Love sports but being a pro athlete is out of the question? Here’s how you can still have a career in sports

So you played on your high school baseball or football team and aspired to be a professional athlete, but then a couple injuries hit or maybe you simply hit your ceiling (or stopped growing). That doesn’t necessarily mean your career in sports is over, it’ll just be much different. You’ll just have to find a way to continue it off the court.

The great news is the rise rise of technology has opened up many doors all over the world; the range of jobs and careers now available thanks to the internet.

You can now make a living by making YouTube videos or writing blogs, and in many cases – if you have what it takes – you can earn as much, if not more, money than the ‘traditional’ career paths that were deemed necessary in order to live out your American Dream in the 20th century.

This means that if all you care about is sports, this will not hold you back. You can apply your knowledge in various ways and not have to succumb to the 9-5 lifestyle that you simply aren’t cut out for.

Here are some of the ways in which you can make a living within industries that are related to sport.

Start a Blog If you build it, they will come. It’s true. What’s missing from that cliche passage is your passion. If the first you do is look up scores and game recaps, watch videos and read articles about your favorite player, team, or league, you can turn that fire into content. And then you can put that content online.

With website software like SquareSpace, Wix, WordPress, SubStack and a host of other free one click website makers  — starting a website has never been easier or cheaper.

There might be a slight learning curve as you learn all the functionality of whatever platform you choose, but once you get the basics down, you’ll be turning your desire and passion for Zion Williamson, the New Orleans Saints or the MLB into content others will want to read. Once you have the readers, you can turn those eyeballs into clicks via ads from Google Adsense or other marketing platforms that will pay you for the views.

Starting a website and making money from it is a slow burn, but if you stick with it, you can easily make good money over time. Take a look at the ad below for inspiration…

Buy and Sell Collectibles  Sports cards’ biggest boom in decades has occurred since the spring of 2020, and this has provided an opportunity for savvy investors to buy and flip cards and stickers of their favorite players.

Fans have always collected cards from baseball, basketball, American football, ice hockey, and other North American sports, but soccer is now a big player and its cards may only continue to increase in value due to its global appeal.

If you are smart about your investments, you can make a living by flipping cards, or you could even open your own online store.

Online Betting and Sports Books Making money through placing bets is very difficult. It usually requires setting up your own sophisticated system and essentially working full-time hours in an attempt to find value, and even then, it’s all very high-risk.

Trading on betting exchanges can be a lower-risk approach that is easier to master for some people, but you can make money through sports betting in ways that don’t require you to actually be gambling all of the time.

Affiliate sites are a good option, and by writing reviews on Bet365, or guides on how to bet on certain sports, or lists of betting offers, you can send new players to bookmakers.

If you like to bet for fun, you can create content around it such as podcasts, videos, and blogs.

Become a YouTuber I watched my friend take his passion for the Golden State Warriors into a successful website and even more successful YouTube channel.

Football (soccer) fan channels have become a huge hit in the UK over the last decade, and there are many excellent creators who simply talk about their teams in front of a camera and gain popularity and a large following.

By building an audience on YouTube, other opportunities within the media may present themselves, as traditional media outlets look to embrace influencers as this can be the best way to attract younger viewers or listeners.

After building your profile, you may be able to secure brand deals while also potentially earning a steady income through Google AdSense.

Collect Data at Live Events

Live scores services now provide updates for the most obscure leagues all over the world, and this means that no matter where you are based, there may be a need for people to go to events and cover games.

If you have a good enough understanding of a particular sport, you may qualify to be able to go and gather data from stadiums. All you need is a phone and an internet connection while you are there.

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If you have multiple Google Nest or devices, you need to try the “multi-room control”

With multi-room control, you have all of your speakers, at your command. At once. The multi-room control functionality makes it easier than ever to stream music across your Google Nest speakers, Google hub and displays as well as with Google Chromecast. Learn more how to use multi-room control here.

Use your devices as your all-in-one dashboard. For example, play the audio you want on the Google devices you want, all from a single screen. With multi-room control, you have the ability to do things like:

    1. Group Nest speakers, displays, and Chromecast in real time to play audio in multiple rooms.
    2. Transfer audio from one group of devices to another.
    3. Adjust the volume on each individual device, or across the entire group.

Google’s multi-room control also works with popular streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, not to mention all Google and YouTube services, so you can seamlessly enjoy your streaming entertainment.

Compatible devices include the Google Nest Audio, Google Home, Google Nest Mini (2nd gen), Google Home Mini (1st gen), Google Home Max, Google Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, Nest Wifi point, Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast Audio, and devices with Chromecast built-in

Take your music with you, hands-free.

“Hey Google, move the music to kitchen speaker”

With a simple voice command, you can switch between speakers, displays, and speaker groups mid-song with just a couple words.

Get instant stereo sound, surrounding you. Expand your sound with Nest Audio.

If you’re wanting stereo sound, you can then pair two Nest speakers of the same type in the same room for immersive music and media. Crisp vocals, powerful bass, and hands-free controls for the music you love. In those specific situations, we love being able to connect all our Google devices together (two Nest hub displays and two Chromecasts) — it makes for a more rich experience.


