University of Michigan Football Preview for the 2022-23 NCAA Season

In a college football season that featured several conference champions who ended significant droughts, the Michigan Wolverines may have headlined that group.

Coach Jim Harbaugh had sat upon one of the hottest seats in the FBS after failing to make an appearance in the Big Ten championship game during the first six seasons of his tenure in Ann Arbor. That is certainly not expected from a Michigan organization that is often at the top of the Big Ten.

Was 2021 The Turnaround Season?

In 2021, they took a 10-1 record into their rivalry game against Ohio State on home turf and emerged victorious over the Buckeyes for the first time since 2011, and only the third time in the last 20 years. The Wolverines then blasted Iowa 42-3 in the Big Ten title game to win their first undisputed conference championship since 2003, and earned a date with the Georgia Bulldogs in the College Football Playoff. Their dream season came to an end against the eventual national champions, but Michigan fans will long remember this season as the time Harbaugh delivered on expectations that have been increasingly building since he was hired in 2015.

Interested in seeing how the Wolverines matchup against their opponents on a week to week basis this season? If you are, be sure to check out PicksforTonight’s free ATS college football picks where their computer model simulates every game 10,000 times before it even kicks off. 

Winning Begets Winning

Many good things accompany winning, but the downside is the amount of talent it takes to get to that point does not go unnoticed. The Wolverines have been forced to replace both offensive coordinator Josh Gattis, who assumed that same position at the University of Miami, and defensive coordinator Mike McDonald, after he joined Harbaugh’s brother John’s staff as defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens. In terms of on the field talent, Michigan lost All-Big Ten selections Hassan Haskins at running back and Andrew Steuber at right tackle who ended up being high NFL picks in this years’ draft. 

On the defensive side of the ball, losses were even greater. Three Wolverines were selected in the first two rounds in April, led by first rounders Aiden Hutchinson and Dax Hill. The third player was also a first team All-Big Ten selection in David Ojabo, who was surely on track for first round selection if not for an Achilles tear at Michigan’s Pro Day workout.

The remaining members of last year’s conference championship team have some reinforcements entering the program in their quest to defend that title. Michigan boasted the nation’s 12th best recruiting class when combined with their transfer portal additions, and 13 of those signees were enrolled at the university for the spring semester to begin their college careers early.

Via the portal, the Wolverines added Rimington Trophy finalist Olusegun Oluwatimi from Virginia. He will start at center and act as the leader of what should be another very strong offensive line in Ann Arbor. That line will protect returning quarterbacks Cade McNamara and J.J. McCarthy, depending on which player wins the starting job heading into the season, as well as block for All-Big Ten second team running back, Blake Corum. Leading receiver Cornelius Johnson returns alongside Ronnie Bell, who missed all of last season after a first half injury against Western Michigan in the 2021 season opener.

Jesse Minter joins the Wolverines staff as defensive coordinator after a season in that role for Vanderbilt. The front seven will be anchored by some experienced linebackers in Nikhai Hill-Green and Junior Colson, who will need to make up for some big losses on the line and in the secondary. A program like Michigan does not have a problem in replacing talent, but it remains to be seen how effective this group will be after several pro-level departures, including the Heisman runner-up, Hutchinson.

How Does Michigan Look for 2022?

Michigan is a distant second favorite to win the Big Ten in 2022 behind Ohio State. Their schedule this season includes the usual Big Ten East heavy hitters in the Buckeyes, their in-state rival Michigan State Spartans, a home game against Penn State, and a road trip to Iowa City to face the Hawkeyes.

The schedule is set up so that none of those games are back to back, and favors Michigan faring well if their roster is performing. Their three out of conference games should all be extremely manageable, and as usual the season will conclude with a potential high stakes matchup with Ohio State. 

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That game will mark one year since Michigan won at home to secure a bid to face Iowa in Indianapolis for the conference title. If they repeat that feat on the road in their 2022 matchup against the Buckeyes, it will be the first time since 1999-2000 that the Wolverines won back to back games against their bitter rivals to the south.

