Justin Bieber, One Direction fans attack Lorde, her boyfriend with racist tweets

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Lorde and boyfriend James Lowe brush teeth

You know that footage of teenage girls at a boy band concert where they’re visibly shaking, holding up signs made of glitter, wearing homemade shirts, screaming ‘I love you’ at the top of their lungs, all the while on the verge of fainting from all the adrenaline?

Believe it or not, that’s the good side of teenage obsession. Now imagine all that crazy energy angrily pointed in your direction – the  hormones, the itchy Twitter fingers, and the mean girl / mob mentality.

That ugly side showed it’s pimply face recently when somehow, somewhere, someone heard a rumor through their brother-in-law’s cousin that Lorde allegedly said Justin Bieber and One Direction were ugly.

However, no source has been provided that Lorde ever said anything like that. The connection to Lorde and One Direction? She attended a One Direction concert. What about Lorde and Bieber? She made a general comment about performers her age and mentioned Bieber as a peer.

Buuuut who cares about facts when Twitter rewards your impulse? How are you feeling right now, Lauren? And if no one responds, you can move on to the next tweet. It didn’t cost you a thing.

Already foaming at the mouth and ready to scream, slap and pull Lorde’s hair, the internet then delivered Lorde’s boyfriend to the rabid masses. The mob went fucking apeshit when they found out that James Lowe was not only 7 years older than Lorde, but he was also Asian.

Beliebers and the like trashed Lorde’s Asian boyfriend with the type of judgmental, ignorant, awful, racist comments you would expect from judgmental, ignorant, awful racist teens:

Lorde boyfriend James Lowe racist tweets

And those are the tweets that are still around- many more have been deleted by those pre-teen cowards. You can still find the users and their tweets on Huff Post, Jezebel, US Magazine, Angry Asian Man, The Complex, that’s if you’re interested in being more pissed off.

Lowe got judged harshly by thousands, and was beat down by a bunch of impulsive, obsessed tweens for what? There was never any evidence that Lorde ever said Bieber or 1D were beautifully-challenged, and even if she did, what does that have to do with James Lowe, or the fact that he is Asian?

It’s inexplicable….

justin bieber fans at concert

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    Sam says:

    There are no shortage of Asian-haters in the West. Just like there are no shortage of Muslim-haters. Bigots will be bigots. They’re entitle to their opinions… (doesn’t make it morally right), but entitled nonetheless. This garbage doesn’t bother me… and I doubt it bothers Lorde and/or her boyfriend. I suspect they could give a rat’s ass what other people think. If they really cared what other people thought, they wouldn’t have been together in the first place. There is more to people than the superficial crap. We’ve known that forever, but for some reason Bigots will still latch onto that. Tough cookies. Tell bigots to keep their unhappiness to themselves.

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