Ebola exposes epidemic of ignorance

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Shhhh…. can you hear that? It’s silence, specifically, it’s people NOT talking about Ebola. 

I know that all it takes is one person with Ebola-like symptoms to bring it back to CNN and Fox News. Still, even with Ebola fading in the media, there’s a lot of misinformation and ignorance about it. Can you catch Ebola via a cough or a sneeze — HIGHLY UNLIKELY. Should I worry about my co-worker who just visited Africa? Um…

So this is a Map of Africa's Ebola

The creator of the graphic was inspired by the resignation of a teacher in Kentucky after the staff, parents, and students at the school she taught at made an unbearable fuss about how she traveled to Kenya on a Mission.

As you can clearly see, Kenya is not on the above map and has not reported a single case of Ebola – not to mention that the country is all the way on the Eastern coast of Africa — the opposite side of the most heavily-impacted countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The epidemic isn’t Ebola, everyone, it’s the ignorance and bad information flying around. Get it together!

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