Jeremy Lin steals

Jeremy Lin led NBA in steals in January (because he excels in math)

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Apparently, Jeremy Lin also has “deceptively quick” hands.

Mr. deception led the NBA in total number of steals in January with 39 thefts. Mr. Lin suited up for 17 games in that stretch for a per game average of 2.3 steals.

Jeremy Lin steals

And Lin has accumulated 27 steals in the fourth quarter this season – oh you know, the most by any NBA player.

I wonder how the media will spin this stat into some model minority stereotypical bullshit that will diminish the fact . My bet is that “Jeremy Lin works hard on defense” or “willing to scrap on the floor for a loose ball” or “studies the mathematical angles and dribble velocity.”

Hooray! I created a new category with this post. I called it “Jeremy Lin Racism.” I struggled to label this category, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with “stereotypes” or “racism” or “discrimination” – they’re all so relevant!

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