Jeremy Lin, Rockets go BASKETBALLISTIC vs. Warriors

I know I am not the most credible person to give truthful critiques of Jeremy Lin, but…. MAN JEREMY LIN WAS PRETTY AWESOME TONIGHT! Against the Golden State Warriors, one of the teams that released him before he went basketballistic on the whole fucking world last year, he scored 28 points, hitting 5-8 threes, and passed for 9 assists.

God, I love long sentences and Jeremy Lin. I love Jeremy Lin video highlights even more.

I’m not going to say it I’m not going to say it…. fuck it… Lin’s performance tonight comes one year (+one day) when he came off the bench in the breakout game that gave birth to that beautiful baby we refer to as Linsanity.

Oh, besides Jeremy Lin being BADAZZZ, the Houston Rockets hit 23/37 three pointers – tying the NBA all-time record and their 140 points is a Toyota Center record.

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Jeremy Lin Photo Gallery (12 photos)

Yo, I’m watching the Super Bowl and that means I’m bored! (Go 49ers!?). You know what I like doing the most when I’m bored…?

Um… you know what else I like doing when I’m bored?  I like creating Jeremy Lin photo galleries!

Here are 12 of my most favorite Jeremy Lin pictures / Jeremy Lin photos / Jeremy Lin pics WITH his shirt on (I LOVE SEO KEYWORD DENSITY!).

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Jeremy Lin led NBA in steals in January (because he excels in math)

Apparently, Jeremy Lin also has “deceptively quick” hands.

Mr. deception led the NBA in total number of steals in January with 39 thefts. Mr. Lin suited up for 17 games in that stretch for a per game average of 2.3 steals.

Jeremy Lin steals

And Lin has accumulated 27 steals in the fourth quarter this season – oh you know, the most by any NBA player.

I wonder how the media will spin this stat into some model minority stereotypical bullshit that will diminish the fact . My bet is that “Jeremy Lin works hard on defense” or “willing to scrap on the floor for a loose ball” or “studies the mathematical angles and dribble velocity.”

Hooray! I created a new category with this post. I called it “Jeremy Lin Racism.” I struggled to label this category, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with “stereotypes” or “racism” or “discrimination” – they’re all so relevant!

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LOL: Jeremy Lin & Co. Whoop It Up On the Bench

In a blowout win over the Utah Jazz, Lin and company had a blast watching the bench players hit three after three after three. James Anderson. Donatas Motiejūnas. Marcus Morris.  Boom. Pow. Pow.

Jeremy Lin with the three glasses

At one point the Rocket’s lead hit 50 points. Eeek. LOL that Jeremy Lin is so playful and goofy.

Listen, I’m going to make a joke here, and I want everyone to know that I love Jeremy Lin, but maybe Jeremy Lin could use those “three glasses” when he’s actually on the court?


Seriously though, you’re shooting 29% from behind the arc – it couldn’t hurt.

And look at Chandy Parsons – what’s wrong with that dude’s shoulders?

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Please accept my apology, and this picture of Jeremy Lin hugging a yellow bag

I’m so sorry to have been out of touch for so long. I know I didn’t write, or type, or call, or text, and I apologize. It’s just that Jeremy Lin had been playing like shit, the Rockets were losing, and I withdrew.

It’s not fair to you that I take it out on you and I recognize that. Thank you for not shaming me. Will you forgive me if I show you a picture of Jeremy Lin laying on the floor and hugging a big yellow bag?


There. If I could go back in time and do better, I would, but isn’t this a pretty fucking good replacement for reconciling hurt feelings? I mean it’s Jeremy Lin on the floor hugging a fucking garbage bag. What I would give to be that yellow garbage bag.

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Eric Bledsoe is a specimen (Bledsoe vs. Lin tonight)

In a league of athletes, Eric Bledsoe stands out. He’s fast, quick (they’re different), can jump, is strong as an ox, and most importantly, he is aggressive.

Eric Bledsoe of the Los Angeles Clippers

Don’t let the smile fool you. Eric Bledsoe will kill you; he will dunk on you. He’ll block Dwayne Wade. You’ll go up for a layup, Bledsoe will go to lunch, take a nap, and come back to block your shot.

He’ll steal it from you. He’ll beat you down the court. Eric Bledsoe is a specimen. I pray for Jeremy Lin tonight.

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Jeremy Lin is Asian?

Why didn’t anyone tell me that Jeremy Lin is Asian? You see, I don’t see color. I’m colorblind (not like, really, but the super liberal definition); when I see a minority, I see a naked, transparent-colored mannequin.

February 12 is going to be Asian Heritage Night when the Houston Rockets visit the Golden State Warriors in Oakland. HOORAY! Isn’t it LOL that these are the two teams that let Lin go previous to Linsanity? Now his face is plastered on posters and junk.

Jeremy Lin hosts Asian Heritage Night with Houston visits Golden State

Postgame Q&A? Maybe I’ll be able to get close enough for a quick smell. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin is Asian?”

