Get 24 free months of Citi Bike by referring 24 friends

Are you considering Citi Bike? If you open a new annual membership, you can get a free month through if an active member refers you for a membership.

Citi Bike’s refer-a-friend program adds an additional 8.3% to your membership. If you’re on the referring side or start to refer other members to be Citi Bikers, that 8.3% can add up quickly because the programs allows you to successfully earn up to twenty-four months that’ll be applied to your membership for the twenty-four new members through the referral program.

Here’s the lame form email that Citi Bike spams your friends with:

Hey! I’m loving my Citi Bike membership and can totally imagine you loving it too. It makes it easier to get around NYC – and it’s fun! They’re also expanding into a bunch of new neighborhoods in Jersey City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island City. No pressure but, we’ll both get a bonus month if you sign up for an annual membership today with my referral. Let’s go for a ride.

Don’t want a lame form email but still want a free month of Citi Bike? Weeeeellll, you can always sign up through my referral link (and we’ll both get a free month!):

Free month of Citi Bike discount

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