Understanding CBD oil potency and efficacy before you buy

Whether you use CBD oil to ingest or for massages, what you see isn’t always what you get when it comes to CBD oil.

Thats because research indicates that a high percentage of products on the market are mislabeled. This means they contain significantly more or less cannabidiol than what’s advertised.

More concerningly, such products may also have levels of THC far beyond what is permitted by the 2018 Farm Bill. Indeed, users of such CBD tinctures could fail a drug screening.

However, even when the label is accurate, customers aren’t always sure what they’re getting because they don’t understand the importance of potency. Believe it or not, one 300mg CBD oil bottle like this: https://purekana.com/products/natural-cbd-oil-300mg/ could have a different potency than another, even if both products are properly labeled. This article does the math for you, so you’ll get what you pay for the next time you buy a CBD tincture.

How to Determine the Concentration of CBD Oil

To be clear, when we say ‘potency,’ we’re referring to the concentration of cannabidiol in the product. Please don’t make the mistake of believing that because one CBD tincture is more potent than another, it will automatically prove a more effective product. The efficacy of CBD oil depends on factors such as the extraction method used, the type of testing, and the quality of the hemp.

Some users incorrectly assume that they can ascertain the potency of a CBD tincture merely by reading the label. In their eyes, a 2000mg bottle is more potent than a 1000mg bottle. Yet, as we’re about to explain, this is not necessarily true.

Suppose the 2000mg CBD oil bottle comes in 100 ml of liquid. This means you get 20mg of cannabidiol per ml consumed. Now, imagine the 1000mg bottle comes in 30 ml of liquid. As a result, there is 33.33mg of cannabidiol per ml of liquid. Therefore, the ‘smaller’ bottle is actually 1.66 times more potent.

For the record, 1000mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle is effectively the ‘industry standard’ these days. However, some brands sell 5000mg in 30ml, giving you a whopping 166.66mg of cannabidiol per ml! We have even seen products offering 300mg of CBD per ml.

This is great news for consumers who aren’t big fans of the taste or texture of CBD oil but enjoy the effects. Imagine a situation where you only need to consume five drops per day to get your daily dose! If you find a CBD oil product with a high enough concentration of the cannabinoid, this is precisely what will happen.

Learning About Percentages

Sometimes, a brand won’t tell you how much CBD is in the container. Instead, they provide information on the percentage of cannabidiol in the oil. This can prove highly confusing for a consumer. If a product contains 20% CBD, it may seem like you’re getting a good deal, but you have no idea what the potency per ml is. As a result, you cannot determine what constitutes an adequate daily dose.

However, you can calculate how much CBD is in a product that shows you a percentage by doing the following:

  • Multiply the ml of liquid by 1,000
  • Turn the percentage into a decimal and multiply it by the number you get from the above calculation
  • Therefore, if you find 20% CBD oil in 10ml of liquid, here is how much cannabidiol is in a container:
  • 10ml x 1000 = 10,000
  • 20 = 0.2
  • 0.2 x 10,000 = 2,000

Now you know that there is 2,000mg of CBD in the container. If there is 10ml of liquid, it means that there is an impressive 200mg of the compound per ml.

Learn CBD Oil Potency to Ensure You Get What You Pay For

Devoted CBD users are happy to pay extra for a high-quality product. However, they will not accept being ripped off! The price of cannabidiol is falling as competition increases. Yet, if you don’t learn all about CBD oil potency, there’s a danger that you won’t get what you pay for.

There is no reason to pay $100 for a product that gives you 20mg of CBD per ml of liquid when you can pay $90 for something with 40mg of CBD per ml! Of course, you also need to consider the reputation of the brand you’re planning to use. A product with a high CBD concentration won’t necessarily be effective if the company uses low-grade hemp. 

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