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Citi Bike NYC updates app, introduces new functionality including “Scan to Unlock”

You may have noticed the Citi Bike updated their app. Not only did the app get a makeover, but it the new release version introduces new functionality that will make your Citi Bike experience more convenient and easy. With your new upgraded Citi Bike account, here’s some of the latest and greatest improvements the company has made.

So what’s new with the new Citi Bike app? Here’s some of the new features and functionality.

  • More ebikes: Grab an ebike from more even places with our expanded fleet.
  • Better feedback: Rate your experience with bikes, rides, and stations in the app.
  • Help when you need it Ask questions and report issues right away right from the app.
  • Easy membership management Renew right from the app.

We love that they’ve added more e-bikes to their system, but we love how you can view which e-bike at the station has the most battery charge.

In addition, probably our favorite update to the app is adding the ability to unlock any bike with your phone. Yes all you have to do is scan the QR code on any bike, wait a couple seconds and the bike should unlock. No more 100% reliance on the keys or finding a station that will create you one.

Tagged : / launches their free local channel service in Orlando and Charlotte announced earlier today that their service is now in two more markets: Orlando, Florida, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Those new local channels are available today and makes cord cutting a little simpler for those that live in those cities in Florida and North Carolina, and just in time to watch the pro-football conference playoff games this Sunday, you can now stream local broadcast TV channels in nine counties in Orlando and 22 counties in Charlotte.

And if you’re a NFL fan like, here’s where to find this Sunday’s games on your local TV channels through Locast:

    • Tampa Bay at Green Bay (3:05 p.m. ET)
    • Buffalo at Kansas City (6:40 p.m. ET)

Residents in Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne as well as Charlotte and Statesville and the surrounding areas will be able to watch all of their local TV stations via the Internet on their phones, tablets, laptops, or streaming media devices.

The new local service also gives access to important local news, storm coverage, emergency information, election coverage, sports, and entertainment programming to internet-connected devices.

Learn more about Locast service in the Orlando and Charlotte areas by going to or on the company’s news page.

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These four recent technologies actively changed (and connected) the world


The year 1995 might seem like a very long time ago, but it was the year when everything changed. If you had a DVD player then you had a top of the range entertainment system. Mobile phones were around and even though they were bulky, they were certainly worth the investment if you were in the business world.

WiFi was released for consumer use and if you had a router then you could easily access whatever you wanted on the go as well. You could unplug your network cable and you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing there. The internet has also given rise to sites such as Unibet Pennsylvania and similar gaming sites, sites which have been driven and thrived since the launch of reliable WiFi.

Search Engines

What good is the internet if you can’t find what you’re looking for? Without the advent of the search engine, we wouldn’t be able to navigate the internet with the ease we can today. The history of search engines can be traced back to the early-1990s, but really, search engines all bow down to the great Google. The search company not only revolutionized how search engines worked, but gave birth to the most-influential company of our modern times.

Google changed how we looked at and used web browsers, maps, paid ads, virtual storage and mobile phones. Speaking of which…

Apple’s iPhone

Even though Apple didn’t bring out the very first smartphone, it would seem that they got the ball rolling in 2007. Social media was on the rise and it wouldn’t be half as powerful as it is now if it wasn’t for all of the emerging tech out there. Social media platforms have also been optimized for users as well and this is incredible to say the least. Who knows where we would be if it wasn’t for social media, but at the end of the day, it certainly helps to keep the world much more connected.

Voice Assistants

The world has also been changed thanks to voice assistants. Of course, the world has certainly changed a lot but at the end of the day, it has also paved the way for new and exciting advancements. Voice assistants can now be asked to set alarms, turn the lights on and off and more. This is all fantastic and it has also helped to spur on the launch of the Amazon Alexa.

Of course, on top of this, you also have things such as the Google Home device. This takes all of the things that you have to do, and it puts it in an easy to use format so that you can be reminded about everything you need on a regular basis.



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Here are a four important items to consider before investing your hard-earned money

If you truly want to create lasting wealth, investing is the way to go. Unfortunately, even parents and schools that are good about teaching skills for personal finance often don’t show you how to do this. No matter if you’re investing in the stock market or mutual funds or currencies or certificate of deposits or permanent life insurance; some of it much more complicated but all it requires research and serious consideration. 

So before you even get started, you need to think long and hard about your resources and the approach you want to take. The four investing points below all need consideration before you move forward on how to best-invest your hard-earned money.

Review Your Financial Situation

First, you need to organize your finances. Investing can be both fun and lucrative, but it might not make sense if you are paying more in interest on debts than you will earn on your investments. The sensible thing in that situation is to pay off the debts first or get lower interest rates on the existing balance. For example, if you are paying off student loans, you can find out in just two minutes if you are eligible for lower rates. This can also cut years off what you owe. You can use the money that you save to put toward investments. You should also have an emergency fund before you start, with enough to cover at least three months of expenses.

