Lyft to start in New York (and why I don’t use Uber)

Lyft was my service of choice in San Francisco, so I was happy to read that we’ll be finally seeing Lyft cars in New York, specifically starting out in Brooklyn and Queens (though not without the expected barriers from the taxi commission). Continue reading “Lyft to start in New York (and why I don’t use Uber)”

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Valmar convenience store wants 2AM liquor license

When I first arrived on Valencia and McCoppin St. in 2005, the area wasn’t as developed as it is now. In the last decade plus, the Mission district has been booming and continues pushing north into the area Continue reading “Valmar convenience store wants 2AM liquor license”

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NY, SF: Turn your junior studio into a 3 bedroom penthouse…

… not really, but this is cool. One of the many projects coming from the nerdfaces at M.I.T. Media Lab is developing a“Room-in-a-Box” — way to expand and extend your home without actually expanding the physical space. Continue reading “NY, SF: Turn your junior studio into a 3 bedroom penthouse…”

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How to find price per square foot in New York City by neighborhood

If you’re in the market to buy real estate, then you know that in order to get a sense of what’s a reasonable price for real estate in the area you’re considering,  you have to pull the prices for similar homes in or near that area.  Continue reading “How to find price per square foot in New York City by neighborhood”

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Here’s one study that proves racism still exists


If you need anymore proof that racism (intentional or not)  still exists, look no further than this 2003 that a recent BBC article around baby names cited

In a study from 2003, called Are Emily And Greg More Employable Than Lakisha and Jamal? Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan sent nearly 5,000 CVs in response to job advertisements in Chicago and Boston newspapers. The CVs were the same, but half were given fake names that sounded like they belonged to white people, like Emily Walsh or Greg Baker, and the other half were given names that sounded African American, like Lakisha Washington or Jamal Jones. The call-back rate from employers was 50% higher on the “white” names then the “black” names.

No one cries when a Rite Aid dies

Who will mourn a Rite Aid when its time comes? Who will shed a tear? This is the neighborhood Rite Aid that was open when I arrived 5 months ago. I rolled by it today and the entire facade had been stripped.

Despite Rite Aid being a chain store, it’s still sad to see to it go. A lot of the locals relied on it and 14th street between A and B isn’t necessarily a thriving block, so it’s another empty storefront.

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