Free Wi-Fi hotspots in New York City if you subscribe to Time-Warner Cable

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If you subscribe to Time-Warner Internet and you leave your house, you don’t have to leave your Internet behind. 

With your TWC subscription, you can take advantage of TWC WiFi Hotspots — Time-Warner’s nationwide network of public wireless hotspots and it’s all included in your TWC Internet service.

Look for these networks on your laptop or mobile device and use your TWC ID to connect:








ngo Hotspots in major airports

Or you can register your devices at My WiFi for automatic access to the TWCWiFi network.

I’ve noticed these wireless networks floating around while in cafes and never tried connecting to them because they were password protected.

One day a curious friend tried connecting to one of the networks and was sent to a login page asking for a Time-Warner username and password. With a successful ID/password associated with a Time Warner Cable account, you can access these free public wireless networks.

These especially comes in handy when you’re in a packed cafe with dozens of others trying to connect to the cafe’s network. Now, TWC Wi-Fi is the first network I look for. Additionally, you can get free wireless in New York City at the following locations:

• JFK and LaGuardia Intl Airports
• Bryant and Madison Square Park
• South Ferry Terminal

Or, one of our 300,000 other locations. Not bad. I’ve only tried this a few times as of this post, but if I can connect to these throughout the city, I’ll consider forgiving you, Time-Warner.

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