Jeremy Lin’s Reverse Layups vs. Memphis Grizzlies (GIF)

Jeremy Lin reverse layup around Zach Randolph, Ed Davis, and Mike Miller

Jeremy Lin had 5 field goals last night — two three pointers and three reverse layups — in the Rockets’ win over the Memphis Grizzlies last night. Two of Lin’s reverse layups were just badazzxssssss – we’re talking reverse layups at full-speed, one-handed, acrobatic, adjust on the fly NBA shit. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin’s Reverse Layups vs. Memphis Grizzlies (GIF)”

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Jeremy Lin blocks Tony Parker (GIF); Rockets beat Spurs on X-Mas

Jeremy Lin blocks Tony Parker

Last night wasn’t Jeremy Lin’s best individual game statistically, but what he put together on both ends of the court is exactly what the Houston Rockets are looking from the point guard position. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin blocks Tony Parker (GIF); Rockets beat Spurs on X-Mas”

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Shirtless Chandler Parsons stares at Jeremy Lin in locker room

shirtless Chandler Parsons cruised Jeremy Lin in the showers

What’s the best part about a shirtless Chandler Parson come-hither stare at Jeremy Lin as he walks out of the shower? The moment Jeremy notices Chandy and is momentarily thrown off.

Chandler Parsons gives Jeremy Lin loving stare in showers

Whether you think it’s gay or you feel the need to label it a bromance, it’s all in good fun. Clearly the two have a playful friendship.

What do I find the most interesting as an experienced researcher on the Jeremy Lin-Chandler Parsons bromance? I’m glad I made you ask.

What makes me LOL the most about these Parsons-Lin pics and gifs are when Parsons takes the joking around too far; crosses a line that clearly makes Lin feel uncomfortable.  BEST.

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Chandler Parsons is right handed for Jeremy Lin

Chandler Parsons puts hand on Jeremy Lin's AssChandler Parsons is becoming a semi-star in the NBA – Chandy makes for a great complimentary player to James Harden; he rebounds, defends, cuts, passes, shoots the three, and uses both hands effectively.

In the following GIF, Chandler shows his ability to use his right hand on Jeremy Lin: Continue reading “Chandler Parsons is right handed for Jeremy Lin”

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Gallery: Jeremy Lin’s bumps, bruises, scratches, stitches, knots…

Technically, this is Jeremy Lin’s fourth NBA season, but as of last night’s game against Minnesota, Lin has played in just 160 NBA games – just four games short of two full NBA seasons.

And in his short NBA life, Lin seems to get a lot of bumps, bruises, scratches, welts, gashes, and wounds on his head/face. Here are 18 exhibit A’s…

Continue reading “Gallery: Jeremy Lin’s bumps, bruises, scratches, stitches, knots…”

Another head wound for Jeremy Lin (bump!)

Jeremy Lin gets some crazy wounds in and around his head. Seriously, in just two seasons of play, the guy has had a series of injuries to his face; a bloody mouth, gashes across his head, black eyes, bumps on his head, stitches, bloody chins, bloody noses

In the latest episode of Jeremy Lin gets another head wound – an alien laid this egg on Jeremy’s forehead exactly in the same place that Kevin Love elbowed him.

Jeremy Lin elbowed, gets huge bump on head

Poor Terrence Jones doesn’t know what to say to his new, deformed teammate.

The weird thing about the bump/knot is that it’s positioned in an area where Jeremy’s hair stops, so the welt’s size and color are magnified. Where else are you going to get such in-depth analysis of Jeremy Lin? Rhetorical question, obvi.

h/t Clutchfans

Video: Jeremy Lin Hits 9 Threes; Ties Rockets Record

Jeremy Lin 9 threes vs Philadelphia 76ers

Shame on you. Shame on you for not believing in Jeremy Lin’s summer work ethic. Last night, with Beardy out with an injury, Lin hit 9 threes to the tune of 34 points and 11 assists. Please, tell me what else you want from Jeremy.

On top of all the great news, we also have video evidence below. Continue reading “Video: Jeremy Lin Hits 9 Threes; Ties Rockets Record”

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Jeremy Lin helps Beardy Defeat Timberwolves (Youtube)

Basically, the Rockets came into the game super slack-sa-daisical and got down 20 to a Timberwolf team without four out of five starters – Nikola Pekovic, Kevin Love, Andrei Kirilenko, and Brandon Roy.