According to FanDuel’s early lookahead lines for this season, the Wolverines will be favorites in every game this season except for their season-ending clash in Columbus. FanDuel posted the game’s spread at Ohio State -13.5, which is more aligned with previous years after Michigan was less than a touchdown underdog last season in their successful upset bid. Vegas expects a double-digit win season for the Wolverines, who will open play on September 3 against the Colorado State Rams.

To see Michigan’s full season schedule, go to


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After football (soccer) what are Europe’s favorite sports?

Football — they call it the ‘Beautiful Game’ and it’s the most popular sport in the world. Anyone can enjoy it. As well as unite people and exist as an accessible sport to all ages, football can equalize nations. The most outstanding players can come from the poorest of nations or from the richest, it matters not. Most of all, football is about passion and that is all that matters. The fans are passionate about the sport and so are the players.

One continent that loves its football is Europe. Not only do enthusiasts enjoy the game, though, but they also like to check out today’s prediction for this game or that game so they can lay a bet on the outcome or participate in one of the other betting markets. There are plenty, too, so fans don’t have to bet on a straight outcome but can mix things up with bets on the number of goals scored, next goal scored and more.

In this post, we’ll look at sports that are also popular as football in Europe, discussing why this is the case and how they compare with popularity in the United States.


Despite having had some seriously big names step out onto the court, such as Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, the United States doesn’t have quite the same love affair Europe has with tennis.

One of the reasons Europeans have such a fondness for the game is the general access to facilities. Lots of children are playing tennis there, which is why the continent is able to put out wave after wave of talented tennis players.

Then there’s also the fact that Europe has contributed some of the best players ever to pick up a racket: Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Between them, they’ve dominated the sport and not only won fans in their own countries, but also across the world.


The Six Nations Championship attracts teams and fans from all over Europe. Remember at one time it used to be the Five Nations Championship before Italy became a regular participant. Until then England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the team people consider the strongest in Europe, France, had battled it out for the championship.

Although some US players like to play rugby union, rugby takes a back seat to American football and basketball out in the States. College sport, however, does give school graduates who fancy playing rugby the opportunity to join the college team if they show enough promise. Rugby involves a spirit of toughness, as it’s played in all weathers, and flows much more freely than the grid game. It’s all-out action for 80 minutes. That’s why Europeans enjoy it.


Boxing and the warriors who step through the ropes to do battle find much more favor with Europeans, partly because, in the eyes of some people, Americans have too many options when it comes to the sport. Unless the fighter is Floyd Mayweather or some other major name, they just don’t draw enough attention.

Whereas Europe has produced a significant enough number of fighters to command the continent’s attention. The Klitschko brothers are one example of two formidable fighters. Fans appreciate their boxers and follow the sport with a passion. Some fans have predicted that the American apathy towards boxing — one some have noted Spain seems to share, partly because the country has produced so many winners in other sports — will cause the centre of boxing to shift towards Europe.


It seems that both the US has a greater love of golf than the Europeans, partly due to the wide access to the sport.

Reports show that Europe is starting to develop a bigger passion than before for the sport, however. In 2016, research found that 7.9 million in Europe were found to play golf. Fast forward to 2021 and the figure has increased to 10.6 million golfers. The number of women and juniors playing the sport has remained largely stable for the last couple of years, suggesting there’s much room for growth in these markets.

Golf has, however, experienced a period of turbulence in the US, but the sport’s popularity surged in 2020. Time and the cost of playing have been common factors cited, but some believe that work/life balance has been a struggle that has had an impact on the popularity of the sport out in the US.

Europe loves sports such as tennis and rugby, whereas American prefers the excitement of the NFL and the NBA, though it has rekindled its fondness for golf. But no matter where you are in the world, soccer, the most beloved game in the world, may always be a good topic of conversation.

