Best of East Village: B Cup Cafe

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There’s no shortage of cafes in the East Village, but finding one that feels cozy and welcoming with a consistent, reliable internet connection and power outlets isn’t a given.

I’ve tried several cafes around the East Village/Alphabet City and I’ve ended up at B Cup the most. B Cup Cafe has become my coffee shop of choice and not only because it was a few steps away from my apartment at the corner of Avenue B and 13th street.

B Cup is a neighborhood cafe that doesn’t feel pretentious whatsoever. They serve pretty good espresso drinks without a hint of coffee snobbery (their iced/frozen coffee come in carafes!). Their couches are old, but not purposely vintage nor an attempt to match the decor. There’s a wooden desk that looks as if it could fall apart at any minute.

B Cup isn’t perfect and that’s what is appealing to me.

That’s not to say it isn’t a nice place to hang out. B Cup is nicely set up so that even when the cafe is full, it doesn’t feel cramped. The wireless internet works well and there are power strips located at the front and back of the cafe.

I have to take off one star because of a few interactions with one particular, less than pleasant cashier.

Still, if you’re looking for a cafe with just wireless internet and a power outlet, you can find yourself a Starbucks anywhere, but if you like your cafes with a little personality — check out B Cup.

B Cup Cafe
212 Ave B
New York, NY 10009
East Village, Alphabet City

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B Cup Cafe
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