelainen says:

    There is a charge amount of 9,29 E in my credit card. I need furher informatio of this. Why I have to pay this charge?

  34. Lewis Nation says:

    I was just charged again 2 times for PC cleaner on my cancelled debit card. My bank should not have paid these amounts of $43.95 & $21.95. This company is scam to begin with and should be held accountable and deregistered.

  35. valentino says:

    I received today 15/08/2018 at 18:35 a payment message on my credit card of € 12.99 from FSPRG.UK (GBR, Biester). Without having ordained anything. I ASK FOR AN EXPLANATION, but above all give me back my money. I’m waiting for the message.

  36. T K S Ramanathan says:

    I have received yesterday 25-08-2018 at 10.23pm a payment message on my VISA credit
    card INR 807.59 from FSPRG.UK. without order anything. I ASK FOR AN EXPLANATION, but above all give me back my money. I am waiting for the reply message from you immediately.

  37. Jacques says:

    they also do the invoicing in the name of HDD Fan Control for Apple macs on behalf of Surtees Studios – you can it to the list

  38. Trena Caldwell says:

    do not take 198 out of my account that wasn’t the agreement

  39. sathish Aakuthothota says:

    How to Download Invoices?

  40. Martti Nurmiaho says:

    I will stop any payments to FSPRG.UK NOW.
    If I see you have still working like this,stealing money
    from my account ,so see we in Court.

  41. Shankar says:

    Just Discovered …Last three Saturdays FSPRG.UK have been deducting money from my credit card!! It appears to be a familiar pattern with them. Wrote to them today about it and got an auto generated mail reply.

  42. Celese W Proctor says:

    I called in October to have this stopped. I no longer want Mac-Clean and that is what I told the young lady I spoke with and she said she would take care of it. I checked my checking account today and there are 3 charges that I demand reimbursement for on Dec 03 – $4.99, $19.95, and $39.95. On Nov 02 there was a debit from my account for $4.99 which is after I called in October sating that I wanted this cancelled. I expect full reimbursement of $69.88. Please reimburse my account $69.88 immediately.

  43. Seena Simon says:

    My credit card was debited with INR 840.45 on 14th dec 2018 ie Yday. Reimburse the money ASAP. I haven’t done any foreign transaction from this card.

  44. Michael says:

    Invoice was done for FSPRG.UK / BICESTER.

    My inquiry to FastSpring was very fast answered: deduction was done for SnagIt on behalf of Techsmith – which was absolutely OK.

    So Techsmith could be added to the list of vendors.

  45. Alan C. Turner. says:

    I have no idea who or what FSPRG.uk.is and I have, to my knowledge, never had any contact or dealings with them. I would like an explanation and the return of my money. Thank you.

  46. Lee N Coe says:

    I have several charges on my bill and I am an 81 year old senior with no need for whatever it is your selling…What the hell is this???? Please contact me asap…If not I will go to the BBB and also contact Xavier Bashara at the Atty. Generals Office…

  47. Edward Roberts says:

    WARNING: This is nothing but a fraud. Sad thing is…this is a third party billing. You don’t know your screwed until you get to this point

  48. svend erik mikkelsen says:

    melder alt ud

  49. Pete says:

    add FSPRG.UK / BICESTER to the list.
    Took ages to realise Family Tree Maker used this means of collecting payment.
    Is nothing simple these days????

  50. Ursula Rose says:

    I received a charge for 59.00 Euro on my Credit Card account from FSPRG UK, a company which I never ordered anything from. Yesterday I filled in a form for explanation received the answer they sent me an email. Unfortunately I never received the email so I assume this is a false charge.
    Please remove the charge from my credit card account and never charge it again.

  51. Ursula Rose says:

    I want to point out, that this company did so far not answer any of my submitted forms nor explain what the charge is for. I therefore suspect fraud. The announced emails never arrived nor did they turn up in my “spam-folder”.

  52. susan poblenz says:

    I have 2 charges on my bank statement which I don’t know what for. I tried calling the 800 # and was told to go on line. I went on line and was told to call the 800#. IS THIS A JOKE OR WHAT? Also I was charged with 2 overdrafts. I was not expecting anything being taking out of my account as I am on SSI.

  53. susan poblenz says:

    I want an exclamation as to the 2 charges on my bank statement. If I don’t here from anybody I will take action further.

  54. David Lemcke says:

    I have a lady calling me the tech sup is no longer in business. They keep telling me to call this 610 number. Could this be a scam.


    I am doing edit to my credit card charges and I noticed you charged my credit card $199.00 on 01/18/2017 FS timesheets I never use your company.
    Please refund / return my money ASAP. Explain further about this charges.

  56. Catitude says:

    I received my card invoice and noticed 2 charges of $69 both on the same day. I went online to this company and keyed in some information and it came back and said they was nothing to be found. This is a scam. I have NEVER had any dealings with this company. I called the credit card company and she told me they have gotten several complaints about fraudulent charges from this place from other clients.

  57. maayan says:

    Someone here got back is money ?
    ve been forced 97$ and I want them back.

  58. tina says:

    Same here, why you charged me twice,
    150 dollar for the item i’ve never ordered, i don’t even know this transactions.
    cancel it, give my refund.

  59. Barb Ziegler says:

    I have a charge on my credit card stmt in the amount of $213.43 dated 11-13-19. Please advise what this is for.

  60. Robert Parratta says:

    I ordered passport renewal and I got nothing but got charged

  61. Mynel says:

    I have a charge from FS ” Positivity Blog ‘ that I do not recognize posted on 6/28/2020. I called the 877 number and just get a recording…not a person. Can you help me with this?
    Thanks so much.

    P.S. When I try to post this, your site will not let me do so

  62. LaTasha vaughn says:

    I never order with this company so I want my refund please contact me ASAP my e mail trulyblessed350@ yahoo.com

  63. Human Resources says:

    There is a charge for 199.00 on our Amex that is unrecognized.

  64. Teresa Stephens says:

    I have no idea who you are and you have charged my account 4 times @$10.00 each!!! I want my money back in my account ASAP!!! Cancel everything you have on me. I do not want any services or merchandise from you.

  65. The $10.85 charge I’ve had on my creditcard for several months, I have disputed. I was promised it would not happen again. HELLO, happened again in July!! What do I have to do??

  66. Jose Antonio Moreno says:

    Hey guys, stop this already…..if you want money why don’t you get a job like the rest of us. I guess it is easier to sit on your butts and rob hundreds of well meaning people that the only thing they did wrong was to order something over the internet.
    Try to call you at 877-327-8914……well, I guess the answering tape just burned out from plying:
    Well here I am and still not getting any answers. The only thing left is cancelling my card which I will do ipso facto. Don’t bother answering this e-mail you crooked bas…ds.

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