Here’s 5 things we begrudgingly like about PayPal

We’re not a big fan of PayPal. The finance tech firm that provides a platform for processing payments online has often taken advantage of their early start in the online payment processing game.

Founded back in the late 1990s, when it was known as Confinity, but it has since become the biggest company of its type in the world.

It effectively acts as an intermediary service between the buyer and his or her bank, enabling them to withdraw or add money online when buying or selling. However, people can also keep money in their PayPal accounts to use for transactions, rather than their bank accounts.

Over the past 20 years, PayPal has become one of the top sites for financial transactions across much of the world. Here we will look at some of the fantastic things it can help you to do.

Buy and Bid on eBay

Conducting financial transactions on any site using PayPal is safe as it heavily encrypts all user data and employs multi-stage authentication. It is particularly secure to use eBay though, as this e-commerce giant owns PayPal.

That means that people using PayPal to bid for items listed on eBay, or just purchase them directly, can benefit from far greater buyer protection than the average user. Plus, in the unlikely event that there is a problem, they can access eBay’s clear complaint resolution procedures.

Anyone buying on eBay will come across the PayPal payment option along the way and it is not even necessary to have a PayPal account to exploit it.

Play at Online Casinos

Online casino is a very exciting form of gaming that lets you play fast spinning slots or tense, tactical games of poker for real money. However the fact that cash is part of the game means that you need to be able to deposit money in your casino account and be able to withdraw any you happen to win.

PayPal lets you do both of these things very easily and quickly. It is such a recognized name that almost all casinos have it as one of their deposit and withdrawal choices.

That ranges from new ones with enticing welcome bonuses to no deposit bonus ones and mobile casinos. The sheer number can make it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, but a site like Time2play ranks the best PayPal online casinos to help you steer clear of the bad ones.

Carry Out Transactions Internationally

As the largest online payment processor in the world, PayPal is available in almost every country around the globe. The full directory of nations that accept it is too long to possibly list here, as it comes to over 200.

Those that do not tend to be located in heavily restricted places like the Middle East or North Korea. These are unlikely to be used for many online transactions, so PayPal lets you buy and sell internationally or send money to family or friends in other parts of the world.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Many major retail brands partner with PayPal to provide discounts for people who buy from them using it. They include Nike, Walmart and Barnes & Noble and the page lists the current discounts that are available.

Being able to buy things you want for less money is definitely one of the top reasons for choosing PayPal.

Complete Transactions on the go

PayPal is available as a mobile phone app, via the iTunes Store. That means that it can be added to your mobile if you have an iPhone.

Therefore, if you are out of the house browsing online on your phone and you see something you want to buy, you can carry out the transaction right away. Equally, bills can be paid during breaks at work using the PayPal iPhone app.

The Benefits of Using PayPal

So there are lots of things that you can do using PayPal, but what are the specific benefits of this payment processor?


We all know that putting our bank details online when buying can be a risky business; but PayPal eliminates most of that risk. It is heavily centralized and deploys cutting edge data encryption making it almost impossible for cyber criminals to get at your information.

Low cost

Paypal has been known to charge and raise their already ridiculous fees on international payments. but one argument that fans argue in favor of PayPal is that their fees for transactions can be lower than many rival payment processors. Account creation is entirely free and US customers pay very little in transaction costs. E-commerce business users pay 2.7% for each sale, which again is pretty reasonable.

Payment flexibility

If you are using a credit card to pay for something, there is always the chance that you will not have enough credit left and the card gets declined. PayPal will allow a customer to link more than one credit or debit card to their account, as well as multiple bank accounts.

That means you will have several payment options easy to hand when you need to complete a purchase out in the real world. This will potentially save you a whole lot of embarrassment and annoyance.

This combination of benefits is why PayPal has remained the top e-wallet payment processor for such a long time.

Setting up a PayPal account is simple and free, after which sending and receiving payments will be quick and easy. If you have several debit or credit cards, these can all be added to your account so you will never be caught without cash.

Did Trader Joe’s discontinue their Elote Corn Chip Dippers?

If there’s one item that we’ve consistently been addicted to / love from Trader Joe’s; it’s without a doubt their Elote Chips.

A couple weeks ago, we could no longer locate the in the aisle they are usually stocked. We were concerned but not overly concerned as we know sometimes certain items are out-of-stock at Trader Joe’s for a few days. Especially our location in New York City. It’s not uncommon to not be able to find your favorite snack, yogurt or ingredient that day.

Known by their full name Organic Elote Corn Chip Dippers – I don’t think I’ve met anyone that dislikes these chips, so anecdotally, it wouldn’t make sense for them to be discontinued.

But Trader Joe’s doesn’t make business decisions based on whether a handful of my friends like their items. They got a business to run.

Did Trader Joe’s discontinue their Elote Corn Chip Dippers?

This happens a lot with Trader Joe’s items so when I don’t see the item for a couple weeks, depending on how much I love the item, I may try to confirm it with more official and unofficial channels.

First move is to check other nearby stores — which I didn’t do.

Instead I went to this Trader Joe’s reddit forum which is filled with comments soaked with tears at the loss of potential TJ favorites. If the Elote corn chips have been discontinued, we’ll definitely shed a tear for them, but that doesn’t seem to be the case as the latest Reddit thread is from nearly 10 months ago in August of 2021.

We also like to cross reference this dedicated Instagram account to forever gone TJ’s items. Thankfully, nothing has been reported on the Elote Corn Chip front.

The good news is as of this post, the Elote Corn Chip Dippers are still alive and well and their disappearance is probably an inventory issue. If TJs is out of stock of them and you want to settle your craving by re-creating them. You can use the same Trader Joe’s corn chips (sans elote seasoning) and then shake in some (alot) of the Everything But The Elote seasoning.

The 10 best places to eat and drink when visiting Sydney in 2022


Are you planning to visit Sydney this 2022? If you are, you’re in for a real treat because the city has some of Australia’s best food and drink options. Sydney is home to some of the world’s top restaurants, cafes, and bars. can help you get some of the best places to eat and drink. Some of these places include:

1. Quay

According to, Quay is one of Sydney’s best places to drink. The place has an extensive wine list and serves Australian and New Zealand wines. The bar also offers a wide range of cocktails, beer, and spirits. This means that you can find the perfect drink to suit your taste.

2. The Rocks

If you’re currently searching for a place to eat, you can’t go wrong with The Rocks. The area is home to some of the best restaurants in Sydney. You’ll be able to find everything from fine dining to casual cafes. If you’re interested in a place to eat, The Rocks is an excellent starting point.

3. Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach is one of the best places to eat and drink in Sydney. The beach is home to a range of cafes and restaurants. You’ll be able to find everything from fine dining to casual eateries. Coogee Beach is the perfect place to start your search for those looking for restaurants near me.

4. Paddington

Paddington is another excellent place to eat and drink in Sydney. The area is home to a range of cafes and restaurants. You’ll be able to find everything from fine dining to casual cafes. Visitors searching for restaurants near me, Paddington is the perfect place to start your search.

5. Marlborough Hotel

The Marlborough Hotel is another great place to drink in Sydney. The hotel has a large selection of cocktails, beer, and wine. This facility also offers a range of spirits. You can also find a wide range of food options at the Marlborough Hotel.

6. The Opera House

The Opera House is one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks. The Opera building is home to a range of bars and restaurants. You’ll be able to find the perfect place to eat and drink while you’re visiting Sydney. As it stands, the Opera House is one of the best places to eat and drink in Sydney.

7. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach stands out as one of the most popular beaches in Sydney, and it’s also home to a range of cafes and restaurants. You’ll be able to find everything from fine dining to casual cafes. Bondi Beach is an excellent place to start your search for restaurants near me.

8. Darling Harbour

This has always been one of the most popular places to eat and drink in Sydney. The area is home to a range of cafes and restaurants. You’ll be able to find everything from fine dining to casual cafes. Darling Harbour is an excellent place to start your search for restaurants in Sydney.

9. Surry Hills

For those looking for the best places to eat and drink in Sydney, you can’t go wrong with Surry Hills. The area is home to a range of cafes and restaurants. You’ll be able to find everything from fine dining to casual cafes. Surry Hills offers an excellent starting point for your search for restaurants in Sydney.

10. Loulou Bistro

Loulou Bistro is one of the best places to eat and drink in Sydney. The bistro has a large selection of French wines and serves Australian and New Zealand wines. You’ll be able to find the perfect drink to suit your taste. You won’t want to miss this when you’re visiting Sydney.

Visiting Sydney is a great way to experience the best that Australia has to offer. There are a range of things to do and see in the city. If you’re looking for the best places to eat and drink, you can’t go wrong with any of the places we’ve mentioned. You’ll be able to find everything from fine dining to casual cafes.


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The way too early 2022-23 NBA MVP predictions – who’s in the running?

With Nikola Jokić having recently claimed the title for 2021-22’s NBA MVP, fans are already clamoring over who’s going to be next to claim the gong. The 2022-23 season is, of course, just around the corner but it doesn’t hurt to get into some healthy speculation to prepare for the court excitement to come.

Fervent fans of NBA stars up and down the league are already putting their opinions forward for who the next big superstar’s likely to be. If you’re a sportsbook fan, you may already be deep into NJ sports betting over at Resorts Casino where NBA markets are quickly lining up. But, before taking any kind of punt, who are some of the bigger names in contention for next season’s top prize?

Jayson Tatum

While Tatum may be a little overshadowed on the MVP wish list by the likes of Giannis and Luka Dončić, the Celts’ underrated superstar is certainly due some recognition. Especially the maturity and leadership he’s shown in the 202s season and playoffs. However, he’s still very much emerging in terms of being an asset on the court.

