Here’s what it feels like to walk in women’s shoes (and not be a drag queen)

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As humans, our experiences as who we are influence how we view the world. 

No matter how open-minded or empathetic one is, one can never really know what it feels like to be taller or shorter, older, or a different race, gender, or sexuality without experiencing them firsthand.

And sometimes all it takes is a hidden camera following a woman walking through New York City for 10 hours to really give males a sense of the completely different experiences of simply getting to one place to another:

The woman was catcalled 108 times in a ten hour span — not to mention the guys that creepily that followed her.

Is this video representative of every woman’s experience? No, of course not. We can argue the details of the video, the woman, etc., but the fact of the matter is, woman face a different reality than men.

The video highlights just how common harassment can happen on the street when female. This allowed me to understand how much it can happen day-today.

As a sidenote, this all happened in the daytime, so can you imagine how unsafe a woman may feel walking home at night? I can now.

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