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Jeremy Lin’s “Euro-Step” and lefty layup vs. Hornets

My heart is heavy after the Rockets lost to the Hornets tonight.

Despite stats that may be mistaken for an okay game, Lin was especially out of sync in the game. High turnovers (again), missed threes (1-4), and was blocked four times. I can’t bring myself to talk about his 9 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and 5 steals (YAY). He did have a nifty sidestep layup in the first quarter. PEEP IT.

The Hornets seem to do a number on the Rockets defensively – for whatever reason, they’re able to effectively stymie their offense. 79 points from a team that averages 106? I’m going to sleep. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin’s “Euro-Step” and lefty layup vs. Hornets”

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Harden, Parsons & Lin in their pregame Kung-Fu Routine

The Houston Rocket’s Big THREE, Jamesy Harden, Chandy Parsons & Jeremy Lin, have developed their own special, little pregame, kinda-racist tradition, by each doing their own Kung-Fu moves before coming together for a totally respectful Asian bow.


Despite it making me a little uncomfortable, I think it’s kinda hilarious/ridiculous/LOL.  I fucking love it.

Chandler Parsons James Harden Jeremy Lin Kung Fu

(Via ClutchFans)

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Jeremy Lin crosses Ron Artest, hit by Robert Sacre (Video)

Jeremy Lin got knocked on his ass last night…. AGAIN. And Clyde Drexler (Houston’s announcer) reiterates that Jeremy “has to learn how to fall.”

I just don’t think that’s possible right now; Lin goes to the basket with such momentum that any moderate contact will put him off balance, and ultimately on the ground.

Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin celebrate 3 point play vs lakers

In any case, Lin crossed Ron Artest (I’m not calling him that other “name”) and bolted to the hoop, where he was promptly met by Lakers cheerleader Robert Sacre (who was forced to start without Dwight and Gasol). Lin scooped up a high-arching layup and got hit by Sacre as the ball laid into the hoop.

LOL, Sacre, Lin still hit the shot. Lin laid out on the ground and let out a primal scream as Parsons and Harden came to his aid.

Admirable effort by Sacre, but he was highlight reel in all the wrong ways last night. Earlier, Harden dunked on Sacre’s bald head (+1) and later Beardy McPoints passed the ball between Sacre’s legs to Marcus Morris for the “easy two”. LOL. Five straight wins for the Rockets. Boom. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin crosses Ron Artest, hit by Robert Sacre (Video)”

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JLIN has 19p, 6r, 5a, 4s vs. Lakers (Video Highlights)

Another boxscore stuffer for Jeremy tonight: 19 points, 5 assist, 6 rebounds, and 4 steals. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Act now and we’ll include SEVEN TURNOVERS!

Lin got off to a slow start and was benched five minutes into the game, but he teamed with Beardy (31 points), Sultry Eyes Bromance (20 points) and that Kool Kat Delfino (19 points) to eventually overwhelm their opposition. You want to play “who can score more” against the highest scoring NBA team in the league?  YOU WILL LOSE (probably).

Lin has been shooting at a much higher clip as of late, and in tonight’s game, he continued that pattern; shooting 7-13 overall and 2-6 from three. All this against the Los Angeles Lakers – it feels so sweet! Good night. Continue reading “JLIN has 19p, 6r, 5a, 4s vs. Lakers (Video Highlights)”

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Lin averaging 14.9 pts, 7.2 asts and 50.9% last 11 games

Since the Houston Rockets blew out the New York Knicks on December 17; going into the Lakers game tonight – Jeremy Lin has turned a corner on his season.

In those eleven games, Lin has averaged 14.9 points, 7.2 assists, 3.3 rebounds, 2.0 steals and has shot 50.9% from the field. Look, I took a photo of my TV, too!

Jeremy Lin since Dec 17

(Shhhhhh… Lin is also averaging 3.7 turnovers in that span. SHUT YO MOUTH!)

Continue reading “Lin averaging 14.9 pts, 7.2 asts and 50.9% last 11 games”

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Jeremy Lin getz lotz of weird giftz from fanz (FACT)

Yo, Jeremy Lin gets a lot of weird gifts from his fans. He recently posted a photo collage of some of the things he receives in the mail onto his Facebook page.

Looks like he got some framed t-shirts, a blanket with his face on it, and I’m relieved to know that JLin received the teddy bear I sent him. I wonder if he recognized the scent of “Someday” I sprayed on the bear’s nether regions?

Jeremy Lin getz giftz from fanz

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Pic: Jeremy Lin dribbles, surveys, beez awesome in Rocket red

Why do I like the things that I like?  I don’t know, but I like this pic. Jeremy Lin with his new clean cut hairdo, dribbling and surveying in his Houston Rockets red jersey.