That said, oddsmakers are looking closely at Tatum thanks to his all-around talent. On the wing and in defense, he’s proven to be a boon for the Celts when it comes to regular assists. Tatum is quickly emerging as one of the must-watch players in the league, which puts him in prime position for the next MVP accolades.

Luka Dončić

Whatever happens to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2022 NBA Playoffs, one thing is for sure — Luka Doncic will come out a much better, more well-rounded player. Going into the last two regular seasons as a favorite for MVP and having made a name for himself in the NBA playoffs the two last seasons, Luka has never moved past the first round. This season, Doncic and his Mavs advanced all the way to the Western Conference Finals. At just 23 years old, Doncic’s understanding of the game, confidence and intelligence belies his age. With a new and improved diet, a taste of the Western Finals, look for Doncic to lead the league in scoring next season AND be a front runner for the MVP discussions.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Across the board, Giannis’ name is the one that keeps coming up for next season’s MVP. He’s got form after all, having claimed the prize twice (and having been beaten to the punch by Jokić this time around), he’s a name that many shrewd fans would put at the top of the must-pick list.

The Bucks have weathered a fairly rocky season thanks to injury time and it’s in large thanks to Giannis that they’ve continued to rack up the wins. Giannis is a household name all on his own will he be the next MVP?

Nikola Jokić

Yes, after a barnstorming 2021-22, it makes logical sense to have Jokić’s name firmly on the board for another year of MVP glory. However, if he claims a third MVP title in a row, Jokić stands to become only the fourth NBA player to do so. That puts him in league with legends such as Russell, Chamberlain, and Bird is he ready to join such a pantheon?

It’ll remain to be seen if voters feel this way. Jokić is certainly one of the most formidable of his craft right now (and the MVP award proves this). But will voters be looking to crown someone completely different by the end of the 2022-23 season?

It may seem a little too early to place any definites behind players yet to grasp the next MVP award. However, if you know your players and voting patterns you might just be able to pick out the next big name. Will it be a three-time for Jokić? Keep your eyes on the court.

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A step-by-step guide to buying a pre- or new construction home

When you decide to buy a home, you have a couple of key options that you have to decide on pretty early on. Namely, are you going to buy an existing home or a home that’s pre-construction or new construction?

There are a lot of things appealing to buyers about new and pre-construction. You can customize many of the details, and you can reduce the potential for a bidding war that can happen when you’re buying in the resale market.

You also won’t have to think about making big repairs or doing a lot of work potentially for years or even decades to come.

There are some things you have to know, though, and we detail these below.

Pre-Construction and New Builds

A new-build home is frequently called pre-construction. This is a situation when a builder will release lots or homes that can be purchased. Typically, a developer will have a master plan for the community, but in some cases, they might just have a few new properties for sale.

Builders who are creating entire developments will often set up a model home. The model home is where interested buyers can go to get a feel for what their home might look like.

There will be floorplans and renderings available to help you better visualize the space.

With a new build, you’ll often be able to choose items, like your countertops and cabinet color in your kitchen. Some builders will even let buyers make changes to the layout.

Customization options can be categorized in the following ways:

With a full custom home, you can decide on all the details in a home. You’ll be picking even the smallest of things.

Semi-custom homes usually let you customize the key features like floors, countertops, and lighting.

A spec home is built for you, and it’s sold as-is. If you want to make any changes, you usually have to pay for them. Spec homes usually are the result of a buyer building custom and then backing out, or it can be when the builder sells their model.

The Process

There are different rules and steps to buying a pre-construction home, depending on where you live.

You might need to pay a reservation agreement, which may be a deposit of anywhere from 3-10% of the purchase price. The builder usually has the right to change the price. That deposit goes into escrow, and you should be able to cancel at any time and get a full refund.

Once development is approved for construction, the developer submits documents for approval by the state, and then they’re sent to you so that you can review them.

If you don’t withdraw from the contract, you provide the balance of the down payment and then sign a binding contract where you agree to buy the property.

When construction is almost finished, the developer gets a Certificate of Occupancy on your behalf, and then there will be a closing date set when you give the developer the balance of the purchase price and then sign any documents.

Again, this is a very general overview, and different states and developers are going to have their own ways of doing things.


If you’re looking at new construction or pre-construction homes, you’ll need to figure out what you can afford, just as you do when buying any other type of home. A lender will consider your yearly income and your income stability, your monthly debt load, and your savings. Lenders and banks will also look at your credit score and savings.

You’ll need a good credit score to get a loan with favorable terms, and you’ll need sufficient savings to cover your down payment and closing costs.

You’ll need to get pre-approved for financing so that you don’t waste your time or anyone else’s looking at things you can’t afford.

In some situations, a construction loan might be appropriate.

A construction loan is short-term funding that helps you as you’re building your home. Usually, the terms are for 6-12 months. Once your construction is complete, the loan converts to a long-term loan with terms of either 15 or 30 years.

A construction loan is very specialized, and they are tougher to secure.

Once you have financing and home and the home is complete, you can request an inspection. If there are any issues and you’re working with a real estate agent, they can negotiate with the builder on your behalf.

Finally, your builder should provide you with a New Home Warranty. This outlines the things the builder will repair for you or compensate you for if they come up.

What can you do to prepare for the future? A comprehensive overview of STEM

In today’s industry that harmonizes physical, digital, and biological systems, the demand for highly-skilled workers with advanced technological skills seems to be on the rise. Although this generation is considered to be one of the most advanced in science and technology, when it comes to labor skills in this regard, there is a skill gap. 

This has left many positions vacant as several workers’ skills aren’t meeting the demands and expectations of employers. This is where STEM education comes in.

To bridge the skill gap between labor and employers, educational institutions need to be knowledgeable in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields in addition to the various forms of linear equations, quadratic function equations, and radical problems and answers skills. An institution skilled in this field will no doubt produce graduates with better chances for future jobs. 

Unfortunately, educational institutions aren’t producing enough STEM graduates because students rarely choose this field, and the few that do, often switch majors. So, how do we prepare for future jobs, given that STEM appears to be an essential component of the employment industry’s present and future aspects?

This and much more will be discussed in this article. Let’s go.

STEM’s importance for future economic prosperity

In today’s world, there are just 10% of American STEM bachelor’s degree courses, China has 22%, and India 25%. This statistic is relatively low despite the high demand for STEM professionals

Experts have predicted that there will be an increase in the demand for such workers as computing, engineering, and advanced manufacturing jobs will be on the rise in the near future. However, does every student need STEM skills? Let’s take a look at that. Below are three important benefits of STEM education to future jobs.

Bridging the skill-gap for future jobs

STEM jobs are no doubt the future of the economy. Experts have projected employment growth of 8.8% in 2028 in just this field. This means that before qualifying for such job opportunities, a student must have a strong STEM background. Why are STEM careers important? For simple reasons,  they are high in demand and high in pay compared to regular careers.

Critical thinking and innovation skills

STEM education doesn’t only prepare students for a STEM career but also improves their problem-solving skills and logical thought processing. With these abilities, you can stand out and succeed in any field.

Project Management Skills

STEM courses are quite different from other courses, especially those related to technology and engineering. When implemented in a university, students get to handle hands-on projects preparing for the larger market. For example, building an engine, a computer program, or a simple robot is a skill that will no doubt be useful personally and in an organization.

What Can We Do To Prepare For Future Jobs?

There are numerous careers available in the world today that were unheard of several years ago. We cannot handpick the best STEM jobs for the future; however, we can equip ourselves with the necessary skills while preparing for them.

As old technologies fall away and new ones arise, STEM needs to be included in college as a course. This is the best way to prepare for the future of STEM. To prepare for future jobs, we must understand that the job outlook is shifting from the usual. 

We now have jobs such as mobile app developers, data analysts, and driverless car engineers, to name a few. These fields are all under STEM and didn’t exist several years ago. This means careers are evolving quite drastically, so you can only be prepared not to be left behind. 

So, how do we prepare for future jobs? Simple, by learning STEM as early as possible. Early STEM education must be developed appropriately. Preschoolers and elementary students should be provided with materials that can help them play and develop scientific thinking. STEM toys can be used in place of regular toys to encourage inquiry and experimentation, which is the basis for science.

As children mature, they should be taught to build problem-solving skills instead of memorizing textbook material. If exposed early, many students will enjoy STEM and be encouraged to explore careers in this field, even going as far as creating careers of their own.

Creativity, analytical thinking, innovation, originality, and initiative are skills sought in today’s world. Employers constantly search for these qualities, and traditional learning does not guarantee the development of such skills. The STEM curriculum, on the other hand, allows students to apply knowledge, which is no doubt a better student guide.


With the advancement of technology and the world going digital, you can never be too prepared. Participating in STEM workshops and summer programs is an excellent way to keep up with this new pace. 

The future of STEM definitely will be a huge phase in economic development, so a  STEM-based curriculum should be adopted in colleges and universities for students to study and have a head start. 

Like in every other sector, jobs are going digital too, which is why Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are becoming a vital part of future employment. Future jobs will likely involve a background knowledge of STEM, so this skill is best learned today.


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Four irrefutable reasons to bring the Seattle Supersonics back to the NBA

Since the Seattle Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City in 2008 and became the Thunder, Seattle basketball fans have been waiting for an opportunity to welcome the Sonics back in their city. While the WNBA’s storm has given the city a basketball team to back since 2000, crossover fans haven’t forgotten their lost NBA squad.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver mentioned that future expansion teams aren’t on the league’s agenda. For now, the league has other pursuits to follow up on, from its Top Shot NFT business to its first attempts at VR content with its League Pass project. From a fan perspective, many basketball diehards are also too busy learning about NBA betting odds to focus on potential expansion teams.