Time and Interest

You need to consider how hands-on you want to be. This is a function of how much time and energy you have and how much you want to learn. There’s nothing wrong with approaching investing passively, putting your money in funds and largely allowing it to do its thing. This would be the case with mutual or index funds. You could also have a robo-advisor select a strategy for you. You probably won’t get super-rich taking the passive approach, but you can do very well. On the other hand, if you have the passion to do the research, you could make a huge amount of money if you become more active.

Budget and Risk Tolerance

Whether you have $100, $10,000, or even more, will it affect the kind of investments you can make? There is actually a lot you can do with $100, but some approaches will require larger minimums. Whatever you decide on, it should be money you can afford to lose or at least not have access to for a certain period of time. This is where your risk tolerance comes in. When assessing your appetite for risk, consider your age and your aim as well. If you are older and hoping to boost your retirement savings, you may not want to be too risky because you have less time to recover from setbacks. On the other hand, you also have less time to watch your money grow, so if you’ve got some cash to spare, you may want to throw it to risky prospects and see what sticks.


Professional Help

These days, going online makes it easy to get started with needing a professional, especially since you can use a robo-advisor. However, just for peace of mind and to better understand various strategies and the landscape ahead of you, you might feel better if you meet with a professional to discuss your goals. Friends and families may be able to provide recommendations.

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Call of Duty: CoD: Mobile finally gets its long-awaited launch in China

After many years of rumors and wishes from supporters, the Call of Duty family is now fully launched in China.

The hit Call of Duty (CoD: Mobile) landed on Western shores back in October of 2019, but has now travelled the world over with a huge launch in China this month.

The travel version of Activision’s top-selling shooter game has already earned a massive player base of over 250 million downloads, generating over $330 million by June 2020, making it one of the biggest game launches ever recorded.

CoD: Mobile followed the same vein in just it’s first week in China, earning a small fortune for it’s creators in just a matter of days, which will be a relief after such a long time in the making.

Because of China’s strict rules on gaming, CoD: Mobile has been in China’s authorization stage since it was launched into circulation in 2019, but thanks to Tencent working with TiMi studios and Activision, technology is helping to change the gaming world forever.

With the ability to play the new addition on the smaller screen of a mobile or tablet, it quickly became the number one Christmas present in China, with thousands playing it on Christmas Day.

How Well Did CoD: Mobile really do in China?

According to data from a gaming marketing agency, the new launch generated over $14 million in the first week alone, with all of that coming from player spending.

Despite the huge figures, that makes it the fourth best game in terms of revenue, with Honor of Kings, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile and Fantasy Westward Journey still ahead of CoD: Mobile in the pecking order.

However, as of the end of 2020, the game had worldwide revenue of an eye watering $644 million, with the United States of America being the top spender, with $287 million spent so far.

On the downloads front, Apple is dominating this digital playground with Android lagging someway behind in terms of the numbers. Apple currently has 61% of the CoD: Mobile downloads, with Android via Google Play clocking in at 39%.

This could all be set to change though, with China set to have continued impact on the CoD: Mobile figures. After already hitting over 300 million downloads in the country, it’s likely that China will soon be replacing the United States of America as the big spenders on the game.

Betting on CoD

Call of Duty was one of the first eSports games that became available with sports bookmakers to bet on, and is continuing to grow in popularity with punters across the globe.

The biggest COD tournaments now tend to be available with a number of different bookmakers, who offers markets on everything from the outright tournament winner to who you think will win that particular match-up.

With the recent surge in interest around betting on Call of Duty and eSports in general, many of the bookmakers are fighting for your custom with special promotions.

That often means that as new players you can receive your stake bet as a free bet or even get a free bet just for signing up.

What’s Next for CoD: Mobile in China?

Along with betting, the launch of the new game has been very lucrative for Tencent and Activision, who already have a monopoly on the Chinese market.

Tencent, alone, have made $20 million from bringing Supercell’s Brawl Stars to China, and already have their hands in Fortnite and League of Legends to name just a few. Mobile gaming is where it’s at right now and where it’s going to go in the future. Despite many people still seeing it as the poor man’s alternative to playing on a console or PC, the new launches continue to prove their critics wrong.

According to Statista, figures show that mobile gaming is only getting stronger in its popularity in China; growing from 133 million in 2010 to nearly 620 million in 2019. For reference, that’s more than double the population of the United States. However, the growth in mobile gamers and gaming isn’t only happening in China, but around the world.

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What everyone should research and prepare for before visiting a new city or country

Are you thinking of taking a trip soon? It’s not just important to pack enough socks and underwear, but there are a lot of different considerations one should review before stepping foot in different continent, country, region, city or village.

Know a destination before visiting

Whether you’re planning to visit Florida to tour some of the Fort Lauderdale houses for sale, heading to any new city on vacation, or for any reason, there are a so many things you’ll definitely want to know before you go. And these best practices are good to review before any trip — domestic or international.

