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What are the Chinese cable channels on Time-Warner in New York

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I wish there were as many options as the logo collage above.

With my mom and dad visiting New York a few times a year, I need something to keep them busy while I’m working or we have some down time.

I can’t always be with them, so as any good son will do, I sit them in front of the TV.

My mom can deal with some American television, but my dad and grandma are all-Chinese, all-the-time.

If you’re looking for the Time-Warner Chinese channels in New York City, you’re best option is Sinovision that is broadcast on NYCTV World on channel 73. For the most part, this channel broadcasts Chinese programming (mostly all in Mandarin) even though it bills itself as “World.” Here’s a list of the other Chinese channels in New York:

Channel Name Language Paid
73 NYCTV World Mostly Mandarin Standard
1401  CCTV4–China Central TV Mandarin  Digital
1412 ET China  Mandarin  Digital
1420 The Chinese Channel  Mandarin  Digital
1542 TV Asia Unknown  Digital

I live in the 10009 zip code, so for the most updated channel information, go to Time Warner and confirm with your zip.

If you’re looking for Cantonese channels like TVB1, you’ll have to purchase the channel. Time Warner does offer Chinese Packages of premium channels from mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, ranging anywhere from $14.95 to $29.95/month.

Looking for more channels at a lower price? You might want to consider the TVPad, which I purchased for my mom and grandma and will soon post a review of the service.

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