Still, the current interest in moneylines and prop bets doesn’t mean locals have stopped pushing for Silver to take a second look at Seattle. At the time then-owner Howard Schultz sold the Sonics (and the Storm) to Clay Bennett of Oklahoma City, local fans clamored to find a funding solution to the team’s ongoing arena issue. 

In the end, Bennett settled with the City of Seattle on a $45 million payment that would cover the remaining payments on the KeyArena. The city lost one of its most-beloved franchises—but if business-centered reasons are enough to see a franchise move cross-country, then they should be enough to bring them back.

Here are four irrefutable reasons the Sonics should come back to Seattle.

Big Money

It’s not just fans who want the Sonics to return. In order for a city to welcome a franchise, or welcome one back, in Seattle’s case, they must first demonstrate financial solvency. A businessperson or group must show that they can partly fund a sustainable home arena, as well as peripheral costs from staffing to equipment.

Seattle is currently one of the largest media markets in the US according to News Generation, which translates to huge earnings for sports teams through broadcasting deals.

Bigger Interest

From a business perspective, it makes financial sense to tap into Seattle’s media market. However, the city’s media basis is based specifically on sports, which means there’s untapped interest from sports fans that an NBA team could leverage.

In addition to having one of the best and most popular WNBA teams, Seattle is home to the MLB’s Mariners, NFL’s Seahawks, the NHL’s new Kraken, the MLS’s Sounders, and the NWSL’s OL Reign. Three of these teams are still considered ‘fringe’ (WNBA, NWSL, MLS), but still draw record-breaking crowds.

The NBA-WNBA Double Punch

As mentioned above, the Seattle Storm has been the consolation for NBA fans who were crushed by the 2008 Sonics’ departure. In the meantime, local fans have become diehard supporters of the Storm. The team promotes an exciting environment, while also being one of the most talented squads in the league. 

It’s a winning formula that an NBA team would easily fit (back) into. In fact, Seattle could become one of the first cities that share a massive WNBA market with the NBA. For the most part, these markets are heavily tilted toward the men’s league… but that might not be the case in Seattle, where both teams benefit from cross-promotion in a way previously unseen.

The NBA Isn’t Musical Chairs

At the moment, the most likely scenario for a new Sonics team would be as an expansion. Though Silver has mentioned multiple times that the NBA isn’t looking to expand anytime soon, and some have speculated that the New Orleans Pelicans could move to Seattle, the NBA also faces challenges related to relocation.

Overwhelmingly, fans dislike franchise relocations. They’re viewed as business decisions, whereas sports are seen as a type of cultural battleground. Teams belong to cities, and vice versa. However unlikely the decision is, bringing the Sonics back would highlight the NBA’s dedication to revamping its current franchise model.

However, it seems that the league has its sites on greater watermarks of change. Back in 2018, a report dropped hints that the NBA is interested in opening a Mexico City franchise. For the time being, the best way Seattle can work to leverage the NBA would be to complete renovations to the Climate Pledge Arena, where a future NBA team would be housed with the Kraken, Storm, and other major teams.

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Distance Learning: How the learning process Has changed in 2022

Over the years, the concept of traditional education has been changing quickly. Today, you don’t have to attend classes physically to learn thanks to the rapid technological advancement. 

You can access high-quality education wherever you are and whenever you want as long as you have a technological gadget such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and a reliable internet connection. The education sector is being revolutionized. Soon, all we’ll have is online education. 

Some people don’t believe that it’s possible to study effectively online. This is because it’s difficult to understand the fact that people can study outside class, especially on the internet. However, you can achieve your academic goals through distance learning. From quantum physics to essay writing on, there are a lot of options available for every college student. You can find inspirational essay examples and free education essay papers online. Millions of people across the world today are taking at least one course online. It’s a great way to develop new skills while saving a lot of time and energy. In this article, we are going to shed more light on education and distance learning.

The Learning Process Has Changed in 2022

Over the past two decades, the explosion of technology has revolutionized the education sector. The internet and technological gadgets have changed how learners can access accurate and relevant information. Today, you don’t need a tutor or lots of books to understand various concepts. All you need is a gadget and a reliable internet connection. 

The rise of technology means that there are a lot of tools that support learning and help students get high-quality education online. For tutors to have a competitive edge over their colleagues, they have to change their teaching methods. This might be a challenge because, unlike a physical class, it’s quite difficult for them to ensure that all students are engaged. Online courses are flexible. This means that tutors can adopt different teaching styles to help their students.

Benefits of distance learning

If you’ve been wondering whether distance learning is good for you, here are some of its advantages:


Remote learning allows the student and tutor to set their learning pace. The flexibility of having a schedule that fits your agenda is attractive. As a result, learning online enables you to balance your work, family, and studies effectively. You won’t have to give up anything to get good grades. When the student and campus teacher have common goals, they can easily accept new responsibilities and achieve their goals.

Availability of programs

Is online learning the future of education? The internet is vast. There are a lot of subjects and skills that you can access and learn today. Most learning institutions are offering online programs for different disciplines and levels. The future of education is bright thanks to technology. If you want a certificate, diploma, or degree, online programs are perfect for you. And they are the future of education.

Easy to access

Remote learning encourages students to learn wherever they are and at a time that suits them. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy commuting from home or work to school. Or follow a fixed schedule every day. You’ll also save money that can be used on other important activities. With an internet connection, you can access high-quality education while traveling, or working. You don’t have to quit your job to get good grades in school.

Amazing learning experience

As we said earlier, you’ll have the freedom to study whenever you want. Apart from that, online education is flexible for your specific requirements and abilities. Online classes are usually smaller than conventional classes. This means that the tutor will get ample time to interact with every student and help them understand various concepts. You can easily access photos, videos, and digital books to improve your productivity and performance. With easy access to content, you’ll have an amazing learning experience.

It’s affordable

Remote learning is more affordable compared to in-person learning. The payment options are also flexible. This means that you can pay either per class or in installments. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a quality education in the 21st century. If you are lucky enough to get a scholarship or discounts, you’ll never have problems managing your budget while studying. Apart from tuition fees, you’ll get to save thousands of dollars on student guide, library fees, homework, exam and commuting. In short, you’ll get better results without having to spend a lot of money.


As you have seen, there are a lot of reasons why you should choose online learning. Millions of students across the world are learning online because it’s better than university learning. You need to look at your current situation, and long-term goals and needs to decide whether online study is good for you. The world is advancing at a rapid rate. And the future of education is distance learning.

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Giannis, Embiid and Curry are raising their games for the 2022 NBA Playoffs

For basketball junkies, it’s now entering the greatest time of the season, which is when the NBA playoffs really start heating up. As we’re now firmly in the business end, as teams duke it out in the conference semi-finals, it’s becoming apparent which players are withstanding the immense pressure, and are even able to perform above and beyond their normal levels.

These players have all managed to put their teams on their backs when needed, and driven them on to grasp magnificent wins. With a place in the 2022 NBA Finals at stake, it’s clear that these talented stars are rising to the occasion, and it will be fantastic viewing to see who will go on to lead their team to the championship.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Endearingly referred to as the ‘Greek Freak’, the Athens born Giannis Antetokounmpo has become a real powerhouse of the NBA in the past few years. Standing at an intimidating 6ft 11in tall, the 27-year-old power-forward has already managed to rack up a seriously impressive amount of awards for himself, including winning back-to-back MVPs in 2019 and 2020.

The grandest moment of his career so far though, came last year, when he helped his team, the Milwaukee Bucks, to capture their first championship since 1971. This obviously cemented him as a legend at the Fiserv Forum, whose fans are renowned for being particularly raucous, as we wrote about previously here at

A year on, and Giannis is again doing everything he can to repeat that magnificent triumph. He’s managed to average 27.9 points, 7.1 assists, and 12.7 rebounds per game in the first two rounds of the playoffs. Whilst the 27-year-old has always put up big points and rebounds in post-season games, the fact he’s now stepping up his passing, and consistently dishing out dimes to his teammates, has elevated his game even higher.

Joel Embiid  Cameroonian centre Joel Embiid was the top scorer in the league during the regular season, putting up a staggering 30.6 points per game, as can be seen reported on over at Whilst the 7ft maestro hasn’t always put up those kind of numbers in the playoffs so far, he’s still managed to be the difference for the Philadelphia 76ers on multiple occasions.

First off, he sunk the deciding basket against the Toronto Raptors in Game 3 of the first round, to make sure his opponents didn’t get a foothold in the series. Now in the semi-finals, he unexpectedly returned from injury in Game 3 to save the day, by dropping a much-needed double-double against the Heat.

This win wrestled momentum back from Miami, who until then were looking like sweeping the series. No wonder, then, that the Philly fans feel that with him in the side, they’re a match for anyone.

Stephen Curry is certainly no stranger to the playoffs, with this being the eighth time the sharp-shooter has played in the post-season, and in that time he’s managed to go on and win three championship rings. Whilst he might now be firmly in the second-half of his career, with the Golden State Warriors point guard now hitting his mid-thirties, it’s clear that if his body lets him, his recent performances showcase he’s still got plenty more to gift the NBA.

Returning from a foot injury that derailed his end of the regular season, Curry has been mostly coming off the bench in the Warriors’ post-season so far, but what an impact he’s had even with his more limited minutes. Against the Denver Nuggets in the first round, he averaged 27.5 points, with just 28 minutes per game of playing time. As his foot has now seemingly fully healed, he’s become even more prominent in the semi-finals, raining down his trademark threes on the Memphis Grizzlies, propelling them to gain the strong upper hand in the series.