Entry Requirements

If you’re traveling to a foreign city, one of the first things to check is the entry requirements. A valid passport with an expiration date three to six months after the date you plan to exit is required by most countries. Some also require a visa, meaning you’ll need to submit an application, photo, and other documents, so you’ll need plenty of time to get that taken care of.

Plan around local holidays

Check to see what and when the public holidays are for the destination you’re traveling to to avoid disappointment or worse. Holidays can mean many things will be closed, from attractions to banks, and there may not be any public transportation running either. If there is a special event celebrating a holiday, it could mean sold-out accommodations or traffic problems.

Know the weather

You’ll want to at least have an idea of what the weather might be like in the city you plan to visit so you’ll know what to pack, but there are other reasons too. For example, if you plan to travel in an area subject to hurricanes, it becomes even more important to know when to visit to avoid that risk. In some places, winter might be dry and sunny, while others experience frequent blizzards, which means bringing that heavy coat and snow boots.

If you’re heading to a city in the Southern Hemisphere like Sydney or Auckland, remember that the seasons are the opposite of what they are in the Northern Hemisphere, so you could leave home with snow on the ground and land where temperatures are sizzling.

Research Top Attractions and Hidden Gems

While you don’t have to plan out your entire itinerary, do some research ahead of time to get an idea of the top attractions, as well as places locals recommend that are likely to be more hidden gems most visitors miss.

Electricity (want to charge your phone?)

Depending on your destination, you may need adaptors or converters to use your electronic gadgets, from phone chargers to hairdryers, laptops, and so on. The voltage and type of outlet are the same throughout the Americas, but if you’re traveling elsewhere, you’ll want to find out what the standard voltage is for electrical outlets in your destination as well as the kind of outlet used. An adaptor will allow you to plug in your device, while a converter makes it work without blowing it up. If either are necessary and you don’t have them with you won’t be able to use your electronics.

The overall culture

At the basic level, travel is said to increase cultural understanding. The idea there is being simply being exposed to something new expands the mind.

However it’s best to do some research ahead of time to find out about the local customs and beliefs beforehand so you’re respecting the norms and values of that country.

It’s important to respect the culture – for example, in Muslim countries, women should wear loose-fitting clothes that cover the legs, chest, and arms, while both sexes should avoid t-shirts. While in nations like Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, and others, it’s customary to remove your shoes before entering a home, and a major faux-pas to walk through a house with them on.

Almost all the traditional customs are a product of that country’s unique locale, history and religion so don’t pick and choose which customs you want to adhere to, but respecting all of their customs and values by being aware of them and culturally sensitive. You’re the visitor after all.

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Beware: Scammers texting as the New York DMV about “Real ID requirements” and asking you to “update contact (information)”

Over the last weeks, the DMV of New York City was made aware of scam text messages that were being texted to their customers. Here’s the email we received this morning alerting us to the scam and phishing text messages regarding “Real ID requirements” and customers needing to “update contact (information)”

[blockquote]We are contacting you to make you aware of various text message phishing schemes targeting our customers, and to share tips that you can follow to protect yourself.

These fraudulent text messages are made to look like they are from the NYS DMV and they include a link to a fake DMV website. The messages ask the recipient to update their contact information in an attempt to gain access to sensitive personal data.

If you receive such a text message, you should not provide any personal data and should delete the text right away.[/blockquote]

As with most phishing scams, these text messages purportedly from the DMV are asking you to click on a link that looks like it’s coming from the DMV such as and a shortened link from Check out these screenshot images of a couple of those text messages:

The DMV of New York has suggested you follow these guidelines so not to be tricked into clicking on any of these fake links:

Follow these tips to help protect against phishing schemes:

DO inspect all electronic communications you receive to confirm the message was generated from a legitimate source.

DO look for telltale signs of phishing – poor spelling or grammar, the use of threats, the URL does not match that of the legitimate website. If the message does not feel right, chances are it is not.

DON’T click on links embedded in an unsolicited message from an unverified source.

DON’T send your personal information via text.  Legitimate businesses will not ask users to send sensitive personal information through text message.

DON’T post sensitive information online.[/blockquote]

If you want to know more about phishing scams and how to identify and avoid potential scams, go to this link New York State’s Phishing Awareness resources page

WhatsApp: What does “this account was previously a business account” mean?


In the modern world of instant gratification, JackpotCity online casino is your go-to destination for placing wagers. JackpotCity offers everything from table games to slots and poker with incredible welcome bonuses.

However, when communicating with individuals and businesses, most people prefer texting more than calling. That’s why messaging apps like WhatsApp have decided to leverage this texting craze for business and personal use. As such, there’s a separate WhatsApp application for businesses, making it easy for brands and entrepreneurs to connect with their prospects privately and securely.

So, what does the message “this account was previously a business account” mean?

As earlier mentioned, there are separate WhatsApp application for business and personal use. However, if you no longer desire a WhatsApp business account, you can use the same number for a normal WhatsApp account. When you choose to do this, WhatsApp will notify the people you communicate with that your number is no longer available for business as previously.

What’s different about WhatsApp Business?

