THE WINTER INSIDE (get yourself a humidifier)

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It’s been over a decade since I’ve experienced a winter like the one I’m going through right now in New York. And with the winter, comes additional expense that never factored in while I was on the west coast.

I had to go out and purchase gloves, long underwear, down jackets, puffy jackets, puffy vests, infinity scarves, blarves, black boots, brown boots, and sweaters in a myriad of colors. I admit, I don’t need much prodding to go shopping for fashionz.

I was shielding myself from the frigid wind, snow and slush and that was only one half of what I needed to do. I was only concerned was when I was outside of my apartment.

winter inside indoors snow

What I didn’t really think about is how dry the air had become inside my apartment. My mind keeps thinking “‘THE WINTER INSIDE’ would be a cool book or movie title.”

During the winter, the air has a much lower humidity level because of science. With much less moisture in the air, your body is not just drying out outside, but is going to dry out inside, too. The first thing I noticed was my skin. I’m not talking that my hands were slightly more rough, I’m talking the tips of my fingers and the heels of my feet were fraying – not unlike a porcupine with its quills out. In addition, my face felt flaky. Yeah, it was bad.

Not only will the winter air make your skin crack, but mucous membranes will also dry out. For the real sensitive ones, the cold, dry air will also make your skin itchy and your throat scratchy.

Enter Humidifier

To battle the dry air, I just couldn’t drink 4 more glasses of water (or whatever) that’s too much extra effort. I needed more moisture in the air. I **think** I needed a humidifier or vaporizer.

A humidifier wasn’t an expense that I planned for, and at the time, I wasn’t completely convinced that it would help (I also play a lot of basketball, so some of my dry skin could be attributed to not hydrating well enough after playing). I ended up at Amazon searching for humidifiers.

The Crane Humidifier in my bedroom
The Crane Humidifier is compact — it fits on a small table in my bedroom

I read over the options, compared models and ultimately bought the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier because it was the highest-rated, well-reviewed, one of the least expensive, and the design wasn’t boring.

I decided on the orange one, but it comes in white, blue, pink, and other colors.

I’ve had the Crane humidifier for a week now and don’t regret my decision. I actually want to get another; one for the living room and one for my bedroom, but I’ll wait until next year since it’s February already.

How do I know the Humidifier is working? Because that’s what it does, it adds humidity to the air. My only real way of gauging its effectiveness is how UNDRY (not a word) my hands, feet and face feel now. My fingers haven’t felt like lap cheong and my feet don’t feel like gai gack. I love that I was able to work Chinese cuisine into this post.

Back to moisturizing your face — the Crane Ultrasonic humidifier is also great because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s easy to move (living room in the day / bedroom at night). The output is exactly what I imagine a “cool mist” to be in my wet dreams and you can adjust the strength of the mist.  Also, the unit is damn quiet.

Real Photo. Cool Misting Realness.
Real Photo. Cool Misting Realness.

I also like that you don’t have to shift the humidifier to point the mist, the Crane model has a feature where you can move the mist nozzle so you can target the mist in whatever direction you like. It’s a nice little design piece that I would not have missed otherwise.

If I am going to complain, i’ll talk about the tank. The tank is smaller than I like so you have to refill every day and a half. Also, refilling the tank isn’t the smoothest process, but considering the design and shape of the unit, that’s to be expected. What Crane? You can’t make a space-efficient humidifier that also has a larger tank? /sarcasm



  • Plastic
  • Small tank
  • Awkward refilling

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons. For the price, the Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is a good solution for The Winter Inside. For me it hits all the touchpoints of quality, design, and value that I look for when buying anything. Also, mist nozzle.

Tips: Use distilled water to minimize cleanup later on. Also, be sure to clean the humidifier often as mold can build up and be released into the air.

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        stuarte says:

        I moved here 6 months ago from that FOGGY San Francisco! It’s been good except for all that snow and ice (AND WIND!). Hey, I hope you’ve been doing well. I see you’re still in ID and got yourself a blog. I’ll have to check it out. What else are you doing with your life post-Sabonis?


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      stuarte says:

      YOU! Great to hear from you. Phones are amazing nowadays – they collect all the information you connect it to and that means lots of contact information from multiple sources. It’s not like a silly Yahoo Group, youknowwhatImean? I LOL’d at your comment and then looked at the articles on my homepage. :)


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          Janis in ID says:

          Post-sabonis. Seems an appropriate term!

          I still keep an eye on his progeny through the www and marvel at the wonder that I actually got to see him play…..sitting right beside you! Ha. Good times!!!

          Now I am into papercrafting and still have millions of cats. :)
          <3 J

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