List: 50 Companies That Have Stopped Advertising on Twitter Since Elon Musk Took Over

Even to the most objective person, Twitter has been nuts the last couple months. The platform has been in utter chaos since Elon Musk was forced to buy the social media company for $44 billion. From firing half the company to tweeting racist signals to giving space to conspiracy theories to allowing anyone to get a checkmark for $8/month, Musk clearly believes that any press is good press.

That’s simply not true in this scenario.

Instead of playing legitimate and legal roulette at, Elon seems to be playing Russian Roulette with the company; saying and tweeting as he pleases as the company seemingly hemorrhages users and advertisers.

Twitter Losing Advertisers: A List

Musk taking over Twitter and making such drastic changes has rocked the company in and out. Musk’s decisions have certainly has won over a specific segment of the population, but the combination of losing both users and advertisers is not sustainable for a company of Twitter’s size.

Simply put: fewer users equals lower ad rates and fewer advertisers which in turns means less money coming into the company. The more Musk treats Twitter as his personal bullhorn to allow controversial segments of society to amplify their fringe viewpoints, the more company will move their advertising budgets away from Twitter.

That has accelerated in the last few weeks. According to Media Matters, half of Twitter’s top 100 advertisers have “either announced or seemingly stopped advertising on Twitter.” The following 50 big name companies and corporations have left Twitter in the last month.

Abbott Laboratories
Allstate Corporation
AMC Networks
American Express Company
Big Heart Petcare
BlackRock Inc.
BlueTriton Brands Inc.
Boston Beer Company
CA Lottery
Citigroup Inc.
Coca-Cola Company
Discover Financial Services
First National Realty Partners
Heineken N.V.
Hilton Worldwide
Inspire Brands Inc.
Kellogg Company
KFC (Yum! Brands)
Kohl's Department Stores Inc.
Kraft Heinz Company
Marriott International Inc.
Mars Petcare
Mars Incorporated
Merck & Co.*
Novartis AG*
Pernod Ricard
Pizza Hut (Yum! Brands)
Taco Bell (Yum! Brands)
Tire Rack
Wells Fargo
Whole Foods
Yum! Brands

Together these companies made up approximately $2 billion in advertising on Twitter since 2020. This year alone, these 50 advertisers accounted for over $750 million in advertising on the social media platform. Roughly, Twitter will lose an estimated quarter billion dollars in the fourth quarter of 2022. This in an economy that’s not doing so great and when bigger, more-profitable companies are laying off thousands of employees.

For someone that considers themselves a businessperson, it’s mind-boggling that the significant loss of revenue doesn’t seem to bother Musk whatsoever. He continues to crassly troll politicians, celebrities and users.

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We Got The Email Too: How much is Comcast Xfinity Prices increasing in 2023?

You’re here at this article because you recently received a cryptic email from Xfinity (previously known as Comcast Infinity) with a subject line titled “Important information about Xfinity 2023 pricing.” If you’re like me you immediately interpreted that into “We’re raising your prices so we want to let you know you have no choice.”

The raising of the prices is only half the issue. The other half is that there’s no transparency. When I opened up the email and scanned the body content for a table showing me the percentage or how much the increase was going to be, I couldn’t find anything.

This forced me to mark the email unread and come back to it so I could actually read the entire email which maaaaaaybe provided a PDF with some useful information but you would have to sign into your Xfinity account to download it… or you can read this USELESS pricing FAQ

Since I read the email, you hopefully won’t have to suffer through the weird bragging (“the ultimate, most reliable internet experience”) and attempts to sandwich the price-gouging with talks of how they’ve improved their offerings (“we’ve recently increased speeds on most of our internet packages”).

Here’s the three sentences that says they’re going to raise their already-expensive prices for Internet and TV.

As we strive to bring you the best services possible, we must also periodically review our prices and update them in response to the rising costs of programming and increases in other expenses impacting our services. These updates will go into effect December 18, 2022, and will appear in your January bill. To see the details of these changes, please see the section titled “Upcoming price changes to your Xfinity services” within your current bill.

Oh great. Thanks for basically telling us you’re going to increase our prices without actually giving us the numbers.

The Xfinity Price Increase for 2023

So I had to search for the actual details that Comcast Xfinity refused to give out. And of course Reddit was there for us. We found this screenshot of the Xfinity price increases for 2023 – we don’t know if it’s real or not, but at least it’s something we can talk about.

If we can take this image as the true price increase, it looks like Xfinity is raising the price across the board. Not only will their TV monthly pricing increase by $3-6.50, but their fees will go up to. Same goes with their Xfinity Internet offering; each plan going up $3. And if you rent equipment like a TV box or remote? You’re getting hit there, too.

Just so you know, Comcast isn’t struggling mom and pop store. The corporation recently reported that their revenue increased 5.6% to $90.9 billion for the first nine months of 2022. Not to mention they’re pretty much is a monopoly in many of their service areas. Between Comcast and Charter Communications, they accounted for 95% of new user signups to their service — and that’s not because their customers love them.

Anyways Comcast Infinity Xfinity whatever they call themselves, they all suck. Will suck. Always suck.

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List: The 65 Biggest Tech Layoffs in 2022 including Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, and DoorDash

From seemingly never-ending supply change issues, lower spending, high gas prices, and a cratering stock market 2022 has been a horrible year for the global economy. Despite the U.S. Dollar being the strongest it’s been in a very long time, the United States hasn’t been impervious to economic issues.

Companies seeing their stock ticker symbols sink while profits shrink are doing their best to cut costs in preparation for uncertain times ahead. They can only restrict travel, freeze hiring, cut benefits, and break leases so much until they have to look at their headcounts to see where they can stay above water.

Tech Layoffs 2022

In particular, the tech industry has suffered as consumer spending and remote work has changed the landscape. From Facebook/Instagram to Peloton to Shopify to Amazon, some of the biggest technology companies have announced layoffs. Here’s a list of the 57 biggest layoffs (by number of people laid off) that have been announced this year. You can also sort by the percentage laid off based on their workforce.

All numbers are approximate based on reported layoffs from available announcements, articles and/or filings.

Biggest Tech Layoffs 2022
Company Layoff Month %
Amazon 20,000 Dec 6%
Meta 11,000 Nov 13% 5,000 Several 35%
Micron 4,800 Dec 10%
Peloton 4,100 Feb 32%
Cisco 4,165 Nov 5%
Carvana 4,000 Nov 20%
Twitter 3,700 Nov 60%
Cazoo 3,500 Jun 30%
GoPuff 2,200 Oct 13% 2,000 Oct 40%
Microsoft 1,800 Jul 1%
Redfin 1,310 Nov 13%
Snapchat 1,280 Aug 20%
DoorDash 1,250 Nov 7%
Ola 1,200 Sept 40%
Robinhood 1,120 Aug 23%
Lacework 1,100 May 20%
Coinbase 1,100 Jun 18%
Noom 1,095 April 10%
Stripe 1,050 Nov 14%
Salesforce 1,000 Nov 1.3%
Shopify 1,000 Jul 10%
OneTrust 950 Jun 25%
Wayfair 870 Aug 5%
Rivian 840 Jul 6%
GoHealth 800 Aug 20%
Twilio 800 Sep 11%
Lyft 760 Nov 13%
Reef 750 May 5%
Klarna 700 Sept 10%
DocuSign 671 Sept 9%
Vroom 670 Aug 14%
HelloFresh 611 Oct N/A
Gannett 600 Dec 6%
Opendoor 550 Nov 18%
GroupOn 500 Aug 44%
Netflix 450 May 2%
Hootsuite 400 Aug 30%
Cerebral 400 Oct 20%
MindBody 400 Oct N/A
Juul 400 Nov 30%
Pluralsight 400 Dec 20%
Zendesk 350 Nov 5%
UnAcademy 350 Nov 10%
Freshly 329 Dec N/A
Zillow 300 Oct 25%
Nuro 300 Nov 20%
Plaid 260 Dec 20%
AirTable 254 Dec 20% 225 Nov 25%
Oracle 201 Dec >1%
Unity 200 Jun 4%
Beyond Meat 200 Oct 19%
Roku 200 Nov 7%
Buzzfeed 180 Dec 12%
PolicyGenius 170 Jun 25%
Chime 160 Nov 12%
Thumbtack 160 Dec 14%
Asana 144 Nov 9%
GoodRx 140 Nov 16%
Upstart 140 Nov 7%
Dapper Labs 135 Nov 22%
StockX 120 Jun 5%
MasterClass 120 Jun 20%
TikTok 100 July 1%
Patreon 80 Sept 17%

Companies started to tighten their belts earlier in the year as restructurings and workforce reductions but really accelerated the second half of the year as straight layoffs. Tthe vast majority of the major layoffs from the bigger-name recognizable companies occurring in August and September, but really peaked (so far) in October and November especially with Meta laying off 11,000 of their members and Salesforce – San Francisco’s biggest employer – going through a rare wave of layoffs.

In October and a week into November, Meta, Salesforce, Stripe, GoPuff and Twitter announced layoffs that totaled nearly 20,000 tech employees alone. With continued uncertainty about how the economy will recover this may not be the worst of the layoffs.

What About Google, Amazon and Apple?

The remaining big (HUGE) tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple haven’t announced any large workforce reductions. Google recently released earnings that showed weakness in their business and their CEO is looking to cut costs by 20% that could include layoffs in the future.

* Despite reports of layoffs from Amazon, they’re not confirmed. This may be due to a comment made during their earnings call, the big tech company mentioned that it’s adding jobs at the slowest rate in years. Amazon was relying on natural attrition to shrink its staff across all levels The Mercury News reported that Amazon now has about 100,000 fewer employees than in the previous quarter.

The e-commerce giant’s bottom line is most directly connected to consumer spending, so if the populace is being laid off and anxious about their money, it’s a matter of time before Amazon has to respond to ensure their viability and profits. Update: Amazon announces biggest layoffs.

Apple seems to be the best positioned to make it out of this mostly intact though Apple can certainly expect to see fewer people upgrading their $1000 iPhones in a recession.

If all the different economic factors continue trending downward, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear these larger companies announcing layoffs.

Thanks to Protocol and Layoffs.FYI for the all the great research they’ve done chronicling (and doing the math) on the tech layoffs this year. Highly recommend checking out their comprehensive coverage.

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What is RNG? The Technology Behind the Hidden Randomness in Gaming

Avid players will know that some games rely on elements of chance as well as skill. In certain genres more than others, many of the outcomes are determined randomly within a set of parameters. The technology behind this randomness is the random number generator (RNG).

