Chandler Parsons is right handed for Jeremy Lin

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Chandler Parsons puts hand on Jeremy Lin's AssChandler Parsons is becoming a semi-star in the NBA – Chandy makes for a great complimentary player to James Harden; he rebounds, defends, cuts, passes, shoots the three, and uses both hands effectively.

In the following GIF, Chandler shows his ability to use his right hand on Jeremy Lin:

LOLzzzz. In the masculine sports world, it’s great to see these two cut it up with another. I can’t help watching this over and over and giggle. When Jeremy sits down on Chandler’s hand, I say “boop!” out loud.

And like a good Christian, Jeremy didn’t even ball up his fists. He’s like “Hey! WWJD!”

Chandler’s close friendship with Jeremy Lin has been well-documented– and a lot of speculation that they’re more than just friends. Listen, Lin and Parsons aren’t gay nor is it a bromance (despite my playing it up) just because Chandler touches Jeremy’s ass (through his shorts).

Unfortunately, we’ve set certain expectations for male interaction in the United States. A hand shake is acceptable, hetero male behavior, so is a slap on the ass after a nice play, but a playful, non-sexual butt grab automatically makes you gay?

No word on whether Chandler squeezed or didn’t squeeze Jeremy’s ass cheek (I bet he did).

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