Live Rosin: All There Is To Know About The Concentrate And Its Pain Relief Potential

You’ve probably noticed that more and more people today swear by live rosin gummies and similar products as pain relievers. What is this trendy concentrate exactly, and does it really work? Here’s everything you need to know about this concentrate and how it might help to improve your quality of life.

What Is Live Rosin?

For those who are new to the world of cannabis concentrates, the array of options can be daunting. One of the most popular types of concentrates is live rosin, which comes in many forms from gummies to syrup.

The high-pressure, low-temperature extraction process preserves the plant’s terpene profile, resulting in a product that is rich in flavor and potency. For many cannabis enthusiasts, the appeal of this product lies in its natural flavor and potent effects.

How Is Live Rosin Produced?

The unique feature of this concentrate is that it is made using fresh, undried cannabis flowers. Its production can be broken down into four major stages:

  • The process begins with freezing the flowers to lock in the terpenes and other flavorful compounds.
  • The flowers are then placed under vacuum pressure, which extracts the rosin.
  • The final product is a sticky, amber-colored concentrate that has a strong flavor and aroma.

This process preserves the cannabinoid-rich trichomes, which give the concentrate its potent psychoactive effects. Besides, the product features a unique flavor and aroma, which is often described as being reminiscent of freshly squeezed citrus fruits. Compared to other concentrates, the product is relatively new on the scene. However, it has quickly become popular among dabbers and cannabis connoisseurs due to its exceptional potency and flavor.

Effects of Live Rosin

The concentrate is often lauded for its potent aroma and flavor. But what about the effects? In general, it tends to be more psychoactive than others. This is due to the higher concentration of THC. However, the effects also vary depending on the strain of cannabis used to make the rosin. So if you’re looking for a strong high, the product might be worth checking out. Just be sure to start with a small amount, as it can be very potent.

The Concentrate’s Use Cases

While the concentrate can be used in a variety of ways, all of them can be divided into two large groups: recreational use and therapeutic purposes.

Recreational use

The product is most commonly consumed via dabbing or smoking. For recreational users, it provides an intense and unforgettable high. The potent cannabinoids in the concentrate can produce powerful psychoactive effects, including euphoria, relaxation, and increased appetite.

Therapeutic purposes

For therapeutic users, the concentrate can provide relief from a wide range of ailments, including pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Additionally, the terpenes it contains can provide benefits like increased focus and concentration.

The Potential for Relieving Pain

Due to its potent combination of active ingredients, the product has emerged as a popular choice for those seeking natural relief from pain and inflammation.

How it works

So, how does the product work as a pain reliever? When applied topically, the active ingredients are able to bind to receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system plays a role in regulating pain perception, inflammation, and other important bodily functions. By interacting with this system, the concentrate is able to provide natural relief from discomfort and inflammation. Besides, some people also find that the act of applying the product helps to reduce stress and tension, further easing discomfort.

Side effects and risks

The product is generally considered safe and effective but it is important to remember that its use can cause addiction and intoxication. The side effects may include dry mouth, dizziness, and fatigue. It is also important to note that the product is not currently approved by the FDA for medical use. As such, it is always important to consult with a medical professional before using any type of cannabis product to get rid of physical discomfort or for other therapeutic purposes.

More Cannabis Products That Relieve Pain

As a bonus, here are three more types of cannabis products that might be worth trying if you’re looking for relief from aching.

CBD oil

CBD oil is one of the most popular forms of medical marijuana. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound that does not cause a psychoactive effect. The oil is thought to have several medicinal benefits, including pain relief. It can be taken orally or applied topically to the affected area.


THC oil is another form of medical marijuana that contains the compound THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. The latter is the compound that does cause a psychoactive effect. THC oil is effective at relieving pain because it binds to receptors in the brain that control perception. THC oil can be taken orally or applied topically to the affected area. However, it is important to note that THC oil can also make people feel dizzy or lightheaded.


Edibles are another option for those looking for pain relief. Cannabis edibles are foods or drinks that contain CBD or THC. Edibles can be a good option for those who do not want to smoke or vaporize cannabis. They can also be helpful for those who want long-lasting relief, as the effects of edibles can sustain for several hours. However, it is important to start with a low dose of edibles as they can cause drowsiness and impair coordination.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, while more research needs to be done on the effects of live rosin, it seems to be a promising option for those in search of pain relief. If you think the product might be right for you, make sure to consult your healthcare provider before using it. They can help you understand how it might interact with any other medications you’re taking and advise you on the best dosage.

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List: The 57 Biggest Tech Layoffs in 2022 including Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, and Cisco

From seemingly never-ending supply change issues, lower spending, high gas prices, and a cratering stock market 2022 has been a horrible year for the global economy. Despite the U.S. Dollar being the strongest it’s been in a very long time, the United States hasn’t been impervious to economic issues.

Companies seeing their stock ticker symbols sink while profits shrink are doing their best to cut costs in preparation for uncertain times ahead. They can only restrict travel, freeze hiring, cut benefits, and break leases so much until they have to look at their headcounts to see where they can stay above water.

Tech Layoffs 2022

In particular, the tech industry has suffered as consumer spending and remote work has changed the landscape. From Facebook/Instagram to Peloton to Shopify to Amazon, some of the biggest technology companies have announced layoffs. Here’s a list of the 37 biggest layoffs (by number of people laid off) that have been announced this year. All numbers are approximate based on reported layoffs from available announcements or filings.

Biggest Tech Layoffs 2022
Company Layoff Month
Meta 11,000 Nov
Amazon 10,000 Nov* 5,000 Several
Peloton 4,100 Feb
Carvana 4,000 Nov
Cisco 4,000 Nov
Twitter 3,700 Nov
Cazoo 3,500 Jun
GoPuff 2,200 Oct 2,000 Oct
Microsoft 1,800 Jul
Redfin 1,310 Nov
Snapchat 1,280 Aug
Ola 1,200 Sept
Robinhood 1,120 Aug
Lacework 1,100 May
Coinbase 1,100 Jun
Noom 1,095 April
Stripe 1,050 Nov
Salesforce 1,000 Nov
Shopify 1,000 Jul
OneTrust 950 Jun
Wayfair 870 Aug
Rivian 840 Jul
GoHealth 800 Aug
Twilio 800 Sep
Lyft 760 Nov
Reef 750 May
Klarna 700 Sept
DocuSign 671 Sept
Vroom 670 Aug
HelloFresh 611 Oct
Gannett 600 Dec
Opendoor 550 Nov
GroupOn 500 Aug
Noom 500 Oct
Netflix 450 May
Hootsuite 400 Aug
Cerebral 400 Oct
MindBody 400 Oct
Juul 400 Nov
Zendesk 350 Nov
UnAcademy 350 Nov
Zillow 300 Oct
Nuro 300 Nov 225 Nov
Unity 200 Jun
Beyond Meat 200 Oct
Roku 200 Nov
PolicyGenius 170 Jun
Chime 160 Nov
Asana 144 Nov
Upstart 140 Nov
Dapper Labs 135 Nov
StockX 120 Jun
MasterClass 120 Jun
TikTok 100 July
Patreon 80 Sept

Companies started to tighten their belts earlier in the year as restructurings and workforce reductions but really accelerated the second half of the year as straight layoffs. Tthe vast majority of the major layoffs from the bigger-name recognizable companies occurring in August and September, but really peaked (so far) in October and November especially with Meta laying off 11,000 of their members and Salesforce – San Francisco’s biggest employer – going through a rare wave of layoffs.

In October and a week into November, Meta, Salesforce, Stripe, GoPuff and Twitter announced layoffs that totaled nearly 20,000 tech employees alone. With continued uncertainty about how the economy will recover this may not be the worst of the layoffs.

What About Google, Amazon and Apple?

The remaining big (HUGE) tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple haven’t announced any large workforce reductions. Google recently released earnings that showed weakness in their business and their CEO is looking to cut costs by 20% that could include layoffs in the future.

* Despite reports of layoffs from Amazon, they’re not confirmed. This may be due to a comment made during their earnings call, the big tech company mentioned that it’s adding jobs at the slowest rate in years. Amazon was relying on natural attrition to shrink its staff across all levels The Mercury News reported that Amazon now has about 100,000 fewer employees than in the previous quarter.

The e-commerce giant’s bottom line is most directly connected to consumer spending, so if the populace is being laid off and anxious about their money, it’s a matter of time before Amazon has to respond to ensure their viability and profits. Update: Amazon announces biggest layoffs.

Apple seems to be the best positioned to make it out of this mostly intact though Apple can certainly expect to see fewer people upgrading their $1000 iPhones in a recession.

If all the different economic factors continue trending downward, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear these larger companies announcing layoffs.

Thanks to Protocol and Layoffs.FYI for the all the great research they’ve done chronicling (and doing the math) on the tech layoffs this year. Highly recommend checking out their comprehensive coverage.

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What is RNG? The Technology Behind the Hidden Randomness in Gaming

Avid players will know that some games rely on elements of chance as well as skill. In certain genres more than others, many of the outcomes are determined randomly within a set of parameters. The technology behind this randomness is the random number generator (RNG).

Where they are used, RNGs can determine many of the possible outcomes in a game, such as whether or not an attack hits or misses, whether a particular character shows up, and what loot a box contains.

What is an RNG?

A random number generator takes a seed number and extrapolates it with additional data to produce a new value. This new number is used as the next seed to generate the next part of the sequence, and so on, until the outcome produced is ‘random’ – or close enough to random that it cannot be exploited.

RNGs are essentially algorithms. The more secure and fair an outcome needs to be, the more sophisticated the algorithm required. Once the final number has been generated, this will then be used to decide on the outcome.

To illustrate – let’s take a scale of 1-100. Every number 1-80 gives common loot. Every number 81-98 gives a rare item. If the end value is 99 or 100 then the player receives a legendary item.

RNGs in casino games

In casino and card games, the action is randomized by the roll of dice, the shuffle of cards, or the spin of a wheel.

Online casinos and poker rooms use RNGs to replicate this process. When a player clicks a button on an online slot machine, the RNG is busy working behind the scenes to churn out a number – this number represents an outcome which is presented to the player visually as the spinning of the reels.

Similarly, in online poker, the RNG creates a random sequence of numbers which comes to determine players’ starting hands, as well as each subsequent card dealt after that.

Players of online casino games criticize RNGs, but when it comes to reputable sites the randomness of the algorithm is independently verified. The RNG is actually “shuffling the deck” more rigorously than the dealer in the casino.

Role playing games (RPGs)

As direct descendants of tabletop adventures like Dungeons and Dragons, role playing video games replicate the rolling of dice to randomize outcomes such as whether an attack hits or misses, or whether a particular accessory appears in a chest.