Where they are used, RNGs can determine many of the possible outcomes in a game, such as whether or not an attack hits or misses, whether a particular character shows up, and what loot a box contains.

What is an RNG?

A random number generator takes a seed number and extrapolates it with additional data to produce a new value. This new number is used as the next seed to generate the next part of the sequence, and so on, until the outcome produced is ‘random’ – or close enough to random that it cannot be exploited.

RNGs are essentially algorithms. The more secure and fair an outcome needs to be, the more sophisticated the algorithm required. Once the final number has been generated, this will then be used to decide on the outcome.

To illustrate – let’s take a scale of 1-100. Every number 1-80 gives common loot. Every number 81-98 gives a rare item. If the end value is 99 or 100 then the player receives a legendary item.

RNGs in casino games

In casino and card games, the action is randomized by the roll of dice, the shuffle of cards, or the spin of a wheel.

Online casinos and poker rooms use RNGs to replicate this process. When a player clicks a button on an online slot machine, the RNG is busy working behind the scenes to churn out a number – this number represents an outcome which is presented to the player visually as the spinning of the reels.

Similarly, in online poker, the RNG creates a random sequence of numbers which comes to determine players’ starting hands, as well as each subsequent card dealt after that.

Players of online casino games criticize RNGs, but when it comes to reputable sites the randomness of the algorithm is independently verified. The RNG is actually “shuffling the deck” more rigorously than the dealer in the casino.

Role playing games (RPGs)

As direct descendants of tabletop adventures like Dungeons and Dragons, role playing video games replicate the rolling of dice to randomize outcomes such as whether an attack hits or misses, or whether a particular accessory appears in a chest.

RPGs are very much about leveling up and preparing well enough to overcome any unfortunate randomness that comes along the way. If a boss critically hits you three times in a row, your characters still need to be able to handle it.

The randomness also brings more playability to the game, though often at the cost of repetition. If you only have a ten percent chance of winning a certain item, you might have to dedicate more than one attempt to get it.

RPGs are the genre of video game most known for utilizing randomness as an essential part of the gameplay.

Examples of RNGs in games

When it comes to role playing games, RNGs are a necessity, even more so when it comes to real money casino gaming and poker. But often the RNG is there as part of the entertainment, simply to mix it up a bit. Here are a few more examples of how RNGs are used in video games:

  • Fortnite – Aside from loot boxes, you wouldn’t imagine first person shooters like Fortnite to utilize many random variables. But actually, the random distribution of weapons across different areas of the world, along with the chance to find legendary gear, is what keeps players exploring and approaching each battle differently.
  •  XCOM – Yup, we’ve all been there. You missed a 90% shot. It happens. This is the type of game where randomness can be frustrating, but ultimately it makes the game more challenging and enjoyable.
  • Counter Strike: Global Offense – CS:GO takes the use of RNGs one step further. Whether or not a bullet hits the target is determined with an element of randomness. Being closer to the target and using the right weapon improves the odds of direct hits. This use of RNGs has been criticized by some players for taking the pure skill out of the FPS.
  • Pokémon – Technically a role playing game (RPG), Pokémon uses the random number generator to determine the chances of Pokémon appearing in a particular area and the gender of them, as well as the likelihood of attacks hitting.


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The Zelle ‘Pay Yourself’ Scam: Don’t Fall For These Fake Bank of America Texts (With Examples)

It’s never been easier to send money with people you know and trust. No matter where you are, your time zone, or what you’re paying for, you can pay for something or pay someone back.

Venmo feels like the most-popular instant pay app, but Zelle may have already overtaken the popular instant transfer app. All of those, including PayPal and CashApp, are used to send and receive money with friends and family members. And whenever there’s money involved, there will always be those that want to steal that money.

Bank of America Zelle Scam

There are several different Zelle scams happening right now. The one we’ll talk about today is the one associated with Bank of America where a text message purported to come from Bank of America requesting you send money using Zelle®to anyone, including yourself. If you get this type of message, it’s a huge red flag.

Watch this educational video from Bank of America to spot a zelle scam.


While Bank of America may send you a text to validate unusual activity, we will never contact you t or to share a code to resolve fraud. If you receive a request like this, it is likely a scammer trying to trick you.

A couple examples of the BOA fraud text message:

BoaFreeMsg: Bank of America Fraud: Did you attempt Zelle transaction $1000.00? Reply YES or NO. Case 9156203 To Opt Out reply STOP

Free Msg- Bank of America Fraud Alert- Did You Attempt A Zelle Transaction For The Amount of $1500? Reply YES or NO or 1 To Decline Fraud Alerts

Here are the details of the “pay yourself” scam

  • You receive a text message that looks like a fraud alert from your bank about unusual activity. The text may look something like “Did you make a purchase of $100.00 at ABC merchant?”.
  • If you respond to the text, you have now engaged the scammer and will receive a call from a number that appears to be from a bank.
  • They’ll appear to be a representative from a bank and will offer to help stop the alleged fraud by asking you to send money to yourself with Zelle.
  • The scammer will ask you for a one-time code you just received from a bank.
  • If you give them the code, they will use it to enroll their bank account with Zelle using your email or phone number.
  • The scammer now has the ability to receive your money into their account.

What you can do to help stay protected

  • Don’t trust caller ID — it’s not always who it says it is.
  • Don’t share codes based on a call you receive.
  • Don’t be pressured to act immediately.

Visit Bank of America’s Security Center

  • Red flags for common scams
  • Details about trending scams
  • Ways to avoid being scammed


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What can you do to prepare for the future? A comprehensive overview of STEM

In today’s industry that harmonizes physical, digital, and biological systems, the demand for highly-skilled workers with advanced technological skills seems to be on the rise. Although this generation is considered to be one of the most advanced in science and technology, when it comes to labor skills in this regard, there is a skill gap. 

This has left many positions vacant as several workers’ skills aren’t meeting the demands and expectations of employers. This is where STEM education comes in.

To bridge the skill gap between labor and employers, educational institutions need to be knowledgeable in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields in addition to the various forms of linear equations, quadratic function equations, and radical problems and answers skills. An institution skilled in this field will no doubt produce graduates with better chances for future jobs. 

Unfortunately, educational institutions aren’t producing enough STEM graduates because students rarely choose this field, and the few that do, often switch majors. So, how do we prepare for future jobs, given that STEM appears to be an essential component of the employment industry’s present and future aspects?

This and much more will be discussed in this article. Let’s go.

STEM’s importance for future economic prosperity

In today’s world, there are just 10% of American STEM bachelor’s degree courses, China has 22%, and India 25%. This statistic is relatively low despite the high demand for STEM professionals

Experts have predicted that there will be an increase in the demand for such workers as computing, engineering, and advanced manufacturing jobs will be on the rise in the near future. However, does every student need STEM skills? Let’s take a look at that. Below are three important benefits of STEM education to future jobs.

Bridging the skill-gap for future jobs

STEM jobs are no doubt the future of the economy. Experts have projected employment growth of 8.8% in 2028 in just this field. This means that before qualifying for such job opportunities, a student must have a strong STEM background. Why are STEM careers important? For simple reasons,  they are high in demand and high in pay compared to regular careers.

Critical thinking and innovation skills

STEM education doesn’t only prepare students for a STEM career but also improves their problem-solving skills and logical thought processing. With these abilities, you can stand out and succeed in any field.

Project Management Skills

STEM courses are quite different from other courses, especially those related to technology and engineering. When implemented in a university, students get to handle hands-on projects preparing for the larger market. For example, building an engine, a computer program, or a simple robot is a skill that will no doubt be useful personally and in an organization.

What Can We Do To Prepare For Future Jobs?

There are numerous careers available in the world today that were unheard of several years ago. We cannot handpick the best STEM jobs for the future; however, we can equip ourselves with the necessary skills while preparing for them.

As old technologies fall away and new ones arise, STEM needs to be included in college as a course. This is the best way to prepare for the future of STEM. To prepare for future jobs, we must understand that the job outlook is shifting from the usual. 

We now have jobs such as mobile app developers, data analysts, and driverless car engineers, to name a few. These fields are all under STEM and didn’t exist several years ago. This means careers are evolving quite drastically, so you can only be prepared not to be left behind. 

So, how do we prepare for future jobs? Simple, by learning STEM as early as possible. Early STEM education must be developed appropriately. Preschoolers and elementary students should be provided with materials that can help them play and develop scientific thinking. STEM toys can be used in place of regular toys to encourage inquiry and experimentation, which is the basis for science.

As children mature, they should be taught to build problem-solving skills instead of memorizing textbook material. If exposed early, many students will enjoy STEM and be encouraged to explore careers in this field, even going as far as creating careers of their own.

Creativity, analytical thinking, innovation, originality, and initiative are skills sought in today’s world. Employers constantly search for these qualities, and traditional learning does not guarantee the development of such skills. The STEM curriculum, on the other hand, allows students to apply knowledge, which is no doubt a better student guide.


With the advancement of technology and the world going digital, you can never be too prepared. Participating in STEM workshops and summer programs is an excellent way to keep up with this new pace. 

The future of STEM definitely will be a huge phase in economic development, so a  STEM-based curriculum should be adopted in colleges and universities for students to study and have a head start. 

Like in every other sector, jobs are going digital too, which is why Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are becoming a vital part of future employment. Future jobs will likely involve a background knowledge of STEM, so this skill is best learned today.


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Distance Learning: How the learning process Has changed in 2022

Over the years, the concept of traditional education has been changing quickly. Today, you don’t have to attend classes physically to learn thanks to the rapid technological advancement. 

You can access high-quality education wherever you are and whenever you want as long as you have a technological gadget such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and a reliable internet connection. The education sector is being revolutionized. Soon, all we’ll have is online education. 

Some people don’t believe that it’s possible to study effectively online. This is because it’s difficult to understand the fact that people can study outside class, especially on the internet. However, you can achieve your academic goals through distance learning. From quantum physics to essay writing on, there are a lot of options available for every college student. You can find inspirational essay examples and free education essay papers online. Millions of people across the world today are taking at least one course online. It’s a great way to develop new skills while saving a lot of time and energy. In this article, we are going to shed more light on education and distance learning.

The Learning Process Has Changed in 2022

Over the past two decades, the explosion of technology has revolutionized the education sector. The internet and technological gadgets have changed how learners can access accurate and relevant information. Today, you don’t need a tutor or lots of books to understand various concepts. All you need is a gadget and a reliable internet connection. 

