Jeremy Lin elbowed, gets huge bump on head

Another head wound for Jeremy Lin (bump!)

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Jeremy Lin gets some crazy wounds in and around his head. Seriously, in just two seasons of play, the guy has had a series of injuries to his face; a bloody mouth, gashes across his head, black eyes, bumps on his head, stitches, bloody chins, bloody noses

In the latest episode of Jeremy Lin gets another head wound – an alien laid this egg on Jeremy’s forehead exactly in the same place that Kevin Love elbowed him.

Jeremy Lin elbowed, gets huge bump on head

Poor Terrence Jones doesn’t know what to say to his new, deformed teammate.

The weird thing about the bump/knot is that it’s positioned in an area where Jeremy’s hair stops, so the welt’s size and color are magnified. Where else are you going to get such in-depth analysis of Jeremy Lin? Rhetorical question, obvi.

h/t Clutchfans

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