RPGs are very much about leveling up and preparing well enough to overcome any unfortunate randomness that comes along the way. If a boss critically hits you three times in a row, your characters still need to be able to handle it.

The randomness also brings more playability to the game, though often at the cost of repetition. If you only have a ten percent chance of winning a certain item, you might have to dedicate more than one attempt to get it.

RPGs are the genre of video game most known for utilizing randomness as an essential part of the gameplay.

Examples of RNGs in games

When it comes to role playing games, RNGs are a necessity, even more so when it comes to real money casino gaming and poker. But often the RNG is there as part of the entertainment, simply to mix it up a bit. Here are a few more examples of how RNGs are used in video games:

  • Fortnite – Aside from loot boxes, you wouldn’t imagine first person shooters like Fortnite to utilize many random variables. But actually, the random distribution of weapons across different areas of the world, along with the chance to find legendary gear, is what keeps players exploring and approaching each battle differently.
  •  XCOM – Yup, we’ve all been there. You missed a 90% shot. It happens. This is the type of game where randomness can be frustrating, but ultimately it makes the game more challenging and enjoyable.
  • Counter Strike: Global Offense – CS:GO takes the use of RNGs one step further. Whether or not a bullet hits the target is determined with an element of randomness. Being closer to the target and using the right weapon improves the odds of direct hits. This use of RNGs has been criticized by some players for taking the pure skill out of the FPS.
  • Pokémon – Technically a role playing game (RPG), Pokémon uses the random number generator to determine the chances of Pokémon appearing in a particular area and the gender of them, as well as the likelihood of attacks hitting.


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Full List: The 100 Best Songs of the 1990S (As Voted By Pitchfork Readers)

Another week, another list. This time it’s a list of the 100 best songs from the 1990s from the folks at Pitchfork Media. What makes this list different is that Pitchfork took a democratic approach (and eschewing responsibility) by compiling this ranking via votes from their Pitchfork readers. Not only will they get the clicks and ad revenue, but they can don’t have to take any of the vitriol or blame when butthurt Blur fans take offense that Oasis has double the songs on the list of 100 best.

Pitchfork's 100 Best Songs of the 1990s
Rank Songs Artist
100 EX-FACTOR Lauryn Hill
99 FROZEN Madonna
97 HYPNOTIZE The Notorious B.I.G.
95 KOOL THING Sonic Youth
92 THE RAIN (SUPA DUPA FLY) Missy Elliott
91 BETWEEN THE BARS Elliott Smith
89 SOON My Bloody Valentine
86 NOTHING COMPARES 2 U Sinead O'Connor
85 ALISON Slowdive
84 BASKET CASE Green Day
83 CHERUB ROCK Smashing Pumpkins
82 SCENARIO A Tribe Called Quest
79 MAYONAISE Smashing Pumpkins
78 RAY OF LIGHT Madonna
77 BORN SLIPPY (NUXX) Underworld
76 TODAY Smashing Pumpkins
75 HURT Nine Inch Nails
70 DA FUNK Daft Punk
69 GIRLS & BOYS Blur
67 UNDER THE BRIDGE Red Hot Chili Peppers
66 WOULD? Alice in Chains
65 LITHIUM Nirvana
63 ROSA PARKS Outkast
62 SOUR TIMES Portishead
60 RID OF ME PJ Harvey
59 SOMETIMES My Bloody Valentine
58 SONG 2 Blur
57 WHEN YOU SLEEP My Bloody Valentine
54 CARRY THE ZERO Built to Spill
53 ONE U2
51 VOGUE Madonna
50 CALIFORNIA LOVE 2Pac featuring Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman
49 SUMMER BABE Pavement
48 CREEP Radiohead
47 ARMY OF ME Björk
45 CRIMINAL Fiona Apple
44 RACE FOR THE PRIZE The Flaming Lips
43 …BABY ONE MORE TIME Britney Spears
41 COME AS YOU ARE Nirvana
40 CAN I KICK IT? A Tribe Called Quest
37 EVERLONG Foo Fighters
36 HEAVEN OR LAS VEGAS Cocteau Twins
34 YOU OUGHTA KNOW Alanis Morissette
32 JÓGA Björk
29 KILLING IN THE NAME Rage Against the Machine
28 JUICY The Notorious B.I.G.
27 SAY IT AIN'T SO Weezer
26 DOO WOP (THAT THING) Lauryn Hill
22 NO SURPRISES Radiohead
21 TEARDROP Massive Attack
20 HOLLAND, 1945 Neutral Milk Hotel
19 ONLY SHALLOW My Bloody Valentine
18 CLOSER Nine Inch Nails
16 CANNONBALL The Breeders
14 GLORY BOX Portishead
13 NUTHIN' BUT A 'G' THANG Dr. Dre (ft. Snoop Doggy Dogg)
12 LET DOWN Radiohead
11 LOSER Beck
9 FADE INTO YOU Mazzy Star
8 SABOTAGE Beastie Boys
7 KARMA POLICE Radiohead
5 GOLD SOUNDZ Pavement
4 1979 Smashing Pumpkins

One thing is for sure, every article that approaches the topic of the best music that came out of that decade is going to include some of the bands that released the most-critically acclaimed albums that also had crossover appeal between 1990 and 1999. Who comes to mind for you? You would get a bonus 25 if you guessed Radiohead who had the most-representation on this list with seven songs. Tied for second place are Björk and Nirvana each clocking in with five songs each. The diehard fans of Oasis, The Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine came out to the polls; giving those three groups four songs each in the top 100.

The 1990s Saw Hip Hop Cross Into Mainstream

The 1990s can be argued as the decade when music became much more varied with Grunge/Alternative, R&B, and Rap crossed over into the mainstream. If you listened to a mainstream top-40 radio station in the early 1990’s you could hear songs from Dr. Dre, Britney Spears, Notorious B.I.G., Weezer, Outkast, Madonna, Nine Inch Nails, Lauryn Hill, Rage Against the Machine, and Alanis Morissette all within the same hour.

The best-selling artists of the decade also illustrates the variety of music that had mass appeal. According to Chart Masters, these were the 25 most-successful artists in the 1990s using the CPSC Method.

Rank Artist
1  Céline Dion
2  Mariah Carey
3  Garth Brooks
4  Whitney Houston
5  Nirvana
6  Michael Jackson
7  Metallica
8  Backstreet Boys
9  Madonna
10  Shania Twain
11  Guns N’ Roses
12  Red Hot Chili Peppers
13  Alanis Morissette
14  Oasis
15  Spice Girls
16  Green Day
17  The Cranberries
18  U2
19  TLC
20  Sting
21  Bon Jovi
22  Bryan Adams
23  Aerosmith
24  Santana
25  Enya

And the above artists don’t even include some of the more popular artists from different genres that were at the forefront when talking about the 1990s including the top grunge artists and most-popular hip hop hit makers like Nirvana, Dr. Dre, N’Sync, Boyz II Men, Britney Spears, Pearl Jam, Puff Daddy, and Janet Jackson.

And that brings up an interesting contrast. Critics love to heap praise on the links of Radiohead, Outkast, Fiona Apple, Nirvana, Lauryn Hill and Dr. Dre, but when it came to the mainstream it was all about Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Garth Brooks, The Backstreet Boys, Guns ‘N Roses and Whitney Houston.

It’s also fun to compare the 71 songs from the 1990s that made Rolling Stones’ top 500 songs list released earlier this year (that’s 14%!!). U2’s “One,” Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thing” had overlap on both lists but even though Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” was #5 ALL-TIME on Rolling Stone’s list, it doesn’t make Pitchfork’s Readers list.

It goes to prove there’s a lot of subjectivity and bias when it comes to the word “best.” There are only a few rare artists that made Pitchfork’s list and were considered popular by CPSC (true crossover appeal) and they were all white artists: Nirvana, Madonna, U2, Green Day and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. CPSC’s list trended away from Hip Hop (A.K.A. Black artists).

There’s a lot of reasons for that divide, but that’s a topic for another day.

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Here’s 4 Places To Consider When Visiting The United Kingdom

The four nations that make up the island country, the United Kingdom, make the region an amazing place to visit for a multitude of reasons. There are many restaurants, cafés, bars, and clubs throughout England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, and the landscapes are beautiful.

When the natural beauty of the area is added to the mix, you have a top-tier tourist destination.

The United Kingdom is a small country, but its scenery is big and full of incredible variety: from lush green hills and old woods to towering mountain peaks, picturesque lakes, and rocky moors. Take a trip through one of the United Kingdom’s fifteen national parks to get a feel for the wide range of terrains that call the UK home, from the lowlands of the Norfolk Broads and the hinterlands of Exmoor to the dramatic landscapes of the Lake District and the world-renowned dark skies of Northumberland.

There is so much excitement that for every proposition in the UK, there will be a case for a better one. Nevertheless, here are the top 4 things, besides the pleasure of no deposit bonuses in the UK, which you simply cannot miss out on. With these bonuses, you get to enjoy your favorite games without spending anything from your pocket. A great way to enjoy your trip and win UK style. Just find the best sites and you are good to go. Any list of the top attractions in the United Kingdom is certain to spark a lively debate, and this one is no exception but here we are with top 4 recommendations.

Go for a stroll in a Welsh town that seems like it was lifted straight out of Italy. Rather than North Wales, you may be excused for believing you’ve landed in southern Europe if you find yourself in the heart of Portmeirion.

The brightly painted, Italian-style town seems like it belongs in another universe. Located on a tranquil peninsula that juts out into an estuary, Portmeirion Village is a kaleidoscope of buildings designed by Clough Williams-Ellis, a Welsh architect, and painted in all the colors of the rainbow. Beautiful homes, verdant gardens, and sandy beaches make up for the fact that it’s not the best picture of Welsh life.

Dine at a Balti restaurant in Birmingham’s historic Balti Triangle. There are pork pies available in Melton Mowbray. Cheese is available in Wensleydale. The balti is a specialty of Birmingham. It was created by the city’s Pakistani minority in the 1970s, and it now ranks with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, the Industrial Revolution, and Peaky Blinders as among Birmingham’s most famous exports.

Visitors from all over the world go to the curry capital of the United Kingdom for the chance to try the region’s famous baltis, dosas, and thalis. The famous “Balti Triangle” is close to Balsall Heath. It is a group of curry restaurants that serve delicious food from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Try your hand at mountain climbing at the highest point in the United Kingdom. Put on your hiking boots and go to the top of Ben Nevis, Britain’s tallest peak at 1,345 meters above sea level. The Mountain Track is the most popular route. However, climbing the Carn Mor Dearg Arête is a more arduous climb for expert jammers and hill hikers that may take more than 10 hours to finish. You can reach the top of Snowden, Ben Nevis, and Scafell Pike, the highest points in Wales, Scotland, and England, all in one day if you plan ahead or join a group trip.