What happened was James Harden decided he wanted to ball out and took over the game, la de dahing himself to 37 points, with an assist from Jeremy Lin’s 24 points, 8 assists, and 4 steals.

So, I think JJ Barea is a pretty amazing player. At 5-11 and muscley, no real vertical (NBA-wise), a semi-set shot, and the guy seems to get into the point and score at will. If I could find video highlights of him from this game, I would embed. I would. Instead, I have to get dressed and go to dim sum. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin helps Beardy Defeat Timberwolves (Youtube)”

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Jeremy Lin Shows Off $4 Smile to Goran Dragic

In Houston’s horrible horrible loss against the Phoenix Suns last Saturday, Jeremy caught an elbow from former Rockets guard and current boy band member Goran Dragic.

The elbow caught Jeremy in the lip, and in this heartfelt pic, Lin shows off the resulting bloodied lip to a curious Dragic. Dragic didn’t just beat Jeremy with his elbow, the left-handed guard scored 13 of his 18 points in the fourth to hold off the Rockets.

Jeremy Lin bloody lip goran dragic

Gah!  Jeremy’s mom must have had a nervous breakdown by now. By my count this season, Jeremy has now had a nasty busted lip, two ankle sprains, an alien laid eggs into his head, had the flu, survived a dragon attack, and about 417 plays in which he falls down on a drive to the hoop.

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Jeremy isn’t sick, doesn’t have bum ankle, gets 21 points and 9 assists against Mavericks

After a couple subpar games by Jeremy Lin, he came back with an aggressive approach against the Dallas Mavericks – like a Lion in the year of the Snake!

No longer suffering from the flu and a sprained ankle that he had to deal with over the last week – Jeremy did a lot of good catching up; his shots all seemed to be going in and his passes all seemed like they ended up in an assist. It helps that Chandy Parsons was having a career night, Omer Asik was actually making layups and not just throwing them up there and crossing his big ass fingers, and James Harden seemed cool with taking a back seat as his teammates ran all over the Mavs 136-103.

The Rockets were actually down three at half, but used a 15-0 run to start the third quarter and eventually end up outscoring Dallas by 27 points in that period.

Lin ended the game with 21 points, 9 assists and lots of brotherly hugs for his bestie, Chandler Parsons, who ended with 32 points on a ridiculous 12-13 from the floor (including 6-7 from three). BESTIES FOREVER!

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I am angry at Jeremy Lin right now [*He was sick with flu!]

jeremy lin sick on bench

[Update: As I was looking for postgame interviews, I found out that Lin may have been sick during today’s game. Someone on the internet mentioned that Lin was a “shivering, sweaty mess” on the bench.” and another source mentioned that Kevin McHale said “Jeremy was sick tonight.”]

Jeremy Lin played terribly tonight. It seemed as if he came into the game unmotivated. No passion. Played poor, uninspired defense. Cocky, even.

It showed even before he was benched by coach McHale, and Patrick Beverly picking up his slack with energy and on-the-ball defense just emphasized how how bad Lin was playing.

Even James Harden was visibly bugged by Lin tonight. He pushed Lin in a manner that said “PICK IT UP”.  After Harden and Beverly nearly stole the ball at the end of the third quarter- the two exchanged high-fives as if they were in the playoffs, not in a regular season game against the Washington Wizards.

Lin’s effort not only wasted an amazing game by Chandler Parsons, but these are the type of games that the Houston Rockets will look back on and say “That’s one we let slip away because of our effort.”

I rarely ever blame any one player for losing a game, and I won’t say it this time, but Lin, the starting point guard didn’t show up today offensively AND defensively, and the Wizards won the game by three points.

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Please put your jersey back on, Omer Asik

Omer Asik decided to come to the  huddle shirtess when the Houston Rockets took on the Washington Wizards.

Other than Chandy Parsons, who is sneaking a quick glance at his fourth nipple, no one can stand to look at the jerseyless Turkish center. In fact Carlos Delfino and Jeremy Lin have to  cover their faces with towels.

