Jeremy Lin crosses Ron Artest, hit by Robert Sacre (Video)

January 9, 2013 - Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin got knocked on his ass last night…. AGAIN. And Clyde Drexler (Houston’s announcer) reiterates that Jeremy “has to learn how to fall.”

I just don’t think that’s possible right now; Lin goes to the basket with such momentum that any moderate contact will put him off balance, and ultimately on the ground.

Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin celebrate 3 point play vs lakers

In any case, Lin crossed Ron Artest (I’m not calling him that other “name”) and bolted to the hoop, where he was promptly met by Lakers cheerleader Robert Sacre (who was forced to start without Dwight and Gasol). Lin scooped up a high-arching layup and got hit by Sacre as the ball laid into the hoop.

LOL, Sacre, Lin still hit the shot. Lin laid out on the ground and let out a primal scream as Parsons and Harden came to his aid.

Admirable effort by Sacre, but he was highlight reel in all the wrong ways last night. Earlier, Harden dunked on Sacre’s bald head (+1) and later Beardy McPoints passed the ball between Sacre’s legs to Marcus Morris for the “easy two”. LOL. Five straight wins for the Rockets. Boom.


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  2. […] Jeremy Lin crosses Ron Artest, hit by Robert Sacre (Video) […]

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