With Curry now finding his rhythm, it looks set to be another year that the Warriors make it all the way to the NBA Finals, which is why they’re now the favorites to win the Championship at the best bookmakers, all of which can be found over at Their experts have cut through the noise of the internet to deliver visitors their top recommended bookmakers, with their website featuring 275+ independent and impartial bookmaker reviews. You’ll also get access to free bets, and enhanced odds, meaning that you’ll get the longest odds during the excitement of the NBA postseason.

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4 Factors Contributing to the Growth of the Online Gaming Industry

Image Source: Pexels

There’s no question that the online gaming industry is on a winning streak right now, with impressive growth forecast for the foreseeable future and audiences expanding internationally.

So what are the reasons behind this meteoric rise, and will it really continue to enjoy such a compelling trajectory indefinitely?

New innovations breed player interest

The gaming industry is always evolving, and this helps to keep people engaged with whatever it has to offer, because people crave novelty and multiplayer titles deliver it in spades.

Whether you’re interested in competing in fast-paced action titles like Call of Duty and Fortnite, or you’re eager to learn how to play poker online for money, the amount of variety combined with innovative ways to play, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, means there’s never a dull moment as a gamer.

The cloud is changing up access for everyone

Perhaps the biggest shift that’s going on at the moment in online gaming is the move away from being reliant on end user hardware to determine the quality of the experience.

Instead, cloud computing is taking up the burden of crunching the numbers and storing the game files, while the results are streamed directly to players on any device they prefer. Services like Google Stadia have offered cloud-powered gaming for a while now, and while they are not perfect, the future does seem to be going in this direction.

Microsoft is arguably pushing for a cloud-based gaming future more than any other company, and its latest Xbox consoles look like a step towards eventually embracing games-as-a-service as the only future for the industry.

This is also turning games into a subscription rather than a one-off purchase. Renting access to a huge library of titles, as well as eliminating local hardware limitations from the equation, is ultimately making high end gaming more accessible and affordable for the average person. The one caveat is of course having fast internet access to minimize game streaming hiccups.

The social aspect is compelling

Another catalyst of online gaming’s success is the way in which it is innately social, and thus taps into the human need to communicate and engage with other people.

Multiplayer titles have built up huge communities around the globe for many years, and yet it is in the age of social media dominance that the true value of this connectedness can be seen.

From direct in-game voice chat to text-base conversations, to the simple act of working together with other players in teams, it’s easy to see why gamers get an endorphin hit from picking up a controller and logging on for some cooperative or combative entertainment.

In turn this is feeding into predictions about how the Metaverse will expand in the coming years. The idea of people living their lives in a fully virtual world, while still remote in the mainstream, is already becoming a reality through the use of VR, in combination with live services from various developers and platform providers.

Mobility still makes a difference

Mobile gaming is a major contributor to the market as a whole, and there’s plenty of proof that portability is a driving factor in the current era.

From cost-conscious consoles like the Nintendo Switch to hardcore-focused machines like Valve’s Steam Deck, there are dedicated hardware solutions for every niche. Then there are smartphone games, which again cater to the casual players as well as to the more serious acolytes of this pastime.

All of this means that even the most pessimistic outlook for the industry anticipates continued growth, particularly in developing markets.

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5 things you should consider to make your company successful

As a business owner, you want your company to grow and succeed. And there are numerous ways, tactics and strategies to get your company to the next level, but which ones you should you consider and is right for your business? We look at five things you should strongly consider to improve your business.

An Automated Product Return Feature

Any buyer will want an engaging and automated return experience if you have an eCommerce business model. eCommerce means you ship products to customers. You might also have brick-and-mortar store locations, but you make at least some of your sales through the mail.

If you set up automation for returns, that’s helpful because you can see any returns people make all in one place if they don’t like a product or it got to them in a broken condition. You can see when they put it back in the mail to you, so you will know when to expect it.

You can get notifications telling you when a returned item arrives. You can also let customers know through automatic notifications if you have any items with no-return policies.

You can even set up automated returns that come with analytic features to study. If you see patterns with customers returning particular items, you can revisit those items to see if you want to redesign or discontinue them.

A Skilled R and D Team

You will probably want to set up and fund a research and development team or department for your company. Maybe you’ll start with a few particular products or services. You’ll wait for those to catch on. Once they do, you’ll begin to generate some profit.

At that point, you can think about expanding your product lines. Very few companies want to stay with the same products or services year after year. That might bore your customers, and you want to keep them engaged.

Your R and D team should understand what products you’ll like and want to feature. If they don’t comprehend your company’s fundamental purpose, they won’t do you much good. That’s why you need creative minds in this area that know your vision.

A Reliable IT Department

You will also probably need a skilled IT department if you have at least a decent-sized company. IT stands for information technology. That’s a broad catchall term.

Your IT department members might handle all kinds of things. If you want to set up onsite servers, they can do that for you and maintain them. If you’re going to go to a cloud-based information model, you can talk to them about setting that up.

Your IT staff might set up security features for your computer network, such as password encryption, a firewall, antivirus software, or a VPN. If you don’t feel like you have enough money or IT work to justify an entire department, you can always go with an IT freelancer. That might be the more prudent move if you have a small company that doesn’t have a ton of regular IT requirements.

Smart Marketing Initiatives

You will want to focus on marketing as you attempt to get your business off the ground. Maybe you want to create TV commercials or radio spots talking about your company and what you offer. Perhaps you might focus on social media instead.

If you’re looking into social media marketing, you’ll need to do some market research to determine which platforms to use. If you know you have customers in a particular age group, you can use a social media platform that group prefers.

You might need to have some focus groups to figure out your ideal customer. Once you set up an ideal customer profile, you can market to them much more easily.


Every startup needs money, and you must figure out how to get that funding. Maybe you have enough in savings to fund the project yourself. If you feel strongly that you have a winning idea, you might sink all your savings into it accordingly.

If you don’t have any savings or not enough to start a company, you can look into getting a business loan. You can always approach a bank or a credit union and talk to them about your idea. If you can give them a business plan that convinces them you have a great idea, you can get your money that way.

If that does not work, you can look into a venture capital firm or an angel investor. However you get that money, you’ll need it to get the ball rolling on your startup.



New York new technologies and trends in 2022

Nowadays, technology advances rapidly, making it possible to make changes and progress more quickly in New York. Due to this, the rate at which change occurs has increased. The breakout of COVID-19 has altered a great deal this year, causing IT professionals to understand that their function will change significantly in the future contactless world. And in 2021-22, an IT professional will constantly be relearning, unlearning, and relearning new skills and concepts (out of necessity if not desire).

  • Hyper automation  

Hyper automation is the process of automating a function to its utmost potential through machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can use specific automation tools to assist you in creating an intelligent space for people. In a “smart place,” people and technology work together to enable systems to communicate, connect, and coordinate.

Hyper automation Tools

  • Discover 
  • Analyze 
  • Design 
  • Automate 
  • Measure 
  • Monitor 
  • Reassess 

With the assistance of these tools, businesses can better understand how various activities, processes, and performance indicators work together. Robotic process automation and AI-driven decision-making are only two examples of how hyper-automation has become an essential aspect of many enterprises.

  • Democratization

Technology has become more accessible and user-friendly as a result of democratization. It’s a way to provide individuals access to the expertise they need without spending a lot of money.

custom application development data and analytics democratization of design knowledge

Citizen access is another name for it. Data scientists need not be involved in the process of creating data models. Code and testing can be completed and automated using artificial intelligence-driven development. It’s a way to make technology more widely available to the general public while also allowing you to access previously unavailable levels of expertise.

  • Human Augmentation

AR, VR, and MR technology to enhance people’s cognitive and physical experiences is known as “human automation.” It is possible to deliver a multi-experience using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, modifying people’s physical capacities by implanting technology elements on their bodies. The wearable device is an excellent illustration of human enhancement.

Physical automation can be broken down into four main categories:

  1. Enhancement of the Senses
  2. Biological function and appendage enhanced
  3. Brain Enhancement
  4. Genetic Enhancement

There is great potential in the wearable market. The number of connected wearable devices is predicted to rise from 526 million in 2016 to over 1.1 billion in 2022 as the telecommunications technology switches from 4G to 5G.

Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin are just a few well-known companies dominating their respective markets. These wearable virtual reality technologies can boost productivity and efficiency if adequately utilized.

  • Practical Blockchain

When a transaction occurs, it is recorded in the blockchain’s distributed database. Several massive accounting ledgers are synchronized with identical transition information to generate this enormous data set. Because the entire database of the global financial system is protected by blockchain technology, it is impossible to attack the system. In total, there are five components to its model:

  1. The ledger is shared and distributed.
  2. A ledger that cannot be altered and can be tracked
  3. Encryption
  4. Tokenization

The mechanism for public consensus that is dispersed

As the number of central banks increases, so does the level of transparency in the financial sector. It’s been demonstrated to be the most profitable and valuable technology.

There will be a tremendous increase in blockchain technology revenues over the next several years, with the global market predicted to expand to over 23.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.

It boosts productivity and reduces the need for human intervention.

  • Multi – experience

The ever-evolving technology-driven market can now be experienced by users thanks to Multi experience. It progresses from a single interaction point to a multimodal interface. Multi-touchpoint interfaces like computer sensors have transformed the way people communicate with each other. Users will be impressed and more productive if these technologies are used together.

  • Sports Betting Apps

Computer science’s most recent innovations have become an essential part of the customer experience. Even if we talk about online sports betting, Immersive experiences employing augmented, virtual, and mixed reality are what Multi experience aims to achieve. Multichannel human-machine interfaces are becoming increasingly popular thanks to these new technologies. Shortly, New York could become the first state to legalize online casino gambling. Sen. Joseph Addabbo has recently presented Senate Bill 8412, a piece of legislation to make New York the first state to legalize and start online sports betting in 2022. Only land-based casino companies will get direct access to the New York market if Senate Bill 8412 is passed, as other states have done in the last few years. Betmgm New York excels in its quality and offers a huge exposure. 