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Here are 5 tips to prepare yourself for this year’s Super Bowl

On Sunday, February 13th, the top two teams from the NFL will battle it out at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles for the right to lift the famous Lombardi trophy. There has been a lot of football that has been played leading up to Sunday, but there’s no harm in preparing yourself for the big event.

In this article we take a look at 5 things you can do to prepare yourself for the biggest game in American sport. Whether you’re a diehard NFL fan who spends hours every week picking your fantasy team or a newcomer who thinks Lionel Messi is best football player in the world, we’ve got you covered.

#1 Review betting odds

Your friend Tom might tell you that he knows who is going to win this year’s Super Bowl. He might even sound convincing. But is he really the best person to listen to, or would you rather put your faith in someone that has done exhaustive research, has the lowdown on team news and has a financial incentive to pick the right winner?

If it’s the latter you’re best off putting your trust in the bookmakers. They have a highly dedicated team of researchers and experts that they use to predict the outcome of major sporting events. If you want to know who is going to win at SoFi Stadium in February check today’s Super Bowl odds.

#2 Don’t confuse Super bowl for /superb owls

You read that right. Don’t confuse the Super Bowl with the subreddit dedicated to Superb Owls… In February, 2011 r/Superbowl was created on Reddit as a place where people could talk and debate about the sporting event.

The subreddit was quickly taken over by people who had purposely misread the subreddit as Superb Owl and flooded it with pictures of, well you guessed it, superb owls. The subreddit went viral and business up and down the country began commemorating the sub with their own Superb Owl tributes.

The subreddit has been so successful that if you Google the phrase ‘Super Bowl Quarterback’, the sixth image result is of a swooping owl… If you’re trying to brush up on your football knowledge ahead of this year’s game, maybe give this subreddit a swerve.

#3 Pick your team

Of the 32 teams in the NFL, only two can battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy in the Super Bowl. That leaves an awful lot of fans without a dog in the race. If your team were dumped out of the playoffs or didn’t even make it that far, the Super Bowl might not seem too enticing.

In order to raise the stakes you need to feel a level of personal investment, so pick a team to back and support them in the game. If you’re a Chicago Bears fan and Green Bay get to the Super Bowl, you know what to do; support whoever they’re playing.

If you’re a complete neutral and the Cincinnati Bengals make it to the main event, why not throw your support behind them? Everyone loves an underdog.

If none of that gets you going, be sure to read up on both teams in the game. Find out the stories and events that have inspired players and coaches and you might start to feel emotionally attached to one team.

#4 Organize a Party

Sports is better with other people around. If this year’s Super Bowl provides an iconic moment of sporting history, you want to be able to tell people in the future that you watched on in awe with your buddies rather than on your own in your pajamas.

Buy in the beers, prime the barbecue, print out your Super Bowl squares, decorate the house with your team’s memorabilia. This is going to be one helluva Super Bowl party. If the action on the field isn’t as memorable as you hoped, at least you’ll be able to say you had a good time with your friends anyway!

Struggling to work out how to organize the perfect Super Bowl party? Take a look at this checklist for inspiration.

#5 Watch the NFL Playoffs

The best way to prepare for that monumental event is by watching as much of the NFL playoffs as you can. Share in the despair of teams who narrowly miss out to their closest rivals, revel in the enjoyment of a team who snatches victory from the jaws of defeat. If you’re a sports better, use this as an opportunity to get a grip on the merits of every team so that you can make an educated bet.

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Here’s 12 gambling-related tattoo ideas you can bet on

Gambling-themed tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Many players believe in the power of lucky tattoos. And while some play eye of horus slot in an online casino, others get this symbol tattooed on their shoulder. But before getting a lucky pattern on your skin, we suggest you read some info about it. Below we have compiled a dictionary of gambling tattoos, explaining the meanings of each of them.