Omer Asik shirtless in Houston Rockets huddle


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NBA Players Tweet About Jeremy Lin #Flashback

Jeremy Lin screams in Madison Square Garden as a member of the Knicks

It’s February, so not only is this the month of Chinese New Year, but it will always be the month in which Linsanity sprouted, in reverse, from the basketball heavens last year. In honor of last February, just so you can relive Linsanity, we’ve gathered some more NBA player tweets from that time:

“He’s not a fluke. Just the confidence he plays with, the pace, the understanding of the game. You can tell when a guy isn’t really that skilled but is just having a good stretch. This guy is skilled.”Tyson Chandler after the Knicks’ win over the Washington Wizards.

“Jeremy Lin is killing right now, I’m always rooting for the underdogs.”Rudy Gay via Twitter 

“Me too! Glad (Lin is) killin it!”Kevin Durant via Twitter in response to Rudy Gay

“OK. I GIVE IN!!!!!!! ITS LEGIT!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!”Reggie Miller via Twitter after Lin hit the game-winning three against the Toronto Raptors.

“We should have kept [Lin]. Did not know he was this good. Anyone who says they knew misleading U.”Daryl Morey, Houston Rockets GM on Twitter.

“It’s the quickness that’s low to the ground. I’m not saying he’s like [Bulls guard] Derrick Rose or anything, but when you watch D-Rose closely, he’s low to the ground and when you’re that low and that fast, you see [Lin’s success].”Bill Walker.

“I knew (Lin) could play basketball, and if you are a guard that can run the pick-and-roll in their coach’s offense, you have a very good chance to excel.”John Wall

“I think it’s a great story. It’s a testament to perseverance and hard work, and I think a good example for kids everywhere.”Kobe Bryant after Lin outscored him 38-31 in a Knicks win.

“Lin is the real deal. He’s the true point guard the Knicks haven’t had in years. He’s the guy the Knicks have needed all along.”Bernard King, New York Knicks Legend.

“My God, he’s a tremendous player.” —Jerry West, NBA Hall-of-Famer

Watching this Knicks vs Raptors game…HUGE shot by @JLin7 #RespectChris Paul via Twitter

@JLin7 good to see u hoop n bro keep balling#GODbless Nate Robinson via Twitter.

Jeremy Lin after big three against the Los Angeles Lakers

Jeremy”Kobe Wuz Smokin’ But I Wasn’t Joke-“Lin. Tonight Was NO FLUKE. I Seen It Wit’ My Own 4 EYES. JLin Is LEGIT.NBA DEAL WITH IT.YA-DIG???Spike Lee via Twitter

Jeremy Lin is an inspiration. A week ago, nobody thought he could play, but he knew different. A lot of us are waiting for that opportunity.Roger Mason Jr. via Twitter Continue reading “NBA Players Tweet About Jeremy Lin #Flashback”

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SUPER! Beardy and Jeremy score 75 in win over Thunder

Oh, what a game. Houston started out fast with Chandy and Jeremy putting up big numbers in the first quarter. Houston would lose their focus before ultimately ending the game on a high note.

jeremy lin and james harden  houston rockets

With Chandy sidelined by a injured ankle that he sustained in the thrd quarter, Beardy and Jeremy Lin rekindled their friendship and together, they dropped 75 points on the Oklahoma City Thunder in a 122-119 win.

Harden had a career high 46 points and Lin added 29 points, including two big three-pointers that gave the Rockets their first lead in the game, and another that pushed the Rockets ahead by six with under a minute to play.

Houston was down 14 points with about 7 minutes remaining, but rode Beardy down the stretch. Beardy, who hit a half-court shot like a free throw to end the third quarter, was unstoppable in the fourth; driving into the lane and hitting big jumpers against his former team.

Not a lot of players make me stand up and shout at the screen, but James Harden is one of those players. Always in complete control, it’s almost as if Beardy has the ball on a string and constantly putting players on their heels before either blowing by them or stepping back for a relaxed jumpshot.

