Lebron Jordan #23 from the back
LeBron James and Michael Jordan with their #23 Jerseys

Lebron James and Michael Jordan are sharing jersey #23… again

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Oh the NBA off season, when trade speculation, salary cap discussions, and jersey numbers are considered breaking news. 

What!? LeBron James is choosing to go with his #23 jersey number again as he wore during his initial run with the Cleveland Cavaliers!?  What does that mean?  Doesn’t he know that #23 belongs to Michael Jordan? Kinda. Whether it was #6 or #23 or #46, expect to whatever jersey number James selects to a best seller (James’ jersey has been the NBA top-selling jersey for six of the eleven seasons he’s been in the league).

Wait. Has anyone asked what Michael Jordan thinks of all this? Certainly, he has time to care? ESPN, could you please send Michael Jordan a text message to ask him what he thinks of Lebron wearing #23?  Oh wait, the greatest basketball player ever doesn’t care? There’s a shocker.

This reminds of the news event surrounding Kobe Bryant’s decision to change his jersey number from #8 to #24. Hard hitting NBA news, everyone.

Don’t mind this post, I’m just trying to get my collage I created out of images of LeBron James wearing #23 and Michael Jordan and his #23 jersey ranked highly on Google images.

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