When looking for a quick way to connect with your prospects via social media, Whatsapp business is what you need. Whatsapp business brings you a range of interesting features designed for growth and easier communication with customers. Some of these features include creating a catalog and interacting with customers without having to save your number and instant replies.

Why convert a business WhatsApp account into a normal one?

Whether you’ve lost your business or changed your official contacts, it’s unnecessary to delete your WhatsApp business account completely. Converting your business account into a personal one also allows you to keep the WhatsApp backup messages, which might be of great value. That’s because WhatsApp allows you to transfer all the content to your normal WhatsApp account easily.

How do you change a WhatsApp Business Account to a normal one?

To start using your current WhatsApp Business number on the normal personal account, follow these steps using your Android or iOS device.

  1. Start by uninstalling your WhatsApp business app on your device, but remember to
  2. backup your data.
  3. Install the normal WhatsApp application from the Play Store or iOS store.
  4. Launch the new WhatsApp application and enter your phone number for verification. You’ll need to use the number on your WhatsApp business account.
  5. After entering your phone number, you’ll receive a text informing you that the number belongs to your business account and won’t be available for that use after continuing.
  6. When you choose to continue, you’ll receive an OTP to your number, and the shift will be done once you enter it and press ok.
  7. You’ll also get a chance to restore your backup messages saved on iCloud or Google Drive.
  8. Customize the application according to your personal needs.

Here’s the answer

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the difference between WhatsApp business and the normal account. Fortunately, converting a business account for personal use isn’t a big deal, especially if it no longer suits your needs. You can also upgrade a personal account for business use, though you can’t use the same number for two accounts.

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India, Ireland and the 6 countries you should consider visiting in 2021

All of our travel plans this year were dashed for obvious reasons, so we are going to look ahead to the return of travel in 2021. No longer should we tell ourselves that “I will do it eventually” or push our desires to the side and say, “I will go there one day”.

No, in 2021, we are saying nothing but yes. Yes, to new travel experiences, yes to making new friends, and yes to giving ourselves a challenge. There are so many vibrant cities, majestic beaches, and charming villages that are just waiting for people to explore them again. Below we have given you a list of places that you should definitely think about traveling to next year.


Colorful, captivating, and totally chaotic, there really is nowhere on this beautiful planet of ours quite like India. A land that is home to a billion people and more than a thousand languages, it really is a country that is steeped in tradition and history. This huge country is also home to some of the most

impressive building in the world. The Taj Mahal will live up to your expectations, while the Ambert Fort will fascinate you with all of its intricate architecture. In the north of the country, <ahref=””> will give nature lovers the opportunity to spot leopards, tigers, and sloth bears. Last but not least, how could we talk about India and not mention the amazing food? The guy that stands outside your local curry house might claim they have the best curry outside of India, but you cannot beat the real deal.


With its beautiful beaches, friendly people, tantalizing food, and ancient temples it is no surprise that Vietnam is such a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. You can get yourself lost in the city streets that are bristling with street food vendors and scooters, or you can relax a bit in picturesque bays and peaceful villages. You can experience Vietnam’s complicated past by exploring the Cu Chi tunnels or by taking a walk through the war-damaged Imperial Citadel in Hue. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a gambler, then you will be glad to hear that there are plenty of land-based casinos, mostly in Ho Chi Minh City, where you will be able to test out your luck while having an awesome gambling experience.


Ireland is a great place to visit not only because of its history and beauty, but also because of its fantastic atmosphere. The Irish are known all over the world for their festive celebrations, and there are many festivals and events throughout the year such as the TradFest that is held in Dublin at the start of each year. This is the biggest traditional music festival in the country and is attended by thousands. You can drink some of the best beer and whiskey in the world while listening to some quality music, what is not to like about that?

The Irish are also sport mad, so we highly recommend that you attend a sporting event while you are there, if you like sports yourself, of course. We suggest you watch a Gaelic football match or a rugby match. As well as watching sports, the Irish love to place bets on them too. If you are reading this and happen to be from Ireland yourself, perhaps you are looking for a great betting site. If so, we recommend that you take a look at Here you will find a lot of valuable information about the best sportsbooks and online casinos for those in Ireland.


Morocco can be seen from Spain, but when it comes to cuisine, culture, and landscapes it is fair to say that it might as well be a world away. We recommend that you visit Morocco with an empty suitcase as it is very easy to go overboard in the numerous markets that sell hand-woven rugs, fragrant spices, and traditional ceramics. The Atlas Mountains will provide you with some of the best trekking routes in the world, winding through fantastic villages, mountain pastures, and farmland. Another must see while in Morocco is the Sahara Desert, and you should spend a night sleeping under the stars.


When you are looking for a holiday destination, we know that it is tricky to resist the allure of a beach, but we promise you that this landlocked country will not disappoint you. Uzbekistan really is a diverse and unique destination that has a spellbinding history. Turquoise tiles adorn madrassas, mosques, and mausolea, which makes this treasure trove of Islamic and Soviet architecture something that you will not experience anywhere else on this planet. However, do not just stick to the beautiful cities while you are here, as a good time can be had in the Desert sharing stories and drinking wine with the locals who call it home.


