Is Flock Social legit or a scam? We attempt to verify if Flock Social is a real company or not

We’ve all been there: we arrive at a website where we really, really want to purchase the product or service they provide, but have never heard of the brand so we pause. And this being the Internet, we have to be extremely careful where we put our credit card and personal information not to mention whether that website will provide what they promise.

So is Flock Social a real company?

You’re reading this review because you’re interested in but never heard of Flock Social and want to you know whether it’s a legit service or fake. Having a career in the tech industry that often needs to vet the quality of websites, we’re going to use those same check points to evaluate Flock Social so you can make a more informed purchase (or not).

At the end of the day, it’s not unlike visiting a bookmaker, you assess the chances and odds before placing your bet down. We’ll do that below by auditing their site to see if you can trust Flock with your money. Check out the following 10 check points on how we audited Flock Social for legitimacy as a company:

Legit Flock Social has a LinkedIn company page.

Legit  On that company page, they have a published out physical address. Obviously this could be a P.O. Box or a fake address, but most fake companies wouldn’t go to the trouble of faking an address for $50.

Locations Primary
Kneza Mihaila 11-15
Belgrade, Stari Grad 11000, RS

The fact that Flock Social provides an actual address tells us they’re not concerned with angry customers showing up to their doorstep.

Legit Unlike the vast majority of these social media grow-your-follower platforms that have a two “employees” working out of their homes, Flock Social has 24 employees according to LinkedIn. If you scan their employees, they have actual titles you’d see in a company: Customer Service, Content Creators, Developers and Engineers, Optimization Manager, and Human Resources.

Neutral As of this analysis, the company has 79 reviews on Trust Pilot with an overall rating of 4.7 stars. That’s nice but we can only provide a neutral on this because the first review was just a few months ago in December 02, 2020 and many of the reviews come from reviewers with only one review — Flock Social.

Legit Their website also passes the eye test. There’s a difference between a website being run by a couple people vs. one that has multiple employees. Usually that attribute manifests itself in how robust the website is (or not). Sites that are questionable typically only have a homepage and pricing page, Flock Social’s site also has a how-it-works page, a blog, a contact us page, an FAQ page and a case studies page.

Neutral On the blog, we wish they had more than seven blog posts. A sign of a good company will usually have enough resources to create quality content to show their expertise in their area of focus.

Legit Flock has a couple different in-depth programs you wouldn’t see from a company trying to scam; they have a page that offers white label, marketing agency integration where they can be subcontracted to do social media marketing and an affiliate program.

Neutral Though they have a contact us page, it’s just a form. When vetting sites, we prefer seeing email addresses published on the site. The presence of an email address on the site is one way they show that they care about their customers.

Legit Flock Social also has a case studies page which purportedly features real customer testimonials. The presence of real customer reviews is always a relief as it shows that there are other companies/people using the product (and vouch for it).

Legit Flock Social also has a professionally shot video talking about their service and features their CEO. Again another effort that most scam websites wouldn’t provide.

Legit Flock Social also offers up a one-week free trial of their service and doesn’t require you to put in a credit card or any personal information (outside of your Instagram credentials). We ran through the steps and found that to be true.

So is Flock Social a scam or legitimate? 

Now this being the Internet; it’s actually really easy to fake many of our points above, but typically companies that are looking to scam or provide a fake product or service won’t go to that level of detail especially for the money that Flock Social is asking for. All things considered with eight legit scores, three neutral and zero scams, we’re ~90% certain that Flock Social is a legitimate company.

So if you’re interested in growing your Instagram followers, you can be confident that the company is on firm grounding so go ahead and get started on that 7-day free trial to test out if their service works. If you have experience with the company, please share your comments and reviews below.

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Woohoo! Citi Bike improves ‘Bike Angels’ loyalty program so you can earn free e-bike minutes coupons

The Bike Angels program – Citi Bike’s loyalty program – started a few years ago and allows Citi Bike member to earn points by redistributing bikes to stations running low across the city.

By doing so, Bike Angels can earn members a week extension on their membership and redeem those points toward a limited number of Citi Bike branded items like a white Citi Bike FOB key or helmet. Needless to say, there’s a lack of motivation to get excited with the program.

Bike Angels refreshed and ready to ride

While you’ve been riding up, down, and around, Citi Bike has been putting in work behind the scenes. The good news is that the recently refreshed app also came with changes to the Bike Angels program. To show their appreciation for sticking with Bike Angels, they’ve made some exciting improvements to the program.

What’s changed:

  1. Opportunities to earn e-bike minutes every month Earn 10 ebike minutes at 10 points each month, and a minute for every point between 80 and 200 for more than 2 hours of free ebikes every month!
  2. All new swag there is a lot more options in the swag store including collectible pins for each lifetime reward.
  3. See your points in the new Citi Bike app The new Citi Bike app shows your monthly and lifetime points totals. See points across the app, including mid-ride or when planning a trip. High-value stations are highlighted in pink.

