Vote: What will Jeremy Lin’s final PPG?

Now that the Rockets coaching staff have developed a rotation where Lin can thrive and create freely (James Harden in, Jeremy Lin out duh), what do you think Jeremy Lin’s final scoring averaging will be at the end of the season?

Cartoon Jeremy Lin dribbles for the Houston Rockets

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Lin is currently averaging approximately 12 points per game on 10 shots. He’s hitting 43% from the field, 27% from three, and 83% from the free throw. Continue reading “Vote: What will Jeremy Lin’s final PPG?”

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Jeremy Lin is… BEST OF EVERYTHING 2012!!!!

Jeremy Lin shouts after receiving the trophy for raddest badass of 2012

Linsanity wasn’t always just a personal problem.

Many moons ago, it was a cultural phenomenon that swept the entire country (and certain other countries). It’s impact wasn’t felt only in New York, China, and in my dreams, but throughout the sports world… and, like, Twitter.

People were Googling Jeremy Lin like I do every day. He was featured on magazine covers. Linsanity Apps were created. Stupid websites like this one…. ok, you get it.

Jeremy Lin was BIG in 2012. Here’s a list of 2012 end of year lists / retrospectives that I came across:

Sports Illustrated‘s ranked Jeremy Lin’s magical run as the 9th Biggest Sports Stories of 2012: Jeremy Lin, a previously little-known Harvard grad, became a legend in early February, captivating the world with his improbably strong — if turnover heavy — play. It started on Feb. 4 as he scored 25 points and made seven assists off the bench in a comeback win over New Jersey. He went on to lead the then-reeling Knicks to seven consecutive wins.

Google‘s Zeitgeist 2012 Video (A glimpse of Jeremy is at the 2:!4 mark)

Lin was also the most searched athlete. On Google. In 2012. In the whole fraking world. And the seventh most searched person globally.

Just in the United States, Lin was #5 in overall trending searches on Google in 2012. He was #2 overall for trending people (behind Whitney Houston).

Twitter‘s 2012 Recap of Top Trends (“Jeremy Lin” #6)

USA Today‘s Best of 2012 World Of Sports named Lin as most interesting athelete, beating out the likes of Tim Tebow, Oscar Pistorius, Lolo Jones, and Hope Solo. “if you want to lift “interesting” to the point of “compelling,” you just couldn’t beat Linsanity.”

Facebook‘s Year in Review placed Jeremy Lin at #8 for Most Popular Public Figures in-between Honey Boo Boo at #7 and Paul Ryan at #9. Lin was #9 in sports (what?), and “Linsanity” was the 10th most-popular “meme” on Facebook.

New York Post named Jeremy Lin, Person of the Year in their annual recap: It ended badly, the way so many of these things tend to end. But the brief, brilliant stretch of basketball wonder known as “Linsanity” was an important reminder of just how deep the affinity between the Knicks and the city really is. Jeremy Lin is long gone but the love affair has been rekindled, and can be traced directly to the unforgettable two-week stretch when he was king of the sports world.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Top 10 Sports Stories of 2012 starts their list off with Linsanity at #10: “You just scoffed. Don’t lie—I have foolproof scoff detection! I know what you’re thinking: This guy just promised no Tebow, and now there’s Linsanity? So much has transpired since that magical February—Lin’s playing for Houston; the Knicks are playing well without him; former New York coach Mike D’Antoni is trying to comprehend Laker egos. It’s possible to have forgotten what a fascinating moment this was—the undrafted, unheralded, twice-dumped point guard leaping off a couch to transform an underperforming club.”

2012 was Linsanity. Jeremy Lin owned 2012

Yahoo Sports ranked Linsanity #1 on their Top 5 NBA Stories of 2012 saying “At this time a year ago, not many had a clue who Jeremy Lin was. In fact, in December of 2011, Lin was waived twice (first by Golden State Warriors, then by the Houston Rockets). Then February arrived and Lin put together an epic 13-game stretch in which he averaged 22.3 points and 7.4 assists. The Taiwanese-American’s heroics were celebrated from Manhattan to China, was highlighted on the cover of Time and Sports Illustrated, was mentioned by President Obama and made him as big a celebrity at All-Star weekend as any other player.” Continue reading “Jeremy Lin is… BEST OF EVERYTHING 2012!!!!”

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Jeremy Lin has 7 turnovers vs. Timberwolves (Rockets Win!)

Oof. What a stinker of a box score put up by Jeremy Lin last night. Those seven turnovers against the Minnesota Timberwolves are Linsane.

Fortunately, Harden came up big in the fourth, the Rockets seem to be clicking as a team and the expectations aren’t nearly as high for Jeremy as they’ve been, so those turnovers FELT less impactful.

Anyhow, this is going to sound like I’m an LOF, but the guy somewhat redeemed himself in the fourth with a confident jump shot to tie the game late and forced Barea to cough up the ball on the next possession (who was torching Lin up to that point).

I think Lin’s problem was that he was driving to the basket with the idea to distribute the ball. His mindset was passive-aggressive; get to the hole, but pass it off. That, and bad passes to Asik, got him in trouble. By the time Lin said “fuck that” (he would never say that), his shot was off, but there was a lesson learned. Be aggressive to score. Get to your spot or score. Make the other team think you’re trying to score, then pass. Not the other way around.  Anyways, us LOFs prefer to see you score anyways (YAY!).

Lin’s final line against the Wolves? 8 points (3-9 FG, 2-2 FT), 1 assist, 3 rebounds, 7 turnovers, 1 steal. [boxscore]

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Jeremy Lin now at 12.0 ppg and 43% after Bulls Game


With last night’s demolition of the Chicago Bulls, Jeremy Lin’s 20 points on 8-12 shooting moved up his season averages to exactly 12.0 points per game and 43.0% shooting percentage from the field.

Nothing to write home to Palo Alto about, but important in how Lin is viewed from a stats perspective.  Avergaing 12 points pushes past a mental threshold in the mindset of the casual fans.

That is all. Jeremy Lin is great!

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Nate Robinson calls Jeremy Lin a “motherfucker” on Christmas!

Oh joy! What a Christmas! The Houston Rockets dismantled the Chicago Bulls on the birth of Christ, and Nate Robinson came off the bench to find God.

Nate Robinson calls Jeremy Lin motherfucker on Christmas!

Despite the final score, the Bulls put a slight scare into the Rockets as Robinson caught fire helping the Bulls trim the lead from 35 points to 15 in the fourth quarter.

During the run, Nate found his way into the top of the key, raised up, and hit a jumper. Lin, who was covering him, found himself trying to catch up after being screened and slightly undercut the 5-7 guard.

Nate hit the shot, but fell on the play. No foul was called. There is no God..

As the camera panned to Nate with Lin dribbling up the court, you didn’t have to be a native speaker to see that Nate called Lin a “motherfucker”. Oh dear mother mary sweet Jesus! Continue reading “Nate Robinson calls Jeremy Lin a “motherfucker” on Christmas!”

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