Go to Madchester for some unrivaled raving. It’s true that both the Hacienda and Factory Records have likely closed down by now. True, you’re more likely to see a Happy Monday on daytime television than at a live performance. Still, this northern dynamo boasts a diverse and dynamic mainstream and underground nightclub culture that draws partygoers from around the world.

The Warehouse Project is a series of club nights held every fall and winter at the huge Mayfield Depot, which is near Piccadilly station. If you want to get the most out of it, you shouldn’t miss it.

Summing Up There is no shortage of magnificent scenery in the United Kingdom. Learning about the history, culture, companies, and commerce of the UK can be intriguing, and visiting the country for a long vacation is a great way to do so. For your convenience, we’ve listed the top things to do in the above list.


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The 10 MCU Disney+ Shows (and Special Presentations) Ranked By Rotten Tomatoes Score

Marvel movies have proven to be so successful that after Disney acquired the Marvel Studios and their cinematic universe, they wanted more than just the three movies being released annually by Kevin Feige. So Disney+, Feige and their teams sat down and decided that they would expand the offerings exclusively onto Disney’s yet-to-come streaming platform.

Talking to Variety’s PLAYBACK podcast back in 2017, Feige acknowledged that the Marvel and Disney combination would play a big part in the MCU.

When asked whether or not streaming platforms would be a big part of Marvel Studios’ future, he replied:

“(Disney+) is another exciting avenue and another exciting thing about being at this place at this time and goes back to the amount of characters we have and the amount of stories we could tell.”

Little did we know how things would turn out a few years later. That’s not entire true, coming off a all-time record-breaking Avengers: Endgame box office take, it was an easy bet at neue casinos that the shows would draw a massive audience.

Several Disney+ Marvel shows have since aired and the likes of WandaVision, She-Hulk, Loki, Ms. Marvel, Werewolf By Night and What If…? haven’t just exponentially expanded the MCU’s roster, but provided important context and storylines that is critical for a confusing concept such as the multiverse.

MCU Disney+ Shows Ranked By Rotten Tomatoes Score

Sometimes you see a trailer for an upcoming film and it looks interesting but then it bombs with a 36% Rotten Tomatoes score. What do you do? It really depends on the genre, but anything below a 50% score on RT is usually a no-go for us (outside of Eternals).

We often use Rotten Tomatoes to not make our decision, but to help supplement our decision-making when it comes to which movies or films to watch.

This ranking would be useful for all types of shows, so we wanted to provide a list of MCU Disney+ shows ranked by their Rotten Tomatoes score. Similar to what we’ve done with RT scores and Marvel movies in this post.

Highest Rated MCU Disney+ Shows
1 97% MS. MARVEL 2022
2 94% WHAT IF…? 2021
3 92% LOKI 2021
4 92% HAWKEYE 2021
5 91% WANDAVISION 2021
7 87% I AM GROOT 2022
8 86% MOON KNIGHT 2022

Again Rotten Tomatoes isn’t the end-all, we certainly have our disagreements. For example, we’ve watched all these MCU TV shows and there’s certainly a varying success. I would personally rank the Disney+ MCU shows as follows:

Stuart's Rankings
Rk Show

I’m very much biased. If Marvel decided to put out a show with Asbestos Lady (yes that’s a real character), I would watch the hell out of it if only to see how this cancer-causing superhero ties into the larger universe (and multiverse).

And off the top of my head, these couple handful of shows haven’t just introduced us to Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Werewolf By Night, and Moon Knight, but also core Marvel characters Agatha Harkness, Kate Bishop, U.S. Agent, Man-Thing, Echo, Elsa Bloodstone, Swordsman, and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, and have re-introduced us to Wanda, Vision, Hawkeye, Sam Wilson as Captain America, Daredevil and Kingpin.

With shows like Secret Invasion, Echo, Agatha Harkness, Iron Heart, and others in the pipeline for 2023 and 2024, we’ll continually update this list to see where these new MCU Disney+ TV shows ultimately land on the Fresh/Rotten scale.

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NBA Players to Watch: Ben Simmons Will Have Revenge Season in 2022-23

It’s crazy how much controversy there’s been with the Brooklyn Nets this offseason. With Kevin Durant requesting a trade and putting out ultimatums and Kyrie Irving’s inability to not say something controversial, the New York City borough has been in the news the last two months.

Lost in the Brooklyn Nets drama is Ben Simmons. Hard to believe considering Simmons’ saga was the talk of the league for the first quarter of the season.

There’s a lot of things working for Simmons, he can get back into playing shape for the season with KD and Irving providing unintentional cover. It won’t be hard either, the 6-11, 26 year old fits perfectly with an offense filled with shooters dotting the three point.

You have Durant and Kyrie, but you also have Joe Harris, Patty Mills, and Seth Curry. Getting back into the flow of the game should seamless for Simmons, with the roster surrounding him, to get back to his all-star level will be learning how to play blackjack online or remembering how to ride a bike.

With three of the league’s most-feared three point shooters spacing the floor along with two of the best players in the league, it gives Ben Simmons multiple options when he grabs a rebounds, gets downhill and forces the defense to collapse.

Brooklyn's Three Point Bombers
Player G 3P 3PA 3P%
Seth Curry 19 3.1 6.5 0.468
Joe Harris 14 2.9 6.3 0.466
Kyrie Irving 29 3.4 8.2 0.418
Patty Mills 81 2.8 7 0.400
Kevin Durant 55 2.1 5.5 0.383

Add to their roster a strong three and D guy in Royce O’Neal (who also shot .398 from three) and you add another versatile swingman that you can’t consistently leave open.

Ben Simmons Mental Health

The good news for Brooklyn Nets fans (and Ben Simmons) is that he seems to be in a much better place now.

Simmons recently say down with former teammate J.J. Redick on his Old Man and the Three podcast to provide color and detail to a lot of what happened last season between him and the Philadelphia 76ers including whether he left the team’s group chat, whether he brought a phone to practice, and whether he should have dunked the ball instead of passing it off in the now-infamous play against the Atlanta Hawks in the 2021 NBA Playoffs. All the components – including Doc Rivers — that contributed to the broken relationship with his former team.

Here’s a few clips from the podcast that goes over some of the more juicier moments from last season’s standoff in Philly.

Just because Simmons seems to be in a better headspace, that doesn’t mean he’s going to come in and start shooting ten threes a game. Redick and Simmons cover this on their podcast too. The good news is that because of how the Nets are currently constructed, Simmons shooting, or lack there of, will be much less of an issue with the Nets.

Another reason why we think Simmons is going to have a season of redemption is that he’s playing alongside Kevin Durant one of the top players in the league that is more than happy to take up shots and shoulder responsibility for the team’s shortcomings and successes. Yes, Simmons was paired with Embiid, but Durant is a perimeter player like Simmons. Embiid was a post player that, when double teamed, would need shooters to pass out to — something we are well-aware that Simmons is not. In fact Simmons just recently joked about taking shots away from Durant.

With Simmons 100% healthy, motivated, paired with other good defenders, and shooters on the offensive side, on paper that looks to be a recipe for success for a player with Simmons’ talents are.

Full List: Rolling Stone’s “The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time” (2022 Ranking)

Rolling Stone is on a roll. Following the popularity of their recent ranking of the top 500 songs of all-time and their list of the 200 best hip hop albums in history, the music and culture magazine decided to try their hand at television shows.

Their The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time list was compiled with feedback from a “panel of actors, showrunners, and critics” features all the modern classics including The Game of Thrones, Atlanta, Succession, and Veep to the older sitcoms that made their marks on televisions such as Seinfeld, I Love Lucy, and The Odd Couple all with Rolling Stone writer Allen Sepinwall providing commentary on every one of the shows that made the list.

The list covers the generations, multiple eras, a variety of genres including children’s shows, soap operas, family sitcoms, quirky comedies and dead-serious HBO dramas, from 1951 to the present. The magazine has attempted to capture the best television shows in a list several times. Prior to the current ranking, Rolling Stone last announced the top 100 TV shows of all-time back in 2016.

Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

With all the great possibilities available, which show hit #1? Was it M*A*S*H, The Office, Mad Men or maybe cult favorite Freaks and Geeks? Thinking about the amount of amazing shows that have hit the small screen, that show would have hit the perfect combination of high-quality, cultural impact, longevity, creativity, and more.