Tattoos With Gambling Symbols

First, let’s take a look at tattoos that include some elements of gambling. They usually appear on the skin of those who are truly passionate about this type of activity and who honestly believe that a certain pattern on their arm or back can bring them more wins.


In the original slot machines, three cherries in a row were a symbol of winning. Thus, cherries came to represent good luck in tattoo designs. There are lots of gamblers who have these berries painted on their shoulder or arm. But you don’t have to be a casino player to get cherries painted on your skin as they don’t only bring luck but also look quite nice.

Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spades tattoo design is a very controversial symbol. It is associated with both good luck and death. For instance, during the Vietnam War, the ace of spades was drawn on soldiers’ helmets to intimidate the enemy. However, while in Vietnam, the ace of spades means misfortune and death, Americans believe it is a symbol of good luck.

Eight Ball

The eighth ball is a symbol of good luck and bad luck. To put it short, the eight ball is a mixture of luck and bad luck. In billiards, if you throw the eighth ball, you win the game. There are many examples of eight ball tattoos that look pretty impressive. No wonder lots of casino players get this design on their skin.

Flaming Dice

This is another great idea for a tattoo. Even those who have nothing to do with gambling can get a flaming dice tattoo. But, of course, there is also a special meaning to such a pattern. Since ancient times, the rolling of dice has been associated with betting and gambling. As a rule, dice symbolize the unknown future.

Lady Luck

This is something for gentlemen. It is known: fortune is a woman. Some players want to be especially close to fortune or even to be linked to her forever. So they tattoo Lady Luck on their skin, often in the form of a beautiful woman with an eye patch. Like Justicia, Lady Luck distributes her favors without regard to personality or position. Often the goddess of fortune is also depicted with dice or a Full House card hand in poker.


Unwelcome in Gotham City because a psychopathic villain, the Joker is highly welcome in the card game. In the poker variant Texas Hold ’em, a pair of jacks is also called “jokers”. The Joker, often depicted with a jester’s cap, is considered a lucky charm and is therefore particularly popular as a motif for playing card tattoos.


Roulette fascinates even those contemporaries who have never set foot in a casino, even an online casino. The roulette wheel and the gaming table are usually considered symbols of luck and risk and are therefore also a popular component of tattoos, which are not primarily intended for gambling tattoos. If convinced gamblers choose roulette as their motif, they like to combine it with the sign of the city of Las Vegas.

Dead Man’s Hand

In poker, the “Dead Man’s Hand” is a well-known myth. It goes back to the last round of cards of Wild Bill Hickok, a Wild West legend, who was fated to have a combination of two black aces and two eights. He died without being able to build on this hand of cards because a fellow player he ruined shot him in the back at the card table. The myth of the “Dead Man’s Hand” found its way into pop culture and thus into the motif stock of tattoo artists. The image can be interpreted as a reminder to be careful. Sometimes the values depicted do not match Wild Bill’s fateful combination because others there are different stories of deadly card combinations.

Lucky Tattoos for Gamblers

It’s worth noting that tattoos that players get on their skin are not necessarily symbols of gambling. There are many patterns that symbolize luck but have nothing to do with casinos.

Four-leaf clover

This is a famous ancient Irish symbol of luck that is extremely popular in Western cultures. Did you know that every leaf of the clover symbolizes something? They stand for faith, hope, love, and luck.

Crossed fingers

We bet you crossed your fingers at least once when wishing someone luck. Or at least, said the famous “fingers crossed.” No wonder this gesture has been turned into a tattoo pattern. Not many people know that crossed fingers have also been interpreted as a sign to implore God’s protection. But even regardless of its meaning, this gesture looks great as a tattoo.


While some gamblers put a little horseshoe souvenir in their pocket when betting in a casino, others get this symbol under their skin. A tattoo with a horseshoe is meant to bring you good luck. Interestingly, there are two different opinions on the right way to get it tattooed. Some people say that it is better to get such a tattoo with the points upward because the “U” shape gathers all the luck and keeps it inside forever. Others are convinced that only a downward-pointing horseshoe will bring you luck.

