Konami facial recognition technology could be the next big thing in gaming

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Konami is a gaming company that’s now offering the latest in facial recognition technology in casino games.

The Japanese company is working hard to try and make sure that they offer this to those who play slot machines and table games. The technology is set to launch in 2020, and consumers will also have the option to play loyalty cards.

Security vs. Privacy

With the improved security of facial recognition comes the concerns over privacy. Privacy rights are currently being fought over in the US and this could be a major point to take note of. Konami is in the final stages of getting their tech ready to take on the world and they are going to be using a camera to take a picture of a gambler. When they have done this, they can then see if they have an account with the property’s own reward desk. This will mean a much smoother gameplay experience for patrons and guests won’t have to carry a player card around with them either.

The Casino Industry

Technology movements have already benefited a huge range of casino providers, including NetBet casinos. Those who go to land casinos on the other hand might not have access to the same options. Some people believe that if they did, this may even lead to safer operations, which is interesting to say the least. They would be able to identify any suspicious activity and they may also be able to pinpoint those who shouldn’t be in there at all. This could be because they are barred. The card-less solution is actually included as part of the Synkros casino system.

Targeted by Casinos for Loyalty

Another point that should be noted is that players can actually be targeted by casinos so that they can receive facial recognition rewards. They would also be given news on the venues that they visit the most and it’s amazing to see how much casinos would actually benefit from this. Casino software like this would be able to determine how often someone visits a casino and they would also be able to track their specific spending habits as well. Guests can also opt-out of the technology and this would really be great news to those who feel as though their privacy is being violated for any reason at all. Konami are also choosing to offer an anti-money laundering system which is known as SYNK31. This lets casinos track and even review their data as well as helping them to fulfil any regulatory requirements that might be present.

Could it Open up More Lawsuits?

The use of some facial recognition technology might have actually contributed to some lawsuits, which isn’t a good thing. Two class-action lawsuits have been filed by casino-goers and this has caused major issues. Some believe that the software could be used to catch cheaters too, and although this isn’t a bad thing, it could prove to be problematic in terms of personal privacy.

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