Scroll down to see the full list of the best TV shows in the history of the game according to Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stone's 100 Best TV Shows of All-Time
Rank Show Channel Years
1 ‘The Sopranos’ HBO 1999-2007
2 ‘The Simpsons’ FOX 1989-PRESENT
3 ‘Breaking Bad’ AMC 2008-13
4 ‘The Wire’ HBO 2002-08
5 ‘Fleabag’ BBC/AMAZON 2016-19
6 ‘Seinfeld’ NBC 1989-98
7 ‘Mad Men’ AMC 2007-15
8 ‘Cheers’ NBC 1982-93
9 ‘Atlanta’ FX 2016-PRESENT
10 ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ CBS 1970-77
11 ‘Succession’ HBO 2018-PRESENT
12 ‘The Twilight Zone’ CBS 1959-64
13 ‘Veep’ HBO 2012-19
14 ‘The Americans’ FX 2013-18
15 ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ HBO 1992-98
16 ‘Twin Peaks’ ABC 1990-91
17 ‘The Leftovers’ HBO 2014-17
18 ‘Saturday Night Live’ NBC 1975-PRESENT
19 ‘I May Destroy You’ BBC/HBO 2020
20 ’30 Rock’ NBC 2006-13
21 ‘All in the Family CBS 1971-79
22 ‘Star Trek’ NBC 1966-69
23 ‘Watchmen’ HBO 2019
24 ‘Freaks and Geeks’ NBC 1999-2000
25 ‘M*A*S*H’ CBS 1972-83
26 ‘Sesame Street’ PBS 1969-PRESENT
27 ‘Deadwood’ HBO 2004-06
28 ‘Friday Night Lights’ NBC 2006-08
29 ‘Roots’ ABC 1977
30 ‘Parks and Recreation’ NBC 2009-15
31 ‘Game of Thrones’ HBO 2011-19
32 ‘Better Call Saul’ AMC 2015-22
33 ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ BBC 1969-74
34 ‘The Office’ (U.S.) NBC 2005-13
35 ‘Lost’ ABC 2004-10
36 ‘I Love Lucy’ CBS 1951-57
37 ‘Arrested Development’ FOX 2003-06
38 ‘Hill Street Blues’ NBC 1981-87
39 ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ HBO 2000-PRESENT
40 ‘The Good Place’ NBC 2016-20
41 ‘BoJack Horseman’ NETFLIX 2014-20
42 ‘Battlestar Galactica’ SCI-FI 2003-09
43 ‘Insecure’ HBO 2016-21
44 ‘Late Night With David Letterman’ NBC 1982-93
45 ‘Columbo’ NBC 1971-78; ABC
46 ‘The West Wing’ NBC 1999-2006
47 ‘My So-Called Life’ ABC 1995-96
48 ‘The Shield’ FX 2002-08
49 ‘Friends’ NBC 1994-2004
50 ‘Jeopardy!’ SYNDICATION 1984-PRESENT
51 ‘The X-Files’ FOX 1993-2002
52 ‘Barry’ HBO 2018-PRESENT
53 ‘The Office’ (U.K.) BBC 2001-03
54 ‘ER’ NBC 1994-2009
55 ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ AMC 2014-17
56 ‘Community’ NBC 2009-14
57 ‘Russian Doll’ NETFLIX 2019-PRESENT
58 ‘Six Feet Under’ HBO 2001-05
59 ‘Key & Peele’ COMEDY CENTRAL 2012-15
60 ‘Taxi’ ABC 1978-82
61 ‘The Underground Railroad’  AMAZON PRIME 2021
62 ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ CBS 1961-66
63 ‘South Park’  COMEDY CENTRAL 1997-PRESENT
64 ‘The Golden Girls’ NBC 1985-92
65 ‘Girls’ HBO 2012-17
66 ‘The Daily Show With Jon Stewart’ COMEDY CENTRAL 1999-2015
67 ‘NYPD Blue’ ABC 1993-2005
68 ‘Fawlty Towers’ BBC 1975-79
69 ‘Chappelle’s Show’   COMEDY CENTRAL 2003-06
70 ‘SCTV’   GLOBAL 1976-79
71 ‘Better Things’  FX 2016-2022
72 ‘Good Times’   CBS 1974-79
73 ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’  WB/UPN 1997-2001/2001-03
74 ‘The Honeymooners’ CBS 1955-56
75 ‘Frasier’ NBC 1993-2004
76 ‘Justified’  FX 2010-15
77 ‘The Jeffersons’  CBS 1975-85
78 ‘Sex and the City’ HBO 1998-2004
79 ‘Mr. Show with Bob and David’ HBO 1995-98
80 ‘Band of Brothers’  HBO 2001
81 ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’   FX 2005-PRESENT
82 ‘Party Down’  STARZ 2009-10
83 ‘I’m Alan Partridge’  BBC 1997-2002
84 ‘Fargo’   FX 2014-PRESENT
85 ‘Orange Is the New Black’ NETFLIX 2013-19
86 ‘The Bob Newhart Show’  CBS 1972-78
87 ‘The Kids in the Hall’   CBC 1988-95
88 ‘The Crown’  NETFLIX 2016-PRESENT
89 ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ CBS 1967-78
90 ‘The Wonder Years’  ABC 1988-93
91 ‘The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson’   NBC 1962-92
92 ‘The Muppet Show’   SYNDICATED 1976-81
93 ‘The Rockford Files’  NBC 1974-80
94 ‘NewsRadio’  NBC 1995-99
95 ‘Squid Game’ NETFLIX 2021-PRESENT
96 ‘Rick and Morty’  ADULT SWIM 2013-PRESENT
97 ‘The Odd Couple’ ABC 1970-75
98 ‘The Good Fight’ CBS ALL ACCESS 2017-20
99 ‘Oz’ HBO 1997-2003
100 ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ FX 2019-PRESENT

You rarely get to see the full list when these companies decide to cover and rank the best whatever because they have to spend a couple paragraphs explaining the significance and why the whatever landed where it landed on their list. With our full list, you might not get all the context, but often time you don’t need it. Readers want to know how the hell NYPD Blue (#67) is below The Good Place (#40) even though they’ve only seen the first episode and “hated it”.

How to Make Your Own Money Flower Bouquet in 8 Easy Steps (in 20 Minutes!)

We all love money and the more money we have the better. Those that say that “money can’t buy happiness” are right, but though you can’t literally buy happiness with money, you can buy time and convenience.

That additional time has been directly linked to improving your overall well-being that can improve one’s general happiness.

Are you looking for a special gift for that money-lover in your circle? Look no further than the homemade money bouquet. A money bouquet is basically dozens bills of paper money that are arranged to resemble a bouquet of flower. So instead of giving the traditional dozen roses for a loved (that will end up wilting in a week), you can choose to use that $39.99 on something exactly as valuable.

You can take that $50 and break up into single dollars and a few five dollar bills to create your own money rose. Don’t have enough money for a money bouquet You might have cash out your coins, work an extra couple hours at work, or trying your luck at a casino. Click here to learn more.

Okay now you have some duckets in your hand, so let’s talk about how best to arrange your money bouquet.

How to Make Your Own Money Bouquet

Now that you have your dollar bills (in multiple denominations) in hand, here’s how you can create your own money bouquet. First you need to think about the bouquet you want to create. Once you have an idea, here’s the six items and materials that are required:

  • Dollar Bills
  • Stems (wood, or other)
  • Tissue paper
  • Tape
  • Fresh or fake flowers
  • Rubber band

Instructions For Creating Money Bouquet At Home

  1. Set your flowers into a vase or similar (fresh flowers are always nicer).
  2. Create your money flowers. These can be simple cones or something more elaborate. Whatever you choose, tape the edges so that they don’t open up.
  3. Tape the money flower to the stem. Best to have an opening at the bottom of the flower so it can fit nicely onto the stem.
  4. Once you’ve finished creating the money flowers and taping them into place on the stems, add them to the flowers in your vase from step one.
  5. Arrange the money flowers with the real flowers
  6. Take them out of the vase
  7. Put a rubber band or two around the bottom of the stems
  8. Take your bouquet and wrap it into the tissue paper.

And boom! Just like that you have a basic bouquet of flowers. If you already have these materials (and money!) laying around the house, you can create a money bouquet in 20-25 minutes and it only costs a little more than the actual banknotes used. Here’s a great video on how to make your money bouquet.

If you want to make your money bouquet extra nice, you can spruce it up using these items:

  • Leaves or Greenery (can be fake)
  • Floral foam
  • Ribbon or other decorations
  1. Include some fresh or fake greenery
  2. Create more elaborate flowers with the dollar bills
  3. Include decorations
  4. Using the ribbon, tie a bow around the bouquet.

And that’s it. Depending on how detailed you want to be, you can create your own money bouquet in as short as 20 minutes (assuming you have all the requisite materials). It can take up to a couple hours if you’re making more elaborate flowers. And remember money can buy you happiness, indirectly.

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that when people spend money on time-saving services such as a house cleaner, lawn care or grocery delivery, it can make them feel a little happier. By comparison, money spent on material purchases — aka things — does not boost positive emotions the way we might expect.

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The 5 Best Blackjack Dealer Costumes in Time For Halloween (or Casino Theme Party)

You and your friends love getting together and heading to the local casino; spending hours on the reservation sitting down at the poker table, playing the slots, putting some cash down on roulette and getting free drinks. All that’s great fun, but what you all really enjoy is parking yourself down and getting comfortable at the Blackjack tables.

You can’t even count how many hours you’ve spent elbow-to-elbow with your buddies trying to get as close to 21 as possible. Now that September is coming to a close, it’s time to think about Halloween (or perhaps it’s a casino themed party) and you’re set on some form of casino theme costume.

Be a Real (Fake) Blackjack Dealer 

So what better, more-appropriate costume than dressing up as a blackjack dealer? You know all the nuances and motions and phrases that blackjack dealers do, so it shouldn’t be hard to get into character. Even if you’re not familiar with the twenty one card game, you can still be a Blackjack dealer, though you would definitely need to learn how to play blackjack online so you can be as convincing as possible.

Blackjack on the surface isn’t hard really: it’s adding up your cards in an attempt to get to 21 without going over (busting) and having your total be more than the dealer’s hand. Of course there’s nuances, but that, some basic blackjack vocabulary, and the right costume is all you need.

The Best Blackjack Dealer Costumes

Depending on how authentic you want to seem, you may have to get your education and vernacular elsewhere, but we got you on the blackjack dealer costume. We’ve scoured the net, Amazon, Party City, Etsy and Pinterest to find the best and most-convincing costumes for you to consider.


1. Blackjack Dealer Sequin Vest 

This leisure silk jacquard waistcoat may not actually be silk, but we love this one the best because for $30, you get 5 pieces including the vest (available in multiple colors), cufflinks, bow tie, neck tie, and cuffs. Just add shirt underneath (or not).

2. Blackjack Dealer Sequin Vest Costume 

The best costume is a combination of standing out and affordability. This shiny sequin vest will get you started. All you have to add is a white shirt underneath and standard bowtie. And it comes in multiple colors. All for approximately $30.

3. Playing Card Queen Women’s Halloween Costume

Who needs to be so straightforward? Let’s hit ’em over the head, get a little weird, and have a little fun. Be a playing card that’s also a dealer. Kind of like a cannibal dressed a human being or something like that. Pair this with a visor and ask them if they want to “hit” or “stay?”

4. Casino Dealer or Old School Gangster Costume 

What sucks about Halloween is that you spend all that time and money for what can be worn once. After that? It goes into a box somewhere maaaaaaaybee being resurrected four years later. Well this set allows you to use it a couple times – what’s the difference between a Blackjack dealer and a gangster from the 1920’s? A gun?

Not sure, but you get the point – there’s a lot of overlap going on. Check out this multipiece set that includes suspenders, a bow tie, pocket watch,  armband, garter, tie clip, cane and even a fake mustache.

5. Suspenders for Blackjack Dealer Costume (1PC)

Don’t want to invest in something too elaborate; you want to keep it simple and cheap? Here’s simple suspenders you can wear over a white or black shirt and most everyone will get the vibe you’re trying to give off.

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With 7 Players, Boston Celtics Have The Most Players in ESPN’s Best NBA Players List

Even though ESPN hasn’t fully released their annual list of The 100 Best NBA Players of the 2022-23 Season, the Boston Celtics have locked up having the most players on the controversial list.

With Grant Williams barely cracking the list at #99, the newly acquired Malcolm Brogdon (#65), all the way to Jayson Tatum at #7, the Celtics have 7% of the league’s one hundred best players according to ESPN’s experts and scribes Kendra Andrews, Tim Bontemps, Jamal Collier, Jonathan Givony, Andrew Lopez, Tim McMahon, Kevin Pelton, and Ohm Youngmisuk.