Sports Team

Another common tattoo that is sometimes gambling-related is to get a tattoo (Or five) of your favorite sports team’s logo.

Whatever tattoo you want to get, think in advance. Make sure you will like the chosen pattern on your skin in 10, 20, or 40 years. We wish you to find a perfect tattoo and… good luck!


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Here’s the best ways to keep up with the latest MotoGP news, betting odds

MotoGP is one of the world’s best-followed motorsports, with new fans following every Grand Prix. The 2021 season is now in full swing as the teams enter a hectic few weeks of races across Europe.

The Americas Grand Prix was postponed, but there’s plenty for lovers of MotoGP betting to get excited about this year.

The MotoGP races scheduled for this summer include;

  • Grande Premio de Portugal
  • Gran Premio Red Bull de España
  • Grand Prix de France
  • Italian Grand Prix
  • German Grand Prix

You can see the full race calendar and schedule at

 “The start of the MotoGP” by Dorna is licensed under CC BY 3.0 

The frantic pace of MotoGP

Keeping up with the frantic pace of the MotoGP season is no mean feat, and each Grand Prix is thrilling, fought out at high speeds with races often decided on the final lap. From the start, the drama unfolds, with crashes, overtaking, head-to-heads and car malfunctions.

How do MotoGP bettors not only keep up by profit from the season with their bets? We have enlisted the help of a sports betting expert to explain how you can target a profit by betting on the MotoGP 2021 season.

A shared passion for MotoGP

To have any chance of keeping up with MotoGP and making a profit from your bets, you require the best equipment. You need to be betting with an online bookmaker that shares the same passion for motorsport as you do. All Grand Prix should be covered with betting available well in advance. There should be race winner betting, several specials and even outright markets on the season.

If you are betting on MotoGP, your chosen bookmaker should have a dedicated motorsport tab. MotoGP is no longer a niche market, followed only by a few fans on the most significant Grand Prix of the season. It’s a big business worldwide, and the coverage given by your bookie should reflect that. If it doesn’t, you should consider changing to a new bookmaker.

Get the right equipment

The top MotoGP drivers strive to ensure they have the best equipment and latest technology, knowing it could mean the difference between winning and losing. Each Grand Prix is decided by the tightest of margins, and racers demand the best performance from themselves and their equipment.

As a fan gambling on MotoGP, you should have the same high standards. You want to bet with a mobile app that is quick enough and responsive enough to keep up with the fastest drivers. Whether you are betting pre-race or in-play, you want your betting app to offer you a smooth, reliable service without lags, out-dated information or slow response times.

“MotoGP crash in pit” by moto1pro is licensed under CC BY 3.0 

A warm welcome is a must

Like in any industry, you want to know your custom is appreciated, and you are valued as a member. The leading bookmakers show love to their MotoGP bettors in many ways, but the most important is bonuses and promotions. This special treatment starts when you first join an online betting site. The welcome bonus is a free bet offered to you when registering for an account and placing your first bet on MotoGP. With many sportsbooks, the bigger your first bet, the higher your free bet will be. This is standard practice in the industry.

After registering for an account, betting and securing your welcome bonus free bet, the generosity doesn’t end. The most successful betting apps don’t then simply move on to the next new customer. As an existing member, you’ll receive recurring promotions on MotoGP, including free bets, price boosts, cashback and more. The more, the merrier from your perspective, and you want to see promotions offered on every Grand Prix. That’s not asking too much either, as the most famous bookmakers do just that.

Get off to a fast start

Now you know what is available to you as a MotoGP fan hoping to profit from your love of the sport, there’s no stopping you. What are you waiting for? Get out there and take advantage of the market. 

Use your knowledge of MotoGP to beat the bookies, and it could be a double celebration as your favourites cross the line. One cheer for the winning driver and another for the cash making its way to your betting account as your predictions make you profit.