If you are searching for a country that has ancient cities and distinctive landscapes, then you really do not need to look any further than Turkey. From the stunning basalt chimneys in Cappadocia to the travertine terraces in Pamukkale, Turkey is home to natural features that really are one of a kind. However, some of the most remarkable sights that you will see in this country have been left behind by ancient civilizations. Persians, Greeks, Phrygians, and Romans used to call Turkey home at one stage, and you can find out all about how they live by visiting the wonderfully preserved ancient cities, museums, and underground cave homes. Europe and Asia collide in Istanbul, which is a capital city that will amaze you with its countless restaurants, imposing mosques, and the biggest bazaar in the world.


The tricky thing about a trip to Peru is deciding on what you are going to do while you are there – this is a country that is full of wonderful attractions. You might think of Machu Pichu as an overcrowded tourist hotspot but seeing it on your friend’s Facebook profile cannot compare to experiencing it in real life. It really is worth your time and effort to visit this ancient Incan citadel. When you have finished exploring

Machu Pichu, you can experience the Amazon or spend a night in a mud hut on the shores of Lake Titicaca. All of this exploring will make you hungry, so you will be happy to find out that the Peruvians know how to make some delicious food.

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Can ZOOM attendees see movement or people when I have a virtual background?

With the current trend of teleconferencing being a necessity in the age of Covid-19, Zoom became a market leader in the industry and is holding thousands of meetings and 300 million daily participants every day.

It does so by enhancing its features to make its users enjoy every bit of it. The latest feature adopted by zoom is virtual backgrounds for video.

Please continue reading to understand how ZOOM works.

What is Zoom Virtual background?

During a Zoom meeting, you may see some participants with a beautiful background, e.g., beach. If you are not keen, you may think that they are attending the meeting from the beach. Other participants may alternatively opt for a video background. That may also make you believe that they are at a scene.

However, that is not the case.
The change of background is possible because of the latest feature in Zoom called virtual background.

One unique thing about this feature is how it works. It only achieves the objective when there is uniform lighting. The importance of uniform lighting is to detect the difference between the user and the virtual backgrounds. That takes us to the next question.

Can people see movement with Zoom virtual background?

To answer whether ZOOM attendees can see movement in your ZOOM virtual background, the answer really depends on your setup and how close that movement is to your screen.

In my personal experience, unless the movement is within 2-3 feet of the screen, viewers and attendees won’t be able to see any movement. So if your roommate or partner walks behind you (as mine has), but is more than three feet away from the screen, you don’t have to worry.

Again, all this is true only if you have ZOOM virtual background set up.

Another general rule is as long as you (as the primary ZOOM attendee) is closest to the screen, the technology is smart enough to understand where to focus the computer camera on. In other words, don’t let any movement get in front of you. In vast majority of cases, no one should be able to view another person or movement. Again, as long as you have a virtual background.

Let’s also recap how a zoom virtual background setup is vital to understanding the answer.

Here are the key considerations when setting up backgrounds for zoom

To make everything work for you regarding background effects, you have to ensure that the computer you are using is in good condition and meets Zoom’s basic requirements. However, that also depends on the type of operating system you are using.
From there, ensure that you use a solid background color. The recommended color is green. You can achieve that by using physical green screens. The advantage is that the screens are accessible online via Amazon and other online shops like Alibaba.
The second thing to consider is the kind of camera you use during the meeting. Your camera should be sharp and have the recommended specifications that a good camera should possess.

For instance, the lenses should be good to take quality videos and images of you.
Also, as mentioned above, use uniform lighting because it will distinguish you from the virtual backgrounds. Remember, the core of using Zoom is to attend a meeting you would have attended physically. Therefore, using uniform lighting will make you visible to other participants and make them know you are in attendance.

The final thing that will make you visible to the other participants is wearing a cloth with a different color from that of the background.

Following the above setup processes will make your virtual backgrounds for zoom excellent. They will enable you to meet quality standards and also enhance your presentation during a meeting.

So can zoom attendees see another person in your ZOOM background?

If you’re using ZOOM as it’s intended, then no, you probably don’t have to worry about other attendees seeing movement in your background. However, you should still be cautious.

From the setup information we have already highlighted for you, it’s agreeable that people can detect movement with Zoom virtual background. However, that’s majorly dependent on how you set up your virtual backgrounds for video.
If you don’t follow the step-by-step procedures highlighted above, you may become undetectable, especially if you leave the meeting unannounced. The application of virtual backgrounds is not complicated, and gamblers can also attest to that.

The whole concept behind this idea is to make gaming and teleconferencing more realistic. If you visit Loki casino, you will see how the whole concept is applicable.
Zoom is becoming better daily, and it’s making the world a better place with teleconferencing in handy. The fantastic thing about zoom is that the developers are always out to make things better for the users by adopting modern features such as zoom virtual background.

Such improvements make zoom a preference for meetings and other video purposes. It leaves every user satisfied and yearns for every second spent on Zoom.

