Price Match: Make your own discount with’s “Best Price Guarantee”

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When you’ve booked a hotel on, don’t assume you’ve gotten the best price possible. You may be able to get it cheaper, but you have to put some work into it.

Whether you’ve booked the day before you arrive or 3 weeks before, go back to and check the rates as often as you care about saving money. There’s a good chance you could have an even better deal — obviously the earlier you reserve the room, the better chance you can get in on a price match.

4 Price Adjustments in 4 Days

I recently booked a Residence Inn in Boston four days before my arrival. Since I always have my mom’s voice nagging me about money, I didn’t just forget about the reservation and move on. Instead, I went back to to check prices throughout the week.

It’s not hard work; just leave a browser window open to the search results and hit refresh your browser.

In those four days, the rate of my room dipped several times and I was able to get four price adjustments based on’s Best Price Guarantee. Don’t submit a claim as tells you to online, call them directly instead.

When I found that my room rate was cheaper, I immediately called their customer service (800-997-9138), got an agent on the line, told them I found a lower price on and my credit card was credited with the difference within a week.’s Best Price Guarantee was simple. Three of the four times, it took just 5 minutes on the phone. The fourth time, they showed a different price than what I was seeing, so I had to send them a screenshot. All in all, no one gave me a hard time.

I wasn’t going to retire off the price matches, but after all said and done, those four adjustments saved me 25% off the total reservation — and the biggest savings came the day before I was going to check in.

If you’re giving yourself props for finding a nice deal on a nice hotel on, don’t celebrate too hard. You might have got a good price, but the better price could still be out there.

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