Review: Chinatown’s Good Luck (Lucky Express) Car Service

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It’s comforting when you get to a point where you can trust a service to consistently deliver (whether a haircut, laundry service, or fried yuca); it allows one to put energy into more important things in life. 

It’s especially true when you place your trust in a service in situations that are time-sensitive as getting to the airport. When I need a reliable, affordable car service to JFK, LGA or Newark, I go with Good Luck Car Service (also known as Lucky Express).

I first heard of this Chinatown car service as a tourist looking to get from midtown to JFK. A friend recommended the service and I haven’t looked back. I’ve since booked Good Luck more than 20 times for transportation to and from the airport.

Each time, without fail, Good Luck shows up on time and most of the time the drivers are 5-10 minutes early. Not once has a driver arrived late. The car has Whether going to or being picked up at the airport, the mostly Mandarin speaking Chinese male drivers are almost always polite and quick to assist with luggage. And the cars have always been clean and comfortable.

How to Reserve Chinatown Car Service to JFK (and Back!)

It’s easy to reserve a Good Luck car to get to JFK, LGA, or EWR. If you’re headed to the airport, you call them and let them know who (phone number), what (going to JFK), where (pickup address), and when (what time is your flight). They’re like clockwork. They’ll be there at the determined time.

In the past six months, I’ve used Good Luck from the airport too. Call the day before to let them know when you arrive, what flight number, and where you’re headed. Once you land and pick up your luggage, give Good Luck a call. From there, the dispatcher will call one of the many cars waiting to pick you up and tell you to keep an eye out for the car’s identification number. Your call will arrive with the driver with his arm stuck out the window flashing his car #. Voila!

Whether coming to NYC or leaving, don’t forget to ask how much the total cost so there’s no surprises. Also because Good Luck is an all-cash service, so make sure you have money on-hand to pay the driver. The price you’re quoted is just for the service and doesn’t include gratuity.

For it’s price and reliability, it’s nice to have a car service that I can trust.To book Good Luck Car Service call:

(212) 219-8886
(212) 966-LUCK (5825)
(212) 274-0002 ext. 3

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