Gallery: Jeremy Lin’s bumps, bruises, scratches, stitches, knots…

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Technically, this is Jeremy Lin’s fourth NBA season, but as of last night’s game against Minnesota, Lin has played in just 160 NBA games – just four games short of two full NBA seasons.

And in his short NBA life, Lin seems to get a lot of bumps, bruises, scratches, welts, gashes, and wounds on his head/face. Here are 18 exhibit A’s…

The NBA is a physical sport, and all players get their share of elbows, forearms, and falls, but Jeremy seems to get more than his share.

During Linsanity, shots to the head were likely due to the NBA hazing of a new player, especially a player that was getting as much media attention as Jeremy was during that run.

(I’m sure there is still some resentment, huh Josh McRoberts?)

More often than not, any head injury now is probably subject to Jeremy’s relentlessness; the dude just goes hard to the hoop, he fights for rebounds, gets after you defensively (sometimes) and double-teams with aggression.

But mostly, it’s Lin attacking the rim. He goes in with reckless abandon. And when you’re not big (by NBA standards) and getting some air – you’re going to get knocked down.

I watched EVERY Houston game last year, so I know there’s more times that Jeremy ended up bloodied than what I’ve represented here, so send me a note if you have any other photos…

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