Projecting when ZARA’s Spring / Summer sale dates are in 2019 [Updated]

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We all know that ZARA has great prices and that their sales make price-sensitive fashionistos foam at the mouth. Over the last two years, it seems that the fast-casual company has introduced more promotions to their 2019 calendar. 

Before, the Spanish-based retailer leaned on two big clearance sales that occurred every June and December. Those sales are usually referred to as the Summer and Winter sales respectively. Recently, ZARA not only changed their brand logo, but they’re making it so that their customers can enjoy more sales as opposed to waiting every five months for markdowns.

These 2019 sales aren’t huge nor is scope nearly as large as the inventory during their bi-annual sale. Still if you love Zara, these promotions are still worth very much checking out. At the very least, it’ll satiate your appetite for reasonably-priced trendy fashions.

Zara’s Spring and Summer Sale Dates 2019

One of the newer promotional events that Zara introduced is their Mid-Season Sale. In 2017, Zara began their markdowns for the mid-season on March 15th which was actually a few days before the official Spring season. During these past “Spring” sales, Zara marked down select warm-weather gear up to half off both in-store and online.

With Zara’s full price already at a price-conscious point, the further drop in cost makes even their smaller sales a huge deal in both your mind and the dollars you’re saving. Even better, the rare Zara Home stores got into the mid-season sale promotions! Here’s a list of the dates from the last few Spring/MId-Season sales:

Zara MidSeason Sale
Year Zara Promotion Dates
2019 Mid-Season March
2018 Mid-Season N/A
2017 Mid-Season March 13/15
2016 Mid-Season April 1
2015 Mid-Season April 18

We’re still trying to confirm when the 2018 Mid-Season/Spring sale date was but we can’t seem to find it. We’ll update this post once we confirm that date, but according to our post from last year, Zara may not have had the sale.

That said, If the previous mid-season and Spring Zara sale dates from 2017 and 2016 are any hint at when the 2019 date is supposed to be then the sale is happening in a week or two. Sometime in mid to late March 2019. Now, if Zara doesn’t do their Mid-Season sale, here’s when we think the other sales will be this first half of the year.

When are the ZARA Sales in 2019?
Year Sales Promotion Projected Date
2019 Mid-Season Sale March 2019
2019 Spring+Summer June 20 2019

Update: Confirmed that the Zara Summer Sale started on June 20th (online) and in-stores Thursday, June 21, 2019!

Stay tuned to their site and Twitter account.

With Zara’s Spring/Mid-Season sale, no longer will we have to months on months on months to save more on even-more affordable Zara fashions. It’s a relief to add March as a date in Zara’s promotions calendar. A perfect remedy to have some early-season shopping retail therapy from the winter and cold.

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