The BFFs did more than score. Lin passed for 8 assists and grabbed 6 rebounds. Harden grabbed 8 rebounds and passed for 6 assists. [boxscore] Continue reading “SUPER! Beardy and Jeremy score 75 in win over Thunder”

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Evidence: Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons Bromance

Just surfing the internet and happened across Jeremy Lin’s and Chandler Parsons’ Twitter pages today.  Some pretty clear cut evidence that the two are gay.

Here, on Chandler Parsons’ Twitter homepage is a pic of Chandy and Jeremy during their pregame karate ritual. Where’s Beardy, Chandy? Just cropped that third wheel out, huh?

Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin pregame karate

Then, I wandered over to Jeremy’s Twitter, and on his Twitter homepage, he has the following quote about Chandler Parsons –  “to know Him is to want to know Him more

Jeremy Lin wants Chandler Parsons

Wow guys, stop flaunting your homosexuality. Everyone (in the United States) knows that two dudes can’t be this close without being gay. Like, tone it down. You’re making gay guys all excited and all the idiots uncomfortable – that’s exactly the opposite of how America works.

Continue reading “Evidence: Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons Bromance”

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Jeremy Lin gives it to Chandler Parsons from behind

Oh, so many things to say. Let’s just leave it at “Jeremy Lin raises his stick and is about to give it to a smiling Chandler Parsons from behind.”  to know Him is to want to know Him more!

It’s probably, no it is, the best thing to happen during NBA all-star weekend. I truly believe that.

Chandler Parsons takes Jeremy Lin's stick

God, did the NBA All-Star weekend suck. It’s sucked for about 15 years now. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin gives it to Chandler Parsons from behind”

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[YAWN] Jeremy Lin competed in NBA Skills Challenge

Jeremy Lin participated in the NBA taco bell sprite skills challenge sponsored by Haier.

What a fucking boring ass event. Jesus. At it’s best, it’s just barely interesting and just with every other “event” during NBA All-Star Weekend, it’s full of NBA players not giving a shit, but this year, it’s NOT GIVING A SHIT FOR CHARITY!

Here’s a photo of Jeremy Lin smiling – the only person that actually enjoyed this snoozefest of an event.

Jeremy Lin in NBA Skills Snoozefest

God, this post even bores me. I can barely motivate myself to type the next few letters of the words about something so boring. If you’ve been suffering from insomnia, check out the video of Jeremy Lin at the PepsiCo NBA skills Home Depot Challenge, in which he placed 3rd or 4th place or something…

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HAM: Jeremy Lin dunks on the Sacramento Kings (Video)

ham basketball

No jokes today. None need to be made. I don’t want rub it in. That would be just be salt in the wound after Jeremy Lin went LIKE, HAM on Sacramento last night – blocking 5-9 Isaiah Thomas and then dunking on Francisco Garcia.

It made me so happy, that it was featured in the plays of the week. I knew you felt the way I felt, We wasted so many years being coy with one another. I always knew it was you…

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Hey, Jeremy Lin is a better shooter now! POOF!

Jeremy Lin has had a few games in a row where he’s shot a better percentage from the three… and look! He’s a better shooter now! All it took was a few shots and the entire world’s perspective changes.


Me? I always thought Lin was a better shooter from beyond the arc than what’s he’s shown this year. I truly believe that he was just having a bad stretch of games. Some other good excuses that I’ve heard:

  • Jeremy Lin is getting used to a new offense without the ball in his hand.
  • Jeremy Lin’s knee hasn’t regained strength from his injury last year.
  • Jeremy Lin got stronger this season and his more-muscled, toned, sweat-glistened arms have impacted his shot negatively, but has made all the single ladies want to put a ring on it.

Thanks for listening. Here’s your reward. I got you some Jeremy Lin video highlights against the Portland Trailblazers! Sing it with me, all the singles ladies, all the single ladies…

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Jeremy Lin does the three-point boogey (GIF)

The Rockets were having a blast on the bench during last night’s three-lebration – led by Jeremy Lin getting low with his playful three-point jam.

Jeremy Lin gif of the Rockets celebrating three-pointers

LOL LOL KEWT I could watch this all day. Jeremy looks like a 12-year old, 24-year old, 6-3 kid! And look at Chandy Parsons, all keeled over and LOL so harden, trying to catch his breath.

(via Clutchfans)

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