Earning free e-bike minutes is the incentive we need

Since Citi Bike has brought so many more e-bikes to their system, they’ve become incredibly useful in getting to your destination 50% faster especially during months with extreme weather.

So with the announcement that Citi Bike is allowing points earned via the Bike Angels program to be redeemed for e-bike minutes is exactly the incentive that I need to more proactively participate in the program.

When you hit 10 Bike Angel points, you’ll earn a coupon for 10 free ebike minutes that you can find in your account. If you have multiple ebike minute coupons, you can redeem as many as you need for that ride you’ve been dreaming about.

With as much as I use e-bikes during the colder months, those free e-bike minutes will come in handy.

Tagged : / launches their free local channel service in Orlando and Charlotte announced earlier today that their service is now in two more markets: Orlando, Florida, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Those new local channels are available today and makes cord cutting a little simpler for those that live in those cities in Florida and North Carolina, and just in time to watch the pro-football conference playoff games this Sunday, you can now stream local broadcast TV channels in nine counties in Orlando and 22 counties in Charlotte.

And if you’re a NFL fan like, here’s where to find this Sunday’s games on your local TV channels through Locast:

    • Tampa Bay at Green Bay (3:05 p.m. ET)
    • Buffalo at Kansas City (6:40 p.m. ET)

Residents in Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne as well as Charlotte and Statesville and the surrounding areas will be able to watch all of their local TV stations via the Internet on their phones, tablets, laptops, or streaming media devices.

The new local service also gives access to important local news, storm coverage, emergency information, election coverage, sports, and entertainment programming to internet-connected devices.

Learn more about Locast service in the Orlando and Charlotte areas by going to or on the company’s news page.

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These four recent technologies actively changed (and connected) the world


The year 1995 might seem like a very long time ago, but it was the year when everything changed. If you had a DVD player then you had a top of the range entertainment system. Mobile phones were around and even though they were bulky, they were certainly worth the investment if you were in the business world.

WiFi was released for consumer use and if you had a router then you could easily access whatever you wanted on the go as well. You could unplug your network cable and you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing there. The internet has also given rise to sites such as Unibet Pennsylvania and similar gaming sites, sites which have been driven and thrived since the launch of reliable WiFi.

Search Engines

What good is the internet if you can’t find what you’re looking for? Without the advent of the search engine, we wouldn’t be able to navigate the internet with the ease we can today. The history of search engines can be traced back to the early-1990s, but really, search engines all bow down to the great Google. The search company not only revolutionized how search engines worked, but gave birth to the most-influential company of our modern times.

Google changed how we looked at and used web browsers, maps, paid ads, virtual storage and mobile phones. Speaking of which…

Apple’s iPhone

Even though Apple didn’t bring out the very first smartphone, it would seem that they got the ball rolling in 2007. Social media was on the rise and it wouldn’t be half as powerful as it is now if it wasn’t for all of the emerging tech out there. Social media platforms have also been optimized for users as well and this is incredible to say the least. Who knows where we would be if it wasn’t for social media, but at the end of the day, it certainly helps to keep the world much more connected.

Voice Assistants

The world has also been changed thanks to voice assistants. Of course, the world has certainly changed a lot but at the end of the day, it has also paved the way for new and exciting advancements. Voice assistants can now be asked to set alarms, turn the lights on and off and more. This is all fantastic and it has also helped to spur on the launch of the Amazon Alexa.

Of course, on top of this, you also have things such as the Google Home device. This takes all of the things that you have to do, and it puts it in an easy to use format so that you can be reminded about everything you need on a regular basis.



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Call of Duty: CoD: Mobile finally gets its long-awaited launch in China

After many years of rumors and wishes from supporters, the Call of Duty family is now fully launched in China.

The hit Call of Duty (CoD: Mobile) landed on Western shores back in October of 2019, but has now travelled the world over with a huge launch in China this month.

The travel version of Activision’s top-selling shooter game has already earned a massive player base of over 250 million downloads, generating over $330 million by June 2020, making it one of the biggest game launches ever recorded.

CoD: Mobile followed the same vein in just it’s first week in China, earning a small fortune for it’s creators in just a matter of days, which will be a relief after such a long time in the making.

Because of China’s strict rules on gaming, CoD: Mobile has been in China’s authorization stage since it was launched into circulation in 2019, but thanks to Tencent working with TiMi studios and Activision, technology is helping to change the gaming world forever.

With the ability to play the new addition on the smaller screen of a mobile or tablet, it quickly became the number one Christmas present in China, with thousands playing it on Christmas Day.