Rank Celtic Player Team
#7 Jayson Tatum Boston Celtics
#22 Jaylen Brown Boston Celtics
#34 Marcus Smart Boston Celtics
#58 Robert Williams III Boston Celtics
#70 Al Horford Boston Celtics
#87 Malcolm Brogdon Boston Celtics
#99 Grant Williams Boston Celtics

According to most NBA watchers, talking heads, and gg bet, the Celtics are one of the favorites to go deep into the playoffs again this season. Last season they made the NBA Finals with one of the tightest rotations in the league. With the addition of Brogdon, they’ve added depth without sacrificing any of their core eight players from last season (including Derek White and Payton Pritchard).

The team with the second-most players? It’s not the franchise you think it would be. The only team with six players on ESPN’s list is the Cleveland Cavaliers. After having a surprising season that saw Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen make the NBA All-Star team, the team added another All-Star in Donovan Mitchell. You add to that Evan Mobley, Caris Levert and Kevin Love, and you have a really talented Cavs team going into 2023.

Rank Cavs Player Team
24 Donovan Mitchell Cleveland Cavs
36 Evan Mobley Cleveland Cavs
46 Darius Garland Cleveland Cavs
52 Jarrett Allen Cleveland Cavs
80 Caris LeVert Cleveland Cavs
97 Kevin Love Cleveland Cavs

Surprisingly, Mobley ranked higher (#36) than both Garland (#46) and Allen (#52), that’s how much potential the ESPN head think the second year 6-11 forward has coming into the season.

Teams With 5 Players, 1 Player

After the Celtics and Cavs, there are three teams with five players on ESPN’s list. That includes the Golden State Warriors (Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole), the Memphis Grizzlies (Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr., Desmond Bane, Dillon Brooks, and Brandon Clarke) and the Atlanta Hawks with Bogdan Bogdanovic, Clint Capela, Dejounte Murray, John Collins and Trae Young.

There were only two teams that had just one player on ESPN’s list. The first one is no surprise; the sole Houston Rocket on the list is Jalen Green (#62).

The Charlotte Hornets were the other team; represented by just NBA All-Star LaMelo Ball (#41). The Hornets surely would have had two with Miles Bridges who had a career year last season. However, Bridges immediate future in the NBA is cloudy after off-court troubles this off-season with felony charges of domestic violence and child abuse. ESPN chose not to include Bridges in this year’s rankings because they don’t think he’ll be suiting up this season.

Exclusions Impact ESPN’s List 

These type of exclusions are saved for players with injuries as they did with Kawhi Leonard in last season’s list and is the reason why they left rookie Chet Holmgren off the list who will miss the 2022-23 season due to a foot injury.

Had Bridges and Holmgren not missed this upcoming season, it would have impacted this list of teams with the most representation. With those two, it would have pushed Grant Williams (#99) off the list and the Boston Celtics would have tied the Cavs with six players on the list (with Kevin Love barely making the list at #100).

It would have also forced Bogdan Bogdanovic (#100) off the list, too. Meaning only the Warriors and Grizzlies would have five players on the list.

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The Zelle ‘Pay Yourself’ Scam: Don’t Fall For These Fake Bank of America Texts (With Examples)

It’s never been easier to send money with people you know and trust. No matter where you are, your time zone, or what you’re paying for, you can pay for something or pay someone back.

Venmo feels like the most-popular instant pay app, but Zelle may have already overtaken the popular instant transfer app. All of those, including PayPal and CashApp, are used to send and receive money with friends and family members. And whenever there’s money involved, there will always be those that want to steal that money.

Bank of America Zelle Scam

There are several different Zelle scams happening right now. The one we’ll talk about today is the one associated with Bank of America where a text message purported to come from Bank of America requesting you send money using Zelle®to anyone, including yourself. If you get this type of message, it’s a huge red flag.

Watch this educational video from Bank of America to spot a zelle scam.


While Bank of America may send you a text to validate unusual activity, we will never contact you t or to share a code to resolve fraud. If you receive a request like this, it is likely a scammer trying to trick you.

A couple examples of the BOA fraud text message:

BoaFreeMsg: Bank of America Fraud: Did you attempt Zelle transaction $1000.00? Reply YES or NO. Case 9156203 To Opt Out reply STOP

Free Msg- Bank of America Fraud Alert- Did You Attempt A Zelle Transaction For The Amount of $1500? Reply YES or NO or 1 To Decline Fraud Alerts

Here are the details of the “pay yourself” scam

  • You receive a text message that looks like a fraud alert from your bank about unusual activity. The text may look something like “Did you make a purchase of $100.00 at ABC merchant?”.
  • If you respond to the text, you have now engaged the scammer and will receive a call from a number that appears to be from a bank.
  • They’ll appear to be a representative from a bank and will offer to help stop the alleged fraud by asking you to send money to yourself with Zelle.
  • The scammer will ask you for a one-time code you just received from a bank.
  • If you give them the code, they will use it to enroll their bank account with Zelle using your email or phone number.
  • The scammer now has the ability to receive your money into their account.

What you can do to help stay protected

  • Don’t trust caller ID — it’s not always who it says it is.
  • Don’t share codes based on a call you receive.
  • Don’t be pressured to act immediately.

Visit Bank of America’s Security Center

  • Red flags for common scams
  • Details about trending scams
  • Ways to avoid being scammed


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Full List: Consequence Of Sound’s Top 100 Albums Of All-Time (2022)

We know you all love to hate when some media company/website decides to put out a definitive list of the best songs of all time or the greatest hip hop albums or alternative songs from the 1990s.

Love to hate because when we see a song or album that we love on their list, we can’t help but feel like we’ve been validated. More often than not, we see all the albums/songs that we don’t agree as the “best” or “greatest” and we can’t wait to tell anyone that will listen why the list got it wrong.

Consequence of Sound recently celebrated their 15 year anniversary and for that celebration they decided to have some fun by having their staff of editors. writers and contributors vote on their “The 100 Greatest Albums of All Time.”

Just like all the other lists of these types, Consequence of Sound lists out their top 100 albums in article form; meaning they name the 100th album at the top, wax poetic for 3-4 paragraphs on why it’s at that position then do the same for the 99th best album and so on and so forth.

Consequence Of Sound’s 100 Best Albums Of All-Time

The problem isn’t the context provided, we love that, but that format doesn’t allow an easy way for readers to view all of those albums in one giant list view. A simple chart so we can see what’s at #17 and #87 with minimum scrolling so we can complain that there’s absolutely no way that Slayer’s Reign in Blood should be above Green Day’s Dookie.

Not to brag, but we’re getting really good at taking these bloated 57,000 word articles and boiling it down to the actual list that people really want to see. Take a look (spoilers ahead):

Consequence Of Sound's Top 100 Albums
Rank Artist Album
1 Prince & The Revolution Purple Rain
2 Fleetwood Mac Rumours
3 The Beatles Abbey Road
4 The Clash London Calling
5 Joni Mitchell Blue
6 The Beach Boys Pet Sounds
7 Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly
8 Radiohead OK Computer
9 Marvin Gaye What’s Going On
10 Nirvana Nevermind
11 Lauryn Hill The Miseducation of Lauryn
12 Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde
13 The Velvet Underground The Velvet Under
14 The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts
15 David Bowie The Rise and Fall of Ziggy
16 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Born to Run
17 Patti Smith Horses
18 Beyoncé Lemonade
19 Talking Heads Remain in Light
20 Kate Bush Hounds of Love
21 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV
22 Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life
23 The Rolling Stones Let It Bleed
24 Black Sabbath Paranoid
25 Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Million
26 The Ramones Ramones
27 Michael Jackson Thriller
28 Missy Elliott Supa Dupa Fly
29 Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon
30 Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
31 Metallica Master of Puppets
32 The Beatles The Beatles
33 Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine
34 Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
35 Neil Young After the Goldrush
36 Fiona Apple The Idler Wheel Is Wiser
37 OutKast Stankonia
38 Paul Simon Graceland
39 Taylor Swift 1989
40 Pixies Doolittle
41 JAY-Z Reasonable Doubt
42 AC/DC Back in Black
43 Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks
44 Miles Davis Kind of Blue
45 Lady Gaga The Fame Monster
46 Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral
47 Van Morrison Astral Weeks
48 A Tribe Called Quest The Low End Theory
49 Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction
50 Iggy & The Stooges Raw Power
51 Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison
52 The Strokes Is This It
53 Dr. Dre 2001
54 Joy Division Unknown Pleasures
55 Sly and the Family Stone There’s a Riot
56 David Bowie Hunky Dory
57 The Band Music from Big Pink
58 Nina Simone I Put a Spell on You
59 Nas Illmatic
60 Amy Winehouse Back to Black
61 The Rolling Stones Exile on Main St.
62 Madvillain Madvillainy
63 Tom Waits Rain Dogs
64 The Cure Disintegration
65 Leonard Cohen Songs of Leonard Cohen
66 Madonna Like a Prayer
67 Radiohead In Rainbows
68 Frank Ocean Channel Orange
69 Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique
70 Sonic Youth Daydream Nation
71 U2 The Joshua Tree
72 My Bloody Valentine Loveless
73 Parliament The Mothership Connection
74 Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited
75 Janelle Monáe Dirty Computer
76 The Smiths The Queen Is Dead
77 JAY-Z The Black Album
78 Billy Joel The Stranger
79 The Police Synchronicity
80 Erykah Badu Baduizm
81 Adele 21
82 Peter Gabriel So
83 Pretenders Pretenders
84 Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
85 Tupac All Eyez on Me
86 Pearl Jam Ten
87 Slayer Reign in Blood
88 Alice Coltrane Journey in Satchidananda
89 Green Day Dookie
90 Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill
91 The Who Who’s Next?
92 The Replacements Let It Be
93 TLC CrazySexyCool
94 Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
95 System of a Down Toxicity
96 N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton
97 Fugazi Repeater
98 Lucinda Williams Car Wheels on a Gravel
99 Kamasi Washington Heaven and Earth
100 Jane’s Addiction Nothing’s Shocking

Is it a good list or bad list? I don’t know. Scanning it, COS’ list clearly factors in general popularity and album sales – factors that other lists of this type don’t weight heavily (or at all).

Listen I like Pearl Jam and TLC as much as the next person. Are these two groups personally my favorites? Absolutely. However I’ll be the first to admit that Ten and CrazySexyCool didn’t break any artistic ground or push boundaries, and objectively don’t belong as one of the best hundred albums in the history of music. It doesn’t stop me from really loving on Why Go, Black, Red Light Special and Creep.

