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A WeWork competitor, Spacious is quickly expanding on their dozens of co-locations in New York City and San Francisco (where they started).

However, Spacious differs in that the vast majority of their co-working spaces are based on partnerships with restaurants, coffee shops and other open spaces in the city.

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How Does Spacious Work?

What Spacious does is approach restaurants (or whatever space) that do most of their business in the evenings, and offer to turn their shop into a co-working space. If the venue agree, then Spacious will come in from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and provide free coffee and tea, complimentary wi-fi, and extension cords and power strips for the power outlets; basically everything a freelancer or consultant or contractor would need to get their work done.

CNBC does a better job explaining the service in a nutshell:

Spacious, a work-sharing company, is helping to connect freelancers and employees that work remotely with eatery owners. Spacious members can set up shop — and even give presentations or hold meetings — at participating restaurants, which all offer coffee and WiFi… restaurants that are idle during the daytime are getting a boost to their traffic, thanks to a service that turns otherwise empty dining rooms into makeshift work spaces.

Check out the entire article on CNBC.

So yes, whether you’re in the East Village, SoMa, Financial District, SoHo, Union Square or anywhere in San Francisco or New York City, Spacious could be coming to a restaurant near you. Check out the Spacious spaces in San Francisco and New York City.  In order to find the nearest Spacious space, it’s no surprise that also has an app available on Android and on iOS. You can also view how packed or open that space is, and check the days and hours.   Interested in learning more about and what they do?

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