How Well Did CoD: Mobile really do in China?

According to data from a gaming marketing agency, the new launch generated over $14 million in the first week alone, with all of that coming from player spending.

Despite the huge figures, that makes it the fourth best game in terms of revenue, with Honor of Kings, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile and Fantasy Westward Journey still ahead of CoD: Mobile in the pecking order.

However, as of the end of 2020, the game had worldwide revenue of an eye watering $644 million, with the United States of America being the top spender, with $287 million spent so far.

On the downloads front, Apple is dominating this digital playground with Android lagging someway behind in terms of the numbers. Apple currently has 61% of the CoD: Mobile downloads, with Android via Google Play clocking in at 39%.

This could all be set to change though, with China set to have continued impact on the CoD: Mobile figures. After already hitting over 300 million downloads in the country, it’s likely that China will soon be replacing the United States of America as the big spenders on the game.

Betting on CoD

Call of Duty was one of the first eSports games that became available with sports bookmakers to bet on, and is continuing to grow in popularity with punters across the globe.

The biggest COD tournaments now tend to be available with a number of different bookmakers, who offers markets on everything from the outright tournament winner to who you think will win that particular match-up.

With the recent surge in interest around betting on Call of Duty and eSports in general, many of the bookmakers are fighting for your custom with special promotions.

That often means that as new players you can receive your stake bet as a free bet or even get a free bet just for signing up.

What’s Next for CoD: Mobile in China?

Along with betting, the launch of the new game has been very lucrative for Tencent and Activision, who already have a monopoly on the Chinese market.

Tencent, alone, have made $20 million from bringing Supercell’s Brawl Stars to China, and already have their hands in Fortnite and League of Legends to name just a few. Mobile gaming is where it’s at right now and where it’s going to go in the future. Despite many people still seeing it as the poor man’s alternative to playing on a console or PC, the new launches continue to prove their critics wrong.

According to Statista, figures show that mobile gaming is only getting stronger in its popularity in China; growing from 133 million in 2010 to nearly 620 million in 2019. For reference, that’s more than double the population of the United States. However, the growth in mobile gamers and gaming isn’t only happening in China, but around the world.

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These 10 ways that technology has changing the world of gaming forever

The world of gaming has taken massive strides forward over the past few years. Considering we are at the stage of virtual and augmented reality, yet it only feels like yesterday we were playing super pixelated Mario on our TV’s.  Continue reading “These 10 ways that technology has changing the world of gaming forever”

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Can ‘The Last of Us 2’ overcome it’s rocky release and getting review-bombed?

Naughty Dog’s hugely anticipated sequel to their hit action-adventure, horror game — The Last of Us is finally here. Continue reading “Can ‘The Last of Us 2’ overcome it’s rocky release and getting review-bombed?”

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Predator: Hunting Grounds review, system requirements and release date

Believe it or not, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in some iconic action movies. From Terminator to True Lies to Total Recall to The Running Man to Commando. If you were a fan of those (mostly) corny sci-fi, shoot-them-up filsm, then you’ll probably enjoy the game based on one of his more famous franchises: Predator. Continue reading “Predator: Hunting Grounds review, system requirements and release date”

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Capsule is friendly, efficient and deliver your prescriptions for free – what’s not to like? My Capsule Pharmacy Review.

Even though Capsule Pharmacy has a physical storefront in New York City, I’m never stepped foot into that actual pharmacy. So how can I be recommending Capsule Pharmacy? Have a seat and let me tell you about my experiences with the company. Continue reading “Capsule is friendly, efficient and deliver your prescriptions for free – what’s not to like? My Capsule Pharmacy Review.”

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How do I clean my Levoit LV-PUR131 HEPA filter? [resolved]

We love our Levoit LV-PUR131 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter. It’s great for eliminating the majority of odor, allergies, and clean the air in a relatively large room — the company says that their system filters up to 99.97% of dust, allergens, bacteria, and odors. Continue reading “How do I clean my Levoit LV-PUR131 HEPA filter? [resolved]”

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Improve your gaming skills with these 7 strategies

The gaming industry is one of the biggest industries in the world today. Playing video games has come a long way. From the 8-bit 2D games of the 80s to the high-resolution 3D gaming of the 21st century, there is much that has changed in the past few decades.

The video games have over the years improved not only in terms of graphics but also in terms of game-play and engaging story lines. Over the years it has captured different demographics and continues to rise with an unprecedented pace.

However, with the advancement of video games there has been a rise in the competitiveness in online battles and E-gaming leagues. More and more gamers are becoming conscious about the games that the play and the strategies that they implement to win. In this article, we take a look at how gamers can improve their gaming skills to win their ever-important battles.

