All-Time Jeopardy Winners: James Holzhauer passes Arthur Chu, Julia Collins, targets Ken Jennings

October 9, 2015 - Culture / Media

Another week, another modern Jeopardy champion is making headlines and setting records. The 2010s has seen a Jeopardy resurgence in relevance; boasting multiple super champs that have made big waves in both winnings and unusual personalities.

In early 2014, the “villainous” Arthur Chu annoyed watchers with his bouncing around the board and perceived arrogance. Less than a month after Chu’s run, Julia Collins would win 20 consecutive shows becoming a top-three player all-time and the winningest female of all time.

BOOM! Along Comes Matt Jackson

With eleven straight wins and winnings just over $339,000, Jackson has burst onto the Jeopardy record books with his creepy smile and awkward “BOOM!” celebrations.

Matt Jackson slow smile Jeopardy GIF
Oh, hi there Matt.

The 23-year old won another game Friday night, so Jackson and his slow-developing smile tied Chu for fourth all-time in total wins and leapfrogged the infamous Arthur Chu in total winnings. Chu was last year’s fascinating Jeopardy contestant with an unorthodox approach to the game.

And with every “Daily Double”, Jackson pushes down more big names on the top ten list of winningest (standard) Jeopardy players.

Jeopardy Winnings All-Time*

The game has changed with James Holzhauer; the holder of several of the biggest single-day winnings and the perfect Jeopardy game. His insane run has Jeopardy-heads wondering if he’ll catch Ken Jennings.

Rank Contestant Most Winnings
1 Ken Jennings $ 2,520,700
2 James Holzhauer $ 851,926
3 Dave Madden $ 430,400
4 Julia Collins $ 429,100
5 Matt Jackson $ 411,612
6 Austin Rogers $ 411,000
7 Arthur Chu $ 298,200
8 Seth Wilson $ 265,002**
9 Tom Nissley $ 235,405
10 Roger Craig $ 230,200
11 Larissa Kelly $ 223,597
12 Jason Keller $ 213,900
13 Joon Pahk $ 199,000
14 Tom Walsh $ 184,900
15 Ben Ingram $ 176,534

* For the most updated list of winners, winnings and winning streaks, go here. List above only includes “standard” Jeopardy episodes and does not include Tournament of Champions or Teen Jeopardy!. For Tournament winners, go here.  ** updated for Seth Wilson (10/03/2016) and Austin Rogers (10/09/2017)

Since then Seth Wilson in 2016 and Austin Rogers in 2017 have both added their respective accomplishments to Jeopardy’s all-time list for both winnings and wins. Not only is Matt Jackson in the top five in all-time winnings, but he’s also top-five with most Jeopardy! wins.

All-Time Jeopardy Champions List (by Wins)

Rank Contestant Win
1 Ken Jennings 74 wins
2 Julia Collins 20 wins
3 Dave Madden 19 wins
4 Matt Jackson 13 wins
5 Austin Rogers 12 wins
5 Seth Wilson 12 wins
7 Arthur Chu 11 wins
7 James Holzhauer 11 wins
9 Jason Keller 9 wins
9 Dan Pawson 9
11 Ben Ingram 8 wins
11 Tom Nissley 8
11 Tom Kavanaugh 8
14 Jason Keller 7 wins
14 Joon Pahk 7
14 Justin Bernbach 7
14 Tom Walsh 7
14 Stephanie Jass 7
14 Keith Whitener 7

For the most updated list of Jeopardy winners, winnings and winning streaks, go here. And also see our list of the most money won on any given episode.

After dispensing of Chu, he has a ways to go before moving up to the third place spot. At this point, Matt Jackson is approximately $140,000 behind Julia Collins, whom became Jeopardy’s winningest woman right after Chu made headlines last year. Jackson will likely need to win at least another 5 times to start sniffing Julia’s solid lock on third place all-time. To take second place, he’ll need just $1,301 to usurp the legendary Dave Madden.

To get to first place, he’ll have to hunker down and win another 60-70 times to start making Ken Jennings sweat (and we all know that Jennings doesn’t sweat, being a robot and all), who holds the record at $2.5 million and 74 total wins.

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  1. Mike says:

    Here comes Buzzy!

  2. Christopher Denault says:

    Helloooo, Seth Wilson! He’s at 10 wins and counting as I’m writing this – how much more’s in the tank?

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  6. Fable Foreacre says:

    Seth Wilson is supposed to be 12 wins

  7. Billie Susan Hereford says:

    What happened to Stephanie Jass? I heard she was arrested and served jail sentence.

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