Citi Bike’s electronic bikes will return this winter to New York City (with new pricing!)

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If you’re a Citi Bike member then you may have received an email this afternoon with some great news. Citi Bike’s Ebikes will be available this winter. No date has been announced, so we’ll only have that timing to look forward to.

While the company was planning on having the electric bikes back earlier, they needed extra time to prepare the new bikes and complete safety testing. After feedback from members, the company also took the opportunity to announce a lower e-bike pricing structure (yay!). Check out the lower pricing for Citi Bike’s E-Bikes:

Lower e-bike pricing

Citi Bike is updating their pricing, which was a $2 charge on every ebike ride.

  • Annual Members will pay a $0.10/minute ebike charge.
  • Members’ ebike charges will be capped at $2 for rides 45 minutes or less beginning and/or ending outside Manhattan.
  • Two minute wait time removed to make it easy to swap from ebike to classic bike (and vice versa).
  • Non-Members will pay a $0.15/minute ebike charge.
  • Reduced Fare Bike Share Members will pay a $0.05/minute ebike charge.

We’ve always loved the public bike system — affordable and convenient, well worth the annual membership fee.

Extra time fee changes

Starting January 15, the public bike system owned by Lyft is also updating extra time fee. The current “late fees” are currently $2.50 for every 15 minutes over the allotted time — for Annual Members and Single Ride riders.

  • Annual Member fees will be $0.15/minute after the included 45 minutes.
  • Single Ride fees will be $0.15/minute after the included 30 minutes.

The new, per-minute pricing model is being promoted as one that will save riders money by only charging them for the time they use. Are you excited and want more and more and more electronic bike info? Read more about all the changes at Citi Bike’s blog.

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