Practice, Practice, Practice The age-old adage ‘practice makes perfect’ has never been more appropriate. Firstly, ensure that you try your hand on as many games as you can. If you are just starting out on a game, try them out on easier levels first and with time and practice get to higher levels. This will enable you to understand how games become more intense and engaging as you take them up a notch.

Learn the gaming strategies Most games nowadays are developed in such a way that they allow for various possibilities and outcomes to come about. Learning which strategy is required to play at a certain level and then trying out the different tricks and possibilities will enhance your gaming as well as mind skills and give you the taste of winning.

If you would like to practice learning while making some money at the same time, we would recommend Guts Casino NZ. Here, you can find various gaming titles that you can either play for fun or for money.

Learn from the Best If you want to really learn some professional tricks, it is best to watch the professional gamers on YouTube. This will allow you to observe and understand how the professionals go about solving problems and using different strategies in their game-play. These can help you whenever you get stuck at a certain level and require help.

Improve hand-eye coordination You have to improve on this technical skill – there is no way around it. Games that require you to develop your visual perception such as first person shooting games that require accurate aiming and shooting. The more you play them the better your motor skills will become.

Know the game throughout It pays to know the game inside out. Research on the game you are about to play. Read as many instructions and tutorials as possible. Additionally, ensure that you know the type of the game that you are playing. Is it a real-time strategy (RTS), a Multiplayer Online battle Arena (MOBA), Role Playing Game (RPG), etc. All these games types have a different format which will require different strategies to win.

Upgrade your tech Games nowadays are so superior to games of earlier eras that if you don’t have a high-quality rig, you won’t be able to play them. Furthermore, getting gaming tech such a good controller, graphic cards, wider monitor, etc. will only come to aid your gaming skills and ensure that you don’t have issues such as lag or low resolution graphics.

Gaming health Gamers can get so engrossed in the world of video games that they can neglect or forget other things of vital importance. It is important to take care of your diet and your eyes especially if you are in front of your screen more times than not. Furthermore, sitting in one position for long hours can strain your back and damage your muscles. Ensure that you eat healthy, exercise whenever you can and remain active during the day.



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These are the sex dating sites you should try in 2020

The world is filled with any type of application you might need daily. All of us have at least three services that deliver food, taxi apps, all possible social media apps, photo editing apps, even airport check-in is going through airline apps.  Continue reading “These are the sex dating sites you should try in 2020”

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Are WeWork locations open in New York City during Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

With New York City being the most-populous city with the highest population density in the nation, social distancing isn’t always easy. Continue reading “Are WeWork locations open in New York City during Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?”

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Offer assistance to elderly neighbors during COVID-19 pandemic with Nextdoor’s “Help Map”

Nextdoor has always insisted that “proximity matters” and the company is following through in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The company just released their interactive “Help Map,” an easy way for neighbors in need to ask for help, and for those that want to help can sign up and volunteer. Continue reading “Offer assistance to elderly neighbors during COVID-19 pandemic with Nextdoor’s “Help Map””

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Impress job recruiters with a Microsoft certification by passing the MCSE MS-100 Exam

With so many updates, one never knows what lies ahead within the IT industry. But one thing that keeps you constant, even with the non-stop updates and advancements, is by getting certified with Microsoft. Continue reading “Impress job recruiters with a Microsoft certification by passing the MCSE MS-100 Exam”

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WinZip vs WinRAR: A comparison of benefits, differences between the file compression tools

File compression has become more and more important as technology has advanced. Once, disk space was a major concern and buying additional hard disk was often expensive. File compression was a tactic that made it possible for people to store more data in less disk space. Continue reading “WinZip vs WinRAR: A comparison of benefits, differences between the file compression tools”

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Shopify E-Commerce SEO: Optimizing Shopify Collections, Sub Collection pages for Optimal SEO

Usually referred to on E-Commerce sites as category pages, the popular Shopify CMS has a specific term called “Collections.” Continue reading “Shopify E-Commerce SEO: Optimizing Shopify Collections, Sub Collection pages for Optimal SEO”

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Why taking a break from social media can improve your mental health

Social media is the epitome of a double-edged sword. It can keep you in the loop with current events, local events, or the funniest memes life has to offer. It is a way to network with new people and connect with them. Continue reading “Why taking a break from social media can improve your mental health”

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Get $30 off at Spacious with this coupon code

A WeWork competitor, Spacious is quickly expanding on their dozens of co-locations in New York City and San Francisco (where they started). Continue reading “Get $30 off at Spacious with this coupon code”

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How imposing screen time limitations saves you time, money and your health

Save Money by Limiting Your Screen Time  

“Stop smartphone addiction — limit your screen time”

We hear these words too often in the era of digital technology when smartphones are literally stuck to our hands. Since we can’t help it, time waste issue is apparent. Continue reading “How imposing screen time limitations saves you time, money and your health”

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