Even Consequence mentions how they came to this list allowing joy to be one of the many criterion:

This is a list compiled through hours of debate, frustration, laughter, acquiescence, and epiphany. It’s one that assessed the mercurial value attached to art, from perceptions at the moment of creation, to retrospective consideration, to the impact on ever-evolving fashions. It’s also one that allowed joy to be a factor of greatness.

You get what I’m saying. Anything having to do with music, any list-of-one-hundred anything is going to cause a stir. Even though there’s no argument that Alanis Morrisette had an impact on culture and music in the 1990’s, I’m just not sure her album is the 90th best album of all-time.

Still I 100% support Consequence of Sound’s freedom of opinion.

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The 5 NBA Pretenders: They’ll Win In Regular Season But Have Zero Chance At NBA Title

Every season there are only a couple of teams that are in serious contention for the NBA championship. As the season progresses, certain teams will go on winning streaks and show their ability to win games even on off nights and for a couple weeks or a month will enter the conversation as potential NBA championship contenders and the pretenders.

Seasoned NBA fans that have paid attention to the league over the years know that even though the Vegas odds, the betting chances, the casino ohne deutsche lizenz, and the sports books may fluctuate based on how a team performs over the season, that there are only a handful of teams that have a real chance at winning the NBA title.

Going into this next season those teams are, in alphabetical order, the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks. and Phoenix Suns. Why? Because they’ve proven they can win over the last several seasons, have players that have won championships or experience in the NBA Finals, and just as important: continuity.

That’s not to say that another team might not sneak their way into the Finals, but as far as who is going to end up with the title, it’s very very very likely that it’ll be one of those five teams above.

Who Are The Pretenders?

Whenever preseason predictions come out, we talk about the contenders and the pretenders. How I define pretenders are those teams that play well during the regular season; have a great record, but just don’t have the personnel, the experience, the shot selection, the know-how, the coaching, etc. to actually compete deep into the NBA Playoffs. Pretenders have approximately ZERO chance of winning an NBA championship – no matter how much they won in the regular season.These five teams are the biggest pretenders going into the 2022-23 NBA season.

Chicago Bulls: Another team that played well during the season – well enough for DeMar DeRozan to sneak into the conversation for league MVP, but the simple fact here is that the Bulls aren’t tough enough. They have no problem putting the ball in the basket, but the toughness of their two leaders DeRozan and Zach LaVine aren’t going to be enough to really grind it out deep into the playoffs. We just can’t see a team midrange and “step back jumper” their way into the NBA Finals, must less win it.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Even with their acquisition of Rudy Gobert, Minnesota won’t win an NBA championship this year. As much as they showed they could make some noise in the post season, we learned more about their GLARING faults they we took note of the positives. It was Karl Anthony-Towns continued boneheaded fouling, D’Angelo Russell’s non-existent defense, and Anthony Edwards’ inconsistency. Until they tighten all that up, they’re going nowhere fast. Odds are last year was fool’s good.

Dallas Mavericks No doubt Luka Doncic is a force to be reckon with, but the one word here is experience. Even Luka said it himself in last season’s playoff series against the Warriors when he flat out told the media “I’m still learning.”

“I think the first two quarters, I played very bad. That’s on me. But I’m still learning. I think after this season is done, whatever we are, I think we’re going to look back and learn a lot of things.”

Enough said. The Mavs have a bright future, they just have to go through the process and continue building up their roster.

Los Angeles Lakers Any team with LeBron James can make the NBA Finals right? That’s been proven not to be true in the majority of the four years that LeBron James has been in Los Angeles. As the roster is currently constructed, with Russell Westbrook, there are just way too many question marks on the team. Even if Westbrook accepts a smaller role and decides to use his abilities to fill in the major gaps the Lakers have; it’s going to be another season before we actually see the Purple and Gold actually compete. That’s a big IF.

If we had a little more room, we would have written the Memphis Grizzlies into this piece. They’re a young brash team that don’t know what they don’t know — and even then pushed the Warriors to the brink. All that said, an immature Timberwolves team, a pretender if we’ve ever seen one, was able to push the Grizzlies to the brink. That about says it all. Can Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, and Jaren Jackson Jr. take a step back in terms of their confidence to see the bigger picture.

So if you and your co-workers or friends are betting people and must put down money on a team – stay with the Bucks, Warriors, Clippers, Celtics or Suns.

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Wait a minute… who is “Headphones Dino Bones”? Where did the nickname originate?

(image from M3is3D Etsy)

From introducing new methods of communication to how much time we spend on our phones to virtual currency. The internet and social media has changed so much of our societal landscape. It’s certainly influenced how we communicate via emojis, hashtags, and even created amalgams of existing words such as telehealth, photobombs, Bitcoin Casino, Bluetooth, and the subject of this post: Headphones Dino Bones.

Where Did Headphones Dino Bones come from?

The phrase “Headphones Dino Bones” originated on Instagram in particular a user-generated, celebrity sighting and gossip account called DeuxMoi. The account became insanely popular in 2019 before catching fire during the pandemic. The account now has over 1.6 million followers and sells merchandise.

Headphones Dino Bones Defined

So if you follow the DeuxMoi, you know that the anonymous admin re-posts sightings of celebrities all over the United States and beyond. As part of the draw, DeuxMoi also post mostly-unchecked rumors and gossip about celebrities and that’s where Headphones Dino Bones came about.

So who is Headphones Dino Bones? It’s the site’s nickname for Leonardo DiCaprio as the former child star and current A-Lister has been rumored to have an affinity for wearing headphones when getting down to business as well as having a unique hobby that only the wealthy could afford. To be more clear, we’ll quote this 2020 DeuxMoi interview with Elle Magazine:

Some celebs have their own nicknames: “Headphone Dino Bones” is DiCaprio, because, well, in addition to the aforementioned sex headphones, he apparently also collects dinosaur bones. “Cries a Lot” is Anne Hathaway, who readers claim is often sobbing in the street.

Why do they call Leonardo DiCaprio by Headphones Dino Bones if actually calling him by his actual name take a lot less effort? It’s definitely not the efficiency. Best we can tell it’s equal parts insult and DeuxMoi inside joke. Consider yourself in the know now.

For more DeuxMoi inside jokes, you can check out this Reddit thread.


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University of Michigan Football Preview for the 2022-23 NCAA Season

In a college football season that featured several conference champions who ended significant droughts, the Michigan Wolverines may have headlined that group.

Coach Jim Harbaugh had sat upon one of the hottest seats in the FBS after failing to make an appearance in the Big Ten championship game during the first six seasons of his tenure in Ann Arbor. That is certainly not expected from a Michigan organization that is often at the top of the Big Ten.

Was 2021 The Turnaround Season?

In 2021, they took a 10-1 record into their rivalry game against Ohio State on home turf and emerged victorious over the Buckeyes for the first time since 2011, and only the third time in the last 20 years. The Wolverines then blasted Iowa 42-3 in the Big Ten title game to win their first undisputed conference championship since 2003, and earned a date with the Georgia Bulldogs in the College Football Playoff. Their dream season came to an end against the eventual national champions, but Michigan fans will long remember this season as the time Harbaugh delivered on expectations that have been increasingly building since he was hired in 2015.

Interested in seeing how the Wolverines matchup against their opponents on a week to week basis this season? If you are, be sure to check out PicksforTonight’s free ATS college football picks where their computer model simulates every game 10,000 times before it even kicks off. 

Winning Begets Winning

Many good things accompany winning, but the downside is the amount of talent it takes to get to that point does not go unnoticed. The Wolverines have been forced to replace both offensive coordinator Josh Gattis, who assumed that same position at the University of Miami, and defensive coordinator Mike McDonald, after he joined Harbaugh’s brother John’s staff as defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens. In terms of on the field talent, Michigan lost All-Big Ten selections Hassan Haskins at running back and Andrew Steuber at right tackle who ended up being high NFL picks in this years’ draft. 

On the defensive side of the ball, losses were even greater. Three Wolverines were selected in the first two rounds in April, led by first rounders Aiden Hutchinson and Dax Hill. The third player was also a first team All-Big Ten selection in David Ojabo, who was surely on track for first round selection if not for an Achilles tear at Michigan’s Pro Day workout.

The remaining members of last year’s conference championship team have some reinforcements entering the program in their quest to defend that title. Michigan boasted the nation’s 12th best recruiting class when combined with their transfer portal additions, and 13 of those signees were enrolled at the university for the spring semester to begin their college careers early.

Via the portal, the Wolverines added Rimington Trophy finalist Olusegun Oluwatimi from Virginia. He will start at center and act as the leader of what should be another very strong offensive line in Ann Arbor. That line will protect returning quarterbacks Cade McNamara and J.J. McCarthy, depending on which player wins the starting job heading into the season, as well as block for All-Big Ten second team running back, Blake Corum. Leading receiver Cornelius Johnson returns alongside Ronnie Bell, who missed all of last season after a first half injury against Western Michigan in the 2021 season opener.

Jesse Minter joins the Wolverines staff as defensive coordinator after a season in that role for Vanderbilt. The front seven will be anchored by some experienced linebackers in Nikhai Hill-Green and Junior Colson, who will need to make up for some big losses on the line and in the secondary. A program like Michigan does not have a problem in replacing talent, but it remains to be seen how effective this group will be after several pro-level departures, including the Heisman runner-up, Hutchinson.

How Does Michigan Look for 2022?

Michigan is a distant second favorite to win the Big Ten in 2022 behind Ohio State. Their schedule this season includes the usual Big Ten East heavy hitters in the Buckeyes, their in-state rival Michigan State Spartans, a home game against Penn State, and a road trip to Iowa City to face the Hawkeyes.

The schedule is set up so that none of those games are back to back, and favors Michigan faring well if their roster is performing. Their three out of conference games should all be extremely manageable, and as usual the season will conclude with a potential high stakes matchup with Ohio State. 

Related: The Best Michigan Bar in NYC

That game will mark one year since Michigan won at home to secure a bid to face Iowa in Indianapolis for the conference title. If they repeat that feat on the road in their 2022 matchup against the Buckeyes, it will be the first time since 1999-2000 that the Wolverines won back to back games against their bitter rivals to the south.

According to FanDuel’s early lookahead lines for this season, the Wolverines will be favorites in every game this season except for their season-ending clash in Columbus. FanDuel posted the game’s spread at Ohio State -13.5, which is more aligned with previous years after Michigan was less than a touchdown underdog last season in their successful upset bid. Vegas expects a double-digit win season for the Wolverines, who will open play on September 3 against the Colorado State Rams.

To see Michigan’s full season schedule, go to


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The 3 Shortest NBA Players Of All-Time

When you participate in a sport, you know there are certain physical attributes that inherently put you at an advantage. For example, if we were choosing to place money on an American football team based on the way they looked; our NFL picks would go to the team that looked like they had both size and speed.