The rise of technology means that there are a lot of tools that support learning and help students get high-quality education online. For tutors to have a competitive edge over their colleagues, they have to change their teaching methods. This might be a challenge because, unlike a physical class, it’s quite difficult for them to ensure that all students are engaged. Online courses are flexible. This means that tutors can adopt different teaching styles to help their students.

Benefits of distance learning

If you’ve been wondering whether distance learning is good for you, here are some of its advantages:


Remote learning allows the student and tutor to set their learning pace. The flexibility of having a schedule that fits your agenda is attractive. As a result, learning online enables you to balance your work, family, and studies effectively. You won’t have to give up anything to get good grades. When the student and campus teacher have common goals, they can easily accept new responsibilities and achieve their goals.

Availability of programs

Is online learning the future of education? The internet is vast. There are a lot of subjects and skills that you can access and learn today. Most learning institutions are offering online programs for different disciplines and levels. The future of education is bright thanks to technology. If you want a certificate, diploma, or degree, online programs are perfect for you. And they are the future of education.

Easy to access

Remote learning encourages students to learn wherever they are and at a time that suits them. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy commuting from home or work to school. Or follow a fixed schedule every day. You’ll also save money that can be used on other important activities. With an internet connection, you can access high-quality education while traveling, or working. You don’t have to quit your job to get good grades in school.

Amazing learning experience

As we said earlier, you’ll have the freedom to study whenever you want. Apart from that, online education is flexible for your specific requirements and abilities. Online classes are usually smaller than conventional classes. This means that the tutor will get ample time to interact with every student and help them understand various concepts. You can easily access photos, videos, and digital books to improve your productivity and performance. With easy access to content, you’ll have an amazing learning experience.

It’s affordable

Remote learning is more affordable compared to in-person learning. The payment options are also flexible. This means that you can pay either per class or in installments. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a quality education in the 21st century. If you are lucky enough to get a scholarship or discounts, you’ll never have problems managing your budget while studying. Apart from tuition fees, you’ll get to save thousands of dollars on student guide, library fees, homework, exam and commuting. In short, you’ll get better results without having to spend a lot of money.


As you have seen, there are a lot of reasons why you should choose online learning. Millions of students across the world are learning online because it’s better than university learning. You need to look at your current situation, and long-term goals and needs to decide whether online study is good for you. The world is advancing at a rapid rate. And the future of education is distance learning.

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New York new technologies and trends in 2022

Nowadays, technology advances rapidly, making it possible to make changes and progress more quickly in New York. Due to this, the rate at which change occurs has increased. The breakout of COVID-19 has altered a great deal this year, causing IT professionals to understand that their function will change significantly in the future contactless world. And in 2021-22, an IT professional will constantly be relearning, unlearning, and relearning new skills and concepts (out of necessity if not desire).

  • Hyper automation  

Hyper automation is the process of automating a function to its utmost potential through machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can use specific automation tools to assist you in creating an intelligent space for people. In a “smart place,” people and technology work together to enable systems to communicate, connect, and coordinate.

Hyper automation Tools

  • Discover 
  • Analyze 
  • Design 
  • Automate 
  • Measure 
  • Monitor 
  • Reassess 

With the assistance of these tools, businesses can better understand how various activities, processes, and performance indicators work together. Robotic process automation and AI-driven decision-making are only two examples of how hyper-automation has become an essential aspect of many enterprises.

  • Democratization

Technology has become more accessible and user-friendly as a result of democratization. It’s a way to provide individuals access to the expertise they need without spending a lot of money.

custom application development data and analytics democratization of design knowledge

Citizen access is another name for it. Data scientists need not be involved in the process of creating data models. Code and testing can be completed and automated using artificial intelligence-driven development. It’s a way to make technology more widely available to the general public while also allowing you to access previously unavailable levels of expertise.

  • Human Augmentation

AR, VR, and MR technology to enhance people’s cognitive and physical experiences is known as “human automation.” It is possible to deliver a multi-experience using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, modifying people’s physical capacities by implanting technology elements on their bodies. The wearable device is an excellent illustration of human enhancement.

Physical automation can be broken down into four main categories:

  1. Enhancement of the Senses
  2. Biological function and appendage enhanced
  3. Brain Enhancement
  4. Genetic Enhancement

There is great potential in the wearable market. The number of connected wearable devices is predicted to rise from 526 million in 2016 to over 1.1 billion in 2022 as the telecommunications technology switches from 4G to 5G.

Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin are just a few well-known companies dominating their respective markets. These wearable virtual reality technologies can boost productivity and efficiency if adequately utilized.

  • Practical Blockchain

When a transaction occurs, it is recorded in the blockchain’s distributed database. Several massive accounting ledgers are synchronized with identical transition information to generate this enormous data set. Because the entire database of the global financial system is protected by blockchain technology, it is impossible to attack the system. In total, there are five components to its model:

  1. The ledger is shared and distributed.
  2. A ledger that cannot be altered and can be tracked
  3. Encryption
  4. Tokenization

The mechanism for public consensus that is dispersed

As the number of central banks increases, so does the level of transparency in the financial sector. It’s been demonstrated to be the most profitable and valuable technology.

There will be a tremendous increase in blockchain technology revenues over the next several years, with the global market predicted to expand to over 23.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.

It boosts productivity and reduces the need for human intervention.

  • Multi – experience

The ever-evolving technology-driven market can now be experienced by users thanks to Multi experience. It progresses from a single interaction point to a multimodal interface. Multi-touchpoint interfaces like computer sensors have transformed the way people communicate with each other. Users will be impressed and more productive if these technologies are used together.

  • Sports Betting Apps

Computer science’s most recent innovations have become an essential part of the customer experience. Even if we talk about online sports betting, Immersive experiences employing augmented, virtual, and mixed reality are what Multi experience aims to achieve. Multichannel human-machine interfaces are becoming increasingly popular thanks to these new technologies. Shortly, New York could become the first state to legalize online casino gambling. Sen. Joseph Addabbo has recently presented Senate Bill 8412, a piece of legislation to make New York the first state to legalize and start online sports betting in 2022. Only land-based casino companies will get direct access to the New York market if Senate Bill 8412 is passed, as other states have done in the last few years. Betmgm New York excels in its quality and offers a huge exposure. 

  • The Edge of Empowerment

People can make an informed judgment in this era of computing technology. This is the next logical step forward in terms of network data processing.

Approximately 20 billion sensors and endpoints will be connected by 2020, paving the way for smart spaces.  Organizations are compelled to adapt to new technology breakthroughs and the advent of the Internet of Things to remain appropriate in a rapidly changing environment.

  • The Distributed Cloud 

Cloud computing is the next-era platform because of the rapid development in technical advancement and the rising demand for data storage. Computing power and data storage are made available on-demand, without the need for customers to assume responsibility for them.


While technology is constantly changing, these trends provide excellent career opportunities now and in the future. Most of these new technologies are open to qualified professionals, which means it’s a perfect opportunity to choose one and be trained so that you’ll be ready for success both now and in the future.


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AR, VR, and AI: The game-changing online gaming tech trends

The introduction of online gaming made it possible for players to access the most basic games. The games lacked enhanced features and even the most advanced graphics. Changes in technology have enabled software developers to build spectacular casino games that are now played worldwide. Casino games now give players the real experience thanks to improved graphics, animations, audio, and more.

The sector is constantly evolving, and new technology is introduced regularly. Three technologies have rapidly grown and are transforming the gaming industry. The most significant changes in the online market are Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. They facilitate a far better player experience and at the same time, allow software developers to produce high-quality games.

The new crop of players is keen on the quality on offer, and searching for in-depth online gambling site reviews, are more inclined to support casinos that have adopted the latest technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR) 

Augmented Reality is a creative and immersive experience that allows users to feel content after engaging directly with the digital environment.  It is a real-time integration of game images and audio information in relation to the user’s environment that contributes to creating an artificial world. Augmented Reality is designed to create a play zone within an artificial world in the gaming sector. When used on smartphones, tablets, or gaming devices, this technology overwhelms players. 

AR has had a significant influence on the technological world, affecting healthcare, e-commerce, marketing, automotive, education, military, and retail. By 2023, the augmented reality gaming industry will have reached around $385 billion.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is a unique technology for simulating an environment. Like the user interface, it allows people to immerse themselves in the best of the artificial world. Rather than looking at a screen, users are immersed in 3D environments and can interact with them. It stimulates all senses, including sight, hearing, touch, and smell. Computer technology serves as the artificial world’s gatekeeper. However, everything comes with certain limits in terms of the experience, such as content availability and a lower range of computer capability. The head-mounted display (HMD) is a key component of Virtual Reality.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In layman’s words, artificial intelligence (AI) is a discipline of computer science concerned with designing intelligent computers that can handle activities that would normally need human intelligence. Because of AI, the bikes and vehicles in offline games like Moto GP and Road Rash operate freely without a driver. You’ve probably seen some system-programmed “bots” fighting on their own in PUBG or the Battle Royale game. But how do you do it? This is due to the employment of AI technology to manipulate NPCs (non-person characters). In a video game, a non-person character is played by a computer.

In a nutshell

Advanced casinos embracing these new trends are the future of gambling. As technology advances, we expect even more from these sites in the near future to present players with the most immersive and realistic gaming experience ever accessible online. These new forms of casinos will be a game-changer for those who enjoy the excitement of gambling and currently play online.


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Full List: The top 100 Twitch Creators by payouts and revenue (from 2021 Twitch Leak)

The recent Twitch breach which leaked previously-unknown payout numbers for the all Twitch creator payouts for 26 months of the company’s numbers. The data breach opened up the monies made by creators from August 2019 through October 2021. 

If you’re familiar with Twitch you know that the most-popular creators on the platform can make millions of dollars. In fact they make so much money that they compete with the  the best online casinos that payout USA – all this for streaming the games they’re already playing. 

In the leaked Twitch payout data, it shows that revenue made from all across the platform including subscriptions, donations, and money made from advertisements on their streams. All this added up to tens of millions of dollars. And this doesn’t even include any revenue streamers made from personal sponsorships or direct donations creators may have accumulated over that period of time.

Here’s a list of Twitch’s top streamers in terms of money earned from August 2019 through October 2021.

