[YAWN] Jeremy Lin competed in NBA Skills Challenge

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Jeremy Lin participated in the NBA taco bell sprite skills challenge sponsored by Haier.

What a fucking boring ass event. Jesus. At it’s best, it’s just barely interesting and just with every other “event” during NBA All-Star Weekend, it’s full of NBA players not giving a shit, but this year, it’s NOT GIVING A SHIT FOR CHARITY!

Here’s a photo of Jeremy Lin smiling – the only person that actually enjoyed this snoozefest of an event.

Jeremy Lin in NBA Skills Snoozefest

God, this post even bores me. I can barely motivate myself to type the next few letters of the words about something so boring. If you’ve been suffering from insomnia, check out the video of Jeremy Lin at the PepsiCo NBA skills Home Depot Challenge, in which he placed 3rd or 4th place or something…

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