I’ve had to talk with Time-Warner Cable at least 16 times this last month

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I’ve been holding off writing a post about Time-Warner Cable for the last couple weeks solely because the agents have been so helpful and friendly. No matter what department I spoke to, whether on the phone or face-to-face, everyone across the board has been no less than great.

The problem? I’ve had to talk with Time-Warner Cable more than 15 times in the last month. That’s once every couple of days… for a whole month.

Given, I’ve had some unique situations with buying my own modem, two different TiVos, and ordering Chinese channels when my family was visiting, so calling them up and visiting their office a few times is reasonable, but fifteen times is just too much.

With TWC, it seemed that a change to your service would impact other services, but you wouldn’t know until something was amiss. I would see weird charges on my bill. Features that I removed or equipment that I returned would re-appear in some weird system quirk.

Each time after the 7th call, I would get a little more frustrated and consider writing a post to vent about my experience, but each time a friendly agent would dutifully help me through my problem.

Today was the “final straw” that forced my typing hand. I received my digital tuner and cable card today, but without all the cords to make them work.

When I came home and saw the package, I was excited to start hooking up my Tivo to the tuner and projector. However, after setting things up (including a last second trip to Best Buy to buy a cable splitter), I realized that TWC didn’t give me the right power adapter, so I couldn’t even turn the thing on.

No power adapter? UGH.

Here’s been a log of all the contact/communication I have had with Time-Warner Cable since September 18th:

  1. Initial Setup/Installation
  2. Called in to activate my own modem
  3. Called in to activate another modem (first was broken)
  4. Internet stopped working because I had two modems on my account (my own and TWC)
  5. Returned TWC modem at store
  6. Called in to order Chinese channels
  7. Called to set up TiVo (found out I needed digital tuner)
  8. Called to set up TiVo + Digital Tuner
  9. Called because Chinese channels stopped working
  10. Returned cable box to store
  11. Called to cancel Chinese channels
  12. Called about charges on my bill and found that TWC has no record of my returned cable box
  13. Went to TWC to figure out why they had no record (I had receipts)
  14. Received digital tuner + cable card, but no power adapter
  15. Called in to have new digital tuner power adapter sent to me
  16. Once digital tuner setup, will send email to TWC employee to remove modem

I’m sure I am missing a couple phone calls in there, but you get the point. That’s a lot of communication in just one month to set up internet, cable TV, and a couple TiVos…

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