Rank Streamer/Creator Payout
1 CriticalRole $9,626,712.16
2 xQcOW $8,454,427.17
3 summit1g $5,847,541.17
4 Tfue $5,295,582.44
5 NICKMERCS $5,096,642.12
6 ludwig $3,290,777.55
7 TimTheTatman $3,290,133.32
8 Altoar $3,053,839.94
9 auronplay $3,053,341.54
10 LIRIK $2,984,653.70
11 __unknown $2,863,780.63
12 Gaules $2,844,985.18
13 HasanAbi $2,810,480.11
14 Asmongold $2,551,618.73
15 loltyler1 $2,490,584.90
16 RanbooLive $2,401,021.84
17 MontanaBlack88 $2,391,369.58
18 ibai $2,314,485.53
19 Castro_1021 $2,311,021.81
20 MOONMOON $2,236,043.55
21 TheRealKnossi $2,157,258.23
22 moistcrtikal $2,098,742.63
23 Mizkif $2,086,548.21
24 CohhCarnage $2,061,059.29
25 shroud $2,040,503.15
26 AdmiralBahroo $1,985,892.39
27 Pestily $1,961,086.96
28 Sykkuno $1,916,327.43
29 ESL_CSGO $1,903,580.27
30 LVNDMARK $1,902,807.22
31 DrLupo $1,894,615.81
32 Adin Ross $1,854,656.42
33 Clix $1,843,917.31
34 TeePee $1,786,534.47
35 Rubius $1,764,965.15
36 PaymoneyWubby $1,756,486.29
37 alanzoka $1,731,716.65
38 Trainwreckstv $1,572,912.37
39 pokimane $1,528,303.11
40 tommyinnit $1,513,217.70
41 Maximilian_DOOD $1,499,562.93
42 GRONKH $1,481,291.05
43 sodapoppin $1,461,302.14
44 Zerator $1,440,221.40
45 BobbyPoffGaming $1,415,247.01
46 Ninja $1,378,791.48
47 Philza $1,364,215.61
48 Amouranth $1,363,346.32
49 Bruce Greene $1,360,850.67
50 Odablock $1,354,805.74
51 RayNarvaezJr $1,335,520.12
52 Symfuhny $1,334,485.63
53 dakotaz $1,324,198.49
54 ZanoXVII $1,310,925.80
55 SypherPK $1,295,112.63
56 Trymacs $1,288,207.23
57 TheGrefg $1,286,765.09
58 Papaplatte $1,286,004.35
59 JohnPitterTV $1,215,717.01
60 RATIRL $1,214,440.08
61 RocketLeague $1,204,908.70
62 NoWay4u_Sir $1,188,728.95
63 GamesDoneQuick $1,185,456.44
64 GernaderJake $1,176,353.74
65 fps_shaka $1,173,280.30
66 EsfandTV $1,170,700.02
67 buddha $1,158,170.55
68 Locklear $1,155,665.61
69 stylishnoob4 $1,147,599.76
70 ANGRYPUG $1,146,888.15
71 Sintica $1,075,977.17
72 Fresh $1,073,254.63
73 Quackity $1,065,157.18
74 Ronnie $1,063,989.05
75 Riot $1,052,571.76

There are several websites like Twitch Tracker that track and approximate Twitch streamer’s numbers; keeping an eye on subscriber numbers and the amount of viewers so those that are interested in how much creators earn already had a good idea that the top creators were making a very good living. 

As you can see from the above, even the 75th ranked streamer from the leaked data still made over $1 million dollars.

The most interesting information is the exact numbers that each popular creator was making because using those earnings, prospective streamers can reverse engineer the amount of subscribers and viewers needed to be able to earn $50,000 or $100,000 in subscriptions, bit donations or ad revenue.

So if you’re thinking of ever joining Twitch as a potential revenue channel. Now you have some numbers to work off of.



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Your phone can help you sleep better, be used as a TV remote, game, and more

There’s a whole load of unknown technology on your smartphone that could be really helpful.

We are more and more reliant on our smartphones than ever before and whilst some believe that’s a bad thing, there might be another way of looking at it. All kinds of different technologies have come into our lives and if they make life easier, then we, as humans, adopt them. The wheel made it easier to transport things, debit cards made it easier to pay for goods, and now smartphones are making it easier for us to do a whole load of things. These are some of the clever tricks that your smartphone can do that could help you out in your everyday life.

Testing Your Television Remote

Use this lazy tip to check your remote’s batteries

You know the feeling, when you’re curled up under a blanket on the sofa, you’ve been watching Netflix for a while and the judgmental note comes up on your television screen asking you if you’re still watching. You reach for the remote, to tell your television that yes you are indeed still watching, but nothing happens. It seems like your batteries are dead, but maybe they’re in the wrong way, maybe you’ve reached for the wrong remote? It’s hard to say.

The good news is that you can find out without having to move off the couch, as long as you have your smartphone to hand. Take the remote control, point it at the camera on your smartphone, turn on the camera app on your phone and look at the phone screen.

Press any button on your remote and if you see a red light appear on your smartphone screen then you know for sure that your remote control is working. No red light means that you’ve run out of battery. Sure, it’s a lazy hack, but it’s a handy one if you don’t want to get up and rummage for unnecessary batteries.

Saving Money On Your Hobbies

Many of us use our mobile phones for gaming, but few of us really take note of how our smartphones can help us to save money on the very same hobby. Depending on the type of game that you enjoy the most, there’ll be different ways to make your play money stretch further.

Those who enjoy mobile games that allow you to get ahead, or buy extra content through microtransactions can use the settings menu on your phone to set spending caps. These caps are optional and can be removed at any time, but they provide an easy way to keep track of your spending and prevent any unwanted purchases.

If you enjoy playing at mobile casinos then there’s another way for you to make your play money go further. Sites like this one list the best mobile casinos in your country including in their listings their independently reviewed star rating, so that you don’t waste money playing on poor quality casinos. Not only that, but they also list the deals that they currently have available, which could enable you to double your play money, get some free spins for slot machines, or find a worthwhile loyalty scheme. Have a quick look at your mobile gaming time and work out how your smartphone could help you to get maximum bang for your buck.

Help You To Sleep Better

We all know that for the best night’s sleep we should turn off all screens an hour before bed and commit to reading by candlelight, or something like that anyway. However, for a lot of us, this isn’t practical, or we simply can’t be bothered to buy an alarm clock and so rely on our phones instead.

The downside to this is that the blue light from our phone screens can really interfere with the quality of our sleep. The problem with blue light is that it mimics light from the sun, which makes our bodies think that it’s daytime and, therefore, time to be active. Thankfully most smartphones come with a built-in blue light filter, which you can set to turn on an hour before your bedtime, or you can have on permanently throughout the day.

The Apple iPhone has been credited with many great recent technological advances but one of the simplest has been this blue light filter. Even if you use Android your phone likely has this feature available to you in your settings, but if not, then there are plenty of totally free apps that you can download to filter out that pesky blue light that’s coming between you a restful night’s sleep.

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These are the 9 best universities to study computer programming

Computer programming is a wide and exciting field with a lot of career options. It prepares developers, support specialists, engineers, and data security professionals. It is all about bringing innovation and technology together for better living.

If you are dreaming of getting into STEM/Computer science, it is worth looking into strong programs available. There are many amazing universities and colleges all over the world that have such curriculums. Mostly they allow you to get a Bachelor’s Degree, but some also ensure postgraduate studies.

Although going to one of the top schools is desirable for many, some might have doubts about it. First of all, the competition to get in is usually high. Secondly, one might worry that they won’t be able to cope with the academic load. But such fear shouldn’t stop you from trying the best options. After all, there are many ways to get help with college assignments.

There are study groups, extracurricular activities, and peers to ask for advice. Also, one can ask for professional help from a credible thesis paper writing service online. Experienced academic writers can nail any type of college paper for you. They also give advice and offer samples for educational purposes. Whether you’ve forgotten about the deadline or simply need a little bit of rest, this is a perfect opportunity.

So the complexity of the curriculum shouldn’t stop students from getting into one of the best colleges in Computer Programming. Here are the top institutions in the world.

Stanford University, USA

Stanford has one of the oldest computer science programs out there (started 1965). It is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the world. And the STEM departments here are also top-notch. The faculty provides wide research opportunities and resources for students. And they also have good prospects in terms of internships and future career options. After all, Stanford is located near Silicon Valley.

One can study computer systems, their principles, data structures, algorithms, electronics, and programming abstractions here. And it is also possible to get a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

This is one of the most respected universities in the world. And if you are into famous alumni facts, Albert Einstein studied here among other famous scientists.

The university offers outstanding research opportunities as well as well-structured and practical programs. There are both undergraduate and postgraduate programs available. International students are welcome here. For example, one can follow such MA programs as:

  • Neural System and Computation;
  • Electrical Engineering and IT;
  • Cyber Security;
  • Computational Science and Engineering;
  • Data Science;
  • Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

Overall, if you want to study in Europe, it is a solid choice.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

MIT is a famous name all over the world. It has amazing programs when it comes to innovation and quality. The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department is the largest undergraduate program here. It also has astonishing resources to offer to students in terms of research, practice, and internships.

One can follow flexible courses from mathematical computer theory to robotics and artificial intelligence.

The University of Twente, the Netherlands

This is the best technical university in the Netherlands according to the country’s ranking (Keuzegids Universiteiten). According to the Times ranking, it is among the 200 best institutions (8th place) globally in 2021. It doesn’t yet have as much publicity as others on this list. But it has a strong program and wide opportunities for students.

There are more than 12,000 students there and international learners are welcomed. There are both undergraduate and graduate courses available.

Technical University of Munich, Germany

This institution was founded in 1868 and remains one of the top players in terms of technology and innovation. It is huge in terms of the number of staff and students – about 44,000 learners are studying here. It offers courses in 132 specialties. So there is definitely something for everyone here.

It is known for breakthrough research and multidisciplinary approach. Medical, natural, and technical sciences all come together in one research.

California Institute of Technology, USA

This college has a practical approach to tech education as well as a solid mathematical foundation. It focuses on algorithmic rules of programming and gives exciting research resources. Not only can one engage in developing individual projects during the academic year. There is also a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship available.

And the schedule here is decently flexible, which is a great plus for choosing one’s track. Double majors are also possible. One can study robotics here, as well as databases, cyber security, and digital graphics. 

University of California Berkeley, USA

BA in Computer Science here opens a lot of opportunities to young professionals. It is hugely based on modern technology and relevant studies. It prepares students for innovative markets and long-term careers in various industries having to do with tech.

