The 15 North Carolina Tarheel Players That Scored the Most Points in a Game

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In the hallowed hallways of North Carolina basketball, a program steeped in championships, history and glory, the blue and white record books are filled with legendary players. Recently, RJ Davis added his name in the storied UNC legacy with a 42-point outburst and that got us thinking about which North Carolina players have soared to score the most points in a single game.

# Player PTS Opponent Date
1 Bob Lewis 49 Florida State Dec. 16 1965
2 Billy Cunningham 48 Tulane Dec. 10 1964
3 Lennie Rosenbluth 47 Furman Dec. 3 1956
4 Lennie Rosenbluth 45 Clemson March 7 1957
4 Lennie Rosenbluth 45 William & Mary Feb. 7 1956
4 Lennie Rosenbluth 45 Clemson Jan. 14 1956
4 George Glamack 45 Clemson Feb. 10 1941
8 Charlie Scott 43 Wake Forest Jan. 17 1970
8 Bob Lewis 43 Richmond Dec. 8 1965
10 Shammond Williams 42 Clemson Feb. 8 1998
10 RJ Davis 42 Miami Feb. 26 2024
12 Kenny Smith 41 Clemson Jan. 28 1987
12 Charlie Scott 41 Virginia March 5 1970
14 Harrison Barnes 40 Clemson March 12 2011
14 Tyler Hansbrough 40 Georgia Tech Feb. 15 2006
14 Charlie Scott 40 Duke March 8 1969
14 Billy Cunningham 40 Maryland Jan. 13 1964
14 Lennie Rosenbluth 40 Duke March 1 1957
19 Michael Jordan 39 Georgia Tech Jan. 29 1983

His 42 points places Davis among the pantheon of Tarheel greats.  The record for the most points in a game for North Carolina is held by the legendary Bob Lewis, who scored 49 points against Florida State in 1965. This feat stood as a beacon of individual brilliance for decades. Then, there’s the unforgettable 47-point performance by Lennie Rosenbluth in 1957 against Furman, a display of scoring prowess that helped define an era.

Rosenbluth is all over this list and is a legendary figure in the history of North Carolina Tar Heels basketball. As a college basketball fan, I was surprised to never have heard of Lennie Rosenbluth. The 6-5 forward played for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the 1950s and led the Tar Heels to their first NCAA championship in 1956-57 season; achieving a perfect 32-0 record. No doubt Lennie would have factored into sports betting in North Carolina had that been legal back then.

Sure we see Charlie Scott, Cunningham, Harrison Barnes and Tyler Hansbrough, but it’s more about the players we don’t see on the list: Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison, Jerry Stackhouse and Rasheed Wallace. Just because you’re wondering, Jordan’s highest scoring output in a powder blue and white was 39 points; just missing out on our main list.

Davis’ 42 points sets a Dean Smith Center record.

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