The NBA is even more reliant on genetics. It’s no surprise that middle school basketball coaches often pluck out students that are unusually tall-for-their-age to try out for the school’s basketball team. The rationale is simple. The height of the basketball hoop is exactly 10 feet high and players that are closer to the rim have an easier time with scoring around the basket, rebounding the ball and intimidating opponents..

1. Muggsy Bogues 5-3

At 5-foot-3-inch (1.60 m) Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player ever to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played point guard for four teams during his 14-season career in the NBA mainly with the the Charlotte Hornets,

Despite his height, Bogues was a highly coveted playmaking prospect coming out of college. He was chosen by the Charlotte Hornets in the first round of the 1987 NBA draft with the 12th overall pick. He became one of only two players shorter than 6 feet (1.83 m) tall to play over 900 games in an NBA career. Calvin Murphy being the other one.

Even though he is the shortest player to ever play in the NBA, Bogues could still get above the 10-foot rim and put one down. We don’t think many would have taken the bet that Muggsy being able to dunk the ball, but according to Interbasket, the diminutive point guard was capable of dunking.

2. Earl Boykins 5-5

Earl Boykins retired from the NBA after fourteen seasons. Standing at only five feet, five inches tall, he is second shortest player in the history of the league. Though Boykins looked small, he was reportedly one of the teams strongest players when he played for the Washington Wizards.

“That’s amazing for a guy that little in stature, but he’s got a big heart,” Randy Foye said to the Washington Post, whose all-time max was about 290. “It’s just amazing to think about It like that, a guy that small can bench that much.”

Boykins played college ball for the Eastern Michigan Eagles then went undrafted.. He went on to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Bobcats, and Golden State Warriors.

3. Mel Hirsch (5-6)

Standing one inch taller than Boykins is the third shortest players to ever play in the NBA is Mel Hirsch. This wonderful player born in 1921 and passing away from Leukemia in 1968, Hirsch played for the Boston Celtics of the Basketball Association of America, which would later become the National Basketball Association, for 13 games in the 1946–47 season. Though he wasn’t a great player when he arrived to the NBA, he’ll always be remembered as being one of the league’s shortest players in a professional sport that prioritizes players a foot taller.

Bogues, Boykins and Hirsch are the shortest players ever in the NBA and we wanted to pay tribute to those players that never got a second glance because of their height – probably because people couldn’t see them. These unusually short players broke all the rules and succeeded at the highest levels of professional basketball; all the while fighting uphill against their NBA odds and the idea that one had to be tall to play the game at its… highest levels

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How You Can Mix Foreign Travel and Your Career

If you already know you’re one of those people who will never be content with two weeks of vacation each year, it’s time to figure out how to make travel your lifestyle. Fortunately, there are more opportunities than ever to do this.

Getting Your Degree

In order to get most of the types of jobs that allow you to travel and live abroad, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree at minimum. You might think that you should be saving every penny for travel, but college will pay off with a lifetime of opportunities to live and work overseas. If money is an issue, consider taking out a student loan. Student loans tend to be easy to apply for and can supplement or replace federal funding, scholarships, grants, savings and any other sources of funding for school. While you are in school, doing a study or work abroad program and learning another language can better prepare you for an international lifestyle.

Choosing Your Travel Lifestyle

There are many different choices for your travel lifestyle, and of course, you may find that you want to change it up throughout your life. But you have to start somewhere, so here are some questions you need to ask yourself. Do you want to be based in the United States and work at a job that has you traveling often? Do you want to move to another country and put down roots there? Do you want to have the opportunity to live in many different countries for short or medium periods of time? How much control do you want to have over where you go next? Do you want to be self-employed? The answers to these questions will help you determine what type of career to pursue.

Your Career Options

One in five workers will look for a new job in the next six months. That’s because career options are many and varied. Looking for a job that allows you to be US-based but offers a lot of foreign travel is fairly straightforward as this is usually in the job description, but you still may want to consider what type of job you want. Would you like an office job that involves business trips, or would you prefer to work as a flight attendant? Another fairly straightforward option is if you have a parent or, sometimes, a grandparent from a country you’d like to live and work in. It is often possible to gain citizenship even if you are not one presently.

Beyond these situations, there are many other options. You could take a position at a company that has overseas branches and try to get an internal transfer. You could find out what skills are in demand and will get you a visa in the country of your choice, and study that in college. You won’t get rich travel nursing or English teaching, but you will just about have your pick of countries and opportunities. You could also join the foreign service, which, if you pass their stringent hiring requirements, will transfer you somewhere different every few years. Finally, you could start your own business, one that allows you to work in any location, as long as you don’t come into conflict with local visa regulations.

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Bring Along These 5 Essential Travel Gadgets for Your Trip

The right travel gadgets can make your vacation more enjoyable, whether on a business trip or simply taking a break.

There are several gadgets that can make your travels more convenient. If you’re planning a trip, you’ll want to ensure you have all the right equipment. It can be essential if you’re traveling abroad, as some countries don’t have advanced technology. Here’s 5 handy travel gadgets that will help you get more out of your trip.

A Portable Charger Traveling means you will be using your phone more than usual. And you probably don’t want to rely on public wi-fi for all your data needs. Portable chargers are great for those who want to charge their devices while away from home and don’t want to worry about finding electrical outlets.

They come in different sizes and shapes so you can find one that fits your needs. Some even have multiple USB ports so that you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. This lightweight gadget can charge your phone up to 3 times on a single charge, and it’s small enough to fit in your purse or pocket.

An iPad Mini or Kindle Fire HD These tablets make great companions for travel because they offer a huge amount of entertainment in one compact package. If you don’t already have one, an iPad Mini or Kindle Fire HD can be an excellent tool for enjoying your favorite books while traveling. These devices are also great for playing games, listening to music, and watching movies and TV shows.

If you opt to play games, you can never go wrong with puzzles or online casino games. What’s more, you can play these games wherever your location. If you are in New Zealand, for instance, there are various online casinos that let you play and win with the best no-deposit casino bonuses. All you need to do is select your preferred bonus, click on it, and fill in your details to open an account. In addition, you can read reviews on 35+ operators, and learn all about the wagering requirements.

A Travel-Friendly Water Bottle If you’re going on a long flight or traveling somewhere where drinking water isn’t safe, a BPA-free water bottle with a filter is an essential item for any traveler! It’s more affordable than buying bottled water everywhere and will save space in your luggage and money because filtered bottles last forever!

Plus, there’s no worry about using them on airplanes because they’re made from plastic rather than aluminum (which isn’t allowed).

A good travel bottle with a built-in filter will allow you to fill up clean drinking water from any faucet or water fountain before heading out. It is always essential to research and prepare before visiting a new city or country to be on the safe side.

An unlocked smartphone If you’re traveling to another country, it’s important that your smartphone is unlocked so you can buy a local SIM card when you arrive at your destination. It lets you access maps, guides, and other information from anywhere.

If all you’re going to do is use your smartphone for calls and texts while traveling, it doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have — just ensure it’s unlocked! That way, you can use local SIM cards instead of paying high international roaming fees.

A Smartphone Tripod  A smartphone tripod is a must-have for any traveler, not just photographers. You can use it to get better shots when the lighting is terrible or to ensure everyone in your group gets in the frame. The tripod helps stabilize your phone when taking pictures or recording videos, giving you greater image quality control.

It is also suitable for group selfies since it lets the camera focus on just one person rather than everyone. A tripod also makes it easier to take long-range shots without moving closer to whatever you are trying to capture.

Make the Most of Your Trip

The best way to take a trip is in your style. Traveling is one of the best ways to get out of a rut and explore new places, but it can also be expensive and stressful. But the right gadgets can help make your trip more enjoyable.

Sabrina Ionescu, Han Xu lead New York Liberty over Las Vegas Aces

Going into last night’s game, the Las Vegas Aces sat on top of the WNBA standings whereas the New York Liberty were closer to the bottom. If the season ended yesterday, the Aces would have been the #1 seed going into the WNBA Playoffs and the Liberty would have been on the outside looking in.

So even though the Aces have struggled as of late, they were playing at home. I would have used my ice casino promo code to bet on Las Vegas coming out with the win. And honestly, the Aces would have won had New York not gotten career nights from both Sabrina Ionescu and Han Xu.

Ionescu, the #1 pick in the 2020 WNBA Draft, balled out by recording the league’s first 30 point triple double. The 5-10 point guard was all over the floor; rebounding the ball, setting up teammates and launching three point bombs from every angle. She ended up with 31 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists.

Ionescu’s tenth assist came with less than two minutes in the game and the pass went to another Liberty player that had a career night. Doubled near the sideline, she passed the ball to 6-10 Chinese center Han Xu who nailed a mid-range jumper. Not only did that give Ionescu her triple double, but that was Xu’s 10 made field goal in as many attempts.

The 22-year old Han Xu would end up 11 for 12 from the field with a career high of 24 points off the bench including two three pointers. Han also collected a career-high eight rebounds.

Postgame, Ionescu was asked about her performance and on Xu’s impact on the game, she was clearly impressed.

“She’s incredible. What was she from the floor?” Ionescu asked as she glanced at the stat sheet in front of her. “It says right here that she was 11-12. Her ability to score at three levels whether it’s mid range, in the paint or three at her height. Her poise at her age. It’s incredible to watch.”

For the WNBA history buffs out there, Han Xu’s near-perfect 11-12 shooting is reminiscent of fellow countrywoman Haixia Zheng’s performance back in 1997 when the 6-8 Chinese center shot 10-11 from the field and grabbed nine rebounds; leading the Los Angeles Sparks over the Sacramento Monarchs.

The Liberty needed all of Sabrina’s and Han’s points as they defeated the Aces 116-107 in an absolute shootout that set several franchise records for the Liberty. Ionescu’s triple double gave her three for her career; tying Candance Parker for the most triple doubles. Natasha Howard contributed 18 points for New York while A’ja Wilson led the Las Vegas Aces with 29 points and nine rebounds.

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With Malcolm Brogdon, Do Boston Celtics Have Enough To Be 2023 NBA Champs?

The 2021-22 NBA season came to a close with the Golden State Warriors being crowned the NBA Champions. Golden State’s run wasn’t a given with many talking heads believing there were too many open questions for the Warriors to seriously challenge. It didn’t help that the Warriors went through a second half slump where they finished the season 14-16 in their last 30 games.

On the other side of the conference, the Boston Celtics finished their last thirty games with league best 24-6 record rolling into the postseason on fire. They swept the Kevin Durant-led Brooklyn Nets 4-0, beat the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks, and then took down the #1 seed Miami Heat in seven games.