A bonus is the Basic Programming Skills program that allows working at entry-level positions. It is an equivalent of a minor that helps to get real-life experience.

One can be involved in many spheres of science here, from data and functional programming to Matlab for developers.

Peking University, China

It is the biggest higher education institution in China with 30 colleges and 12 faculties. There are undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses in multiple disciplines. It also has 216 research institutes and 2 engineering science centers. And it also has the biggest library in the whole of Asia. So the resources and opportunities here are astonishing.

There are about 35,000 students here and a decent percent of international learners. According to Times Higher Education, it is in 48th place globally.

University of Oxford, UK

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of Oxford. It is one of the oldest universities worldwide. And it is known for the quality of education. The Faculty here provides unique opportunities, for example, working along with industry leaders, such as Tim Berners-Lee. And one can complete BA here in 3 or 4 years, depending on their choice.

One can focus on computational game theory, machine learning, or AI 


There are not all amazing schools out there. But they are well-known and globally recognized for their programs and opportunities.  Although getting in one of them might not be very easy, the ability to learn from the best is worth the effort.

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These 6 Android apps will make college easier


College can be tough. Every day it challenges young people and, sometimes, it even feels like pulling it through is nearly impossible.

If you also feel this way, the good news is that you are a 21st-century student. That is, you have access to a huge variety of helpful tools and apps designed to make your life easier. In this article, you will find a list of the six best Android apps that will make your student life less stressful yet much more successful. Let’s see what’s there for you.

EssayPro: Essay Writer for Hire

Each of you should agree that academic writing is one of the toughest things students encounter while being in college. EssayPro makes it easy by letting you hire a professional essay writer who will help them cope with their assignments and get high grades with ease. So, this app takes a deserved first place on our list.

EssayPro is a top-rated essay writing service. The team of this service has been helping students succeed for over seven years already. And, now, with their official app, getting pro assistance with your essays, dissertations, and other assignments is even easier.

The tool is available on Google Play free of charge. It lets students have hundreds of expert writers with MA and Ph.D. degrees right at their fingertips and order their assignments on the go. Thus, if you want to make college easier and boost your performance, be sure to give it a try. It is an absolute must-have.

AnkiMobile Flashcards

After academic writing, the next biggest challenge young people in college face is test prep. Trying to get ready for their exams, students try various methods. They pull all-nighters, try cramming, use group studies, and do much more to ace their tests. But flashcards have been proven to be among the most effective methods.

The next app on our list brings powerful flashcards right into your smartphone. AnkiMobile Flashcards is extremely popular among students. It is available for both Android and iOS users. However, while it is free for Android, it comes at $24.99 in the App Store. So, you can guess that the quality of this tool is pretty high.

First day of classes on campus and at the new College of Business Howard L. Hawks Hall. August 21, 2017. Photo by Craig Chandler / University Communication.

With this tool, the process of test prep gets easier than ever. It lets you access thousands of ready-made flashcard decks on a variety of topics. It also lets you create your own sets.

Best part? This tool features cloud synchronization, which means that you can access your content from multiple devices, both computer and mobile.

Blackboard App

In today’s world, it is extremely important for students and teachers to stay in touch outside the classroom. Now, in the era of the pandemic, we have to get used to collaborating online, and Blackboard App makes this happen.

This tool is an LMS (learning management system) that has already gained wide popularity in the educational landscape. Many colleges and universities in the US have already adopted it. And it is one of the best apps for students to make their lives simple.

This LMS enables students to review their course contents and materials, view their grades, complete tests and assignments, participate in collaborative study sessions, and do much more. The best part of it is that you can do it all on the go. Thus, if you don’t have Blackboard yet, be sure to download it.


Lectures and classes take most of the students’ time in college. As you already know, you have to take plenty of notes during them. The only issue is that taking notes the traditional way (i.e., using a pen and paper) is no longer effective. Such notes are hard to read, and they often get. But, luckily, there is Evernote.

If you haven’t heard of it before, Evernote is one of the most famous apps for taking notes and managing your tasks. It allows users to take notes quicker and easier and include different files in them. Also, it lets you create to-do lists, scan documents, save webpages, and synchronize your notes across multiple devices.

With this application, you will have all your notes, documents, and other important things stored in one place and accessible on the go. This is perfect for students who value their time and comfort.

Want to know what is the best part? Though it is extremely helpful and convenient, Evernote is a free tool. However, there is also a paid version of it that will give you even more cool features. And it comes at a pretty affordable price, so you should give it a try.


Often, the only thing that holds you back from writing a perfect essay or completing a brilliant academic project is an inability to put your ideas together and look at them from a larger perspective. The next tool on our list offers a solution.

MindMeister is a powerful app for visualizing your ideas. With its help, students can create mind maps, plan their projects and assignments, manage tasks and meetings, take notes, and do much more. The features inherent in this tool make it so much easier to handle pretty much any task, so we suggest all students try it.

You can get MindMeister from Google Play for free. The basic features are also available free of charge. However, there are a few paid plans that will let you unlock more features. Their prices range between $4.99 and $12.49, which is pretty pocket-friendly.


The proper organization of your schedule, tasks, and time is one of the main keys to achieving academic success. But we won’t sugarcoat it – self-organization and time management are definitely among those skills the majority of students lack.

Luckily, there is MyLifeOrganized. This Android application is perfect for managing and organizing your life and studies. With its help, students can keep track of all their tasks. The tool allows you to break big tasks into smaller, obtainable goals and become more productive.

Some other features included in MyLifeOrganized are priority setting and scheduling. These are available in the free version. There is also a paid plan for this app. It costs $29.99 and lets you access an even larger number of handy advanced features.

Altogether, the features provided by MyLifeOrganized will make your life in college simpler and much more productive. Try it right now to set yourself up for success.

The Bottom Line

Though being a student in college is associated with a large variety of challenges, in the modern world, there are plenty of tools that can help you handle any issue that comes along your way.

After reading this article, you know about the top six apps for Android devices that are proven to ease college life. Each of these tools is a must-have for college students. And, of course, there are even more tools that students can leverage to reach academic success.

So, all you need to do is find what works well for you and use the available opportunities to become your most productive self.

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Grindr Offline: What does it mean when you see “offline” status on a Grindr profile?

So you chatted with a guy on Grindr earlier (or they tapped you) and when you checked his profile a few hours later, it says “offline.” Does offline mean that they’re actually offline or did they block you? Maybe they deleted the app or is it  something else?

You reached this because you’re a bit confused (as many of us have been) about what offline actually means on the gay hookup app.

What “offline” actually means on Grindr

It might seem like an easy answer (especially to smartasses) as the opposite of “offline” simply means they’re not online, but with those paying attention Grindr “offline” appears as it means something entirely different.

Here’s why: You chatted with the said profile 6 hours ago, yet there are other guys you chatted up further out that shows a more accurate timestamp when they were last “online” such as “11 hours ago” or even as far as “22 days ago.

See? Freakin’ 11 days ago, but you chatted with him four hours ago. That logic makes no sense — what gives? Why is some dude you chatted up offline even though you talked to them 5 hours ago while others that haven’t logged on in 8 hours, shows that they were online… well, “8 hours  ago?

The meaning of offline on Grindr is confusing to say the least. Let’s clear that up.

Offline may mean incognito in the Grindr-verse

It turns out that the “offline” status isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. You see Grindr has several membership levels. One of those paid subscription levels is Unlimited and an Unlimited membership gives you the ability to select “incognito mode.”

According to the details of Grindr Unlimited, incognito mode not only “hides your profile from the Grindr grid while still allowing you to freely use the app” but while in that mode, your profile status will display offline to other profiles that choose to tap or message you.

So when you see a Grindr profile that’s saying “offline,” it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re actually offline at that point in time (though they might be!).

In incognito mode, Grindr users can be online yet don’t want anyone to know they’re online. With the offline status, their Grindr footprint is completely masked in this mode, they won’t appear in any “Viewed Me” nor will any Read Receipts be sent — meaning they can leave you on read without you knowing.

Even so, don’t read too deep into it.,,,

Offline doesn’t mean they’re not interested in you…

…it just means they want to appear offline. For whatever reasons.

With Grindr, it’s not hard to take things personally as we put ourselves out there for others to judge us. We put our best photos and our interests in hopes of making a connection with someone you’re attracted to.

Putting yourself out there like that isn’t easy and when being vulnerable, we often create negative narratives in our head that may not exist. So it’s really important to say that because someone you’ve chatted with earlier, or showed interest, is now in “offline” mode doesn’t mean they’re avoiding you or not interested or find you ugly.

No one said that except you.

As we all know, connections on Grindr are mostly fleeting even when you get a positive response. That’s because when someone logs into the app may want something different and that intent might change from time to time. It all depends on that person, their mood, time of day, what they’re doing and the place in which they’re online.

Someone may be using Grindr just to chat or to waste time while at work, others might be serious about hooking up for “friends or fun” right now, while others might be looking for a deeper connection.

Whatever the case, some pay a good chunk of money to appear offline.

Keep that in mind when you’re feeling hurt, sad or rejected by someone that showed interest or tapped you, but is now offline. You shouldn’t immediately take that to heart or as a judgement on your looks as you have no idea what that other person is doing or thinking or intended. Grindr can be great for those that meets society’s criteria of what’s “handsome,” and for those of us that are not, the rejection can be take a toll on mental health.

The person could be busy at work, stepped away from the app, walking around in public, or at dinner with family. All we know is that they paid a premium price so they don’t appear to be online. That’s their choice and not on you at all. 

Yes, the Internet of Things (IoT) is still here, you just don’t notice it anymore

Let’s count how much technology you had a few years ago and now. A few years ago, you had one laptop and mobile, and now you may have a tablet, perhaps a console, an Amazon Alexa, Roku, Google Chromecast, smart thermometers and other digital devices around your home.

What does all that mean? Yes, in the era of digital technologies, it is necessary to stay updated and connected. By 2022 it is estimated that the number of entities connected to the internet may account for about 50 million. As per the world population report, there may be 8 million people on the planet. All of them with 5 to 6 internet gadgets making the giving count.

The endless internet connections create a world blanketed with numerous sensors sharing and receiving data through physical touchpoints. This world of sensors and the progress of transmitting and receiving information are known as the internet of things.

Is the internet of things (IoT) worth bothering?