Jeremy Lin surveys and dribbles

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Jeremy Lin highlights vs. Cleveland Cavs (20 pts, dude)

Jeremy Lin hit three THREES tonight and scored 20 points, 15 in the first half, against Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavs. If you want to see the highlights, then hit the play button, DUDE.

Lin also contributed 5 assists, 4 rebounds, 4 turnovers, and 1 steal… only because he wanted to, DUDE. Jeremy Lin does what. ever. he. wants. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin highlights vs. Cleveland Cavs (20 pts, dude)”

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Jeremy Lin’s nasty bump and stitches in head (with Pics!)

Jeremy Lin returns to Bucks game with 5 stitches

Jeremy Lin got hurt last night in a head-on (HA) collision with Larry Sanders in the third quarter vs. the Milwaukee Bucks – Lin came back to the game in thre fourth with renewed vigor, a nasty looking bug-laid-eggs-in-my-head bump  and five stitches to his head. Yowzers!

See a gallery of all of Jeremy Lin’s head wounds!

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Jeremy Lin bleeds after collision with Garry Shandling

Wait, I know exactly what you’re thinking. If you weren’t watching the Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks play tonight, you are probably wondering how Garry Shandling got onto the court?  Right? That’s what you’re wondering?

Jeremy Lin lays on court after colliding with Larry SandersJeremy Lin with bloody head

More importantly, doesn’t Shandling know better than to break his fall with Jeremy Lin’s head? On a more serious note – I’m dating myself with these references.

Seriously though, I love Lin’s scrappiness, but his recklessness worries me a bit. The headbutt by Larry Sanders really isn’t his fault and I’m glad he was okay tonight (he got five stitches and started the fourth quarter), but the dude ends up on the floor a lot. Like a lot, a lot.

At least the Rox wore their red/gold jerseys

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Video: Top 10 Jeremy Lin Highlights (Dec 2012)

Considering how much time I spend on the computer, and how much time I search for Jeremy Lin information, I don’t know how I missed this compilation of some Jeremy Lin highlights from the month of December.

I know, right? Imagine my frustration when I came across the following video.

Technically, I wouldn’t call them his top ten, more like his top five, but hey, I’m not going to complain (too much) about someone going through the games and cutting, splicing, and pasting together some clips for my enjoyment (and your’s).

Ok, I’ll complain. I don’t think that Lin almost getting the ball stolen from him and saving it from going out of bounds is a “highlight” – more like “lucky” at worst and “good presence of mind”. BYE!

Continue reading “Video: Top 10 Jeremy Lin Highlights (Dec 2012)”

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LOL: Jeremy Lin, James Harden, & Carlos Delfino Comic

Why wouldn’t an NBA team want to have more players with Asian backgrounds? At the risk of generalizing, it comes with some tech-savvy fans with the propensity for making cute shit. And FAST.

Exhibit A is this ridiculous big-headed comic after last night’s Atlanta Hawks game where James Harden, Carlos Delfino, and that Jeremy Lin guy each had strong games.

Lin Harden Delfino Cartoon

LOL. CUTE. LOL. CUTE. LOL. RIDIUCLOLS. Continue reading “LOL: Jeremy Lin, James Harden, & Carlos Delfino Comic”

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Video: Jeremy Lin blocks Josh Smith

Here’s a little video of Jeremy Lin coming up from behind Josh Smith and BLOCKING THAT MF SHIT. ARF! WOOF! BOOYAH! It’s featured as’s Block of the Night.

Lin also gathered the rebounds, left it off for Carlos Delfino (weird looking dude, that Delfino), who finds Marcus Morris under the rim for the slamma jamma ding dong. Lin ended the night with two blocks.

Check out full Jeremy Lin video highlights against the Hawks here.

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Jeremy Lin wishing you a Happy New Year, offers LOL

Jeremy Lin sent out a Happy New Year tweet via his Twitter tonight after the Rocket’s win over the Hawks on New Year’s Eve: Much-needed win tonight…loved the fan support! Happy New Year everybody! Love how happy my mom is in this picture lol

Jeremy Lin Happy New Year

We here at Jeremy Lin & Co. love LOLs and love Jeremy Lin, so this is a good sign for 2013. LOL. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin wishing you a Happy New Year, offers LOL”

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Video: Jeremy Lin highlights vs. Atlanta Hawks

Here are the Jeremy Lin video highlights vs. the Atlanta Hawks from tonight. In nearly 40 minutes, Mr. Sanity had a good game for the Rockets with 16 points, 8 assists, and 4 steals.

Lin shot 6-11 from the field, 1-3 from three, 2 blocks (including a pretty cool one against Josh Smith) and tallied four turnovers. Overall, Lin played well – he showed a good burst of speed in a couple drives to the hoop and he got his shots within the offense.  Oh hey, he also hit a three-pointer!

HOU-ATL Boxscore (Dec 31, 2012) Continue reading “Video: Jeremy Lin highlights vs. Atlanta Hawks”

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