  • The Edge of Empowerment

People can make an informed judgment in this era of computing technology. This is the next logical step forward in terms of network data processing.

Approximately 20 billion sensors and endpoints will be connected by 2020, paving the way for smart spaces.  Organizations are compelled to adapt to new technology breakthroughs and the advent of the Internet of Things to remain appropriate in a rapidly changing environment.

  • The Distributed Cloud 

Cloud computing is the next-era platform because of the rapid development in technical advancement and the rising demand for data storage. Computing power and data storage are made available on-demand, without the need for customers to assume responsibility for them.


While technology is constantly changing, these trends provide excellent career opportunities now and in the future. Most of these new technologies are open to qualified professionals, which means it’s a perfect opportunity to choose one and be trained so that you’ll be ready for success both now and in the future.


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When are the review embargo dates for ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’?

Now that advanced tickets for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness broke Fandango’s first day ticket sales records for any movie that has released in 2022, it seems that the second installment of Doctor Strange is going to be a success financially. How much money will the first MCU film of 2022 make after it officially releases on May 6th, 2022?

There’s no doubt that any MCU movie is going to do well at the box office, but how much it garners depends on several different factors. We know that fans are excited to see what happens after Endgame, we know that Strange played a huge role in 2021’s biggest box office film Spider-Man: No Way Home, we know that Wanda is going to appear in the film after the successful WandaVision Disney+ show, and we know that because it’s touching on the multiverse, there will be some surprising and unexpected cameos.

Another factor that shouldn’t be underestimated is how it’s received by critics and fans alike. How a film is reviewed determines how much legs it will have.

Reviews determine the long-term health of a movie

Critics get to screen films before they’re officially released in hopes of that their reviews will build momentum for a great opening weekend. Those reviews and the buzz they create will influence theatre-goers to see a film they might not be initially interested in. Just as when a movie wins the Academy Award for the best film, the ultimate review, drives demand shortly thereafter.

Nowadays it’s not just traditional critic reviews, but social media reviews (typically tweets) are allowed a few days before the more-detailed (and hopefully spoiler-free) reviews start coming out.

That all depends on when the studio decides to lift what they call an “embargo” on reviews of the movie.

When will the review embargos lift for Dr. Strange 2?

So when can we expect the reviews for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to come out? As mentioned, movie studios have what they call review embargos meaning that no reviews are allowed until the embargo is lifted. The timing of these differ, but based off how movie timelines typically work the last few Marvel movies, we can expect the social media embargo to lift up to a couple weeks AFTER its world premiere. Take a look at the embargos and when they were lifted for the last three Marvel films.

Marvel Movie Review Embargo Dates
Year Movie Social Media Review Release
2021 Spider-Man: No Way Home Dec 13 Dec 13 Dec 17
2021 The Eternals Oct 19 Oct 24 Nov 5
2021 Shang-Chi and The Legend of Ten Rings Aug 17 Aug 23 Sept 3

Generally it’s not difficult to estimate when embargos will be lifted, but the Doctor Strange sequel is different. If The Average Socialite is to be believed, the red carpet world premiere for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be May 2nd. That’s just four days before the it’s released to thousands of theatres.

Why is that important? Well because social media and full review embargos can’t be lifted until after critics have watched the film. Unless there are private screenings, that means it won’t be until after the world premiere.

Once the red carpet premiere is finished in Los Angeles (it’s set for 6:30-10:30 PM), we can expect the social media embargo to be lifted with immediate social media reactions on May 3rd in the early AM once the world premiere showing has completed. And we can expect full reviews shortly thereafter. On that shortened timeline, this is a very similar to the review embargo and social media embargo to that of Spider-Man 3.

Update: A couple tweets came out the last couple days confirms that the review embargo will be lifted Tuesday, May 3rd at 6:00am PT.

Keep in mind that none of this is official; we’ve just connected disparate data points on the internet, but May 2nd/3rd as the date when the review embargo will lift makes sense. This all lines up considering all the information that is available.

The short turnaround follows the timing that Spider-Man: No Way Home had for review embargos in relation to the full release which is if true, is an intentional move from Disney and Marvel Studios to prevent any spoilers from leaking seeing that the sequel is very likely going to have some crazy cameo after crazy cameo.

We’ll update this post as more information becomes available.

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The 6 best “things to do” when you want to experience a new city

You’re not the kind of person who hangs out on the lounger by the pool all day on vacation? You also don’t like to go hiking or on sightseeing for hours? Then we have good news for you: Almost every vacation destination has exciting attractions that add spice to your free time. Most of them are not even expensive: We present you the most important ones.

Solve tricky puzzles in an Escape Room

Most cities in the world have at least one Escape Room, some of them even three or more. So why not try to solve the tricky puzzles this attraction has to offer? Escape Rooms are known for several years now, the trend started in the internet in 2004 when Toshimitsu Takagi created a digital room in his game “Crimson Room”.

The gamer was trapped in this room – und he had to find the way out. A physical escape room works in exactly the same way, only on an analog level. Mostly a group of people let themselves be enclosed. In a given time they try to complete a certain mission by solving various puzzles. If they achieve their goal, they go free. Losers are also released again, of course. But they are, what they are: losers. Most providers have more than one mission for their costumers to accomplish. So, if you had bad luck with the first one, just try the next.

Playing real Money Games

Another venue is even more widespread as the Escape Room. Casinos are known all over the world, most cities contain a few dozens of them, if they are not prohibited in the respective country. But don’t chose a one-sided slot-machine-casino! Try to find a location with live games, an entertainment program and perhaps an inhouse restaurant.

Then you can fill a whole evening and maybe a part of the night with this special kind of amusement. But don’t forget to have some training before you start your first casino-tour. Digital real money casinos for UK players can be found on, the comparison portal for gamers who are reaching out for an exciting experience. Experts share their top picks there, based on criteria like fast payout, player safety and instant support. Furthermore, you find on this website lots of tips how you can improve your winning chances. This gives you a perfect base for the “real” casino visit.

Rent public bikes

Arguably there’s no better way of seeing a city then by bike. At least that’s been my experience. Most larger cities that you visit have public bike systems where you can rent out a city-provided bike for a day, week or longer often at very affordable rates. For those cities that don’t offer public bikes, you’ll just have to find a bike store that offers up a hourly, daily or weekly rentals and rent out a bike out. Just make sure to lock up your bike as the security deposits are hefty. Again there’s no better way to sightsee.

What else is there in almost every place? A public swimming-pool! Some cities adorn themselves with a dignified thermal bath, others have a fun pool with slides and flow channels. Have a look around and chose the water adventure you like most. Indulge yourself with perfect relaxation or a lot of splashing around. Use the inhouse sauna to work up a good sweat, or the swimming lanes to get you going. When the weather is warm, the outdoor pools and lidos are a great place to sunbathe and enjoy the water attractions. Perhaps there is also the possibility of various water sports, such as stand-up paddling or canoeing. This makes it even more interesting for people who like to exercise. Thus, every water lover gets his money’s worth.

Strolling through the City Park

Here is one last thing that you find in most cities of the world: a city park. These parks are not only green oases in an urban surrounding, they are also peppered with interesting surprises. Some of them contain a skater park or a lake where you can go boating. Others have a botanic garden or a bird park. Just ask the local people which city park the can recommend and take their advice. Remember: City parks are also places where people meet, so it’s a great opportunity to get to know inhabitants and tourists.

Sit down with someone on a park bench, start a casual conversation. Or join the skaters, practice acrobatic tricks with them and enjoy the socializing. Perhaps you have the chance to improve your foreign language skills by this. Or you find out interesting details about the culture of your travel destination. If all this does not happen, at least you saw a lot of nature and could chill comfortably. And that certainly enhances your vacation.

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The 7 best sex positions for a seriously good workout

Not only is sex amazing, but it’s also a great way to really connect with your partner on deeper levels of intimacy. But it goes beyond that. Turns out that sex is an incredibly good workout as well. If you’d like to enjoy your sex life all the more, keep things interesting, and burn a truckload of calories while you are at it, these are the best sex positions for a seriously good workout.

Who said exercise had to be boring? Check out these sex positions for a decent workout 

Reverse cowgirl wall-sit 

This is a great position for both the man and the woman, only the woman gets to take charge and control the action. Have your partner sit with their back against the wall in the wall-sit position, then face away from them before squatting back into their lap. This workout is great for your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. It will take some practice and it isn’t the sort of position that you can keep up for long if you are out of shape – but it’s worth a try! 

The missionary blank 

The missionary position is often referred to as being the most boring sex position of them all but you can mix it up quite nicely with this variation. The woman lies down on her back in the traditional missionary position, while the man climbs on top and leans over her in the plank position. Planks provide an awesome full-body workout that targets the abs, back, hips, legs, shoulders, and the chest! 

Crouching cow-girl (hidden dragon)

If you want to work on your thighs, then this will have them burning in no time. Lay your partner on their back and then straddle them. Instead of staying on your knees, put both feet flat on the bed / floor putting you in a low squat position and control the action from there. As you lift yourself up and down you’ll really start to feel the pressure on your quads. 

The standing 69 

This position is an awful lot of hard work but for the more athletic couples among you it can be a great challenge – and incredibly sexy too. One partner stands while the other person is turned completely upside down with their legs on the other person’s shoulders. 


Lotus is one the most intimate positions, particularly if you enjoy intense eye contact while you make love. With your partner in the criss-cross sitting position, wrap your legs around them and lower yourself onto them. Both of you can slowly grind on one another and you’ll start feeling the burn in no time. 

