Did the WeWork at 1460 Mission St. Close?

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I often travel to San Francisco for work and would often stay in the Mission or Haight area. Though my company had an office in SoMA, I prefer to work at a co-working space. Thankfully my company allows me to work remotely even when in San Francisco.

They also provide access to WeWork. When in San Francisco, the closest WeWork to the neighborhoods I stay in was the one on 1460 Mission St. located on Mission St. between 10th and 11th street.

Not only was the proximity a big benefit, but it was my favorite San Francisco WeWork because the space was huge with lots of windows, stocked Oat Milk regularly and was one of the few WeWorks that had decaf espresso.

Did the WeWork at 1460 Mission St. Close?

During Thanksgiving week I was in San Francisco to visit family. I arrived Tuesday morning and needed to get to work. I opened up my WeWork app to reserve a desk, but it wasn’t showing 1460 Mission as available.

That’s not unusual in populous cities where WeWork has a large footprint. Sometimes the more popular WeWorks aren’t available as the allotted “hot desks” are all booked out. Other times a company comes and subleases some of the space.

What told me that something else was up was when I tried to book a meeting room – 1460 was missing. Even the WeWorks that run out of available daily desks have meeting rooms available to rent out throughout the day. I looked online to see if I could find any information and the Google listing for 1460 Mission showed that it was temporarily closed.

So I went to my second favorite WeWork located at 44 Montgomery St. in downtown. When I arrived, I asked the front desk if they had any more information on the 1460 location and they informed me that corporate decided to permanently close the location.

That’s not an official statement, but the fact that you can’t find 1460 Mission St. anywhere on WeWork’s website and the fact that the company recently announced they would be closing 40 locations worldwide that were “obsolete” or where they had “oversupply”.

Why Did WeWork Close 1460 Mission Location?

I’m not sure what WeWork considers full capacity, but anecdotally the 1460 Mission WeWork location was always busy in terms of hot desks. Still thae community area is half of the space. The other half was reserved for office space leases so perhaps they didn’t get as many tech companies and startups to sign contracts.

Without any details, I assume that WeWork committed to this location during their rapid growth phase and because of the pandemic, the slower-than-expected move back into office space, high rents, and their sliding stock price forced WeWork to make some tough decisions.

WeWork hasn’t put out a list of the 40 locations they planned on closing, but sounds like 1460 Mission was on the shortlist.

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