How to do a ZARA stock check to see if another ZARA has your size

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ZARA’s policy is to not do stock checks on sale/clearance items — that’s what I’ve been told when I asked an associate in-store.

Usually it’s prefaced with something like “We can’t do stock checks on sale items” as I was told a couple years ago at a ZARA location in San Francisco. Since then, I’ve heard various employees saying something like that.

I assumed that their system wasn’t set up in a way that could accurately check clearance items. And even if it did, the next question a customer would likely ask is “Can you put it on hold for me?” which involves calling another store and asking an associate at another store try to locate an item in a specific size and color, in piles of mismatched clearance tables, during one of their busiest times of the year.

Not to mention how volatile inventory can be during a sales blowout like ZARA holds bi-annually, so by the time you get up to the Bryant Park store from the ZARA in SoHo, the item has a good chance of being snatched up.

Since then, I’ve winged it during ZARA sales. If I found a pair of clearance shoes that weren’t in my size, I just made a mental note and went to another store.

However, a recent visit to a ZARA store, I found a pair of drawstring joggers that I REALLY REALLY WANTED. The problem is that they only had larges left so I tried my luck and asked an associate to see if they would do a stock check in other stores.

How to do a ZARA stock check on your own

If you live in an area with multiple ZARA locations like New York City then there’s a way you can do a stock check on your own.

  • ZARA.COM: Go to
  • SALE: Click Sale on the left hand navigation
  • SEARCH: Find the sales item in the color you prefer
  • STOCK CHECK: Click “IN STORE AVAILABILITY” under the “ADD TO BASKET” button. A pop-up will appear

Zara check stock on website

  • SIZE: Choose size(s) you are looking for

Zara stock choose sizing

  • LOCATION: Enter your zip code or city and click FIND STORES

Zara stock check by location

  • RESULTS: Website will display stores with inventory of your sale item in the size you are looking for

The same reasons why some employees can’t promise is the same expectation you should have with doing a stock check on Nothing is given with the volatility of sale items, but a quick stock check on your phone or from your laptop can save you some time…

…or it might have you rushing out the door to the ZARA at the mall three towns over. Drawstring joggers for $29.99 will do that to you.

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  1. avatar
    lana says:

    Just wondering, how long does it take for you to find an item after checking the in store availability option, or even if the availability option says last item in stock?

    1. avatar
      stuarte says:

      After going through the steps the system should display whether the item is available and where. The last time I checked it told me the item in the color and size I was looking for was available in three stores. Two of the stores had low inventory (I forgot the actual terminology) and the other store had it in stock. I visited that store soon after (same day) and after some browsing, found the item.

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