These ZOOM and teleconferencing insights were provided by a real fan of ZOOM, Jacek Michałski (you can find more information about Jacek on this page).

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The low budget guide to starting an online casino in Australia


Australia is one of the world’s biggest gambling markets. It is ranked 6th when it comes to the number of pokies within the country.

It is not uncommon to find a “pokie” machine no matter where you are, be it pubs, restaurants, hotels or casinos. The H2 Gambling Capita survey which looked at 200 countries, found Australia to have the greatest number of people that gamble.

So, if you are an entrepreneur looking to grab a slice of this multi-billion-dollar pie, here is a low budget guide to starting an online casino in Australia.

Analyze your competition

There are hundreds of online casinos that accept players from Australia. Before you dive into starting one of your own, it would be a great learning exercise to really dissect all the top online casinos for Australians and how they have become so popular. You need to look at the best practices of the online casinos dominating the Australian market (Click here to see who they are). Even though you have a much smaller budget, it does not mean you cannot compete.

Furthermore, for those on a shoe string budget, this initial research costs nothing but is worth a lot.

Getting a Gaming license

Some of the most popular gambling jurisdictions where you can apply for a license include the UK, Malta, Alderney, Isle of Man, Curacao and Gibraltar. If you want Australian players to consider your online casino, you simply cannot afford to offer an unlicensed service.

Choose a license which is well reputed such as one from the UKGC for example. The factors that you need to consider while choosing a license are reputability, validity and the cost of licensing. Even though you are on a low budget, a license is one of the key expenditures where you should not be too conservative about spending, especially if you are looking for a good response once your casino is launched.

Partner with the reputed software providers

Developing your own online casino software and games is not only cumbersome but also an expensive affair. Furthermore, players would much rather choose to play pokies from established game developers rather than play proprietary games from a relatively unknown, in-house development team.

Therefore, you can save time and money by simply sourcing your games and software from online casino software providers such as Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, Betsoft Gaming, iSoftBet, and Real Time Gaming, to name a few. Since Australian players are big on pokies, choose providers with the best pokies’ collections.

Website and theme development

The website is the face of your online casino. It dictates the first impression and the overall player experience. A website that looks modern and immersive will go a long way in attracting players and getting them to sign up. The latest trend is not to overuse graphical elements, but rather keep the website looking minimal and clean with an easy to use information architecture.

Also, you want to think of a theme for your brand. May be you can have a mascot. Go through the themes that popular online casinos use for inspiration.

Another major factor which will determine the reception your online casino may receive is the type of promotions offered. Players love free stuff. Find a balanced promotional strategy which not only attracts new players and gets them to sign up (courtesy of welcome bonuses) but also rewards players that frequent your casino with regular promotions and a loyalty program with lots of perks.

Payment processing

Online casino players expect the most secure payments methods, but also want them to be quick and hassle free. In order to be competitive, your casino needs to support easy payments that are secure, cost virtually no processing fees and also quick withdrawals.

Thankfully, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to payment processing. There are tried and tested solutions which can be implemented. Sometimes, the software provider you are working with will take of care of payment processing.

Ensure that the casino supports various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, eWallets and even Bitcoins if your budget permits. Providing support for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Neosurf and POLi, can make it most convenient for your members. What is also important is that the casino supports various currencies, especially the Australian Dollar. Players having to go through currency conversion not supported by the casino is a big deal breaker. So, if you plan to operate in markets other than Australia, ensure the relevant currencies are supported by your casino.


Here are a few areas you cannot afford to compromise on if you want to operate a casino worth its salt.

• A reputed casino license
• Partnering with well-known game providers
• Implementing secure and fast payment solutions
• Development of a good looking and intuitive website

However, the one area where your budget will determine how far you go is marketing. The world of online casino marketing if full of tools and marketing channels. This could be SEO, promotions and bonuses, social media marketing, and affiliate site marketing.

Marketing is crucial to get your online casino noticed and bring in the players that it deserves.

To be honest, don’t be obsessed with making a profit right at the start. It could take a year or two to settle down. Just focus on offering some generous bonuses and host a load of promotions throughout the year. This is what will eventually bring in the profits.

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What’s the best neighborhood to live and rent a room in Manhattan?

Everyone dreams of living in New York City. Though Brooklyn is challenging Manhattan as the borough of choice, “The City” is still the dream. The good news is that with rental prices dropping across the city, you can accord to live in Manhattan. Continue reading “What’s the best neighborhood to live and rent a room in Manhattan?”

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Why I chose SEMrush over AHREFs when it comes to SEO keyword research

SEMrush and AHREFs are two of the prominent SEO research tools on the market. They’ve been around for years and both offer unique benefits, but both are not created equally when it comes to keyword research.