The digital era and the offered services have reached a newer level with the internet of things. The IoT based anticipatory responses are a boon for time management and several other relevant aspects. For instance, consider waking at 6 AM for a journey planned at 7. However, you will have to bother going through the road route due to your train cancellation. An IoT-based system will assist you in such a case by letting you know the prior information. It will aid you in getting all possible routes to carry out your journey to the destination without any drudgery

IoT also assists in home management by sensing the outside temperature and controlling the heater and cooler accordingly. The biosensors in your smartwatch can decide everything upon your mood. Your fridge sensor will work out on letting you know what’s inside your fridge and grants option to choose the best food for the day. The number of objects that stay connected to IoT depends on the trends and advancements in technology. IoT thus has the potential to alter reality as per the convenience of the user. Check out what is the internet of things, a complete guide to understanding IoT.

How IoT impacts the online gaming industry

IoT has also set its foot in online gaming. The technology has allowed the players to play simultaneously by connecting them over internet. Hence, several online betting sites gained prominence where the users experience the same emotions as they are in a land casino. The sites excel in offering the best wagers, promotions and offers. Setting wagers in reliable sites is also a boon at the pandemic with the help of the internet that has led people to gain some money instead of sitting idle.

IoT analyses the preference of the players and customizes tiles regarding the interest of the players. The integration of IoT, data services, and AI has changed the experiences of users. For instance, let’s consider you are busy. With the use of an IoT-based gambling network, you can place a wager, withdraw money, or watch an upcoming tournament along with your work with the help of an intelligent device. The aspects of VR and AR also makes the gaming industry more advanced and sophisticated. Irrespective of gender and age, people get access to the game, which is an added advantage— some ways to entertain yourself online.

The critical challenges of IoT projects

The privacy concerns of IoT are monsters as IoT brings inherent risks to the workplace, homes and communities with unsecured digital systems. The devices on public spots, once connected, collect user information, which might sometimes hamper an individual’s privacy. IoT devices for medical purposes and automobile units are prone to hacking.

The interoperability constraints of IoT, such as technical performances, lead time and cost constraints, are the other villains that hinder the smooth advancements in IoT technology. The best standards for IoT technologies are still under development as per the reports. It creates a lag and confusion among the manufacturers and users linked to IoT. As IoTs contribute to decreasing human labour and offer better services, there might be job loss issues also with the advancement in technology which is yet another drawback.

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The best LED strip lights of 2021: The best and the brightest reviewed


The best way to transform any space is with LED lighting. With the right fixtures, you can create a mood that matches your tastes and requirements. Whether you need to find the perfect light for a bedroom or want to see your artwork in an entirely new way, transform your home with LED strip lights.

Replace all traditional bulbs in your house with the best LED strip lights that will last longer and save you money over time. You’ll never again have to worry about turning on a light and having it blow out. They come in many different colors and styles, so there’s sure to be one for every room and every mood.

Why LED strip lights are so popular

LED lights represent a significant improvement over traditional lighting.

LED strip lights are energy efficient, which means you can save on your electricity bill. They also last for a long time and don’t use a ton of energy.

LEDs also provide brighter light with a higher color temperature, meaning they offer a fuller spectrum of colors to bring out the true beauty in artwork or memorabilia.

In addition, LEDs don’t blow out or flicker as traditional bulbs do. So you’ll never have to worry about turning on the light and having it blow out again! And, because they’re so durable, you won’t have to change them as often.

The Best LED Strip Lights of 2021

LED lights are the best choice for your home. Why? They’re more efficient, long-lasting, and versatile than traditional bulbs.

LED strip lights are the best option when it comes to efficiency. LED lights last over ten times longer than traditional bulbs. It means that you’ll save money in the long run by switching to LED lighting fixtures. Plus, LED fixtures can use up to 60% less energy than traditional light bulbs.

LED strip lights are also versatile in terms of what they can do for you and your space. You can replace all of the bulbs in your home with LED strip lights and set the mood for your bedroom or watch your artwork in a completely new light! Of course, the right type of fixture will depend on what you want to do with it, but there’s sure to be an option for any room or mood you desire.

What are the benefits of using the LED strip lights?

LED strip lights are a great way to set the mood in any space. They come in many different colors and styles, so there’s sure to be one for every room and every mood!

In addition, LED lights will never burn out or go out when you need them most. You can use them as a night light by installing a light switch that turns on automatically at a certain time. It can happen with just one touch of a button!

When you have LED strip lights installed throughout your house, you’ll have the best lighting possible. In addition, these lights use less energy which saves you money over time. LED strips cost about 77 percent less to operate than traditional incandescent bulbs.


Whether you need to transform your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, or living room, LED lights will be the perfect choice for all of your lighting needs. If you’re not sure what color or style of strip light fits your needs best, you can always visit and their helpful customer service staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect fixture for any space in your home!

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Embracing the technology-based learning approaches: What are the best ways to adapt?t?

Probably the majority of people around the globe are already well-informed about how technology rapidly progresses each day. With its constant development, improvement, and updates, it found its purpose and we started to get it involved in many different aspects of our lives.

Practically, the present can’t be imagined without the use of some kind of technological feature or device. That’s the world we are living in at the moment. And education is among those fields that have connected with the benefits of technology and took it as its own part. With this in mind, it’s not hard to see how learning as a process evolved too. Hence, educators are embracing technology-based learning and have already developed some approaches to it. However, it is often the case that they don’t know the best way to apply it.

Luckily, we are here to help you with that and provide you with useful data. So, let’s jump straight into the core of the content and see what you can find out.

Creativity of the students and their content improves quickly

It is perhaps hard to admit but over the last couple of years, and even decades, the creativity that students provide in classes has been far from expectations. It doesn’t necessarily mean that new generations lack imagination or uniqueness. Simply, whole educational systems weren’t working properly enough. But today, everything is different. With the development of technology with surprising speed, we can see many students who are capable of providing others with creative content.

Consequently, their learning became more efficient and it is much easier for them to accept new approaches to learning. When you embrace technology-based learning, it means that you accept its existence and purpose, isn’t that correct? If we have in mind that today’s students and teachers did just that, the creative content of the students shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Now, they are able to create their own digital content and share it with other classmates. For example, they can write a persuasive essay or presentation. What comes as the biggest benefit is that today, other students can also learn from that example.

In the past, students could only use a pencil and eraser. These days, they can use many technological tools and share their content with others. The time we are living in now is not comparable to the period of 20-30 years ago.

Learning in groups

Yahoo’s review is a good witness to how learning has become more interesting than before. It clearly shows that students weren’t attracted enough to their lessons’ content. One of the reasons for that may lie in learning as an individual. What does it actually mean?

To put it simply, students weren’t able to learn in groups at all. The period they have lived through couldn’t allow them to. But today is a totally different story. Collaborative learning is becoming more and more popular in high schools and colleges too. But how did technology help there? Well, with the development of many apps, programs, and platforms, students can share their knowledge pretty easily.

The only thing required is a stable Internet connection and access to some social media accounts or a simple camera that can be found on phones, tablets, and laptops. If we study this situation carefully, it is noticeable how technology brings different dimensions to students and their learning techniques. Another benefit of learning in groups is that students can practice it anytime they want and from anywhere.

This flexibility allows them to learn when they feel ready for it and not just when they are forced to.

Constant and limitless learning

It is not an exaggeration to state that students didn’t know how to learn actively in the past. Do you wonder what it implies? They just weren’t informed enough about learning techniques and methods and what ways they can use to apply them.

With the existence of technology, it completely changed. Today, they can share knowledge between them and take that experience to their advantage. Students are capable of learning through others’ experiences and accept that as valuable lessons. Also, they have learned to support each other in every way.

Sharing different ideas allows them to bring their communication to a higher level but also leaves enough space for self-improvement. Technology allows them to use the Internet in the best way. It means they can visit websites like StudyBay for example and search for help from the experts if it’s necessary. Some of them may ask themselves: “Is StudyBay legit”? But that is natural. With a little research, everyone can be convinced that this website or any other has credibility.

Using phones to learn

Almost a few years ago it was impossible to imagine that mobile phones could be used for various purposes. Although they are primarily designed as a communication tool, nowadays they have much bigger value. With access to the Internet, students can use phones to learn with online/offline techniques such as blended learning.

It is as simple as that. Students have the luxury of gaining knowledge just by a single click in a Google search bar. Regardless of their current position, they can absorb beneficial data with a stable Internet connection. Whether they are lying on a bed or sitting in a chair, useful data only continues to flow. How cool is that?


Yes! We can all say that technology affects students’ learning positively. With all of the tools and devices at their disposal, it seems like there is no limit. Education keeps improving and allows children to mature in a shorter period. Hopefully, that trend will never stop.

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What are NFTs and should I be investing in them?

If you’ve been browsing the internet trends in 2021 you might have noticed the term NFTs being tossed around left and right. A lot of people seem to be going crazy about it, and it also looks pretty expensive.

So, you might wonder what exactly are NFTs and if you are already missing out on giant monetary potential. No worries, here we will give an explanation on NFTs and why some of them are worth so much. We’ll talk about the pros and cons, and provide you with enough information to decide if you should be buying these digital goodies.

What are NFTs?

NTF stands for a non-fungible token, and what it basically means is that the token is not interchangeable. In economics, we have currency like $1, $5, or $10 and these are all interchangeable, you can change 5 one-dollar bills for one five-dollar bill. NFT means it has a unique value on its own, like a painting of the Mona Lisa. Meaning if you can produce a near-perfect replica it still wouldn’t have the same value.

These NFTs are used for digital goods and allow people to own the assets like the first tweet ever made, a video of James LeBron dunking, or the original Grumpy Cat meme. This does not necessarily prevent people from copying or altering the original, but you can still hold the rights for the first and the original version of the content made. It might look strange to older generations but for digital natives, this seems to be a growing trend and there is a lot of money going around for buying and selling NFTs.

NFTs and Cryptocurrencies

You might have also seen that NFTs are being compared to cryptocurrencies, and there is truth to that. They basically both works on blockchain technology, and the whole NFT trend started as a blockchain collectible game. Here you could breed cats and each cat was unique in its own way, much like digital art. By using blockchain an owner of a particular NFT has a confirmation that he is indeed the owner, as it’s confirmed on multiple ledgers, much like the ownership of cryptocurrencies.

However, cryptocurrencies have their own system of value and they are interchangeable. Some of them even have higher utility as businesses accept them as a payment method. Nowadays they are often used in online casinos as you can fund a real money account via bitcoin. British players who play at fast withdrawal casino in UK can both make a deposit and withdraw money fast using cryptos. So, these instant payout platforms are what increase utility and value by extension of digital currencies.

