Google Drive price cut just fucked DropBox, Box

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I’ve been on the edge of my free 15GB storage with Google Drive for the last couple months, so the news today that Google lowered their prices were well-timed. 

The next step up from the free package, the 100GB plan, used to be $4.99/month, not cost-prohibitive, but at that pricepoint, it wasn’t a consideration. With today’s announcement, the 100GB drive is now just $1.99 — 60% off from the previous price point. That’s a non-closeout, closeout price.

Must be nice to be a hugely-profitable company that can afford a loss leader move like this.  At $2 a month, this makes the decision to upgrade an easy decision not just for me, but millions of others. That means not looking for alternatives.  Sorry Box and DropBox — this isn’t good news for you.

Under the old $4.99 plan, when I hit my limit I would have just spent an hour or so deleting large files or moving them locally.

Now because it’s a laughable $2/month, I’ll likely just sign up for more storage.



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