It wasn’t a perfect run, but they had enough fire power led by Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown with a strong rotation that included exceptional play from Marcus Smart, Robert Williams, Al Horford, Grant Williams and Derrick White.

The two teams met in the Finals and despite stealing the first game from the Warriors and blowing out Golden State in game three, the Warriors will and experience eventually overtook the younger Celtics teams.

So what did the C’s learn from their NBA Finals trip? Do they remain potential title contenders for going into next season? 

NBA Finals Performance Left A Lot To Be Desired

There is no denying that the Celtics NBA Finals performance left many unimpressed especially games 4, 5, and 6. Indeed, if you had used a Betway sign up bonus or something similar and looked at the odds of them winning after Game 2, you would certainly have not placed that bet! Indeed, from that point on, betting odds were firmly in GSW’s favor.

There were many problems, including Jayson Tatum’s so-called collapse and offensive struggles, and their lack of a consistent defensive to stop eventual Finals MVP Steph Curry.

Lack of Playmaking

After their incredible shooting performance in Game one, the Celtics looked burnt out and were unable to recreate that same magic. Though Smart was a capable playmaker, the Celtics inability to generate good looks as they got deeper into the series highlighted the need for a playmaker.

The good news? The Celtics got one of the best playmakers on the market — one of the rare players that’s pulled off a rare 50-40-90 season — when they signed Malcolm Brogdon. They traded for the 29-year old point guard without having to give up any of their core rotation players.

Brogdon averaged over 20 points in the last couple seasons and is a very good defensive player. The 6-5 guard is a very good answer for the offensive areas that the Celtics are struggling with and a perfect fit for the defensive identity that propelled the Celtics into the best team in the second half of the season.

Did 2022 Playoffs Give Celtics The Required Experience?

Although their finals performance was not what Boston wanted, there can be positives taken from the season and playoffs. Firstly, the team continues to have an excellent defensive presence, and some may say that no one could have stopped Steph Curry’s brilliance in that Finals series.

Secondly, this relatively young hoops team (except seemingly immortal Al Horford) has now broken their Finals virginity. They know what the atmosphere, tension and excitement feel like. This experience is vital, and the reality is that very few teams triumph in their first-ever Finals experience. Celtics fans hope that the team can grow from this loss and use it to strengthen their resolve for the new season.

The 2022-2023 NBA season looks to be amazing with free agencies and crazy trades looking to completely shake up rosters and bring in a wave of new contenders.

That being said, even though Golden State should be stronger this season, there is no reason why the Boston Celtics cannot make a deep playoff run again and potentially win. Their star players should continue to grow and mature this season, and their experience from the 2021-2022 playoffs and finals should help further boost their mental fortitude and toughness.


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The 6 obvious reasons why the Golden State Warriors will be much better in 2023

As you all know the Golden State Warriors won the 2022 NBA Championship. Even without Klay Thompson for the first half of the 2021-22 season, the Dubs started out really strong before Draymond Green got injured, Steph had an very un-Steph five week stretch where he wasn’t hitting the shots we came to expect, and the eventual return of Klay messed with the team’s chemistry.

With all those late-season struggles, there were a lot of open questions about Golden State going into the 2022 NBA playoffs. In many ways, the Warriors had favorable match-ups during the postseason and that allowed the team to get healthy, back into shape, build chemistry and for Steve Kerr to find the right combinations. 

Whatever excuses some may come up with, Golden State worked out the kinks a defeated the Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics for their fourth NBA championship in the last eight seasons. 

The Warriors 2022 Weaknesses Will Be Their 2023 Strengths 

The scary thing is that with all the things that were working against the Warriors this season are strengths going into the 2023 season. Here’s five reasons why the Golden State Warriors will be better next season and are regarded as the favorites by the best basketball betting site to not only be one of the best teams next season, but win the 2023 NBA championship.

1. Improved Health: Due to two major injuries, Klay Thompson missed more than two full NBA season. Curry missed nearly a full season in 2019 after injuring his hand, and Draymond Green was in and out of the lineup this season. Barring any other injury going into the 2022-23 season, the Warriors big three will be healthy for the first time since mid-2019 and when those three are playing with one another, the Warriors are always formidable.

2. Together: Not only will they not be injured, they will be health together. Up until the first round of the 2022 NBA playoffs, the trio of Curry, Thompson and Draymond had only played 11 minutes together in the last three seasons.

That won’t be the case for the upcoming season.

3. Locked Up: Continuity is important on any team and that’s looking like a hge plus for the Warriors next season. Save for Otto Porter Jr., the core of the Golden State team that played the most minutes in the playoff run will be back. Every indication is that the Warriors will do their best to bring back Kevon Looney and Gary Payton II. Those two along with the Klay, Steph and Draymond, Andrew Wiggins, and Jordan Poole, you have seven of their main rotation players returning. 

4. Greedy Just because you win a championship, doesn’t mean you’re satisfied. There’s an excitement that continues onto the next season after a successful title run. At least that’s what Steve Kerr’s experience has been:

“Yeah, my experience is when you win a championship you get better the next year,” Kerr said. “If you keep going after that, it starts to wear you out. That third year for us, trying to get a three-peat in ’19 was brutally difficult.

“But whether I was a player or now as a coach, you win that first one, there’s a freedom that comes with it. There’s an excitement, and that carries over into the second year.”

And Kerr should know, he’s experienced the ups-and-downs of having won nine NBA championships as a player (5) and coach (4).

5. Getting Younger: Yes Curry, Thompson and Green are all 32 years or older, but that doesn’t mean the rotation will be older overall. We will expect the 23-year old Jordan Poole, the 19-year old Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody, we well as former #2 overall pick James Wiseman (21) to log significant minutes come 2023. And the Warriors will have a full season to integrate these younger, talented players into their system of ball movement.

The Warriors have the luxury to allow Wiseman, Kuminga and Poole to make mistakes while still winning games. 

5. More Experienced: At times, Warriors fans were frustrated with Andrew Wiggins, Looney 6nd Poole as they learned the Warriors system and figure when to do their thing. All that frustration with ill-timed shots (Poole), missed layups (Looney), and lack of aggressiveness (Wiggins) paid off as they, for the most part, finally solved how best to leverage their strengths within the Warriors system. 

Not everything will be full-on rosy for the Warriors. As we mentioned their trio are all on the older side and the younger guys are still very inexperienced.. However I don’t think anyone would argue — based off what the team went through the last couple seasons — there are certainly more positives for Golden State to look forward to.


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With Finnerty’s closed, Plug Uglies is now THE Golden State Warriors bar in New York City

Pre-pandemic, Finnerty’s was the unofficial Golden State Warriors Bar in New York City — at least in Manhattan. The bar definitely had a local vibe and would begin to fill up an hour or two before big games. It wasn’t just for the Warriors, but would bring Bay Area sports fans for 49ers and Giants games, too.

Unfortunately Finnerty’s bar has permanently closed, so where do Golden State Warriors fans that live in NYC go to watch Dubs games with other fans? That’s a question that’s been asked several times over on Reddit without many solid answers.

Plug Uglies is the GSW Bar in NYC?

One name that does pop up a couple times is Plug Uglies located in Gramercy. Owned by the same people that ran Finnerty’s, it seems like this bar is the way to go. The bar’s website is pretty bare bones and doesn’t give any hints that it’s a Warriors bar. They do link off to their social media and going by their Instagram and Twitter, there’s definitely a Golden State presence. Here’s their Instagram:

Looking good, but maybe the social media person favors the Warriors? I’d like some more proof that Plug Uglies is the GSW NYC bar of choice. So we went to their Twitter and their most recent tweet on Plug Uglies’ Twitter account shows a bunch of Golden State fans celebrating a Steph Curry three pointer during the 2022 NBA Finals:

That all but confirms that at least Plug Uglies’ social media person is a Golden State Warriors fan and that’s good enough for me. Though reviews say that Plug Uglies doesn’t have the same vibe – according to redditors at least — it looks like Plug Uglies brings in Golden State fans for the NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals. We’ll see you there. Go DUBS!

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These 5 Easy Low-Cost Techniques Will Increase Your Home’s Value Fast

Every house might benefit from a little freshening up. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by a to-do list, this is your chance to take on a few simple DIY projects like a master.

These home renovations are achievable even if you think you’re the least handy person in the neighborhood. You can not only save money by undertaking home renovations on your own, but you can also learn valuable skills in the process. Building these abilities may improve your well-being, and you may discover new passions and gain confidence in the process.

DIY projects at home may also be a fun way to express yourself. Use these 5 tips to quickly increase the value of your home.

1. Fresh Paint

Painting is a long-term investment that, in the case of a sale, can raise interest in your property. Starting with a neutral hue for the exterior siding is a good idea. This is due to the fact that brighter paint colors make a home appear larger, whilst darker paint colors make a home appear smaller. As a result, many realtors believe that a light exterior paint might boost a home’s value. To get a sense on how much a fresh coat of paint may cost, use this checklist.

2. Clean and Declutter

Yes, when you declutter your home, the size of your home does not change objectively. However, as many real estate gurus will tell you, objectivity isn’t always the case. The property appears lived-in thanks to numerous furniture pieces and collectibles strewn about. They do, however, make it appear smaller.

Decluttering your property before selling it is an excellent technique to make it appear larger. You want to entice potential buyers into a clean home, since many people seem to forget or remember too late. When there are a lot of objects to move around, cleaning becomes considerably more difficult. This is especially true when it comes to furnishings. When you move a lot of furniture around, it can take a long time to clean something. 

3. Curb Appeal

Your front door should be repainted or replaced. Wash your siding using a high-pressure washer. Paint your siding, trim, and window shutters if necessary. Trim your bushes, mow your lawn, clean your gutters, and put flowers in your front yard. You don’t need to engage a landscaping professional to create a masterpiece in your front yard; all you need to do is keep it clean and neat.

4. Energy Efficient

Prospective home buyers are drawn to energy-efficient equipment because they mean decreased monthly energy expenses. Energy savings increase the value of your home by 20 times the annual savings. All light bulbs should be replaced with ones that have a consistent wattage level. Try compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED light bulbs, which consume 75% less energy than standard lights.

5. Roof

This one may not be as affordable as the above tips. but taking care of this can really relieve potential buyers. The process of replacing a roof entails removing all of the old shingles, felt paper, and moisture barrier and replacing them with new materials. It may also entail repairing or replacing the deck, as well as any other damage discovered during the removal of the previous roof. When you don’t have the financial means to replace your roof, one option is to consider a grant for roof replacement. Several government initiatives aimed at low-income families may be able to assist financially.


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