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Here’s some Justin Bieber images in NBA team hats, jerseys, and bball caps

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This year’s NBA playoffs has been the best first round series in NBA history. There are three game sevens coming up on Saturday with three title contenders, with another two game sevens on Sunday as many title contenders, including the Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs, OKC Thunder, and Los Angeles Clippers — are all on the cusp of elimination. With all this exciting first round action, what team is Justin Bieber rooting for?

Is it the NBA favorites Miami Heat? Probably the OKC Thunder. I doubt that Biebs actually cares about the San Antonio Spurs, right? He can’t. They’re not cool enough. Or maybe the Spurs are so uncool, that they’re cool?

Nah, Bieber’s favorite team has got to be the Toronto Raptors because Bieber is from Canada, so it’s gotta be the Raps. Right? Methinks that JB is all about street stylez and just likez wearing cute capz in cute colorz.

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