Introduce sex toys into the mix 

Shop sex toys online and start building up a collection to share with one another in the bedroom. Having plenty of sex toys will certainly keep things interesting and you may be excited to sleep with one another more often. The more sex you have the more calories you’ll burn, not to mention all of the other amazing health benefits that come with having frequent sex. 

Exercise regularly (with sex!)

Don’t let sex be your only means of exercise. Certainly, it’s great fun! But if you want plenty of strength and stamina to succeed in the positions listed above then you’ll need to be in reasonable shape. The more you exercise the better off you’ll be in the long run. 

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The Full List: TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022

TIME just released their list of the 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022. This company award is an extension of the magazine’s popular annual TIME100 list of the world’s most influential people that looks at companies making an extraordinary impact around the world.

One hundred companies were featured online today and will have a deeper story in print come Friday, March April 1st.

Full List: TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022

The full list of companies weren’t just listed out, but were broken out into five separate categories in which TIME magazine believed them to be doing excellent work in: Disrupters, Innovators, Leaders, Pioneers and Titans. Because the “list” is broken out in this way in a design-heavy way, you can’t view the list in an easy way – that’s why we took time to create the full list of the 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022 below sorted by company name.

TIME's 100 Most Influential Companies of 2022
Company Category
Alaska Airlines LEADERS
Alphabet TITANS
AMC Entertainment Holdings DISRUPTORS
Astroscale PIONEERS
Athletic Brewing Company INNOVATORS
Axiom Space PIONEERS
Balenciaga LEADERS
Bicycle Health PIONEERS
Biobot Analytics PIONEERS
Capital One TITANS
Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. DISRUPTORS
Curaleaf LEADERS
Flock Freight INNOVATORS
Green Mountain Power PIONEERS
Guild Education INNOVATORS
Impossible Foods LEADERS
Kaling International PIONEERS
Microsoft TITANS
National Football League TITANS
Netflix TITANS
Nextdoor LEADERS
Oxford Nanopore Technologies PIONEERS
Patagonia LEADERS
Redwood Materials PIONEERS
Sotheby's LEADERS
The Pinkfong Company DISRUPTORS
The Sandbox PIONEERS
Thrive Market DISRUPTORS
Together Labs PIONEERS
Trek Bicycle PIONEERS
United Airlines TITANS
Walgreens LEADERS
Walmart TITANS
Wonderschool PIONEERS

You can sort the above list by category to see where each company landed.

Congratulations goes out to every business that met TIME’s criteria. This is an exciting award and a testament to all of the amazing work that these companies are doing. How did they come to this list?  Here’s what TIME had to say about the process:

To assemble (the list), TIME solicits nominations across sectors including health care, entertainment, technology, and more from our global network of editors and correspondents, as well as from industry experts. Then we evaluate each on key factors, including relevance, impact, innovation, leadership, ambition, and success.

The end result of all that work is a varied list of 100 companies that are pushing the limits, leading and creating an new lanes that will shape how we live our lives.


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Video Games vs. Online Casinos in USA: The battle for your free time


At the moment, the online gambling and video gaming industries are thriving. These sectors produce billions of dollars in income for the service providers who support them. The evident explanation for the gaming industry’s exponential growth is its rapid adaption of innovation.

Since the 1970s, video games have got ingrained in popular culture, and this type of entertainment has seen several drastic modifications. The transition of video games from consoles and PCs to the internet and smartphones is a revolution. At the same time, online gambling was established on the internet. It has been less than 26 years since the first online casino was founded, but this business has made rapid growth.

The internet gaming business has grown at a breakneck pace. The US online gambling industry was worth USD 2,178.29 million in 2020 and is expected to grow at a 17.34 percent compound annual growth rate by 2026. The first online casino was launched in 1995, and less than two decades later, more than 2,000 sites are earning an estimated $21 billion in revenue.

We began playing video games in the 1970s. Arcade games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders popularized the notion back then. But, nowadays, the ultimate draw for the contemporary gamer is the multiplayer online experience.

Both of these areas of gaming have several similarities and distinctions. We’re going to keep you updated on their continuing conflict here.

Excitement and Psychology

Whether it’s online gambling or video gaming, these activities affect the gamers’ psychological well-being. Many people claim that video games are more adrenaline-pumping and exciting than online gambling games; but, when real money is involved, online gambling games can capture your attention and enthusiasm too. If players do not exercise self-control, they may develop an addiction to several game formats. Both modes of gameplay are comparable in this instance. 

Social Interaction

The advent of ubiquitous online usage signaled a sea shift in the video gaming industry, as it enabled players to interact with one another regardless of their geographical location. Numerous blockbuster games and gaming systems include player interaction. In terms of online gambling, some of the greatest bingo sites have a chatroom option that allows players to talk with one another while playing the game. Additionally, live casino games and poker tournaments include a channel for communication. However, gamers may not utilize this chatroom option while playing slots, craps, keno, or online pokies at FanDuel blackjack casino.


The producers of video games invest millions of dollars and countless hours in producing the game’s visuals. Graphics are critical to the players’ involvement. The innovative technology transforms the gaming phenomena into a tangible and intuitive experience. On the other hand, gambling games are designed to give a fair, seamless, and competent gaming experience; hence, visuals are not a primary consideration. It’s not to say that internet casinos are not concerned with graphics. Slots, video poker, and pokies are all designed with high-quality images in mind; however, video gaming triumphs in this category.


When it comes to rewarding and incentivizing players, online gambling is unmatched. While welcome bonuses are undoubtedly significant benefits for players, jackpots and a high payout percentage are also attractive. All reputable online gambling companies disclose how much money players have earned in different games with payout ratios. Until the beginning of eSports, this aspect was missing from video games. At eSports events, participants compete against one another for a share of the prize pool. However, not all video gamers are eligible to engage in eSports, which is why online gambling is a winner in this case.


Both video games and online gambling are not free. All recent console and PC releases need a one-time purchase charge. There is no additional fee if gamers do not select any in-purchase options. By contrast, gambling applications for PCs and smartphones are free to download. To play real money games, players must make a deposit. The cost is the money wagered by players to participate in the games. Players may increase their funds if they earn a profit while playing. If a player’s primary objective is to have fun, there is the option of free demo games.

Conclusively, when we have to choose one thing over another, it gets a bit tricky. Video games and online casinos are quite popular among gamers, and both fulfill a variety of needs. We may assume that, rather than being competitors, they are comparable with a few key distinctions. They are mutually beneficial. The true winners here are the players since they are the ones who benefit from the interdependence of the game formats.


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From Y2K to Unexpected Layering: 6 College Fashion Trends of 2022

Money can’t buy style – that’s what they say, and it’s true. You don’t have to be loaded to be fashionable. What you do need is an eye for what you like, how to put it together, a passion for fashion and the confidence to pull it all off. If you’re trying to be trendy, we’ve compiled this article to get our readers updated on the latest news in fashion. 

We’re sure a lot of our readers want to buy some time for some self-development and shopping. So, if this semester is getting to you, it’s high time to get the help of a professional to do tedious and boring assignments for you.

For instance, Studyfy is a platform that offers numerous services for students everywhere at any time. For those who need their essay polished, they offer a top-of-the-line online essay editing service at very fair prices. Thus, you can invest in your education and give yourself some time for other activities. 

Moving on, let’s dive into the current college fashion trends. 

Y2K fashion trend

Arguably, it’s the biggest fashion trend at the moment, especially for college students and youth alike. Y2K can be spotted almost everywhere online, from Etsy to Instagram, to your favorite TV shows on streaming platforms. Euphoria is a good example. 

For our readers who don’t know what Y2K is, this article is here to enlighten you. There’s a pattern in fashion history and trends where we see a trend from the past re-emerge in our present times. That’s basically what’s happening with the Y2K era as of right now.

For those who are present enough on social media platforms like Instagram, the trend must’ve been noticeable by now. Perhaps, some of our readers have already jumped on the bandwagon and started dressing according to the trend. 

Put simply, the Y2K fashion trend is highlighting clothes and fashion trends from the 2000s all the way back to the 90s. The fashionistas, influencers, and fashion fanatics of this generation have just mixed it up a bit and modernized it. Some Y2K clothing pieces and accessories include the following:

  • 2000s handbags;
  • Bratz-inspired clothing and accessories (a line of fashion dolls made in the U.S.);
  • crochet hats and accessories;
  • leg warmers and knitted gloves; 
  • wide-legged jeans;
  • tops and bottoms mimicking those from the 90s and the 2000s;
  • furry hats;
  • shield and vintage sunglasses;
  • Y2K scarves;
  • studded belts.

The great news about Y2K fashion is that it’s 100% affordable. As we said you don’t need to have deep pockets, placing bets at the casino, or scrimp and save over several paychecks in order to put something eye-popping together.

Y2K has been particularly popular with fast fashion companies such as Shein and H&M where they’re able to churn out styles at a breakneck pace at very affordable prices.

60s Fashion

Local retail stores that mimic high fashion brands such as Zara have been promoting 60s style clothing pieces. Just go to one of their branches and take a look. Psychedelic patterns and pieces that were trendy in the 60s eras are being cherry-picked and re-popularized as of this moment.

This trend is similar to the Y2K trend, except it’s the 1960s and not the 1990s or 2000s. Expect many color pops, flashy and bohemian clothing pieces, and even dresses from the 60s. The trending 60s re-emergence isn’t far-fetched since some of the clothing pieces from this era are actually quite attractive and easily styled. If you are a fan of colorful fashion, this is worthwhile to take a peek at. 

