Asian(a) can’t drive

Twitter Monkey

When Asiana flight 214 crashed at San Francisco International Airport back in July, the ignorant Twitter monkeys came out to swipe at the low-hanging fruit.

Patting themselves on the back, they fed each other variations of “Asians can’t drive” jokes. They were basically falling over each other running to their keyboards. Never mind the circumstances of the flight, or if anyone died, this was an opportunity for ground-breaking comedy! 

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The content wasn’t surprising to me (NS;LX), but what was surprising was the ease in which these tweets were seemingly put out into the Twitterverse. Actually, thinking about it, I’m not that surprised about that either. Honestly, I’m just trying to fill space in this post. I’m just so un-fucking-believably bored with hearing “Asians can’t drive”. What’s the word when you’re soooooo bored that it suppresses your anger?

The punchline has been recycled over and over and over. It’s so fucking old and moldy, six feet under and decomposing yet it keeps getting dug up by the late shift. Someone remind me what the half-life of jokes is?

Oh wait, you say it wasn’t all just “bad asian driver” comments — that there were a also “open your eyes” jokes and comments mistaking the South Korean airline for North Korean?

ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz   h/t  public shaming tumblr

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