Continue reading “Why I chose SEMrush over AHREFs when it comes to SEO keyword research”

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These 10 ways that technology has changing the world of gaming forever

The world of gaming has taken massive strides forward over the past few years. Considering we are at the stage of virtual and augmented reality, yet it only feels like yesterday we were playing super pixelated Mario on our TV’s.  Continue reading “These 10 ways that technology has changing the world of gaming forever”

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The 7 key benefits of taking out payday loans in Ontario

Sometimes, you may find yourself in need of a loan for personal reasons. For instance, you might want to take a holiday to some amazing places or visit unusual cities worth seeing in your lifetime. Or maybe you suddenly need to have a medical procedure done ASAP, but you lack sufficient funds in your bank account.  Continue reading “The 7 key benefits of taking out payday loans in Ontario”

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How online casino VIP programs are setting trends In business

It’s no secret that customers love special treatment and individual attention. It makes sense that they also like being treated like kings. Gamblers and casino customers are no difference.

Players love to be showered in presents and attention, and as the research by Casino Hex says online casino bonuses are the best thing a player can receive. And VIPs receive them by the dozen all the time, that what makes them come back to the same land-based or online casino venues time and time again.

I’m not saying that casinos started the trend, but they keep it at it’s fullest. They know exactly what to give to their VIP customers and how to create the atmosphere around them to make them come back again and not once. And every company wants this type of success and loyalty.

How profitable are the VIP programs for business in general?

There’s a statement that we like, and it’s “Those who join your VIP program are worth more.” You set a task to push your clients to move from one tier to another one – they will inevitably become more loyal and committed to your company and brand. They will gain more value with every new purchase.

You can benefit from creating a VIP program as your clients can stay with you for a very long time. There’s a high chance to see returning clients – about 45% of VIP customers will make one more purchase. The more they buy, the more they get.

How will your profit increase? Let’s imagine a customer that goes through the VIP tiers and makes some purchases. The frequency of such purchases and the average order value are growing. VIP customers are likely to spend more than average clients. Experts state that you can expect them to bring you more profit up to 5 times.

How do VIP programs influence customers?

It’s not a secret that people tend to be better than their friends, relatives, colleagues, and others. VIP programs can give them a better social status. Let’s remember the mid-west Tribal casino, they had too many elite players, so many that the elite status lost its glory and this is how they came up with “above and beyond” status. And who doesn’t want to be on that level? They get the exclusive experience that a more significant part of your clients doesn’t receive. You will let your clients enhance the feeling of self-satisfaction, and it will make them come back to you in the future.

You can create the names for each tier that you have. Your clients will see that their status will change after making some actions and achieving some specific results. You can motivate your clients to achieve new levels and create attractive customer journeys. The upgrade of social status will attract people and stay with your brand for a long time.

What makes an excellent VIP program?

We consider two things to be the most important when creating a VIP program. The first is preventing or overcoming the client’s frustration and the second one is adding the things that will improve customer experience and make them feel engaged. These issues are not complicated to implement in the business processes.

You should prepare your clients to become members of a VIP program. If you run an online business, it can be an email with the information about the VIP program and its benefits. You can grant your current customers with a new status for a while for testing this idea. If you run an offline business, you can offer a VIP parking lot or something like that.

If you organize any events, you can think of comfortable conditions for the kids of your clients. There might be a babysitter that will take care of them. It can be free alcohol for VIP clients or any other perks that will surely make everyone feel pleased.

To improve the experience, you can offer your clients to become members of a community. You should provide some privileges for the member of such a club and remain a high level of services all the time. Your goal is to make people enjoy staying with you, have no problems with making a purchase, and solve all of the issues in no time.

The bottom line for VIPs

As the casino industry proved, creating VIP programs is good for business as it attracts people; you can make them spend more money and come back to you in the future. You can give your clients a new social status, unique privileges, and positive experience while staying with you and your company.

Your product or services can be of high quality, and there should be something more than you can offer. Personal communication, comfortable conditions, self-satisfaction, and great experience, in general, will increase your revenue and turn one-time buyers into regular customers.

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Can ‘The Last of Us 2’ overcome it’s rocky release and getting review-bombed?

Naughty Dog’s hugely anticipated sequel to their hit action-adventure, horror game — The Last of Us is finally here. Continue reading “Can ‘The Last of Us 2’ overcome it’s rocky release and getting review-bombed?”

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Phase II: A list of East Village, LES restaurants now offering outdoor and sidewalk seating

With phase two rolling out in New York City on Monday, June 22, the city allowed barbers, salons, playgrounds, retail stores, business offices, churches, restaurants and cafes all to open up for business again. Continue reading “Phase II: A list of East Village, LES restaurants now offering outdoor and sidewalk seating”

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Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories review, system requirements, release date

For a long time, the Japanese had been afraid to build Babylonian skyscrapers, but then they successfully solved this problem with clever technology and retrofitting. Continue reading “Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories review, system requirements, release date”

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Predator: Hunting Grounds review, system requirements and release date

Believe it or not, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in some iconic action movies. From Terminator to True Lies to Total Recall to The Running Man to Commando. If you were a fan of those (mostly) corny sci-fi, shoot-them-up filsm, then you’ll probably enjoy the game based on one of his more famous franchises: Predator. Continue reading “Predator: Hunting Grounds review, system requirements and release date”

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