A Murderer Destroyed a Family (And We Go On With Our Lives)

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A sad, heart-wrenching note was posted on Facebook a couple days ago in the aftermath of Wen Hui Ruan’s from two months ago.

After my father died, our family had a big change. Mom is scared to go outside at night and afraid to go to crowded places since she’s afraid of getting hurt like dad. Our family sleep badly at night for over two months. All my father’s brothers can not come to the United States anymore even they already received notification from U.S. Consulate since this cold-blooded killer destroy everything. He brought us so much pain. I hope the judge and juries can hear our voices and understand this tragedy has brought us harm and sentenced the murderer. He should spend the rest of his life in prison so my father can rest in peace and our family can become to normal again.

I was impacted by this event a lot. It was at the top of my mind for a week, but it just goes to show the limitations of our feelings. No matter how distraught or angered we were by the senseless killing, those of us that have no direct connection to the victim moved on with our lives. Meanwhile, the family continued to suffer. We’re not wrong for getting on with our lives nor should we feel guilty, but it’s there.

Murderer Destroyed Everything

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