Problems with NFTs

So far this looks like it’s another hobby for the rich. It’s basically an act of randomly assigning monetary value to things on the internet. As a result, you don’t know whether you’ll get your money’s worth by investing. People who buy it do so because they want to own that thing not necessarily re-sell it. Given how it’s mostly a thing of prestige you would have to gauge whether you’ll have a big customer base for a specific NFT before you purchase it if you wish to resell it.

Another problem is power consumption. Mainly that so long as we continue to fuel this trend we are likely saying that we are okay with all the power it takes to maintain it. Right now blockchain requires massive computing power and that creates issues. To put this into perspective bitcoin uses 240 kilowatt-hours of electricity per transaction, which means the whole network is using as much power as the whole nation of Serbia. Given all the eco-friendly initiatives this might grow into a bigger problem unless they make necessary adjustments on the supply side.

Finally, this is just another trend so it’s hard to say how things will play out. It’s likely that it’s just another bubble that will burst in a few years like dot-com. On the other hand, the fear of missing out is real, and for all, you know you are losing money by ignoring the trend.


Hopefully, this was all insightful enough for you to decide whether to start buying NFTs or not. If you decide to do so, stick to the things you know and that you strongly believe will have value in a certain community. This way you might not mind if you only end up owning something you genuinely love.

Ebony Smithson Alexander is a professional writer who works as a content strategist. She covers topics related to the iGaming industry, gaming, and tech. Leslie loves to explore new gambling platforms, play League of Legends and organize poker nights with her close friends and co-workers.

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How to make time-lapse videos for Instagram

Browsing social media has become a major leisure activity for a large number of young people. Previously, these were harmless platforms for sharing interesting thoughts and beautiful photos. Now, on Facebook and Instagram, there is a real battle for the time and resources of each user.

This trend is especially noticeable in the Instagram feed. For any artist, online store, or just blogger, the main goal is to attract the attention of users. All of them are trying to create a community of fans around them that would be potentially interested in purchasing their products.

In order to win the competition for people’s attention, you need to look for new cool ideas and interesting tools constantly. Timelapse video may be what you need. So turn off the sound on your camera to avoid distracting anyone, and let’s get creative. 

What Is Timelapse?

Timelapse video is a creative technique that allows you to capture the slow-motion of various objects to create unique and unexpected images. In other words, it is a way of creating a video in which it can be recorded for hours and then compressed into a short, fast clip.

Timelapse is perfect for bringing lots of your ideas into life. Artists can use it to fit the entire creative process into one video; chefs can show the process of cooking, etc. This is why these videos are the most engaging and help get the audience’s attention.

Previously, in order to get such an effect, it was necessary to study videography techniques for hours and sit for the same amount of time over video editing software. Now, everything has become much easier: there are several interesting programs for both iPhone and Android. With their help, you can edit videos in a matter of seconds.

Creating Timelapse Videos With Instagram’s Hyperlapse App on iOS

First, let’s take a look at a program called Hyperlapse. This video editing software was developed by Instagram employees just for creating accelerated videos. The program has one big drawback: at this stage, it only works on iOS. However, if you own an iPhone, then Hyperlapse is a good choice for video editing. So, all you need is a smartphone, a slow-motion app, and free memory space on your device.

To start recording video in Hyperlapse, tap the white circle at the bottom of the screen. After that, you will see a timer that shows how long the real video is going (at the left) and how long the accelerated video will go (at the right). If you are going to post this material on Instagram in the future, you should remember that the maximum video duration is only 60 seconds. When you have removed everything you want, you can click on the white circle again, and the recording will stop.

Now you can proceed to adjust the speed of the final video. After finishing the recording, you will see a slider with which you can change the speed from x1 to x12. When you realize that you have achieved the desired result, click on the green checkmark at the top of the screen, and the video will be saved to the gallery of your iPhone.

The undoubted advantage of the Hyperlapse application is its autonomy. Such programs independently edit video, stabilize it and clear the picture.

A little secret. Before you start shooting a video, you can tap the screen with four fingers, which will lead to the opening of the secret menu. In the new window, you can choose the resolution for the video, the frame rate and set the speed up to x40 on your own.

Android Software for Creating Timelapse Videos  

If you do not like the Hyperlapse program, or you are a happy owner of an Android smartphone, then you should familiarize yourself with other ways to shoot accelerated video. There are tons of different video editing software out there, and you need to be smart about finding the best deals.

A good video editor offers you a lot of different features, not just the timelapse one. For example, applications from Fxhome allow you to use over 500 after-effects for your videos, Lightworks video editing software is an excellent choice for professional editing.

In addition, some programs allow even beginners to edit video, have a simple interface and a free period of use. These programs include, for example, the cross-platform video editor Shotcut. It’s worth noting that the program is open source, so everyone can take part in improving the software on their own. 

It’s a good idea to tweak your timelapse video a bit by adding captions, stickers, and music. Movavi editor is ideal for such purposes. The editor also provides a trial period for those who want to test its features.

A Bit of Inspiration

Here are some of the ideas for creating timelapse videos:

  • Behind the scenes work. Try to show customers a different side of your business that is usually hidden from them. For example, you can record your team’s meetings.
  • Unusual angle. If you are a small online store, try to show how your product can be used for unusual purposes. 
  • Classic timelapse. You see such videos more often, but this does not mean that they have become less effective. For regular bloggers, it can be interesting to show subscribers something that is usually hidden from their views, such as playing sports or cooking.


When creating content for Instagram, remember that you should not only be creative but be of real interest to users. Timelapse is a great tool to lure potential buyers or subscribers to your page. This article includes the most popular and convenient programs with which you can speed up moments from your life and share them with the whole world. Try to show your talents and upload your first timelapse video to Instagram.

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Woman sets two world records for collecting more than 4000 vintage games

My head is ablaze with excitement after learning that a Black woman has won not one, but two world records for possessing the greatest collection of LCD and playable gaming systems.

According to the numbers, Linda Guillory’s two world records are made up of 1,599 LCD gaming systems and 2,430 playable gaming systems, virtually a variety of games that can only be found in a top online casino. Guinness World Records reported today that Guillory of Richardson, Texas, has won both awards for her huge collection of thousands of portable, tabletop, and even watch-based gaming systems.

These aren’t gaming systems in the traditional sense of consoles and handhelds; instead, they’re more akin to the Tiger Electronic handhelds of the past. Traditional video games are also included in Guillory’s library. Guillory shows off a large cabinet of vintage video games in Guinness’ profile video, claiming to own every Nintendo game produced in North America.

Guillory began collecting games when she was eight years old, after discovering a damaged 1979 Red Conic basketball game, according to Guinness. She said in the video that she dismantled the handheld and repaired it herself so she could play again. She accumulated a little collection of games until some of them were destroyed in a home fire. She later decided to search up some of the old games she used to own to see if any were still available following a discussion with her brother over who was the better player. She found and acquired her favorite Pac-Man tabletop machine, and her collection grew from there.

“I wanted to see if I still could beat my high score. As I searched, I saw dozens of games I always wanted as a child but never had.” Guillory told Guinness.

Guillory told Guinness, “I wanted to test whether I could still top my high score.” “As I looked, I came across hundreds of games that I had always desired but never had as a kid.”

When I was invited over to a friend’s house on rare occasions, I would push my face against their Nintendo 64 consoles in amazement of something that was out of my grasp. I’d be envious of their game collections, knowing that I could only have one or two for the systems I was allowed to have. I lost out on a lot of the games that today’s gamers would consider “mandatory playing,” so when I read Guillory talking about the games she didn’t get to play but wished she had, my heart sank with sadness.

The fact that she is also a Black woman just adds to my admiration for her. Because of the relatively recent movement for increased diversity and inclusion, black women in gaming are frequently viewed as a novelty. We are ecstatic when “new” Black women join the space because we are so scarce, but we have little knowledge of those who came before us. The few video gaming “elders” I had were men, as is true for many Black female gamers (and female gamers of a particular age in general).

I am a 33-year-old woman. I only know one other Black woman my age who enjoys video gaming. I’m sure there are others. I just don’t know who they are. Finding Ms. Guillory is like finding a lost treasure, something that has been sought for a long time yet is rarely discovered. I’d like to learn more about her background.

Guillory, an electrical engineer, wants to share her love of gaming with kids and teach them how to build their own gaming systems. She also wishes to have her collection preserved in a museum.

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Here’s a few tips that will help you conquer social media algorithms

Social Media has taken over the world! What started as a place to catch up with old friends and share your life with families has now become much more. These days, social media is a career, a marketplace, a news stream and so much more. Influencers on many social media platforms can make six-figure salaries thanks to the power and reach of these platforms. However, one aspect of social media that many influencers and rising influences struggle with is the social media algorithms. The algorithms that run these platforms are continually being improved and updated to improve user experiences and stop those who try to manipulate the system. While this may sound good, it can make the process of creating content and growing your reach an extremely difficult task, unless you understand how the algorithm currently works. Here are some ways to conquer Social Media Algorithms.


Diversifying on both content types, content strategy and across multiple platforms is key to ensure a constant reach. This allows you to offer a wide range of entertainment through your content. This means when one type of content is not doing as well you are still covered, since you have more than one to rely on. While text and image posts are so 2008, it does not mean you should get rid of them completely. However, you should mix them up with multi photo posts/ carousels or make use of video posts, which have been shown to have enormous reach.

While Instagram may seem like the biggest platform and TikTok may seem like the new kid on the blog, it is still best to diversify your content across multiple platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and even Tumblr. More platforms can lead to more reach.

Learn How the Algorithms work

You cannot expect to master something or be ahead of the game when you have not taken the time to study it. Taking the time to learn about each social media platform and how their algorithms work is a vital part of mastering the social media space. Reading social media blogs, following those who share about algorithms and running constant social media tests are all part of mastering the algorithm.

Act Fast!

No matter how good your content is or how captivating your story is, timing can make or break your reach. By acting fast and efficiently as something happens or at the right time is the best way to reach the most people. It is also the best way to join trending #tags and climb to the top of these #tags. Act fast and post at the right time.

Pay to Play

You may think that running ads is going to hurt your organic growth strategy, but you could not be more wrong. By paying for ads, you will get more exposure that could lead to more followers. More followers leads to more engagement that in turn can lead to reach that is more organic. Try experimenting with some paid ads to see what works best for your brand. Another option in the pay-to-play space is to sign up with a platform that assists in increasing the social media metrics that matter most to that network usually by improving engagement.

