How to stream NBA League Pass to your TV using Chromecast

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NBA League Pass allows NBA fans to watch any regular season game using on their television, mobile phone or tablet.

An NBA League Pass subscription is much like having Netflix for the NBA. With the plan, you can watch on-demand whether the games is live or not. And you can replay any game whenever you choose.


How to stream NBA League Pass games to your television

One great feature of NBA League Pass is the ability to watch NBA games anywhere you have an internet connection. That means you don’t have to deal with Comcast or Time-Warner if you don’t want to — even if you want to watch it on your TV. What you’ll need is a device that will cast the game onto your flat screen.

For most, that’s probably a Chromecast — the technology from Google that allows you to connect your portable devices to your television with an HDMI and mirror your phone’s screen. To do this, fire up your mobile, open up your NBA app and stream!

Okay, it ain’t that simple, but it is simple. In nine steps, here is how to stream NBA games to your television from the NBA mobile app using Chromecast:

1) Connect the physical Chromecast device to your TV.
2) Mobile phone and Chromecast should both be connected to same wireless network ID.
3) Switch “TV Input” to how you connected your Chromecast (HDMI, HDMI2, etc.).
4) In the NBA mobile app, go to the league schedule screen

NBA League Pass schedule screen NBA app

5) Tap the Chromecast icon in the upper-right corner of the app to connect
6) Tap “WATCH” on the game you’d like to stream (the other options are “SET ALERT” before game starts and “REPLAY” when game has ended)
7) Choose which broadcast (“home” or “away”) you’d like to watch
8) TV should start loading the game


Once the game has finished loading up the game you’re watching live NBA action of your choice. I streamed the Golden State Warriors-Boston Celtics game last night using the method above, and it was smooth for the most part. The Chromecast/NBA app disconnected three times during the game, but considering the disconnections happened at game breaks and that the game went into two overtimes, it wasn’t that frustrating.

If the NBA app and Chromecast disconnect, I closed out the app first then restarted it. Restarting the NBA app, finding the game and casting the game right away worked every time, so at least getting back online was easy.


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