Jeremy Lin with bloody head Milwaukee Bucks

Jeremy Lin bleeds after collision with Garry Shandling

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Wait, I know exactly what you’re thinking. If you weren’t watching the Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks play tonight, you are probably wondering how Garry Shandling got onto the court?  Right? That’s what you’re wondering?

Jeremy Lin lays on court after colliding with Larry SandersJeremy Lin with bloody head

More importantly, doesn’t Shandling know better than to break his fall with Jeremy Lin’s head? On a more serious note – I’m dating myself with these references.

Seriously though, I love Lin’s scrappiness, but his recklessness worries me a bit. The headbutt by Larry Sanders really isn’t his fault and I’m glad he was okay tonight (he got five stitches and started the fourth quarter), but the dude ends up on the floor a lot. Like a lot, a lot.

At least the Rox wore their red/gold jerseys

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