Be Consistent

While each social media platform is different and each algorithm works differently, consistency has been shown to be crucial. Posting high quality content consistently has been shown across the board to be a great strategy. However, posting consistently across multiple platforms can be time consuming. This is why many social media influencers use social media scheduling like Buffer or Hootsuite. These systems allow users to design and plan content ahead of time. It allows them to schedule it to post at a specific time, allowing more freedom and flexibility in their schedules.

How to create high value content?

High value content is what social media platforms are trying to push through their algorithms. This is content that users want to see, but how do you create it?

Here are four tips to creating high quality content:

  • Be Real – Authenticity has been shown repeatedly to be rewarded on social media. By being real and honest with your followers, you can create a more engaged audience.
  • Post Good Quality Imagery – High quality imagery and video content are vital in dominating the social media world. With billions of people using social media, you need to have good content to stand out. It has been shown that poor quality imagery actually is penalized by social media platforms leading to less reach and less engagement.
  • Be Relatable – If you are not speaking to where your followers and audience are at, you may as well give up. Stay up to date with news and the happenings that are affecting your audience so you can celebrate and sympathise with them.
  • Make Your Content Captivating – Sharable, captivating content is often the content that goes viral. Why? Because it is so, captivating that everyone wants to see it! Make your content captivating and shareable to reach a broader audience.

While social media may have once been “just a hobby”, it is now a business and a world of its own. While good content is key, that alone is not enough in 2021. To get to the top of the social media trends you need to understand the algorithms of various platforms. Spend the time studying the algorithms to work out the best ways to increase your reach in 2021.



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Bored at home? Here’s 5 ways to entertain yourself online

In a time when technology seems to be progressing at the speed of light, we’re all experiencing a surge in new entertainment options. From next gen gaming consoles to sophisticated smartphones to streaming services for just about everything, we’re spoilt for choice these days. So, which options are worth investigating further and potentially signing up to? Read on to find our top recommendations for online entertainment both at home and on the move.

Online gaming

Online gaming is big news right now, and it seems like it’s here to stay. Tune in via Twitch or YouTube to watch the pros battle it out in tournaments held across the world, before brushing up on your own skills live from your living room. Many hit gaming titles, like Fortnite and COD: Mobile, have gained popularity through being free to play. However, even online favourites like slots and table games are available for free if you know where to look. Sites like Arabian Betting have trustworthy and well researched reviews covering all the best online casino bonuses. Whether it’s welcome bonuses, free spins or reloads that you’re looking for, you can trust that they have checked out everything from deposits to percentages to T&Cs. So, whether you’re craving a battle royale melee or you want to sample the latest slots titles, you can try before you commit to buying anything.

Educate yourself anywhere

If you’d rather feel productive during your downtime, check out a learning platform like DuoLingo, Skillshare or FutureLearn. Whilst some platforms concentrate on specific areas of learning – for example, DuoLingo teaches a wide range of languages but nothing beyond that – others offer a comprehensive list of educational opportunities. Through Skillshare, users can pick up skills as diverse as flower arranging and landscape photography or build their self-confidence and negotiation abilities. Meanwhile, FutureLearn features courses from world class universities and can even be used to achieve a recognised qualification in certain subjects. Although the free options for platforms like these can only take you so far, if you are interested enough to continue with your studies then it is worth considering putting your money where your mouth is.

Listen to music wherever

Music acts a universal language, introducing us to different voices and cultures that we may not otherwise have discovered without it. Platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and Soundcloud have brought enormous and comprehensive music libraries to everybody via the internet, but this does have a potential downside. It can sometimes be difficult to decide what to listen to next as there is simply too much choice out there. Using built-in recommendation features and seeking out playlists is one way to expose yourself to new talent without getting lost in the search process. The AI used by companies like Spotify and YouTube is pretty clever, and you may be pleasantly surprised by what it comes up with if you give it a try.

Socialize virtually

Of course, one of modern technology’s greatest achievements has been connecting the world via messaging apps, video calls, and social media. Whilst it’s always worth keeping a close eye on your social media consumption to make sure you’re not going overboard, there’s no need to write it off altogether just yet. Simply get smart about how you use it. If you have a favourite hobby, seek out fellow hobbyists on Instagram to pick up tips and start a conversation. Alternatively, you could join a local Facebook group and become part of a reading group or knitting circle. It’s easy to get lost in the world of viral shopping and influencer drama, but the original premise of social media was to be…well, social. So, get to it!

Be creative digitally

Perhaps you’ve already explored Skillshare and learnt something new, or you’ve set up an Instagram profile for your arty doodles – if so, you might be looking for further creative activities to do online. The internet offers up loads of ideas, including online coloring pages, podcast creation tools, music making page and, that old favorite, the blogging platform. Pick something that appeals to your artistic imagination and get started. It could be something just for you, or it could be something that you choose to share with the world – it doesn’t matter. What matter is that creativity can lead to improved mental and physical health, as well as increased happiness levels.

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Is Flock Social legit or a scam? We attempt to verify if Flock Social is a real company or not

We’ve all been there: we arrive at a website where we really, really want to purchase the product or service they provide, but have never heard of the brand so we pause. And this being the Internet, we have to be extremely careful where we put our credit card and personal information not to mention whether that website will provide what they promise.

So is Flock Social a real company?

You’re reading this review because you’re interested in but never heard of Flock Social and want to you know whether it’s a legit service or fake. Having a career in the tech industry that often needs to vet the quality of websites, we’re going to use those same check points to evaluate Flock Social so you can make a more informed purchase (or not).

At the end of the day, it’s not unlike visiting a bookmaker, you assess the chances and odds before placing your bet down. We’ll do that below by auditing their site to see if you can trust Flock with your money. Check out the following 10 check points on how we audited Flock Social for legitimacy as a company:

Legit Flock Social has a LinkedIn company page.

Legit  On that company page, they have a published out physical address. Obviously this could be a P.O. Box or a fake address, but most fake companies wouldn’t go to the trouble of faking an address for $50.

Locations Primary
Kneza Mihaila 11-15
Belgrade, Stari Grad 11000, RS

The fact that Flock Social provides an actual address tells us they’re not concerned with angry customers showing up to their doorstep.

Legit Unlike the vast majority of these social media grow-your-follower platforms that have a two “employees” working out of their homes, Flock Social has 24 employees according to LinkedIn. If you scan their employees, they have actual titles you’d see in a company: Customer Service, Content Creators, Developers and Engineers, Optimization Manager, and Human Resources.

Neutral As of this analysis, the company has 79 reviews on Trust Pilot with an overall rating of 4.7 stars. That’s nice but we can only provide a neutral on this because the first review was just a few months ago in December 02, 2020 and many of the reviews come from reviewers with only one review — Flock Social.

Legit Their website also passes the eye test. There’s a difference between a website being run by a couple people vs. one that has multiple employees. Usually that attribute manifests itself in how robust the website is (or not). Sites that are questionable typically only have a homepage and pricing page, Flock Social’s site also has a how-it-works page, a blog, a contact us page, an FAQ page and a case studies page.

Neutral On the blog, we wish they had more than seven blog posts. A sign of a good company will usually have enough resources to create quality content to show their expertise in their area of focus.

Legit Flock has a couple different in-depth programs you wouldn’t see from a company trying to scam; they have a page that offers white label, marketing agency integration where they can be subcontracted to do social media marketing and an affiliate program.

Neutral Though they have a contact us page, it’s just a form. When vetting sites, we prefer seeing email addresses published on the site. The presence of an email address on the site is one way they show that they care about their customers.

Legit Flock Social also has a case studies page which purportedly features real customer testimonials. The presence of real customer reviews is always a relief as it shows that there are other companies/people using the product (and vouch for it).

Legit Flock Social also has a professionally shot video talking about their service and features their CEO. Again another effort that most scam websites wouldn’t provide.

Legit Flock Social also offers up a one-week free trial of their service and doesn’t require you to put in a credit card or any personal information (outside of your Instagram credentials). We ran through the steps and found that to be true.

So is Flock Social a scam or legitimate? 

Now this being the Internet; it’s actually really easy to fake many of our points above, but typically companies that are looking to scam or provide a fake product or service won’t go to that level of detail especially for the money that Flock Social is asking for. All things considered with eight legit scores, three neutral and zero scams, we’re ~90% certain that Flock Social is a legitimate company.

So if you’re interested in growing your Instagram followers, you can be confident that the company is on firm grounding so go ahead and get started on that 7-day free trial to test out if their service works. If you have experience with the company, please share your comments and reviews below.

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Woohoo! Citi Bike improves ‘Bike Angels’ loyalty program so you can earn free e-bike minutes coupons

The Bike Angels program – Citi Bike’s loyalty program – started a few years ago and allows Citi Bike member to earn points by redistributing bikes to stations running low across the city.

By doing so, Bike Angels can earn members a week extension on their membership and redeem those points toward a limited number of Citi Bike branded items like a white Citi Bike FOB key or helmet. Needless to say, there’s a lack of motivation to get excited with the program.

Bike Angels refreshed and ready to ride

While you’ve been riding up, down, and around, Citi Bike has been putting in work behind the scenes. The good news is that the recently refreshed app also came with changes to the Bike Angels program. To show their appreciation for sticking with Bike Angels, they’ve made some exciting improvements to the program.

What’s changed:

  1. Opportunities to earn e-bike minutes every month Earn 10 ebike minutes at 10 points each month, and a minute for every point between 80 and 200 for more than 2 hours of free ebikes every month!
  2. All new swag there is a lot more options in the swag store including collectible pins for each lifetime reward.
  3. See your points in the new Citi Bike app The new Citi Bike app shows your monthly and lifetime points totals. See points across the app, including mid-ride or when planning a trip. High-value stations are highlighted in pink.

Earning free e-bike minutes is the incentive we need

Since Citi Bike has brought so many more e-bikes to their system, they’ve become incredibly useful in getting to your destination 50% faster especially during months with extreme weather.

So with the announcement that Citi Bike is allowing points earned via the Bike Angels program to be redeemed for e-bike minutes is exactly the incentive that I need to more proactively participate in the program.

When you hit 10 Bike Angel points, you’ll earn a coupon for 10 free ebike minutes that you can find in your account. If you have multiple ebike minute coupons, you can redeem as many as you need for that ride you’ve been dreaming about.

With as much as I use e-bikes during the colder months, those free e-bike minutes will come in handy.

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