Harden, Parsons & Lin in their pregame Kung-Fu Routine

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The Houston Rocket’s Big THREE, Jamesy Harden, Chandy Parsons & Jeremy Lin, have developed their own special, little pregame, kinda-racist tradition, by each doing their own Kung-Fu moves before coming together for a totally respectful Asian bow.


Despite it making me a little uncomfortable, I think it’s kinda hilarious/ridiculous/LOL.  I fucking love it.

Chandler Parsons James Harden Jeremy Lin Kung Fu

(Via ClutchFans)

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    Marrisa says:

    Hi, thank u for this post and ur opinion about racism. However, i don’t think that their handshake is racist. Imagine if they were doing non-kung fu ritual, like that of other culture or race, will that be also seen as racist? No. I think the bottomline here is about respect of everyone’s culture and race. As long as they- subjects above, are having fun and warmly appreciating other people’s culture and race, then it is ok and definitely not racist. :-)

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