Try out these 3 popular apps in the App Store when in Poland

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Our lives have changed dramatically in all aspects, thanks to the discovery of apps. Irrespective of whether you are shopping, traveling, communicating, online gambling on, transacting, or simply entertaining, you will need an app to do it. 

The Most Popular Polish Apps in App Store

Technology and mobile applications have truly redefined how we live in the modern world. That’s true around the world. App developers strive to come up with the best ones every single day. In Poland, the three popular apps in the App Store are Biedronka, SHEIN, and Duolingo.


Biedronka is a Polish supermarket regarded as the most popular in the country. The supermarket chain has stayed at the top of the Polish market due to its unique proposition. It specializes in the supply and distribution of affordable groceries and products.

Biedronka has come up with a loyalty card with an individual number and EAN barcode. The card is available as both a physical and a virtual card, courtesy of the advancement in technology. The virtual card is presently the available option, provided in their application.

Shoppers can also get a physical Biedronka card. Three cards under the same user can be issued meaning three users can use the same card and earn points for one account. The card is issued to anyone and can be applied for at any of the supermarket’s checkout points.

Features of the Biedronka App

  1. Works just like a physical loyalty card.
  2. Shows available discounts at top of the card.
  3. History of purchases is saved on the app for ease of traction and budgeting.
  4. Used to scan barcodes of the products and the price of the product is displayed on the phone screen.
  5. A customized weekly newsletter is circulated for shoppers to browse through the latest offers.
  6. Biedronka discount offers are not available in English within the app. Only the automated cashier machines have an English option.

Biedronka App Brands

Using the app shoppers can get discounted prices on products from top Biedronka brands listed below:

Go vege



Biedronka-vegetables and fruits

Go Bio


Bideronka Readt soups




Kraina wedlin


Sottile Gusto



SHEIN is a popular application in Poland and is primarily focused on the latest clothing and fashion for women, kids, and men. The online platform provides a wide spectrum of affordable and trendy fashion attire and accessories in Poland. It keeps a keen eye on the changing fashion trends and shares them with its users.

Within the fashion app, there is a section for men’s and kids’ clothing, shoes, and accessories. In total, there are 20,000 and more fashion styles on T-shirts, dresses, blouses, and swimming costumes. The mobile application with its user-friendly interface makes it easy to browse through trending fashion categories.

Features of SHEIN App

  1. Flash deals of up to 80% every day.
  2. App notifications, sale alerts, and promotions to keep the user updated.
  3. Secure ordering and payment. Client data and payment is safe and secure.
  4. Supports secure Credit card and PayPal payments.
  5. Risk-free placement of orders via the application.
  6. In-app performance improvement for easy navigation through the various pages and categories.
  7. In-built Live chat service and 24/7 Customer service to address shopper issues.
  8. Daily 1000 plus new arrivals to keep shoppers up-to-date with the latest fashions.
  9. Verified reviews, guides, and styling tips are available on the website and application to guide and inspire shoppers.
  10. You can reach out to SHEIN through a “Contact Us” form on their website, Instagram page, Email, or Facebook page.


With over a million applications to choose from online, Polish online users appear to have loved Duolingo, making it the top application in AppStore. The app provides a free, fun, and effective way for users to learn a language in Poland.

With Duolingo, you can learn a number of languages for free. Here are some of them:

















Scottish Gaelic




Haitian Creole






Note-and many other languages

Features of Duolingo Polish App

  1. Users can learn a language of their choice through simplified bite-sized lessons.
  2. Lessons are presented in an exciting way and learners earn points and unlock new levels upon completing lessons. This is similar to gaming and therefore practical and exciting for learners.
  3. Learners are effectively and efficiently taught reading, listening, and speaking skills. The lessons are simple and practical making it fun and easy to grasp.
  4. The use of Artificial intelligence and language science to deliver lessons in a personalized manner. This allows learners to be taught within the required level and pace. Everyone with a different IQ can be able to learn and master the language of their choice, for free.
  5. Curated lessons to keep learners motivated. Game-like features with reminders and fun challenges keep the learner glued to the app.
  6. Engaging exercises and playful characters are provided to help build language skills. This helps to keep lessons simple and memorable for learners.
  7. Downloadable for Android and iPhone mobile devices to make learning easy at any time and anywhere.
  8. The application is available for use in schools to help students learn in and outside school. With the use of smart devices, it becomes easier for learners to access the learning material within and outside school.
  9. A Duolingo English test is available for learners. This a globally accepted test for English learners.


There are about 7 million mobile applications in Google Play and Apple App Stores. This number keeps changing every minute since software developers are working all around the clock to ensure users enjoy the best experience with mobile applications. Polish users enjoy a number of applications ranging from Gaming apps, Gambling apps, shopping apps, banking apps, travel apps, education apps, health and fitness apps, and many others. The above top three applications are the most popular ones in Poland at the time of this writing.


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