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Love sports but being a pro athlete is out of the question? Here’s how you can still have a career in sports

So you played on your high school baseball or football team and aspired to be a professional athlete, but then a couple injuries hit or maybe you simply hit your ceiling (or stopped growing). That doesn’t necessarily mean your career in sports is over, it’ll just be much different. You’ll just have to find a way to continue it off the court.

The great news is the rise rise of technology has opened up many doors all over the world; the range of jobs and careers now available thanks to the internet.

You can now make a living by making YouTube videos or writing blogs, and in many cases – if you have what it takes – you can earn as much, if not more, money than the ‘traditional’ career paths that were deemed necessary in order to live out your American Dream in the 20th century.

This means that if all you care about is sports, this will not hold you back. You can apply your knowledge in various ways and not have to succumb to the 9-5 lifestyle that you simply aren’t cut out for.

Here are some of the ways in which you can make a living within industries that are related to sport.

Start a Blog If you build it, they will come. It’s true. What’s missing from that cliche passage is your passion. If the first you do is look up scores and game recaps, watch videos and read articles about your favorite player, team, or league, you can turn that fire into content. And then you can put that content online.

With website software like SquareSpace, Wix, WordPress, SubStack and a host of other free one click website makers  — starting a website has never been easier or cheaper.

There might be a slight learning curve as you learn all the functionality of whatever platform you choose, but once you get the basics down, you’ll be turning your desire and passion for Zion Williamson, the New Orleans Saints or the MLB into content others will want to read. Once you have the readers, you can turn those eyeballs into clicks via ads from Google Adsense or other marketing platforms that will pay you for the views.

Starting a website and making money from it is a slow burn, but if you stick with it, you can easily make good money over time. Take a look at the ad below for inspiration…

Buy and Sell Collectibles  Sports cards’ biggest boom in decades has occurred since the spring of 2020, and this has provided an opportunity for savvy investors to buy and flip cards and stickers of their favorite players.

Fans have always collected cards from baseball, basketball, American football, ice hockey, and other North American sports, but soccer is now a big player and its cards may only continue to increase in value due to its global appeal.

If you are smart about your investments, you can make a living by flipping cards, or you could even open your own online store.

Online Betting and Sports Books Making money through placing bets is very difficult. It usually requires setting up your own sophisticated system and essentially working full-time hours in an attempt to find value, and even then, it’s all very high-risk.

Trading on betting exchanges can be a lower-risk approach that is easier to master for some people, but you can make money through sports betting in ways that don’t require you to actually be gambling all of the time.

Affiliate sites are a good option, and by writing reviews on Bet365, or guides on how to bet on certain sports, or lists of betting offers, you can send new players to bookmakers.

If you like to bet for fun, you can create content around it such as podcasts, videos, and blogs.

Become a YouTuber I watched my friend take his passion for the Golden State Warriors into a successful website and even more successful YouTube channel.

Football (soccer) fan channels have become a huge hit in the UK over the last decade, and there are many excellent creators who simply talk about their teams in front of a camera and gain popularity and a large following.

By building an audience on YouTube, other opportunities within the media may present themselves, as traditional media outlets look to embrace influencers as this can be the best way to attract younger viewers or listeners.

After building your profile, you may be able to secure brand deals while also potentially earning a steady income through Google AdSense.

Collect Data at Live Events

Live scores services now provide updates for the most obscure leagues all over the world, and this means that no matter where you are based, there may be a need for people to go to events and cover games.

If you have a good enough understanding of a particular sport, you may qualify to be able to go and gather data from stadiums. All you need is a phone and an internet connection while you are there.

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ATP Schedule 2020: Print the ATP schedule for every tennis championship in 2020 (PDF)

The official 2020 ATP schedule was released on their site in late 2019. Continue reading “ATP Schedule 2020: Print the ATP schedule for every tennis championship in 2020 (PDF)”

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