Rompers and Jumpsuits

Rompers emerged in the public eye around the 1900s, while catsuits emerged in the 1960s. They’re similar and trending at the moment. While not the most practical pieces of clothing, they’ve been re–popularized because of the trend of blasting stuff from the past. For both men and women, the great thing about rompers and jumpsuits is that they don’t need to be colorful or have a pattern, these sleek one-pieces always make a statement. As long as the fit is on-point



Layering isn’t new, but it’s being emphasized a lot more as of late with more unexpected pieces being worn together. It’s especially a big thing among college students and teens nowadays. Though it sounds really simple, you have to know what you’re doing if you want to do layering that brings different color palettes and patterns together. 

The idea is to layer one piece of clothing with another, like putting a top over another top, but ensuring that there’s a voice, personality or attitudes to what how you’re layering. This is nothing new, as it’s a fashion trend that is still quite popular in cities like Tokyo

In the U.S., prominent fashion icons such as Bella Hadid, an international supermodel, layer a lot of different styles of clothing. This trend most likely got popularized because of icons such as Bella, who are present on many social media platforms.


Monochrome is a simple concept. You wear the same color from top to bottom, down to the accessories. While it’s certainly nothing novel and abstract, it was popularized quite heavily by Kanye West a few years back. Kanye organized his own runway and released clothes in his own fashion line. Remember the Yeezys? 

Kanye obviously didn’t invent this concept, but he did his part in making it trendy for the years to come after his brand release and his runway. Monochrome fashion remains strong today, with many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts sporting the look in daily life and on social media. 

Pair a beige top with beige pants, preferably baggy. Pair blue jeans with something blue of the same shade. Add in some accessories of the same color. There’s your monochrome look and its snatches. 

Rave and Festival Clothing

Music festival style is a thing and it’s been evolving over the last several years. With so many different, large music festivals happening across the country from Coachella to Rolling Loud to Outside Lands to Lollapalooza, summer festival fashion doesn’t change as dramatically as other trends, but build on the previous styles of last year’s festival looks.

For 2022, we are looking at latex, all black clothes, leather pants and corsets, bucket hats, holographic T-shirts, pasties. All of these are pretty much the rage in rave and festival communities. And they seep into mainstream fashion. If you’re one of those people who want to take a trip to Berlin, you’d probably fit right in.

The trends in Coachella and big music festivals also get into the shelves of many fashion brands and stores. Dolls Kill and Jaded London are examples of hugely popular fashion brands that promote these trends.

On the other hand, our readers don’t have to be techno fans to enjoy the fashion trends from these communities. Grab a bucket hat, sling on a fanny pack, and you’ve got a rave look without the rave. 

You don’t need money, but you do need a voice

From our experience, your fashion if you need a wardrobe update or are just keeping up with the times. If you feel like you’re lagging behind, get in with the new trends. Some of them might not be for everyone, but most will surely win the hearts of fashion lovers.



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AR, VR, and AI: The game-changing online gaming tech trends

The introduction of online gaming made it possible for players to access the most basic games. The games lacked enhanced features and even the most advanced graphics. Changes in technology have enabled software developers to build spectacular casino games that are now played worldwide. Casino games now give players the real experience thanks to improved graphics, animations, audio, and more.

The sector is constantly evolving, and new technology is introduced regularly. Three technologies have rapidly grown and are transforming the gaming industry. The most significant changes in the online market are Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. They facilitate a far better player experience and at the same time, allow software developers to produce high-quality games.

The new crop of players is keen on the quality on offer, and searching for in-depth online gambling site reviews, are more inclined to support casinos that have adopted the latest technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR) 

Augmented Reality is a creative and immersive experience that allows users to feel content after engaging directly with the digital environment.  It is a real-time integration of game images and audio information in relation to the user’s environment that contributes to creating an artificial world. Augmented Reality is designed to create a play zone within an artificial world in the gaming sector. When used on smartphones, tablets, or gaming devices, this technology overwhelms players. 

AR has had a significant influence on the technological world, affecting healthcare, e-commerce, marketing, automotive, education, military, and retail. By 2023, the augmented reality gaming industry will have reached around $385 billion.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is a unique technology for simulating an environment. Like the user interface, it allows people to immerse themselves in the best of the artificial world. Rather than looking at a screen, users are immersed in 3D environments and can interact with them. It stimulates all senses, including sight, hearing, touch, and smell. Computer technology serves as the artificial world’s gatekeeper. However, everything comes with certain limits in terms of the experience, such as content availability and a lower range of computer capability. The head-mounted display (HMD) is a key component of Virtual Reality.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In layman’s words, artificial intelligence (AI) is a discipline of computer science concerned with designing intelligent computers that can handle activities that would normally need human intelligence. Because of AI, the bikes and vehicles in offline games like Moto GP and Road Rash operate freely without a driver. You’ve probably seen some system-programmed “bots” fighting on their own in PUBG or the Battle Royale game. But how do you do it? This is due to the employment of AI technology to manipulate NPCs (non-person characters). In a video game, a non-person character is played by a computer.

In a nutshell

Advanced casinos embracing these new trends are the future of gambling. As technology advances, we expect even more from these sites in the near future to present players with the most immersive and realistic gaming experience ever accessible online. These new forms of casinos will be a game-changer for those who enjoy the excitement of gambling and currently play online.


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Full List: The top 100 Twitch Creators by payouts and revenue (from 2021 Twitch Leak)

The recent Twitch breach which leaked previously-unknown payout numbers for the all Twitch creator payouts for 26 months of the company’s numbers. The data breach opened up the monies made by creators from August 2019 through October 2021. 

If you’re familiar with Twitch you know that the most-popular creators on the platform can make millions of dollars. In fact they make so much money that they compete with the  the best online casinos that payout USA – all this for streaming the games they’re already playing. 

In the leaked Twitch payout data, it shows that revenue made from all across the platform including subscriptions, donations, and money made from advertisements on their streams. All this added up to tens of millions of dollars. And this doesn’t even include any revenue streamers made from personal sponsorships or direct donations creators may have accumulated over that period of time.

Here’s a list of Twitch’s top streamers in terms of money earned from August 2019 through October 2021.

Rank Streamer/Creator Payout
1 CriticalRole $9,626,712.16
2 xQcOW $8,454,427.17
3 summit1g $5,847,541.17
4 Tfue $5,295,582.44
5 NICKMERCS $5,096,642.12
6 ludwig $3,290,777.55
7 TimTheTatman $3,290,133.32
8 Altoar $3,053,839.94
9 auronplay $3,053,341.54
10 LIRIK $2,984,653.70
11 __unknown $2,863,780.63
12 Gaules $2,844,985.18
13 HasanAbi $2,810,480.11
14 Asmongold $2,551,618.73
15 loltyler1 $2,490,584.90
16 RanbooLive $2,401,021.84
17 MontanaBlack88 $2,391,369.58
18 ibai $2,314,485.53
19 Castro_1021 $2,311,021.81
20 MOONMOON $2,236,043.55
21 TheRealKnossi $2,157,258.23
22 moistcrtikal $2,098,742.63
23 Mizkif $2,086,548.21
24 CohhCarnage $2,061,059.29
25 shroud $2,040,503.15
26 AdmiralBahroo $1,985,892.39
27 Pestily $1,961,086.96
28 Sykkuno $1,916,327.43
29 ESL_CSGO $1,903,580.27
30 LVNDMARK $1,902,807.22
31 DrLupo $1,894,615.81
32 Adin Ross $1,854,656.42
33 Clix $1,843,917.31
34 TeePee $1,786,534.47
35 Rubius $1,764,965.15
36 PaymoneyWubby $1,756,486.29
37 alanzoka $1,731,716.65
38 Trainwreckstv $1,572,912.37
39 pokimane $1,528,303.11
40 tommyinnit $1,513,217.70
41 Maximilian_DOOD $1,499,562.93
42 GRONKH $1,481,291.05
43 sodapoppin $1,461,302.14
44 Zerator $1,440,221.40
45 BobbyPoffGaming $1,415,247.01
46 Ninja $1,378,791.48
47 Philza $1,364,215.61
48 Amouranth $1,363,346.32
49 Bruce Greene $1,360,850.67
50 Odablock $1,354,805.74
51 RayNarvaezJr $1,335,520.12
52 Symfuhny $1,334,485.63
53 dakotaz $1,324,198.49
54 ZanoXVII $1,310,925.80
55 SypherPK $1,295,112.63
56 Trymacs $1,288,207.23
57 TheGrefg $1,286,765.09
58 Papaplatte $1,286,004.35
59 JohnPitterTV $1,215,717.01
60 RATIRL $1,214,440.08
61 RocketLeague $1,204,908.70
62 NoWay4u_Sir $1,188,728.95
63 GamesDoneQuick $1,185,456.44
64 GernaderJake $1,176,353.74
65 fps_shaka $1,173,280.30
66 EsfandTV $1,170,700.02
67 buddha $1,158,170.55
68 Locklear $1,155,665.61
69 stylishnoob4 $1,147,599.76
70 ANGRYPUG $1,146,888.15
71 Sintica $1,075,977.17
72 Fresh $1,073,254.63
73 Quackity $1,065,157.18
74 Ronnie $1,063,989.05
75 Riot $1,052,571.76

There are several websites like Twitch Tracker that track and approximate Twitch streamer’s numbers; keeping an eye on subscriber numbers and the amount of viewers so those that are interested in how much creators earn already had a good idea that the top creators were making a very good living. 

As you can see from the above, even the 75th ranked streamer from the leaked data still made over $1 million dollars.

The most interesting information is the exact numbers that each popular creator was making because using those earnings, prospective streamers can reverse engineer the amount of subscribers and viewers needed to be able to earn $50,000 or $100,000 in subscriptions, bit donations or ad revenue.

So if you’re thinking of ever joining Twitch as a potential revenue channel. Now you have some numbers to work off of.



