When does Zara Sale starts

2014 Zara sale begins in US, Japan, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark, Ireland and Netherlands

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According to Zara’s official Twitter, their US sale started at 00:00 (midnight) on December 26th, the same day as many other countries:

As with last year, the US Zara sale started at midnight for online (zara.com) and in stores as soon as they opened the day after Christmas. According to their Twitter, here are the countries with Zara sales starting on December 26th:

With their rolling markdowns, I’m usually beside myself when the bi-annual Zara blowout comes to town.

This time is a lot different for a couple reasons. First, I am traveling to Hong Kong in a couple weeks, so I want to save money for that trip. That, along with Zara’s recent problems with the quality of their clothing has kept my blood pressure to a medium simmer instead of a boil for Zara’s sale.

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