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Did Trader Joe’s discontinue their Aloo Chaat Kati Rolls?

We love Trader Joe’s takes on Indian food, and the grocery store’s version of the  aloo chaat kati rolls. Officially called the “Aloo Chaat Kati Pouches” these frozen indian rolls became a staple in our household when we needed a quick lunch or snack that we could prepare quickly. That’s because these “pouches” are “crispy pastry stuffed with potatoes, chick peas, chaat masala, and tamarind chutney.”

A couple weeks ago, we couldn’t find the aloo chaat pouches anywhere. No worries, sometimes you can’t find certain items at Trader Joe’s for a couple days; sometimes you won’t be able to find your favorite chips or chocolate or frozen item for a couple weeks.

After you’ve lost hope, you’re surprised and relieved to see that item on the shelf. This happens a lot with Trader Joe’s items and this Trader Joe’s reddit forum is filled with comments concerned with the potential of discontinuation of items.

Trader Joe’s discontinues Aloo Chaat Kati Pouches

The problem is we haven’t seen the “Aloo Chaat Kati Pouches” in a few weeks, so have them been discontinued? You’re not going to like the answer, according to the instagram account dedicated to discontinued items at TJ’s  /traderjoestobediscontinued the Aloo Chaat Kati Pouches has been confirmed to be discontinued. Check out the post here.


Sorry to be the messenger of bad news that these Indian staples have been canceled by the company. The good news? That means Trader Joe’s is making room for something new and TJ’s always coming out with innovative, interesting and tasty food items. R.I.P.  Aloo Chaat Kati Pouches.

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Where will the 2022 March Madness tournament and the Final Four be located?

With the Superbowl behind us now another major sports event is coming up fast. The NCAA Men’s (and Women’s) college basketball tournament will kick off with the First Four on March 15th in Dayton, Ohio. A little more on that in a bit.

Popularly referred to as March Madness, dozens of college teams from around the country will be crisscrossing on buses and planes to locations around the country to play one another in hopes of moving onto the next host city. 

Where will my college be playing so I can make travel plans?

So where in the world will your Alma Mater be playing in this year’s NCAA D1 basketball tournament? Well, it’s tough to make those specific March Madness predictions because as of the publication date, we don’t even know which teams will be chosen. The competing programs won’t be seeded and placed into their “regions” until Selection Sunday. Selection Sunday will happen on March 13th this year. 

There is some good news; we do know the host cities for this year’s March Madness tournament and the dates in which they’re scheduled to play. 

NCAA Tournament Locations for 2022

Though you may not be able to buy plane tickets and book hotels just yet, you can start to get excited about potentially visiting Portland, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Chicago and hopefully for the Final Four in New Orleans.

NCAA College Basketball Tournament Cities for 2022
Dayton Ohio UD Arena First Four March 15 & 16
Buffalo New York KeyBank Center First/Second March 17 &19
Indianapolis Indiana Gainbridge Fieldhouse First/Second March 17 &19
Fort Worth Texas Dickies Arena First/Second March 17 & 19
Portland Oregon Moda Center First/Second March 17 & 19
Greenville South Carolina Bon Secours Wellness Arena First/Second March 18 & 20
Milwaukee Wisconsin Fiserv Forum First/Second March 18 & 20
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania PPG Paints Arena First/Second March 18 & 20
San Diego California Viejas Arena First/Second March 18 & 20
San Antonio Texas AT&T Center Sweet 16/Elite Eight March 24 & 26
San Francisco California Chase Center Sweet 16/Elite Eight March 24 & 26
Chicago Illinois United Center Sweet 16/Elite Eight March 25 & 27
Philadelphia Pennsylvania Wells Fargo Center Sweet 16/Elite Eight March 25 & 27
New Orleans Caesars Superdome Final Four April 2 & 4

Except for 2021, the First Four has been played in Dayton, Ohio at the University of Dayton. The one exception was in the 2021 March Madness tournament where we saw the games being played in Indiana. Two games were played at the Mackey Arena, the home of Purdue University while the other two games in the First Four were played at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall on the homecourt of Indiana University Bloomington. Here’s a little explainer of The First Four.

So if you had a choice which cities get you the most excited to visit? For me, it’s New Orleans, Milwaukee and San Francisco. That said, you can’t beat the weather in San Diego. 


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Here’s 5 easy tactics to start paying down your debt fast

Debt is challenging to have, especially if you have high-interest debt. You may find it is intimidating to view your credit card statement each month, especially if you feel you aren’t making much progress toward the principal. The good news is there are a few ways to become more debt-free.

Consider a Loan

If much of your debt is from high-interest loans, it’s a good idea to consider consolidating it to a lower interest loan. That way, the dollars you put toward the loan will be going toward the principal, not just the interest. Taking out a personal loan from a private lender allows you to pay off the balance on your credit cards so you can get out of high-interest debt sooner.

Bringing in More Income

Of course, getting a higher paying job or working more hours isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially since it requires hard work. Still, even if working a second job or side hustle long-term isn’t sustainable for you, it can be a short-term solution while you are paying off debt. Getting a raise at work is one way of increasing income, especially if you have not recently met with your boss or had a review.

Speak about your work performance and ask what you can be working on to get a higher salary at some point. A side gig allows you to work as much or little as you want when you want to. That includes cleaning houses, walking dogs, doing freelance writing, or even taking part in market research online. The trick is to make sure all this extra income goes straight toward your debt and that you are not spending it.

Cutting out extra spending

If you are spending too much money, you may find there is not enough left at the end of the month to meet your obligations. Review small, regular transactions, such as subscriptions or regular dining out, and think about whether or not you really need these things. Consider cutting corners where you can, such as purchasing store brands instead of name brands.

Encourage yourself to make these sometimes-difficult changes by telling yourself it is only for a short period of time, until you are able to get out of debt. This can be a good way to measure personal growth because you will have tangible results to support your efforts. Subscription services are always happy to have you resubscribe, and you can always go out to eat to celebrate getting out of debt.

Coming up with a reasonable budget

Whether it’s a monthly, weekly or daily budget, knowing where each dollar is going so you can make sure you are living on the bare minimum. With a budget, you will become more financially secure since you will be keeping track of all recurring expenses, such as insurance, rent, utilities, transportation, food, and childcare.

Once you have created these categories, you will see how much extra you can put toward your loans. This should be a realistic budget so you will stick to it. For example, if you don’t allow yourself a realistic dollar amount for food each month, you may find yourself consistently going over budget.

Predicting your future expenses

When you have consistently and accurately budgeting out how much you are spending, you can begin to see a pattern of where your money is going and make adjustments. Maybe it’s cutting out a streaming service (or using a friend’s password), asking your landlord for $25 off your rent, or cooking at home as opposed to going out to eat. It might not have seemed like much when you didn’t have a budget, but after weeks and months of tracking your spending, you know that it adds up over time.


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Can the Nets win the NBA championship with Ben Simmons this season?

With the Sixers dealing Ben Simmons for James Harden in the biggest trade of the season, the Ben Simmons saga has moved on to the next question: Can the Brooklyn Nets win an NBA championship this season?

With Kevin Durant and James Harden, the Nets were near the top of the Eastern Conference standings for much of the season until the Nets started sliding and are now the 8th seed in the East.

The Nets regressing had a lot to do with Durant getting injured, but the Nets backslide also coincided with Kyrie “Half Man Half a Season” Irving returning part-time.

Now they add a multi-talented Simmons to the mix and on paper, it looks like it’ll work, but will it? And do they have enough time to gel to make it a deep run into the playoffs?

Anything is possible, but what is actually likely to happen?

Though their signing of Patty Mills looking like a genius move and adding another sharpshooter in Seth Curry coming on board, the Nets have a lot of long range firepower surrounding the new Big Three.

The problem is that with approximately 30+ games left in the season and no timetable as to when Simmons will re-join the Nets, odds at online bet makers like razor shark say probably not. That’s not to mention how well and how fast the new teammates will integrate, when Joe Harris will return, how long it will take Durant to get back to form, and how Kyrie’s part-time status will affect any chemistry. That’s just some of the items off the top of my head that are outstanding issues the Nets must resolve if they have any chance of getting past the second round, much less the Eastern Conference Finals.

The NBA Playoff field is competitive

The Nets lower chances at an NBA Title has as much to do with the Brooklyn Nets composition and performance as it does with the other contenders in the league. In the Eastern Conference alone, they would have to make their way through the defending champions Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat who currently have the best record in the East. That’s not to mention Simmons’ former team the Philadelphia 76ers which now has James Harden coupled alongside with MVP candidate Joel Embiid.

If the Brooklyn Nets do happen to come together and defeat some combination of the Heat, Bucks, and Sixers, they will face well-oiled franchises with established chemistry coming out of the West – namely the Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz and Memphis Grizzlies. That’s not an easy route to the NBA championship especially with a team in flux.

Has it happened before?

Yes, the Toronto Raptors added Kawhi Leonard and won an NBA championship and more recently the Lakers added Anthony Davis and won the title in the bubble, but those two titles are more an anomaly than the rule. What history tells us is that when a team adds such a big piece to their roster that more often than not, it doesn’t immediately translate to an NBA trophy.

We do think that the addition of Simmons, Seth Curry and Andre Drummond will help Brooklyn immediately and in the long term, but there are too many variables and serious contenders for the Nets to be considered legitimate players. With injuries, COVID safety protocols, Kyrie’s volatile presence, the roster is simply lacking experience and time together. There’s just not a lot of time for Simmons, Durant and Irving to establish familiarity, hell Durant, Irving and Harden only played together for 16 games themselves. That alongside the established, proven and playoff-tested Bucks, Suns and Warriors, it’s unlikely that the Nets will be having a championship parade in Brooklyn.


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